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14 Days

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Day 13

"Honey, time to wake up." Holly reached for the offensive object on the nightstand to turn off the blaring of the alarm. Then she sat up on one of her elbows supporting her upper body weight and shook at Gail's bare shoulder gently to try and wake the sleeping blonde. When they were finally satisfied with the amount of mind numbing and pleasurable jolts of orgasms both were giving and receiving, Gail was actually still sane enough to set her alarm on her phone for seven in the morning. Enough time to clean up the place, pack up their belongings and head back into the city for her shift.

An expected grunt came from the messy head of short blonde hair. "I don't wanna wake up."

Holly smiled lazily, sleep still heavy in her eyes and ran a hand through Gail's hair. She loved Gail's long, lustrous platinum blonde hair. It was one of the things that first drew Holly to the police officer. She remembered going home from the lab after that night when they first met and how Holly felt in awe of Gail. The snarky, quick-witted and somehow mysterious blonde intrigued her to no end. At the time Holly wondered how was it possible that only then, that they got to work together. And how she could've missed a beautiful blonde haired officer roaming the halls of the morgue all those times she had worked there. Granted, she only got transferred to work with divisions 15, 21 and 27 ten months ago out of the two years she had been working as one of Toronto's forensic pathologist. Holly's thoughts were invaded by her new friend during her drive back home. How could an officer with such long, beautiful bright blonde hair go undetected and unrecognizable during stakeouts and undercover work? Gail Peck wasn't just some plain Jane or girl next door. Such beauty would probably be hard to forget.

Holly loved it when Gail wore her hair in a braid or a neat ponytail for work, it made the blonde look fierce and professional along with her undeniable attractiveness. But the brunette absolutely loved it when Gail let those beautiful locks loose. Because it meant Gail was off duty and being herself, especially around Holly. She remembered the first time she got to comb her fingers through Gail's trademarked long blonde hair, to tuck stray strands over Gail's ear lovingly. Such a simple act of affection sent Holly's stomach to do backflips. She had been wanting to do that ever since that night when she walked Gail home from their epic night out at the arcade, Gail's hair blowing in the wind effortlessly while she looked across the street, the scene moving in slow motion behind the brunette's bespectacled brown eyes. Holly was mesmerized and it did nothing to help stop her from falling hard for the blonde.

So when Gail drunkenly snipped her gorgeous hair off in the brunette's bathroom that many months ago, Holly felt a tiny tinge of disappointment at the sight of Gail's ponytail in one hand and the pair of scissors in the other. But after helping Gail fix her disastrous attempt at a makeover and the weeks that followed with the blonde sporting her new look, Holly decided that the short hairstyle made Gail look incredibly hot. Especially after sex and in the morning. And also in her uniform, not to mention the leather jacket and boots, too. In summary, Gail could pull off any look.

And now after the short blonde hair grew a little, slight curl at the ends, sideburns long enough to tuck behind her ears and darker roots showing, Holly thought Gail looked incredibly cute like this. She looked younger, especially when accompanied with that playful toothy grin of hers. Holly repeated the motion from earlier and tucked the blonde's hair behind her left ear. God, Holly would miss doing that greatly.

"I know, babe, but you gotta get up if you wanna make it to parade on time." The brunette whispered into Gail's ear before planting a kiss on her cheek.

With another grunt, Gail opened her eyes, blinking several times to adjust to the dimly lit room. She actually wanted to take four days off to stay with Holly until the very last minute at the airport but there was a flu bug going around the station and Chris had magically disappeared off the face of the earth again, so Oliver could only grant her two days instead of four, promising Gail that once everything goes back to normal she could take a break again. Oliver felt slightly guilty and sorry for the blonde, because there was no point taking time off when Holly would be gone. Nevertheless, she thanked Oliver for the cabin and gratefully accepted the two precious days without much complain.

"Ugh, I need coffee. And food." Gail sat up and leant her head against the headboard. This shift was going to be a killer since they only went to bed around three or four in the morning and they still had to drive back into the city. Not that she regretted it though, not one bit. Last night was amazing. They fucked, matching each other's thrusts and after that they made love and repeated that throughout the night. Thinking about it had sent tingles down her spine and all the way down to her toes. A wicked grin flashed across her face. Maybe a quickie would be better than caffeine.

Holly saw the look on Gail's face and knew what it meant. "Nope, absolutely not. I know what you're thinking and we don't have time for that." Gail frowned and pouted. Holly was right. The brunette continued, "I'll go make us some coffee and see if I can whip up a little something for breakfast and you go get ready, okay? Then we'll get to work."

They were slightly ahead as planned, reaching the city with some more time to spare they decided to have some coffee and pastries at a café two streets away from the precinct before Gail had to go in for her shift. Gail was exhausted. She couldn't wait for work to end and to see Holly's face again.

"Hey, will you be home later?" Gail took a sip from her cup of coffee. She closed her eyes and let the hot liquid slid down her throat and warm her stomach.

"After I drop you off at 15 and bring the car back to your apartment, I'll take a cab home. I'll probably be there the whole time, make sure I've got everything packed and ready for my flight tomorrow, unless I have some last minute errands to run. But I'll definitely be home by the time your shift ends." Holly nodded. "You're coming over, right?"

"Of course. I'll be there." I wouldn't miss it for the world. "You don't have to take a cab, you can drive the truck home and I'll return it tomorrow. He's not around anyway."

"It's fine, it'll be easier this way and from tomorrow onwards you'll be the proud owner of a Ford sedan."

Right. Holly would be giving Gail her car. The blonde shrugged. "And you'll be back in two years' time to collect it back from me?"

It was Gail's way of asking if the brunette would be coming back after her contract ends. They talked about being in a long distance relationship, but for how long? What if Holly had a choice to extend her contract? Would she do it?

Holly smiled a lopsided grin. "Of course. I don't think I can be apart from my car for too long. I'll even take some time off and fly back to see it. Maybe you could take some pictures and send them to me?"

The doubt in Gail's features immediately disappeared, morphing into a brilliant smile. "I'll see what I can do." The blonde took a big bite of her apple Danish.

They drank their coffees and ate their pastries quickly after the conversation and went back to the truck. Holly drove the short distance to the precinct, pulling over by the road side. Gail unbuckled her seatbelt and turned to look at the brunette.

Holly brought her hand to Gail's face, stroking her cheek affectionately before leaning forward to capture the blonde's lip between hers.

"Be careful and be safe." The hand on Gail's cheek never left, still stroking gently.

Gail nodded.

Be careful and be safe. Words that always echoed between them whenever Gail had to leave Holly for work. It could be during the day, before the start of her shift, or after their shared lunch breaks. Holly never failed to utter them every single time. It hit Gail that this would be the last time to hear Holly say it, in person at least.

Gail really didn't want to go to work after spending the last 48 hours or so with the brunette.

"I love you, Gail."

Gail swallowed back her tears trying to remain strong. "I love you too. See you tonight."

After saying their emotional goodbyes, Gail got out of the vehicle and headed straight for the locker room to change into her uniform. If saying goodbye earlier was hard, Gail wondered how would she be able to contain herself tomorrow at the airport. She sighed and opened her locker. Think happy thoughts.

Once ready for parade, Gail walked out of locker room to see Oliver making his way to the parade room while reading a file. She jogged the few steps needed to catch up to the staff sergeant and called out to him.

"Peck! Good to see you back. How was your time at the cabin?"

"Good, great. Amazing. We had a great time." Even though Gail saw the question coming, she couldn't help but blush as she tried to rid her mind of the images of devouring Holly during the previous two nights. She tried to look busy as she looked down at her pants to locate the keys to the cabin. "Here. Thank you, Oliver. I really really appreciate it."

"Don't mention it, Peck. But you guys didn't leave a mess, right? If the next time I go up there and find the place in a mess I'll put you on front desk duty for two months." Oliver raised an eyebrow at the blonde officer.

Gail quickly shook her head. "No, of course not." Then she smiled at Oliver. "We cleaned up the kitchen and dining table, several times."

"Oh, great, good to know." Oliver was oblivious to Gail's sly grin as officers started to make their way pass them and into the parade room. "Well let's get to work, shall we?"

When Holly returned the truck and had gone back to the townhouse to put her stuff down, she knew she had one more place to go before leaving Toronto. So she grabbed the car keys off the counter, put her jacket back on and locked the door behind her.

Before heading to her intended destination, Holly stopped by at the neighborhood florist. She got the flowers she always gets and made the relatively short drive to the cemetery.

As always, she visited her parents' grave first before walking deeper into the quiet cemetery. She wasn't sure how long she stood in front of her grandma's grave before her lips went dry and her body itched to move. Holly licked her lips and sighed deeply.

When Holly's parents died, Grandma Caroline took care of her as best as she could at her age. And everyone would agree that she did one hell of a job raising Holly as her own, seeing as how the brunette had grown up being her own woman and a well-respected forensic pathologist. When a police officer knocked on her door one evening to break the news that her son and daughter-in-law had just passed away in an accident, an incredibly quiet and depressed little Holly was at her doorstep. She was overwhelmed at that moment and she thought her heart was about to fail in that instant.

That night, Holly held onto her grandma and cried for hours and Grandma Caroline never let go, rubbing at her back soothingly whispering comforting words into her ear. Holly would be eternally grateful to her grandma. The woman taught her granddaughter to be independent, always told her that home is where the heart is and to always follow her heart no matter what. Holly hoped her grandma was still alive so she could tell her that she misses her and ask if she made the right decision. Even if she didn't, she hoped Grandma Caroline would be here to set her ass straight. She missed her grandma's straight forward approach to things and she could use some of her advice right now.

"Am I doing the right thing, grandma?"

Much to her dismay, Gail was assigned desk duty. She had hoped that patrolling would take her mind off of tomorrow. But as she was glued to her desk, her mind kept running through different scenarios of the much dreaded goodbye. The longer she thought about it, the more absurd the scenarios got. Would they make a scene? Would she bawl her eyes out, get on her knees and beg Holly not to leave? Probably not.

The long distance relationship they were about to embark on had a permanent spot on Gail's mind. She more she thought about it, the more bleak it looked for the both of them. Gail could find tons of reasons and excuses to find a way out. She could admit that she didn't want to hold Holly back. That the brunette would be better off living a carefree life and working the best job in San Francisco without Gail tying her down back in Toronto. Those were valid reasons, but they were only half truths.

Gail was beginning to think that maybe they shouldn't be together, that this wasn't their time, not yet. The fight at the Penny, Holly seeing someone after, Gail's decision to adopt Sophie and Holly's decision to move to California – so much happened in their own lives. They could hardly catch a break and now they had agreed to be together while being thousands of miles apart? They weren't on the same page when they first became girlfriends after the Ford incident and at that moment Gail was afraid that they still wasn't.

Maybe loving someone truly means that you have to set them free.

Gail absentmindedly grabbed for her mug. She lifted it to her lips to find it empty and frowned, feeling a little lazy to make a new cup of coffee in the break room. Gail sighed and got up, the need of her caffeine fix triumphing her laziness. With almost two more hours of her shift to go, Gail slowly stirred her fresh cup of coffee, mind too far away from 15. Unaware of an intruder, Gail continued to stir her coffee, eyes trained on the ground beneath her boots.

As the white shirt got closer to where Gail was standing, he wasn't sure if he should announce his presence or just let the blonde be. Oliver Shaw cleared his throat, successfully making his presence known as Gail jumped slightly at the sudden noise in the silent break room.

"Wh–what the hell, Sergeant Shaw?! I almost spilled my coffee!"

Oliver continued to pour himself some coffee, back facing Gail. "Well, you should've been more attentive. You're a cop, after all."

Gail simply shrugged although Oliver expected some form of retort from the blonde. Gail stared into her mug, both hands fitted around the warm ceramic.

Oliver sighed internally. He knew what was going on in Gail's head. Holly would be leaving tomorrow and the sadness was obvious in those clear blue eyes. Obvious to people who cared deeply for the blonde, anyway. The staff sergeant had been casting glances over at Gail every once in a while through his glassed wall office. He could see Gail deep in her thoughts almost the whole time during her shift. Oliver knew Gail loved the brunette and her leaving was going to leave a huge gap in Gail's heart. He lifted his hand to look at the watch on his wrist.

"Look, I know you still have some time left before your shift ends, but you're free to go now if you want." Oliver looked at the blonde with kind eyes.

Gail straightened her posture and looked at Oliver for the first time since he walked in. "Really?"

Oliver nodded. "Today was unexpectedly a slow day. Seem like the criminals decided to take the day off. You can leave early, but just for today."

Gail regained the energy she lost since the start of her shift and took a few steps closer to Oliver and enveloped him into a hug. "Thank you, Oliver." It seemed like Gail wasn't saying it enough over the past week.

"No problem, kiddo. Just don't let anyone find out, if not they'll accuse you of being my favorite."

Gail squeezed Oliver one last time before letting go, grinning. "But that's the truth, isn't it?"

Oliver just shrugged and took a sip of his coffee.

"Get out of here, Peck. Before I change my mind."

And so she did. It had just gotten dark by the time she changed out of her uniform and exited the precinct. Gail knew Dov was hanging out in the building somewhere and she called him to send her to Holly's townhouse. He didn't want to go home to an empty apartment with Chris away and Gail spending all her free time with Holly. Of course, Gail had to bribe him by offering to pay for his tab the next time they hung out at the Penny.

They didn't talk much during the ride, only making small talk and letting the radio fill the silence in the car. Gail got out of the station so quickly that she had forgotten to check with Holly if she was home or not. But judging by the lights in the bedroom, the brunette was definitely home. Gail muttered a quick thanks to Dov and shut the vehicle door behind her. She dug out the spare key she had and slid it into the lock. Once she was inside, Gail held the key in her palm, studying it. She should probably return it to Holly. For now, she slid the key into her jeans pocket

The brunette heard the front door opening and then Gail's voice calling out for her. With a surprised look on her face, she quickly closed the book she was reading and glanced at the time on her phone. Gail was two hours early.

Holly walked to the top of the stairs and looked down to locate the blonde. "Gail?"

Gail tilted her head up to smile at the brunette. "Hey."

Holly descended down the stairs quickly and made her way to Gail within seconds. "You're early. Is something wrong?"

Gail shook her head. "It was a really slow day at work and I was bored out of my mind on desk duty. Oliver gave me permission to leave early."

Holly slid her arms around Gail's waist and smiled. "First the days off, the cabin and now cutting you slack at work? You must be his favorite."

"I know, right? Next he'll get the new rookie to buy me food during lunch breaks."

Holly smiled and shook her head. "Well, I'm glad that you're here early. I missed you." She leant forward closer, brushing her nose against Gail's before gently taking the blonde's top lip between her own.

Gail moaned at the contact. "Mmm. I missed you too. Everything here in order?" She pulled away and looked around the house.

"Yeah, everything's set." Holly decided not to rent out the place. She would be back in two years' time and when she comes back to visit she would have a place to stay.

"About that," Gail took out the key that was in her right pocket. "Here, you should have this back."

Holly shook her head. "I want you to keep it."

Gail had a mix of confusion and surprise look on her face. "What for?"

"Well, since I won't be renting it out, maybe you could hold onto to it for me? Till I get back?" Holly wasn't sure if that was too much to ask of Gail, but the blonde was the only one she trusted the most.

"Okay." Gail nodded.


"Sure, I mean, I can check up on the place from time to time and maybe even come over and hangout for a bit. That's if you wouldn't mind, of course."

Holly smiled sweetly at Gail. "I don't mind." Then she closed the gap between them again for another kiss. "Thank you, Gail. You didn't have to do this."

"But I want to."

"How about we order in, watch some TV and then make out like a couple of teenagers?"

Gail snickered, "I don't plan on just making out with you, Hol. And I'm not that hungry anyways." then she pulled Holly flushed against her body, expression serious and genuine. "I just want you." Hands traveled from shoulder blades down to Holly's lower back and coming around her abdomen, slowly pushing the fabric of Holly's t-shirt upwards. Gail could feel the brunette's muscles shiver slightly under her fingertips as cold air meets bare skin.

Holly gulped at the sudden shift of intense energy around them. "Well then what are you waiting for?" She could see the blonde's blue eyes a few shades darker, filled with lust, desire, love and everything she felt for the brunette. "Take me."