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Timeline and Who's Who in Ad Astra

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1900 (Earth-approximate): Teal'c is born to First Prime Ro'nac, exiled with his family to Chulak and trained as a warrior, eventually becoming First Prime for the Goa'uld Apophis.

1925: Johnathan James (John) O'Neill born, in Chicago.

1928: A young Catherine Langford and her father make an amazing discovery in Giza, Egypt.

1929: Ellen Margaret born to Harry and Celia Jackson in Mission City, Minnesota.

1944: John enlists in the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II.

1945: Michael David Grahme born, in Oregon.

1946: Ellen and John meet at a Christmas party in Chicago.

1947: Ellen marries John, promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and fighter pilot in the newly-created U.S. Air Force at Scott AFB in Illinois.

1948: Allison Cassandra (Allie) born, in Chicago.

1951: Angus and Johnathan James Jr. (Jack) also born in Chicago, identical twins though developing vastly different temperaments over time.

1952: John is killed in action, his plane shot down in Korea.

1954: Ellen moves back to Minnesota with her children and remarries, to James MacGyver.

1961: James MacGyver and Celia Jackson die in a car crash. Ellen takes over her mother's coffee shop in Mission City to make ends meet, with help from Harry.

1962: Harry takes Jack on a camping trip. While they are away Mac's friend Jesse is killed while horsing around with Harry's gun; Mac blames himself, the lingering guilt fueling his lifelong hatred of guns. Harry leaves Minnesota later that year, to help support his daughter and grandchildren by taking a job in Alaska, leaving Ellen alone with Allison and the twins.

1965: Daniel Alexander born to Claire and Melburn Jackson, two prominent archaeologists.

1967: Allison marries Michael while attending university, and stays on the West Coast.

1968: Samantha (Sam) Carter born to Lt. Colonel Jacob Carter and his wife.

1968: Lt. George Hammond (Air Force) makes the acquaintance of Captain Peter Thornton (Army Special Forces) in Vietnam. They remain friends and golfing buddies for decades.

1968: Christopher James (Chris) born to Allison and Michael, in Seattle.

1969: Jack enters the Air Force, using his biological father's last name. Angus- who was closer to their stepfather and insists on being only called MacGyver- is drafted by the Army to serve in Vietnam.

1972: Allison and Michael move to Oregon to teach school and Allison's postgrad research in psychology; Rebecca Ellen (Becky) born, Mac bonding with her when he visits a couple months later.

1972: Daniel's parents die in a tragic accident overseeing a museum exhibit; his grandfather Nick Ballard refuses to adopt, leaving him to foster care.

1973: Jack graduates from the Air Force Academy, begins his long career as an officer.

1980: Mac meets DXS agent Peter Thornton, who is pursuing the notorious international assassin Murdoc; Mac becomes an agent himself.

1981: Daniel applies for emancipation from foster care and wins, entering university as a gifted young prodigy in linguistics and archaeology.

1982: Sam's mother dies when the taxi she's in crashes, leaving Jacob to raise her and Mark by himself while continuing to serve in the Air Force.

1982: Jack meets Sara Maxwell while on leave in Chicago.

1982: Ellen dies, not long after being diagnosed with stage-four cancer. Allison, Jack (now Captain) and Mac come together for the funeral, sell the coffee shop afterwards.

1984: Jack and Sara marry, she follows him to various bases around the world over the course of his career.

1985: Daniel receives his first doctorate, in Archaeology.

1986: Becky spends the summer with her Uncle Mac, who's now an agent for the Phoenix Foundation working under Pete. After losing her parents and brother in a car crash in August, she is given a choice between foster care, moving in with Jack and Sara or living with Mac, who ultimately becomes her legal guardian.

1986: Sam enrolls in the Air Force Academy, to the misgivings of Mark and reluctant pride of Jacob, now Colonel.

1988: Charles Nathan (Charlie) born to Jack and Sara.

1990: Harry dies from a heart attack; distracted by the news, Mac falls three stories and has a near-death experience.

1990: Becky graduates from high school, with a prodigious talent for languages. While MacGyver's away on assignment a few weeks later, she's kidnapped by Mac's nemesis, annoyingly persistent assassin Murdoc. Later in the fall she embarks on an accelerated undergrad program at UCLA, as recommended by her mentors at the Foundation.

1990: Sam graduates from the Academy, becomes a commissioned officer.

1991: Daniel receives his second doctorate, in Linguistics.

1992: Sam receives her Master's in Physics, and is promoted to 2nd Lieutenant.

1993: Becky graduates from UCLA summa cum laude with a Major in Anthropology, begins a dual Master's program (Linguistics and Cultural Anthropology). Jack serves in the first Gulf War, doing black ops missions until being captured and imprisoned for a time in Iraq.

1994: Becky and Daniel first meet by accident, at a Linguistics conference in Seattle. They are further drawn together when Daniel's academic rival Dirk Sanderson verbally attacks his theories during a presentation and Becky defends him, then Daniel later defends Becky in turn when Sanderson harasses her at a party. They part as good friends, striking up a pen-pal relationship by email for the next couple years. 

1994: Sam receives her doctorate in Theoretical Astrophysics, along with a promotion to Captain. She is recruited to work on Project Giza, develops the dialing technology for the Stargate.

1994: Daniel receives his third doctorate, in Philology.

1995: Becky receives her first doctorate in Linguistics, then promptly begins working for the Phoenix Foundation (who paid for her college and grad school). Mac retires from active field work, becoming more consultant than agent, also involving himself in STEM outreach programs for the Foundation and coaching a youth hockey team.

1996: Becky and Mac fly to Colorado Springs to attend the funeral for Jack and Sara's son Charlie, who was killed during a gun accident. Devastated by the loss Jack and Sara begin to drift apart before Jack is recruited for Project Giza. They divorce as soon as he returns home. 

1996: Sanderson seeks revenge against Daniel for Seattle, culminating in Daniel's work being discredited amid rumors of mental instability, ultimately costing him both his academic career and relationship with his girlfriend, Dr. Sarah Gardner. After a disastrous presentation at a symposium in Denver, Catherine Langford recruits him to translate unusual hieroglyphs for Project Giza. His insight leads him to discover the seventh symbol required to unlock the Stargate's wormhole. He and Jack embark on their first mission together to Abdyos.

1997: Jack is recalled from retirement when the Stargate unexpectedly reactivates. He returns to Abdyos with Kawalsky and Ferretti from the original mission, along with Captain Sam Carter. Their reunion with Daniel and his wife Sha're is interrupted by the arrival of the Goa'uld Apophis; Sha're is abducted to serve as host to his wife Amaunet. Jack, Sam, Daniel and- eventually- Teal'c form SG-1.

1997: Rattled by a mission involving a blue-crystal clone of Charlie a few months later, Jack pays an unexpected visit to his twin brother and niece. Deep at Night

1998: Becky receives her second doctorate, in Cultural Anthropology.

1999: A contingency plan is developed by the SGC to ensure humanity's survival elsewhere in the galaxy, in case Goa'uld, Replicators or other threats successfully invade or completely destabilize Earth.

2000: Due to increased seismic instability worldwide the ingathering of military and civilian personnel- both active and potential involvement- begins six months later, as part of the contingency plan. Many are either sent immediately to the Alpha, Beta or Gamma sites, or remain under Cheyenne Mountain. SG teams are sent on recon missions to seek a suitable planet for settlement.

2000: Becky and Mac escape Los Angeles just before the Big Quake, which is a prelude to the literal end of the world. They head to Colorado Springs, as part of Plan B. Near the end of a long and arduous trip they get caught in a landslide caused by a tremor. 

2000: Maj. General George Hammond of Stargate Command announces the implementation of the contingency plan and eventual total evacuation to PX35-172, thereafter designated as New Earth. Thanks to a gut feeling after a tremor Jack rescues an injured Mac and Becky, airlifting them directly to Cheyenne Mountain. A week later, Becky and Daniel unexpectedly meet for the second time. The next few months are devoted to preparing the settlement, gathering and transferring all manner of necessary items through the Gate, and evacuating refugees seeking shelter from the increasing chaos.

2001 (January 2nd): Zero Hour. Everyone remaining on base evacuates to New Earth through the Stargate- except for Jack, Mac and Becky, who are rescued by Thor of the Asgard. Before leaving the solar system Becky serves as Witness to the final end of Old Earth.

1944, 1946, 1968, 1999, 2000, Year 1: Six women at Christmastime, six kisses under the mistletoe. Chronological vignettes of the season.  Under the Mistletoe 


--History of New Earth begins here--

Year 0: The founding of Gateway Settlement, under the command of General-Governor Hammond. He reorganizes the former surviving members of the United States Air Force and Marines into the New Earth Defense Force (NEDF), of which the SGC is an integral part. Missions resume in later months, even as progress is made in developing the settlement. Progress is made in certain personal relationships as well.

Year 0: Autumn Equinox (aka Memorial Day) Hammond decrees a service to be held, as a time to reflect on what the survivors have lost and be grateful for what they still have. Becky surprises everyone by recounting her memories of Old Earth's destruction as its Witness. She runs away at the end, due to a crisis between kindred spirits; Daniel follows after, brings her back to his place. They become lovers.

Year 2: An expedition is mounted to explore the mysterious Ancient city located in the mountain range at the east side of the valley, comprised of SG-1 plus Mac, Becky and others from Alpha Base. Becky encounters the control chair at the heart of the city; she is introduced to the city's AI, Huy-Brasealis, who hails her as its Domina, or Lady. The group is threatened by a pack of intelligent and deadly predators known as direwolves, but get away with help from an unusual new ally. 

Year 2: Becky leads a mission consisting of SG-1 and others to investigate, initialize and test a combination defensive/offensive system designated Astria sto pro Oculo (Star in the Eye) by the AI of Huy-Braesealis. If successful it will protect Gateway and the entire Settlement Valley from all exterior threats.

Year 3: The Battle of Gateway. Becky shows Jack the drone weapons, then later goes with Sam to repair one of the emplacements. They are recalled back to base when Anubis attacks New Earth with his fleet. Becky, Jack, Sam and Daniel head for the city to reactivate Astria and prepare the drones for action. Together with the Prometheus and the F-302s they destroy the invading fleet. Anubis escapes as his ship explodes, confronts Becky and Daniel in the control room but is defeated by an unexpected ally. Mac proposes to Janet during the battle, they marry a week later.

Year 3: Jack O'Neill assumes command of the NEDF as General-Governor after George Hammond retires, stepping down into an advisory position. He has an interesting first few days in office. Meanwhile, Becky's been subconsciously processing a file downloaded to her mind by Huy-Braesealis, culminating in writing down a mysterious eight-symbol Gate address in her sleep. Daniel discovers the address leads to Atlantis, the second city of the Ancients in the Pegasus Galaxy. An expedition is organized and mounted to investigate and build a colony as a contingency plan.

Year 10: When gray hair, barbecue-related accidents, the existence of coffee or chocolate on other planets and Christmas stories in summer become normal topics of conversation for an unusual extended family on Midsummer's Eve. Eat, Drink and Be Merry