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Barricade onlined with a start, arms and legs flailing widely until he felt the soft covers under his frame and stilled for a moment. He instinctively reached for his neck, felt for the ropes, damage, anything. All he could make out was smooth metal, tender to the touch but intact. Just then he dared to online his optics. He was alone in the bedroom in Jazz' club. The lights were dimmed into a blue hue and everything was clean. The only item reminding him of what had happened were the handcuffs still dangling innocently from the headboard. The ropes and the strange highgrade bottle were gone and so was Jazz.

He sat slowly up as the name of the keeper reminded him of what had happened. He'd agreed to get bound, get fucked. He even got his spike stroked out, had agreed to give Jazz head for it. From there things escalated. Jazz broke his promise; of course he did and used Barricade's immobile state to get to his port again... a rope slipped... And then his files went downhill. Too broken apart to be useful.

What was strange was that he was sore, both ways in, but he wasn't in pain. From what he thought he remembered he should be. His valve had been so overused and harshly pounded... And his port... well it had been used. Not that he remembered much. But he would not complain about that. He'd always imagined to not be able to walk or sit for days. But here he sat, his secondary virginity freshly taken from him and he was fine. Maybe it wasn't as bad as he thought? As the general opinion of it was?

Barricade shook his head. Not the time nor the moment to think about things like that. Right now he had other problems. One of them was finding out if the room was locked and if yes how he would get out of it. Panik started to rise in his spark, made him immobile. He didn't dare to get up and check just to see that it was locked. The Praxian vented hard his doorwings moved up and down nervously. "I'm not a fucking sparkling!" He hissed to himself and got up, slowly walking to the door. He tried the sensor pad besides it. The only thing that happend, was, that a red light glared back at him. Of course it was locked. He didn't even know what to think about it. What to feel. Anger was the first thing that rose inside him. Without a reason to hold it back he acted upon it and bashed with his fist into the closed door.

He turned around angrily checking his chronometer for the first time since he woke. It was already past lunchtime on the next day. He should get ready for his next shift, not sit around in a mech's backroom, not knowing when he'd be let out. He was about to sit back down on the bed, to think as a sound made him turn. The door opened and the hallway's dim light lit the room a little more. A frame moved in, slowly, carefully.

"Bumblebee" he recognized the pretty mech immediately. Sure he would help him. Or would he? He was Jazz' employee after all and the keeper had mentioned that his mechs would at least make a false statement for him. Maybe even more? Bumblebee stepped closer, greeted him with a small smile. Then he moved his left servo up to his audio receptor and tapped it twice. It took the enforcer a moment to catch on, then he opened a comm channel just to be pinged with a text based message a second later.

//Good morning, Barricade. I am happy to see that you are awake and well... the Boss told me to make sure to check on you, in case you wake up when he is busy. He should be ready in about twenty minutes, until then, do you need anything?//

Barricade fumed. "Are you fucking serious? That pervert nearly killed me! And he fucked me in the port, as if I am his cheap little whore! Oh and did I already mention that he locked me up like a mechanimal! But of course he is too busy to come to me himself!" He yelled and pushed the black and yellow against the closed door, his doorwings shaking with rage and before he knew it he had his clenched servo in the air and was about to swing it at the waiter. Just as the mute mech raised his servos protectively and turned his face away the enforcer realized what he was about to do and stopped himself.

For a moment the room was blanketed in absolute silence. Barricade still stood there servo in the air the same way Bumblebee still hid behind his servos, trying to defect the incoming hit. The Praxian was the first who broke away from his pose. Slowly lowering his servo while backing away from the clearly scared mech, who still didn't dare to move.

"I... it's all right. I’m sorry... I. I don't know what came over me. It's just, the past few days have been pretty intense and not in a good way" he mumbled ashamed, seeing that Bumblebee only lowered his servos slowly but still didn't move much. Clearly shaken by Barricade's outburst. He was angry at Jazz and himself and in the end he’d yelled and threated a mech who was only doing what he was told to, by his employer.

Barricade sat back down at the bed’s edge, rubbing his face, trying to calm himself. “Sorry. If I promise not to hurt you, to stay right here, are you going to relax again?” Bumblebee dared to look at him and nodded, as a new message from the waiter pinged in Barricade’s inbox.

//The Boss didn’t mean to hurt you. He likes you… Really. He was very troubled about what happened during your shared night. Was about to call a medic. But you seemed fine enough and he wasn’t sure you would want another mech involved. Do you hurt much? Do you –want- a medic?//

Bumblebee made a few careful steps in the enforcer’s direction, looking him over. Barricade grimaced and shook his head. A medic really wasn’t a thing he needed right now. He didn’t hurt, just ached a little and he was surely not going to tell another spark about what he had agreed to last night. Still… Bumblebee’s message had sparked something else in the dark Praxian. Something he wanted to know more about, even if a tiny voice in the back of his processor told him to let it go and leave. “Jazz has money” Barricade stated matter of factly. “So he can probably pick from a bunch of willing mecha to spend the night with. Why do you think he would want more from me than some fun?” He huffed crossing his arms. He…. Somehow did like Jazz. The mech was good looking and mesmerizing. But at the same time he was still angry and simply couldn’t believe that the other’s interest in him was sincere.

Another ping, this time with Bumblebee closer, clearly more relaxed. Barricade opened the message while patting the empty space besides him on the bed. Hoping the other would not hold a grudge against him for too long. It eased his spark as Bumblebee accepted the request after hesitating a moment longer, taking a seat closer to Barricade than the mech had hoped.

//I know him good enough, work for him for a long time already. It’s the way he looks at you. He smiles more, carries himself differently, since he found you. I can see why. You are a very likable mech. –When- you’re not angry //

The Praxian bowed his head a little after he read the last sentence. Remembering Bumblebee’s reaction he still felt guilty. He turned towards the other, his red optics meeting the blue ones again, then the dared to look a little lower, glancing at the scars for another moment. That and Bumblebee’s reaction to… him… he knew from his training that it was a sign for past experience with violence. He contemplated to ask if it was indeed something Bumblebee had experienced or still went through. If he, as enforcer, could help the waiter out somehow. But before he could ask, he felt Bumblebee’s servo on his thigh. He looked back up at the other, surprised. He was greeted with a shy smile. This, wasn’t something he though would happen. Especially after his outburst. Hoping the message he just received would clear his confusion a little he read it.

//Do you really think that? Think that any mech who takes it up the port willingly is a ‘cheap little whore’ ?//

The enforcer was about to blurt a ‘Yes’ as he caught himself. Apparently he hesitated a little too long since he got a second message.

//Do you think –I- am a cheap little whore?//

Barricade starred for another second, the mech's questions slowly starting to make sense to him. Oh. “I, no I don’t. I was angry and said things… I didn’t want to hurt you Bumblebee… it’s just. I don’t think I am personally into it. But if you like it, it’s fine. You’re fine. Even more than that.” Uh, why was he so bad at these things? But from the way Bumblebee smiled and relaxed again he did manage to say something right.

//Thank you. I hope it’s okay for me to ask… but have you ever tried it? Not receiving it, but doing it?//

Barricade shook his head. “No. Praxus is pretty conservative. Not as much as most outsides might think but it’s still… old-fashioned? You know the whole ‘spike goes into valve – overload - End of story’ kind of old-fashioned” He explained, looking down at the servo, still running up and down his thigh. Before he could do anything about it Bumblebee was on his lap, straddling him. Barricade didn’t dare to touch, to do anything, just waited what this was about.

//Do you want to try? See what the whole fuss is about? We still have time until the Boss will be here and I would love to feel your spike again.//

Just the few words and Barricade’s systems started to get heated. This mech really got him riled up in no time. But he still hesitated. This seemed off. One moment Bumblebee was a scared mess and the next he wanted to make out with him? Sure Jazz had mentioned that the mech was easy but this seemed more and more like an unhealthy coping mechanism. And in that case it was probably the best to not go for it, right? “I don’t think this is a-” Bumblebee’s lips on his stopped him and before he knew it he responded to this kiss, allowing Bumblebee to deepen it. The waiter tasted sweet and the way he ground against him was pure sin. There was just no way a mech could not react to that. The moment he felt Bumblebee’s cover slip aside he was sold.

“Is there a difference from putting it up a mech’s valve” Barricade asked lowly, releasing his spike, which already started to pressurize. Bumblebee nodded and pulled a small bottle out of a subspace compartment, fake lubricant. Barricade tried to remember if Jazz had used something like that on him, but simply couldn’t. He watched as the black and yellow purred an, in the Praxian’s opinion, much to big amount of lube on his own servo, where he warmed it up before Bumblebee went for Barricades spike between them, slicking it up good. Then he lifted himself a little from Barricade’s thighs, moved his still slick servo around him and obviously started to push his own digits up his port. Barricade didn’t know what to think about that but waited patiently. A good minute lated Bumblebee stopped and grabbed the others spike, shifted until he was able to sink down on it and did so. He progressed slowly, took his time to work himself up and down Barricade’s shaft until he was fully seated. Barricade vented hard, couldn’t believe just how tight the pretty waiter was. The squeeze around the rim was the best, as if he was deep inside a virgin. No wonder Jazz always bothered him about it… but before he could think more about the club’s keeper Bumblebee started to move, and Primus, that was great. He though being allowed to having Bumblebee’s valve was great, but this, was beyond it. He’d probably go for it whenever the mech would offer and from what Jazz had said about Bumblebee, it would be rather often.

Overload came much too fast in Barricade’s opinion, but when it did it felt good and took a big part of the enforcer's bad mood and tension away. He offlined his optics to savor the moment and only onlined them again, when Bumblebee was off again, already cleaning himself with a rag he had produced from another subspace. “You were right… that was great” He breathed and Bumblebee answered with a slim smile, he looked tired but content. Barricade wanted to ask him to sit with him a little longer, as he received another message and opened it instead.

// The Boss contacted me; he is already on his way. So we better get cleaned up. See you around, Barricade, I’d love to spend some more time with you sometime. I got to go. //

And with that Jazz' lovely staff member was out again, leaving Barricade alone with his post-overload hazed mind. Right, Jazz… he still had a few things to sort out with the mech. Even if he didn’t really feel like picking a fight right now.