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Priory Lake

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After graduation the pack prepare to part ways for their different college and career paths but agree to keep in touch.

With only 2 weeks to go, they meet up for a summer break together at Priory Lake – a beautiful secluded woodland area with a large cabin and private lake which belonged to Stile’s late grandfather. Stiles, Scott, Liam and Malia arrive together and Lydia, Corey and Mason a little while later.

“Did you check with Derek one last time that he is sure he can’t come and join us?” Malia asks Scott.

Scott: “I’m pretty sure he isn’t coming, he said he needed to follow up on something but you know how mysterious he can be, that’s as much info as he would give away.”

“Well he either will or he won’t, either way I think we should get this party started!” Mason brandishes a bottle of champagne and pops the cork spraying everyone who all jump back and cheer.

Sometime later after everyone had unpacked and worked out which room they were having, Stiles comes out of his room and meets Lydia in the hall, who is staring into an old painting. “Come on Lydia, if you tell me your picking up a bad vibe from that picture I got to say you’re not alone. It’s always freaked me out!”. “Who are they?” Lydia breaks from her trance to ask inquisitively.

Stiles shrugs his shoulders “ I only know the story that my dad used to tell me and my mum when I was little, I’ll tell you it but first let’s get a drink and something to eat – I’m starved, haven’t eaten for eh well at least an hour.” Lydia lifts an eyebrow and shakes her head and they walk downstairs together.

“Hey guys, we were just comparing wound stories and so far Scott’s in the lead with 157 points….”Malia trails off explaining the rules and what injuries scored highest.

They spend the evening on the sofas by the open fire, reminiscing about past adventures and laughing at Stiles’ jokes. Until some go off to bed and Stile’s is the last up, he thinks to himself that this was a great idea to spend some time with his best friends before they begin their new journeys in different places. He smiles and turns off the lamp next to him, he’s just about to go up but catches a glimmering light outside and he wonders what it is.

Worried he might have left his headlights on he grabs his keys and goes to see where the light is coming from. He steps outside and notes its one single light so can’t be headlights, he squints and realises the light is moving closer to him. Moving in quickly its only when it’s too late that he realises it’s a flashlight and he feels a sharp pain in his head and everything goes black.