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Exchange for Love

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"One glass of vodka", Jungkook asked. His eyes flitted across the club, body leaning against the bar, almost sensually.

"Hmm, Mr. Jeon is here I see."

The woman sounded saccharine sweet and was at least 5 years older than Jungkook.

"Don't disturb me", he ordered, mouth set in a thin line. His gay self was disliking her company and the way she pressed her boobs in his face.

"Wake up", she said, her face frozen in a smile.

"Huh?" Jungkook was confused as his surroundings started melting.

"Your room is a mess, how much are you going to sleep?!" The woman suddenly shouted, her voice feeling familiar...


The man woke up with a start, immediately sitting up with his eyes wide open.

"Oh God, if your dad saw you slept past 5, he'll be pissed", his mother shook her head, flitting across his room.

It took the boy a moment to come back to his self, his mind feeling hazy and experiencing an out of body feeling. He blinked several times before understanding how his morning was being ruined.

"It's Sunday~" he whined, finally regaining some of his memories.

"Tell that to your father. And my dear son, did you create yourself a mini tornado in this room?"

He looked at her mother questioningly before looking around himself.

His clothes were more out than in the closet (there's a very easy coming out joke there but he's too cool to say it, so shut up his mental voice who sound like Taehyung), underwear and socks strewn all over the floor and his jewellery sat in neat piles on several places in the giant room.

"I was busy?" He tried to reason out, but failed miserably.

"You were lazy", his mother corrected, arms crossed and eyes locked on Jungkook.

"It's just clothes", he whined, pulling the sheets over his head.

"Okay then may I ask, what went down in the living room yesterday?"

"Living room?" The teen asked before his eyes widened in realisation. He smiled awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

"We had a party..."

"Believe me, I can see that. But did you forget you must clean after any party? The floor is good enough to become an ant colony and the couches are the perfect place for anyone who loves to lick cheeto dust."

"It was 1 in the morning", he reasoned, pouting profusely.

This seemed to work on his mother who looked at him with exhaustion, affection and sympathy.

"My boy, what must I do with you... You're a future CEO, you are supposed to have a better environment than this. You are lucky your dad didn't come like he had planned to."

The younger let out a breath of relief when it was confirmed that his morning, and possibly his week, wouldn't be ruined by his beloved daddy.

"I might be a future CEO but I'm a present high schooler and I don't want to clean after myself", he crossed his hands as he laid down, hiding his face in the sheets.

"Sweety I understand, but if you'll work hard today, you'll reap the benefits tomorrow", his mother smiled at him, softly removing the bangs from his eyes, "Your hair has grown so much. We should book you an appointment with the barber."

"Don't you dare touch my hair", he said seriously, but with a pout, "I love how it is."

"But you look like some model, not a manager."

"I will be a hot manager, mom, but please don't cut my hair. Let me have this."

Mrs. Jeon looked at her son with a sad smile, feeling bad to make him feel so guarded this early in the morning.

"Sorry honey, I didn't realise this was so important to you. Don't worry, no one will touch your hair, promise."

The boy slowly smiled at her words, happy to get his mother's approval. Now he just needed to hide this from his father...

"But please Kook, you should get up now. It's not healthy sleeping in", his mother said and took a hold of the sheet the boy was so desperately clutching on.

"But mom", he whined, trying to tuck the sheet under him.

"No, it's almost 5:30, wake up, NOW", she sounded stern. The moment Jungkook peaked from under his fortress, his mother pulled the sheets away, leaving his son whining.

"MOM, it's 5:30 on a Sunday morning! No one wakes up this early!"

This was bullying! This was a hate crime! How can his mother be so cruel?!

"All smart people do, because the key to success is starting your day early", she preached and honestly, all Jungkook heard was torture, torture, torture.

"The key to success is to have a good sleep and wake up whenever you want so that you can start your work with a good mood", he fired back with his on-spot created bullshit.

His mother looked at him with a pointed look and the man was forced to leave his bed, missing the warmth as soon as he got out.

His Sunday... His Sunday was gone.

"Now stop looking like I stole your first born and clean the living room, you boys make too much mess for your size."

"Small boys make bigger mess", he murmured, remembering how many wine bottles Jimin inhaled. That boy could surprisingly fit a lot in that tiny body.

"And you are my small small boy", his mother chuckled, dragging him out.

"Mom I'm big! I'm almost 172 cms! I'm not small!", he spluttered, feeling absolutely offended at his mother's words.

"Well in my eyes, you are my small baby and that's not gonna change anytime soon", his mother dragged him outside before turning to him, "But if you don't clean this mess in an hour, the status of you owning a Nintendo will definitely change."

And hence, the poor boy ran to get a broom and started cleaning the mess he had helped create. His mother could hear him whisper "bastards", after regular intervals but she chose to ignore him and sat down on the only clean couch.

"Hello, Hybrid services?" She talked on the phone, away from Jungkook's hearing range, "Oh hello, I wish to talk to the head, please."

As Jungkook begrudgingly mopped the floor, somewhere across the city, a cute cat hybrid woke up from his sleep. Both of them having no idea what chaos will occur soon in their lives, both blissfully unaware.