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Star Wars-The Nirn Chronicles

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"I have a gift for you," the Son said with a smirk on his face.

"I have had enough of your trickery!" said Anakin as he had enough of the fiend's games at this point. The fiend in question killed Ahsoka and if not for the Daughter's life-force, then she would be still dead. They were still stuck on Mortis because of the fiend.

"Oh, but you'll like this one, I promise. What if I could show you the future?" said the Son as he whispered into Anakin's ear.

Anakin clutched his head as unseen visions began to assault him. "No! No. Stop it!"

Know yourself. Know what you will become!" said the Son. Mist surrounded Anakin as he began to hear and see visions of his future.

"I will not look!" he exclaimed.

"The Force is strong with you."

Darth Sidious (To Anakin's horror, Sidious was Chancellor Palpatine!) blasted the young man resembling Anakin with Force Lighting, as Anakin was then seen igniting his lightsaber, before he killed one of the younglings in the Jedi Temple.

"Anakin, please!" Padme pleaded as he Force-Choked her on Mustafar.

"You were my brother, Anakin!" Obi-Wan shouted as he and Anakin battled one another.

"A powerful Sith you will become."

"I HATE YOU!" Anakin's voice shouted as Alderaan was seen destroyed. Anakin was on the shore of a lava river and his eyes were sickly yellow instead of beautiful sapphire blue. He screamed in agony, as the fire consumed him, destroying his humanity.

"No. No. NOOOOO!"  Anakin screamed in anguish as the mist shaped into the form of Anakin's future self which followed by a sound of metal breathing.

"I will do... such terrible things," he sobbed, as he could not believe of what he had just seen.

He would turn into a monster, a machine more than a man, kill Padme, Ahsoka, countless Jedi, including the younglings, see Alderaan's destruction, torture his daughter, mutilate his son and even watch him being blasted by the Force Lightning, before Anakin would kill Palpatine by grabbing and throwing him into the abyss. But the damage would already be done.

"Yes but it doesn't have to be that way. The choice is still yours to make," the Son consoled him, but Anakin was not sure if he felt that way.

"How?" Anakin spoke as he turned away. How he was going to stop this? This was set in the stone, this was his destiny, he realized. There was no way of escaping it.

"The future, by its very nature, can be changed. Join me and together we will destroy the emperor you see in your visions and we shall end war, corruption, and suffering throughout the galaxy," the Son replied. He was desperate to use the Chosen One as his pawn.

Anakin thought "I will never join you," he replied, as he pulled his lightsaber. He realized that joining would not help, but bring him closer to being a Sith that he saw himself in a vision.

"Then, Young Skywalker, you will die," the Son sing-sang as he blasted Anakin with a Force Lightning, but a red one. It was very painful to Anakin, as he was disarmed and his lightsaber was now on the ground.

"Let him go!" Obi-Wan's clear voice boomed as Anakin felt being lifted and he was choked by the Son. "Let. Him. Go." He was then dropped onto the ground and heard the sounds of fighting, howling and then beating of the leather wings. "Are you all right?"

Anakin felt tears running down his cheeks as he then stood up. He had so much to atone for the things that were to happen, but he still wondered, how he was going to fix this. There was no way that he was going to burden his friend and brother. "We must destroy the Son," he said simply.

He then commed Ahsoka as they rode to the surface: "Ahsoka, come in. Can you hear me? Ahsoka!"

"Master! Thank the Force you're alright!"

Ahsoka, you must disable the ship."

But I just finished putting it back together," she replied back.

"Just do it, Snips!" he barked into the communicator.

He was silent through out the ride and Obi-Wan feared that Qui-Gon was right, this place was dangerous for Anakin.


They arrived at the Arena, where they saw the Son killing the Father with the dagger. The Arena was the location where he could draw the power and also, to control the Son. Anakin knew that a brief discomfort was to stop the lifetime of the evil. He Force-Gripped the Son and threw him against the pillar. He was no longer weak from that torture in the well and he knew that it was his fight, his destiny, as he felt Ahsoka in the background.

And he seized his chance, by drawing the power of Mortis, which he used to sever the Son in two. The Chosen One was weakened, but he managed to retrieve the dagger.

"Good job, Anakin," Obi-Wan said warmly. It was his highest praise, genuine, heartfelt and tinged with pride in Anakin's actions, but all Anakin could feel were the stinging tears in his eyes. He looked at the dagger as the the vision echoed in his mind. He knew what he had to do now.


But before Obi-Wan could stop it, Anakin drove the blade into his stomach. "ANAKIN!" he exclaimed as he and Ahsoka ran to their friend, who fell onto the floor.

"Why, Anakin?" Obi-Wan asked as he held his dying former Padawan in his embrace. Ahsoka wept.

"I've seen...what I...would...become, and I...cannot...let it...happen," Anakin replied, as his life energy left him rapidly. "This... is for the best... I couldn't wait... to become that monster... to cause so much pain..."

"Anakin," Obi-Wan said as he held his dying friend. He was about to lose his former Padawan, just like he lost his former Master.

Anakin smiled weakly as he then spoke: "It's... better this way. Tell Padme...that...I..."

"Master Qui-Gon, please, help us!" Obi-Wan called out, but no one appeared and Anakin died in the embrace.

What could he have seen down there that was so horrifying that it made him do this? It didn't matter, as the answers died with Anakin. And with him, died all hope for the victory in the Clone Wars, as Anakin was the best general and his death would damage the moral, especially that the cause of it would be baffling, since he ended his own life.

But what Obi-Wan and the whole galaxy did not know was that Anakin would be still alive. But, they would meet under an unusual circumstances.


Anakin floated among the stars, as he saw that his right hand was no longer metal, but a flesh one. What in the name of the Force happened to him? Was he still alive?

A gold fiery Dragon appeared before him. It was enormous and and unlike the Krayt Dragon, this one stood on its hind legs and had long wings. It spoke in a gentle for a dragon tone-

"Greetings, the young Jedi. I am Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time on the world of Nirn. I am also known as Alkosh to the Khajiit and Auri-El to the Altmer and Bosmer."

"Why a God of Time of all people would approach me, after I die?" Anakin asked.

"Your time was not over. You ended your life, before you could fulfill your destiny and destroy the Sith," Akatosh replied calmly.

"Destiny? What destiny? My destiny was to become a Sith Lord and destroy the Jedi Order, the Republic and betray everyone and everything that I loved," Anakin scoffed.

"Hmm. I see that a particular Sith Lord has been swaying you to the Dark Side ever since you became a Jedi for his own gains. Becoming a Sith Lord was not your destiny, not at all," Akatosh spoke as Anakin smiled. A God of Time saw that his destiny was not being a Sith Lord.

 "You shall be reborn. Not as a man, but a woman of one of races of Nirn. The Force agrees with me that becoming a Sith Lord is not your destiny," Akatosh continued.

"A female of one of the races of Nirn? Which one?" Anakin asked, astonished by the proposal.

"There is one, who is dead right now on the ship, which is sailing to the lands of Morrowind. You will awaken as her and you will decide how things go from that point on.

"She was an Ayleid, that awakened on the Summerset Isle. She was one of the two Ayleids remaining alive, as King Dynar is another one, but he is imprisoned. She was confused for an Altmer and thus, poisoned. So, it was not her time either. You will be her, but you will be still yourself," Akatosh explained.

"What about others?" Anakin asked.

"Do not worry about your friends. You will reunite with them, when the time comes," Akatosh replied.

Anakin smiled as he nodded. He began to like the idea of being reborn as the woman of near extinct race and then perhaps coming back to the galaxy and defeating Palpatine in secret, causing chaos. Oh Force, he had so much to think about this after he would awaken.

"Now, you shall awaken in a body of the Ayleid!" Akatosh thundered as Anakin bowed farewell to the Dragon God of Time and replied:

"May the Force be with us all."

"Yes, and we will meet again, the young one," Akatosh replied as he now knew, that the timeline was fixed, for now.


A female Elf awoke in the bed on the ship, as she panted heavily.

"The pretty Mer is awake, captain!"

"What happened?" she asked.

"You fell into a deep sleep, the pretty one. We already have a mug of water and a plate of bread for you," the male human replied as he motioned to the tray with a wooden mug.

The Elf looked into a the mug and saw her reflection. She had blue eyes and long white hair. She then looked at what she was wearing. It was a black-grey robe with a hood. She also saw a staff next to her bed.

"Do I still have the Force?" she thought as she decided to pull the mug using the Force.

She signed with relief when she saw that she still have access to it, even if she awoke in the new world. Anakin admitted to him, no, herself that as a female, she looked beautiful.

She would have to think on that later, as she proceeded to eat the bread. It was not much, but she felt that she was hungry ever since arriving to Mortis. She did not want to think about what she saw in the well.

However, she felt that she had the dead man's name, whose life was going down into the abyss. So she closed her eyes, as she focused.

"We have arrived at the Mournhold!" one of the men shouted.

Anakin opened her eyes and realized that the ship arrived at the destination. So she stood up from her bed, looked for anything that she had along with the staff. And here was a satchel, which was made out of leather. In it, Anakin found the black tome and couple of the glass vials along with the strange plants and animal parts. This indeed suggested that the woman was indeed a Necromancer, thus she was an exile. She also saw that she had some coin, so she could buy herself some food and supplies. The currency was familiar to the exile, but not to a reborn Chosen One.

She put on her satchel and waited, until she would be allowed to leave the ship. A man opened the door and she exited the room and walked to the exit.

"Here we are, Mournhold," the captian said.

She nearly gasped the moment she saw the city. She could see people of other races walking on the pavement, selling their wares on the marketstalls and guards in dimly golden armor that had unique design were guarding the city.

As Anakin walked down onto the docks, she felt the familiar presence watching over her. A voice of her first Master spoke:

"Anakin, I am here. Let us explore this mysterious world as it has not only unique wonders, but its dangers as well."

"Are you angry that I ended my life and failed the prophecy?

"No. You have not failed the prohecy of the Chosen One. I will speak with Obi-Wan, as soon as you choose a new name," Qui-Gon calmly replied.

"What was this Ayleid's name, before she died?

"Grandfaere was her last name. I don't know of her first one."

She pondered on her new name. She did like the idea of keeping her human name, Anakin, but it didn't sound right. Then, she remembered a song that he listened to in secret. It sang of a name that he liked. Also, she remembered that she was a stranger to the time, so she would choose her human name.

"My name is Xavier Skywalker and I am the adventurer," she said firmly as Qui-Gon smiled and vanished.

"I will return to you as soon as I pass the message to Obi-Wan," Qui-Gon's voice spoke in her mind.

Xavier then said, "May the Force be with us all." as she walked to the Marketplace.