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By My Blood

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Choi San was head over heels in love with his best friend, in fact he had been falling for him ever since he found him on that fateful day two years ago. Wooyoung had been ethereally beautiful, the most beautiful boy San had ever seen in his life, and San had found himself utterly entranced by him. Unable to take his eyes off of him for even a moment and no doubt staring at him like a complete moron. There had been no question about it, of course San was going to help him. How could he not? He couldn't just leave Wooyoung there by himself, all alone. So San had brought him home with him and they'd been best friends ever since. Their friendship building up from those first few days as they bonded, becoming stronger and stronger as the days turned in to weeks, and the weeks turned in to months...with San's feelings for Wooyoung developing right along with it.

Luckily for San Wooyoung returned his feelings, although it had taken him longer to realise what it was he was feeling and come to terms with it, not exactly a surprise given his...upbringing, but either way San loved Wooyoung, Wooyoung loved San and San couldn't be happier about it. He truly felt like he'd found his soulmate, the person he was supposed to spend the rest of his life with. The other half of him. There was just one, teeny, tiny, slight little problem...Wooyoung was dead. And he had been for a really long time judging by the way the boy was perpetually dressed, an outfit change not really an option for him.

If San wasn't mistaken, Wooyoung appeared to have died at some point during the Goryeo Dynasty, but when exactly? San didn't have a clue. Wooyoung was quite tight lipped about the whole thing, only letting a little tidbit of information drop here or there, but his clothing was simply stunning. The type he had only ever seen in historical dramas, although Wooyoung's made the beautiful drama costumes look garish. Wooyoung's one and only outfit was a wonderfully elegant mix of black and a shade of mid blue. The entire outfit made out of the best silk you could probably get your hands on at the time. The under layers of his garments were mostly blue and were subtly patterned, the collar edged with black, his billowing sleeves ending in a matching black edge. The sleeveless outer layer worn over it was mostly black and featured more of that same subtle pattern, but the trim and the matching belt were that same mid blue shade as beneath. Though the pattern this time was of delicate silver flowers. The belt was decorated with a pretty silver pin, oval shaped, made up of delicate swirls and decorated with real, stunning opals. A single red tassel dangled from it.

Wooyoung himself was just as beautiful as his clothing with gorgeous smooth skin, his hair worn in the typical Goryeo fashion meaning that it fell to his mid chest with half of it pulled up in to a ponytail and secured with a delicate silver holder. A matching silver hairpin stuck through it to secure it all in place and his bangs swept over to one side of his forehead giving you an excellent view of his perfect features. San loved every single thing about Wooyoung, the differentiation in the shape of his eyes, the freckle on his bottom lip...his lips in general, if he was being honest. They just looked so...kissable. Not to mention his strong, solid frame and the fact that he was the perfect height for San.

From what he had been able to gather from Wooyoung, the boy had been the eldest son of a noble, a member of the aristocracy through and through. Trained in sword fighting, horse riding, and archery to the extent that he had been the best in the kingdom at the time, as well as a myriad of other things. Wooyoung had been the heir, he'd been expected to take over his father's position, or to command armies perhaps, depending on the path history decided to take. But beneath all of that Wooyoung was gentle, and kind. He'd much rather spend his time reading a book than hacking away at someone with a sword.

San would have quite liked to know when exactly it was that Wooyoung had been alive, maybe tried to track him down in the history books and the learn more about him, glean any piece of information he could. How he lived, what life had been like at the time, San wanted to know so much. He wanted to know everything that there was to know about Wooyoung and what his life had been it had ended. But Wooyoung didn't seem inclined to tell him any more than he already had, and San hadn't quite wanted to ask him in case he upset him. After all, it might have happened a long time ago but Wooyoung had died...remembering how and why, and what he'd lost would still no doubt hurt no matter how much time had passed.

So all San knew, aside from his status in society and a few other tidbits, was that Wooyoung had lived during the Goryeo dynasty...and he'd been murdered. San figured your own death was probably a touchy enough subject alone, without throwing in the fact that you'd been murdered so he didn't push, and he didn't pry. Wooyoung had been ripped from this world, from everything he knew and loved before his time. Before he'd really gotten to live all that much, for who knew what reason. San couldn't imagine anyone wanting to hurt Wooyoung, he wasn't the kind of person that you'd maintain a grudge against, that you'd want to kill. San assumed it was some sort of power struggle perhaps? That was how it often went in the dramas after all. Poor Wooyoung killed for some incredibly stupid reason, for someone's ambition. A light snuffed out for no reason. He couldn't imagine how lonely it must have been for Wooyoung, spending all those years initially trapped at the place he'd died, watching time move forward without him, perhaps even watching as his family aged and died right before his eyes...but as the years had passed and he'd become stronger, he had been able to wander from his death place. Albeit alone and with not a soul to talk to, other than the odd fellow spirit he came across. Of course not every ghost was as...coherent, let alone as talkative as Wooyoung, San would know, he'd been able to see them his whole life. It was some strange little quirk he'd been born with, some people were double jointed, others had different coloured eyes...San could see ghosts. Of course he didn't usually bring the ghosts that he saw home with him. Then again he'd never quite met a ghost like Wooyoung before.

San still remembered the day vividly. He'd been visiting Gyeongbokung Palace one summer on a trip to Seoul, excited to explore such a beautiful place, take in some history...and maybe he'd been on a bit of a historical drama kick at the time too and had wanted to check out the filming location of a few of his favourite dramas, who hadn't? He'd spotted Wooyoung on said trip, leaning on the railing of the palace's pavilion. He'd been gazing out at the lake, a wistfully sad look on his face and seemingly lost in his thoughts. Wooyoung had later told him that his best friend had been a King of Goryeo, and while Goryeo's famous main palace had burned to the ground and Gyeongbokgung was nothing at all like it, apparently the main palace of Wooyoung's time had been much grander, and much more lavish...though the colour scheme was largely the same, but the lake reminded him of times spent with his best friend, playing in the water, fishing, swimming and having tea beside the water, among other things. Times long gone, a friend he hadn't been able to see in decades, but memories that Wooyoung presumably clung to in order to remember what it was like to not be so alone. He'd looked so sad gazing out across the water, a lonely, hunched figure in the middle of a bustling tourist site. San had known immediately that Wooyoung was a ghost, even without the other tourists apparent inability to see him as they walked right past him without a second glance...or through him in some cases. His clothing had been too out of place, too rich and of too high quality to be some sort of costumed performer for the palace. He was clearly the real deal, though San had been surprised to see a ghost quite so old.

Of course, San hadn't been as surprised as Wooyoung had been when San had made his way over to him...and then spoken directly to him. Apparently he was the first person who had ever been able to see Wooyoung...or at least the first who hadn't pretended they couldn't see him right along with everyone else. The first who'd actually bothered to approach talk to him. San was the first conversation Wooyoung had in...who knew how long. San had wanted nothing more than to help Wooyoung move on to his next life, so that he could finally be at peace...but they just couldn't figure out why he hadn't already. San had a few suspicions about it all, Wooyoung might not be willing to admit why exactly he hadn't moved on...wouldn't admit what was really holding him here, if he even knew himself that is. San thought it might be anger at his unjust death, that was the standard sort of thing he'd seen when it came to the ghosts of murder victims, but...Wooyoung hadn't shown the slightest hints of it. He hadn't become a vengeful spirit and if he had become at peace with it he would have moved on, although San supposed that if he hadn't admitted it to himself...or was still wrestling with an emotion to do with it...that could very well be the reason why. Either way, there wasn't much they could do about it considering his killer had long since died themselves, and Wooyoung had remained stuck.

San had wondered if finding out who had killed Wooyoung and somehow...correcting it in the history books, outing his murderer for what they were and making sure all knew of what they'd done if Wooyoung and his murder had even been recorded in the first place. San assumed it may have been given Wooyoung's status, but he hadn't managed to track it down in any of his reading so far, and he also assumed that Wooyoung's killer would be someone of a similar status perhaps...and no doubt they'd managed to get away with it all these years, or perhaps he'd just been watching one too many dramas. He'd even entertained the idea of simply just telling Wooyoung's story in a bid to get justice that way, so that people would know who he had been if he'd been wiped from the records as San sometimes suspected given his lack of luck when it came to finding anything about Wooyoung. He'd trawled every single record he could get access to and he hadn't found hide nor hair of him, though he supposed considering how long ago it had been that wasn't too suspicious. But Wooyoung was tight lipped about how he'd died, even more so than how he'd lived, and San didn't want to force him to talk about such a no doubt painful topic. To make him relive that time when he it was something he clearly wanted to forget.

So San had insisted on bringing Wooyoung home with him after his trip, allowing the ghost to move in with him. His roommate that could be seen by he alone, then his best friend...and then his boyfriend. As much as you could be anyway, when you couldn't touch your other half for very long at all and you had yet to actually share a kiss. Much to San's disappointment, the most he'd gotten was a quick peck to the lips. Despite how old of a ghost Wooyoung was, and while he'd been strong enough to break away from his place of death...he still could only touch things for a short amount of time. It required a lot of energy, and the more of his energy he used the more...translucent Wooyoung became. San was scared that if Wooyoung used too much energy to try and touch kiss him or to hug him when he needed a cuddle, Wooyoung would use all of his energy and disappear. Perhaps if he'd been an angrier ghost, more vengeful, he'd be able to touch things for longer. To move objects and then San would finally be able to kiss him...but that wouldn't be the Wooyoung that San knew and loved, and he'd be one step away from being a poltergeist. San wouldn't have helped such a ghost and he certainly wouldn't have invited him home with him. They wouldn't have bonded, their relationship would never have blossomed and San wouldn't have Wooyoung at all. Of course Wooyoung hadn't always been so weak, he had been stronger once upon a time, but that was decades ago. When living people remembered him...mourned him, left him offerings and whispered prayers for him. But now, there was no-one to do so, and so Wooyoung's newfound strength had faded as he faded from the memories of his family. As his story was no longer passed from generation to generation the longer time had gone on. San was the only person alive who knew who Wooyoung was, who he'd been, and his offerings didn't contribute much.

But still, he'd tried, and Wooyoung had been touched at the effort San went to in order to try to help him, just one of the building blocks that had led up to their relationship. Of course a large part of their initial bonding had taken place as San had spent a lot of his time teaching Wooyoung modern language...and slang, as well as everything there was to know about modern life even if Wooyoung hadn't been quite so receptive in the beginning, all in a bid to get Wooyoung to relax a little from his stiff posture, stiff language and stiff views on...everything. Time had passed around Wooyoung, while he had remained unchanging for the most part, of course he'd picked up changes in language, the development of the country as history pressed on and so on, but San had decided it was time to fully modernise the ghost. It had worked, to an extent, although he still sometimes looked at San's clothing choices with distaste at least he no longer looked outright horrified as he had previously been known to do. The leather pants San sometimes favoured had seemed to particularly distress him at one point, of course that had been before he and Wooyoung had revealed their feelings to each other and gotten together...if you could call it that, and his distress had stemmed from how much he quite liked the item of clothing, but didn't want San to know it.

Wooyoung wasn't quite a modern boy but...he was no longer such an ancient one either thanks to San's careful tutelage. Although San would admit that while he loved modern clothing, it was so much easier than the layers Wooyoung was adorned in, there was something about Wooyoung in his Goryeo fashion that made his heart skip a beat. Perhaps it was the hair...or the way the belt around his waist pulled it in. Either way Wooyoung looked good, though as much as he loved the clothing on the other boy there was no way that San himself would be willing to parade about in such a seemingly complicated and fancy outfit no matter how much Wooyoung had tried to get him to wear a similar thing for Halloween the previous year. He'd been close to cracking, the ghost was surprisingly good at puppy eyes, but San had remained strong in his refusal, a fact Wooyoung still hadn't quite let go even though San had distracted him from his goal with the ghost's favourite clothing item in San's wardrobe. Though San often couldn't help but wonder what Wooyoung would look like in those leather pants...or jeans in general. Really, the ghost was lucky that he was stuck in the clothes he'd died in or San would have had him magically poofing in to a million different outfits under the reasoning that he 'wanted to know how it looked before he put it on'. Perhaps one day, if he pulled this off...San would find out, and he'd find out what it was like to really kiss Wooyoung, to be held by him and to hold him. He just needed this to work.

"I found it!" San yelled, bursting in to his thankfully Yunho free, dorm room and looking around excitedly for Wooyoung. Frowning when he couldn't spot the ghost, the room seemingly empty. That's strange...where did he go? He's usually waiting right here for me...

"Found what?" the voice came from right next to him, incredibly close to his ear, cold wafting across it. San jumped, letting out a quiet shriek.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to do that?!" San clutched his heart, glaring at the ghost. Wooyoung just smiled at him mischievously, and San had to work not to immediately smile back at him.

"I have to amuse myself somehow" came the offhand response.

"Can't you watch TV like a normal person? Or go on Twitter? That always kills a few hours, and you know...won't kill me"

"I'm a ghost...why would I possibly make a Twitter account? Why would I need one? I have no interest in celebrities or-"

"Lies, you think I don't know you've taken a shine to Park Jimin? But do go on"

"I still have no use for Twitter. I have no friends to 'stalk'-"

"Follow. It's following when it's on Twitter remember?"

"I knew it was something like that" Wooyoung murmured.

"Forget Twitter okay, you can still watch TV! As long as you don't watch Hotel Del Luna without me"

"Not when your roommate is home, I think Yunho would find the TV switching on all by itself a little strange. Not to mention we don't share the same tastes in entertainment and I don't want to waste my energy playing tug of war between channels"

"Good point. Anyway, look." San proudly presented Wooyoung with a very old, very dusty and very grimy book. The kinder description for it might be…'a little worse for wear'. The poor book was practically falling apart, the leather cover cracked and hanging on by sheer willpower alone it seemed. The pages yellowed with age, the title faded so that it was practically illegible. San watched eagerly as Wooyoung squinted at the cover of the book, his head moving forward as he tried to figure out what exactly he was supposed to be looking at. Eventually though, he gave up, his head tilting up so that he could look at San.

"What…is that?" Wooyoung raised a brow at San, waiting expectantly to be enlightened.

"It's a book" San stated proudly.

"Yes..I can see that. But what is it? Poetry? Fairy tales? Why exactly is this such an exciting development?" San looked at Wooyoung, his face screaming 'I'm so glad you asked'.

"Well, I've been researching for months, tracking down book after book. Investigating scrolls, tablets, any scrap of paper or written word that I thought might be useful...trying to find some way to help you and...I finally found it Wooyoungie. All the other books and things I came across were either bogus, elaborate fakes, or not exactly what we were looking for. They were more for summoning...things. But this...this can help you Wooyoung. I'm sure of it. I checked again and again, researched for weeks in to this one book alone...this is the one."

"It can help me...move on? Help me...leave this place?" Wooyoung asked quietly, gaze refusing to land on San who shifted uncomfortably.

"Well...not exactly Woo, you see uh...there aren't any books that know how to do that. Believe me, I checked. That was the first thing I looked for actually, but I couldn't find a single one. If you told me what happened...we could work to figure out what it is you need to resolve. Anger, some other sort of emotion, if you need justice or something like that although it's a bit too late to really achieve that I suppose. But I'm sure we could figure out a way to make it happen-"

"No. No I don't want to remember. It's best left in the past. It happened,'s okay."

"Alright.." San eyed Wooyoung before continuing. "Well, as it turns out, we don't need to do any of that. We've got this instead" he once again held up the book triumphantly. And this way is so much better for us. This way...this way we can be together.

"What does it do?" Wooyoung eyed the book suspiciously.

"There's a ritual in here Woo, it's just the kind of thing we've been looking for-"

"You're saying 'we' a lot for someone who's been doing this while I was under the impression you were studying for your exams" San could hear the slight judgement in Wooyoung's voice.

"I can multi-task...I was practicing research skills and...and fact checking and source checking and all kinds of things while I was doing this okay." his voice was indignant and perhaps a little bit guilty. He had after all barely scraped a pass in his last round of exams because he'd been too caught up in his search. But the more he'd thought about it...the more he knew he had to do something for Wooyoung. Anything, because he was trapped here and San was reminded of that more and more each day. It wasn't that San wanted to get rid of him, of course he didn't. Life without Wooyoung would hurt too much...but it also wasn't fair to keep him here if he could help him move on to a better place.

"Sure you were" Wooyoung gave him a look that made sure San knew he didn't believe a word of his bullshit excuses. San waved his hand in the air as if to wave away Wooyoung's judgement.

"That's not important, what is important is that like I was saying...this book contains a ritual. The perfect ritual, actually. It even has all of the ingredients listed in here, every single thing we'll need. Most of them are fairly easy to acquire, but there was one...the blood ruby, that was a little harder to track down. I've been searching online, and I finally found it. I wanted to be sure that we could pull this off before I told you, I didn't want to get your hopes up if we couldn't make this work but...I've found it. The book, the blood ruby...I've found it all. The seller's a nutcase, as is to be expected of someone in possession of a ruby that's needed for an arcane ritual but I got it. It's amazing what you can find on the internet these days...and how fast the mail is. It'll arrive within the week" San was practically bouncing with excitement, everything was falling in to place.

"And what do we do with this ritual and this...blood ruby"

"I see you're skeptical, that's okay. I was too, which is why I researched in to the ritual. It's the real deal. So's the ruby. I promise Woo. All we have to do is set everything up as is explained in the book, recite some words and use the blood ruby on the uh...blood moon, cliche I know but go with it. They just really seem to love using things named blood or you know...actually blood in these ancient arcane ritual thingies...must be a death thing." San chuckled nervously as Wooyoung continued to stare at him with his judgy face. The face that was clearly wondering if San had lost his marbles. "Aaaanyway, the next blood moon is next week. Halloween, specifically because you know...arcane ritual."

"I would greatly appreciate it if you told me what the point of this whole endeavour is. If you just want to get rid of me-"

"No, no of course I don't want to get rid of you Woo. I would never...I'd never want to get rid of you. I love you Woo. I just want...I just want things to be better for you. You don't deserve to be trapped here like this, without being able to move on." San swallowed. "I just want to help you"

"And this will help" Wooyoung arched a brow.

"It can...the ritual, it can turn you human Woo"

"What?" Wooyoung's voice was very, very quiet.

"The ritual...the stone, they'll turn you human. That's what it'll be alive again Woo" Wooyoung visibly paled, quite a feat for a dead person.

"That's...that's impossible. No such such way exists. How you can turn a ghost...a remnant of a living person in to flesh and blood?"

"I know it sounds crazy but I promise it can Woo, I promise. I wouldn't have told you if I didn't think this could work...if I didn't think this was real. We don't...we don't have to do this, only if you want to. If you'd rather stay this way then..." as much as San wanted to be able to touch Wooyoung, to hold him and be held, to feel him...he wouldn't go against the others wishes. He wouldn't do anything that would make him unhappy. Well...unhappier than the ghost of a murdered boy from hundreds of years ago who'd watched everyone he knew and loved slowly age and die while he'd remained unchanged, could be.

"What if something goes wrong? Have you thought about that San? I'm not...I'm not ready to leave. I'm not ready to leave you. I don't want to...I want to stay with you" Wooyoung paused, looking at San hard. "Are you sure you don't want me to leave?"

"NO" San blurted, his hands reaching out for Wooyoung's face, but unable to touch him and the pain of that alone, not being able to comfort him and reassure him was nearly enough to make him hunch over. "No, of course not. I told you, I love you Wooyoung. I want...I want you to stay with me forever but it's not fair of me to want that. For me to want to keep you trapped here any longer when you've already been here for decades, it would be selfish of me and I promised that I'd help you. I don't go back on my promises. I can't help you move on the normal way for ghosts, but I can do this, and isn't this better? You could have another chance at life. We'd...we'd be able to touch each other properly Wooyoung. For as long as we like. We can cuddle in bed, and snuggle when we watch a movie and when you're sad I could comfort you and...and I could kiss you" Wooyoung reached out for San, his hand becoming more solid while a small line appeared between his brows as he concentrated all of his efforts on materialising his hand. Now looking less translucent, Wooyoung brought his hand up to cup San's face, but instead of being a warm was cold. As it always was because Wooyoung wasn't alive as much as San had wished he was for moments such as this.

"I would...I would like that very much San. You know that. I want nothing more than to be able to wipe away your tears when you're sad. To hold you and kiss you. To even hold your hand, or stroke your hair while you study."

"The way I see it, the worst thing that can happen is that you stay the way you are. We go through the ritual and...nothing happens. I don't think it'll poof doesn't say that it'll poof you if this goes wrong" San frowned. I'm sure it didn't, I read everything I could find on it twice. I even got a latin translator to look it over because I don't trust Google with something so important. Not anywhere on the damn pages did it say 'warning, chance of poofing. Proceed with caution'. I don't want to make Wooyoung go poof...that's the last thing I want.

"If you're sure...if you want to try it...then I will" Wooyoung said softly. San looked up from him, leaving his thoughts behind.

"You don't have to do this just because I want to Wooyoung. Just because of me. You should do this because you want to"

"I want to, of course I do. How could you think I wouldn't? To be a living, breathing human that can spend time with you. That can truly be with you. But...I just want you to be sure. If this goes wrong, I've been alive for decades...centuries. I already died once as unpleasant as it was, I'm not afraid of whatever the consequences of this ritual may be should it go awry, other than losing you of course. But I worry about what would happen to you if I was...gone" San bit his lip. Life without Wooyoung was never something that he wanted to think about.

"I don't want you to go. But you've been stuck here Woo. For far too long. You deserve peace after everything that happened to you, I don't need to know what that was to know that. I can't selfishly make you stay...make you watch me grow old and die the same way that you watched your family and friends. That's...that's too cruel of me. I want to do this for you, if it's what you want"

"You're sure about this?" Wooyoung gazed in to his eyes, searching them. San swallowed but made sure not to pull his gaze away.

"Yes. I'm sure. And if...if something goes wrong, which it won't! I'm sure it won't! I've been thorough in finding out everything that there is to know about this ritual. It's completely safe...I'm sure. Well...I'm about 99% sure which is close enough. But...if something goes wrong then I'll be happy that at the very least you're not stuck here any longer. That you won't be stuck here alone after I'm...after I'm gone." San smiled, even if it was a somewhat weak smile, before attempting to lighten the mood a little. "And of course, I'll be ecstatic that you can finally change out of those clothes" Wooyoung allowed himself a small, sad smile.

"I thought you liked my clothing?"

"Oh I do, but aren't you a little bit bored of it by now?" Wooyoung laughed a little, neither confirming nor denying it. "It'll be fine Woo. Human or...same old same old. We'll be fine" the comforting weight of Wooyoung's hand on his cheek, his thumb stroking his cheekbone gently, faded away as Wooyoung failed to maintain the required energy for any longer than he already had and San felt the same swell of sadness that he did every time this happened to them. We can't carry on like this for the rest of my life. I can't make him watch as I I die. He's already seen enough of the people he loves leaving him behind. Moving on without him. He'd be left here all alone again, with no-one to talk to. No-one that can even see him let alone love him. I won't force him to stay here just because of me, just because I don't want to be without him. Just because he's worried about leaving me here all alone. I know he loves me, I know he doesn't actually want to leave me...but he's owed a next life. He's owed something better than he's been given. If there's a way to help him leave...I have to take it. It wouldn't be fair of me otherwise, at some point I have to be an adult about things. But at least this way...there's a chance that we can get our happy ending. And like I said...if not, then at least he'll be in a better place and I'll just have to deal with that somehow.

"Fine. I suppose the worst that can happen is some overly high expectations being ruined and a crushing sense of disappointment"

"You didn't have to word it quite like that Woo"

"Did I lie?" Wooyoung smirked.

"No...and stop spending so much time on Twitter" San pouted, making Wooyoung grin. His big, beautiful smile causing his entire face to radiate with joy. The ghost leaned in close to San's mouth, and he could feel Wooyoung's lips ghost across his own...literally. A quick, slight pressure that radiated cold. Blink and you'd miss it.

"I suppose we should start preparing for this ritual then" he announced, leaning back.

"The stone is on its way to us as we speak, I was hoping you'd say yes and even if you didn't I wanted to have it in case you changed your mind. Plus it would make an interesting decoration...we could tell people all kinds of bullshit stories about it." San's laugh was just shy of evil. "All that's left to do is gather up the other ingredients, but it shouldn't be that hard"

"Is there not some sort of appropriate attire to wear?"

" Why? Was that a thing when you were alive? Did you have arcane ritual outfits?"

" It just seems like the kind of event that requires some sort of special clothing" Wooyoung sounded quite sad about the fact. But San supposed that when you lived vicariously through other people's wardrobes it was a bit of a let down when there was no dress code for a special occasion.

"Well, we can make up an outfit. There's no reason why we can't" San smiled. "But I'm not wearing robes, I don't want to look like I escaped from a satanic cult"

"A what?"

" don't want to know"

With that, the plan was locked in place, and the date set with the countdown already in motion. San found it relatively, and somewhat worryingly, easy to visit various back alley shops in not very nice parts of town that sold all that they required for the spell. There were the cheerful, harmless sounding ingredients like henbane, mugwort and various other herbs...and then the darker ingredients that San had anticipated perhaps having a little trouble getting hold of hence the worry at the ease with which he acquired them. A human heart, he had no desire to know exactly how the shop he'd acquired it from had a supply of those or why they looked so fresh, perhaps they have a deal with a morgue? I hope they have a deal with a morgue because I really don't want to be giving money to grave robbers or murderers, ground bones which again...didn't want to know and grave dirt. It was lucky that any grave would do because San was sure Wooyoung didn't actually have a grave, and if he should be somewhere in North Korea as that was where Goryeo had been located back when it had existed and it wasn't a place he could venture to. Let alone smuggle some suspect dirt out of.

The days ticked past maddeningly slow, and San checked, double checked and tripled checked that they had every single little thing that they needed for the ritual. The ruby arriving right on time and being locked away in San's desk drawer to keep it safe until the big night. He even cobbled together a 'suitable' outfit to wear while performing the ritual, much to Wooyoung's delight and approval. Leather pants and a sleeveless black shirt, to be specific. San figured black was an appropriate colour considering what they were about to attempt, and he knew Wooyoung wouldn't say no to the leather pants.

Soon enough...October 31st arrived.