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"Well, on one hand, I won't die today," Jaune said as he smiled once again Jaune had failed his quest for the ideal. Ever since coming to Beacon he had been failing to find that which drove him, that which lit his fire deep within his core! Jaune had gone to Beacon with a goal a dream that he was determined to see through and nothing was going to stand in his way! 


"I will find you. I will make you mine and there is nothing that you or anyone else can do to stop me!" Jaune shouted as he punched the air-

"Jaune? What are you talking about?" Ruby asked as she bit her cookie Jaune sighed as Ruby cocked her head up at her fellow team leader. The small bunny faunus with smooth crimson almost velvety bunny ears that shook as she nibbled on her carrot cake cookie asked as Jaune sighed.


"Ruby you would not understand my journey. My search for the ideal woman!"

"I don't get it," Ruby said as neutrally as possible. Her fingers pushing a rapidly disappearing cookie into her mouth as Jaune shook his head. 

"Ruby you know what it is like to have a calling? I think that I know what I was born to do!"

"To be a hunter?"

"Well, that. That too."

"What else were you born to do?" Ruby asked as she finished devouring her cookie. Pushing another deep into her mouth from her side. The red reaper rabbit pushed her cookies into her mouth as Jaune let out a sigh. Ruby was so close!


 She mee's every last one of my criteria! Nice, caring, willing to help me train! And she is cute as a button! Jaune thought as the first date he ever had been on flashed before his mind. 

Jaune and Ruby had gone out and while the date was magical when they came back to seal the deal Jaune did not expect that of all the things to break the two up, he would be responsible in the one way he never expected. 

Jaune was too big . Ruby was a small rabbit faunus younger than him and when they had gone to seal the deal Jaune found out that what he was carrying under his jeans was a bit too big for Ruby to handle and she had not been able to take his dick without yelping in pain!

After some trying Jaune and Ruby backed off at his insistence. It would not due to have them both be struggling and not willing to cause her any unnecessary pain Jaune was once more looking for his perfect bunny faunus wife. 


I will find you. I will date you. I will woo you and I will marry you. I will find my bunny wife even if it kills me! Jaune thought his determination burning in his eyes as Ruby paused.


"Jaune? You ok? You look scary when you stare off into the world and talk to yourself."

"I'm just passionate Ruby. Don't worry I won't be leaving your side for the whole day!" Jaune thought as Ruby smiled taking a few her special cookies as she smirked. Ruby smirked as though she smiled with her lips with her mind she was screaming


GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! Too big?! TOO BIG!? How can a dick be too big for me!? I knew he was packing but fuck! That had to be a foot of thick cock! How can a dick be that big!? How is it supposed to fit into me?! I don't know what you were thinking of pulling out a cannon on me Jaune but I am going to make you regret it! My name is Ruby Rose and on my mother's name, I will make you give me babies as I make you into my ideal house husb and!  

"Ruby? You don't look good. You have that I'm plotting something that will get me expelled from Beacon look in your eyes."

"What? I don't know what you are talking about." Ruby lied through her teeth as Jaune narrowed his eyes at her. 


"Uh-huh... well you say that now but I don't want to bail you out again form Ozpin. Glynda almost tossed me out of the window last time you and Nora made the kitchen overflow with batter."

"Hey! That was not my fault!"

"Ruby... you put dust in the baking tools. What did you think was going to happen?"

"That I would get superpowers..." Ruby admitted as Jaune narrowed his eyes to her. Glaring down at the smaller bunny faunus as he sighed.

"You are impossible to talk to sometimes you know?" 

"Yeah but I am also awesome!" Ruby said punching the air as Jaune sighed.


"Yeah that you are. I'll give you that one free of charge." Jaune said as the two walked deeper into Beacon both team leaders finally going home after a long day in Vale shopping for comic books and eating ice cream on the way back. LOvers or not Ruby was still Jaune's best friend and nothing was ever going to shake that friendship up. 

"Oh! I know what if you and Bleiss-


"Ruby. I like Bleiss I really do but one. She is dating my cousin so that would be weird. Two? You know I like a woman with a bit extra on her?"

"You mean a dick?"

"What? No! What kind of woman has a dick?"

"The kind in Blake's magazines."

"Ruby. What did we say about looking at what Blake reads?"

"To not read it."

"And if she says that it is art?"

"Ignore her and burn it for the good of all humanity and faunus."

"Good. I'm glad you know this."

"I mean! What's the problem? You and she are childhood friends right?"

"We are... sadly and the things that I have seen her read and write... they are enough to make me shiver."

"Huh? You had like eight sisters. How can one girl make you shudder? You can stand up to Glynda for Oum's sake!"

"That is a long story..." Jaune said as Ruby narrowed her eyes. 

"And I want to hear it!" 

"You really don't," Jaune said as he shook . His body shaking as the half bunny walked with Ruby as they moved down through Beacon.  


"Coco! I don't want that!" 

"Velvet I was trying to tell you that it does not matter what you want but! What is good for you!" Coco said as Velvet groaned her massive taller than her bunny partner frowned. Even sitting down on her bed Velvet was basically her own height. The girl was a literal eight-foot amazon of a faunus. And for a faunus that liked to hide being amazing made that goal a bit difficult.  


"Coco I can't just ask him out! I don't think Jaune even knows I exist!"

"Vel. Look. Not to be mean or anything but come on. You are like eight feet tall and try to act like you are five foot two. You are the move conspicuous faunus that I have ever known. You and stealth are like water and oil. Sorry to break it to you, babe, you ain't stealthy." Coco said putting her hands on her hips as Velvet tried to curl up into a ball. She groaned in pain or discomfort as she covered her head with her hands. 

"Coco! Jaune is just my friend! I think? I don't even know if he knows my name!"

"Vel... you do realize that you are like the worst stalker that there is right? I'm ninety-nine percent sure that Jaune knows who his bunny stalker is."

"I am not a stalker!" Velvet said as she jumped up. The bunny shot up to her true towering height of eight feet without shoes. Coco did not even flinch looking to the taller faunus towered over her. Her two long bunny ears making her get to be an impressive ten feet of height as Coco glared up at her.

"Vel. I love you. I really, really do but come on. You follow him during the day. You like it when he studies in the same room with you. You are a stalker. But the good kind!" 

"I! I am not a stalker!" Velvet pouted shouting for what had to be one of the loudest yelps that she had ever yelled as Coco sighed.

"So what you are saying is that you do have a crush on him and you want him to date you?"

"Yes! Yes, I want to date him ok!?" Vel shouted her hands on her hips as Coco smiled.


"There was that so bad?"

"Yes! Yes, it was! Just be glad that Jaune did not hear me! Do you know what he would do if he knew that I loved him!?"

"Besides have a heart attack and faint?" Coco deadpanned as Velvet paused.


"What? Why would he faint? Does he think that I am ugly!?"

"Oh Monty, why did I have to be with the dense ones? No, he does not think you are ugly Vel! He thinks you are probably the most beautiful woman to ever walk on the face of the planet!"

"What!? Why would he think that!? I've never talked to him! I've never said more than a few words to him!"

"Yeah, and in case you didn't know if you were spending so much time looking through his scroll history.'

"I did not do that! I did not look at his scroll history!"

"Tell it to the judge."


"All I'm saying is you were awfully close to him! When you where in the study hall. But anyway! You and he have a shared interest!"

"And that is?"

"He has a massive bunny girl fetish."

"Say what now?" 

"You heard me, girl. That boi loves him some bunnies! All his porn? Faunus rabbits. All the pin-ups in his room? Faunus rabbits. All he has talked to me about but never mentioned you by name is faunus rabbits."

"Since when did you and Jaune talk!?"

"Since I asked him if he would like to get his pelvis broken and use your thighs like earmuffs a few weeks ago. Why?" Coco asked as Velvet looked ready to toss her through a wall.


"AHHHHHHHHHHH! COCO! I want to kill you!" She shouted her hands shooting out gripping Coco by her shoulders and shaking her.

"Hey! Easy on the shirt Vel! You are going to scuff me up!"

"I am going to do more than that!" Velvet shouted shaking her best friend as tears fell from her face.

"I am going to kill you! How could you do this to me?! Jaune is my crush! How can you make him not like me by telling him that!?"

"That is what I am trying to tell you Vel! Jaune said he wanted to let you break his pelvis and use your thighs like earmuffs!! Ok!?" Coco shouted as Vel paused. 


"Are you telling me that Jaune likes me?" Velvet asked her smooth brown rabbit ears going ramrod straight as Coco nodded.


"Yes! That is what I have been trying to tell you, girl! Jaune is mad about the bunny girls! He has been wanting to date you since the first day he laid his eyes on you alright?!" Coco shouted as Vel let her go her eyes going wide as Coco coughed.


"Ah! Jeez you got a strong grip, did anyone tell you that?" Coco asked shaking off Velvet's grip as the bunny faunus gained a wide loopy smile that covered her lips.

"Vel? Vel? You are looking kind of funny right now. Is there something that you would like to tell me?" Coco asked as Vel's bunny ears quivered as she began to tremor. Her left leg shaking as she began to twitch nervously. 


"Oh, I'm feeling just great Coco! Just great!" Velvet said as Coco felt a shiver go down her spine.

"So what are you-

"I'm going to break in a mate."

"Ah... good for you?"



"Theo?" Jaune asked as he looked down a small human with red hair and sharp green eyes looked up at him as he coughed once. The boy was well dressed in the sharpest white pair of dress slacks and shirt. He smiled up at Jaune as he sat on a bench in the middle of Vale.

"Theo? What the hell are you doing here? Won't your dad or siblings know that you are not in school?"

"I skipped today." The boy said as Jaune groaned as he instantly just became responsible for him.


"Does Neo know you are here?"


"Does your dad know you are here? I know your mom does not know you are here otherwise she would bend you over her knee and tan your hide raw." Jaune said as The shrugged he was always more like his dad in the sense that he did not so much not fear the consequences of his actions no he just did not have the foresight to see the possibility that something or anything that he did would come back to bite him in the ass. 


Yes for all intents and purposes Theo Torchwick was just like his father in all the worst ways. 

"No... and I don't think Neo cares." Theo said as Jaune ducked even if Neo was not around he did not want to catch the first slap to the head that Theo was sure to get.


"She's not here. There is a sale on ice cream downtown. She would have come looking for me by now. She's my emergency contact with the school."

"I thought that was your older sister Sheila?"

"No. She's the second. Besides, she didn't even notice me when I left the school line today." 

"I can see that," Jaune said as he really could see that. The eldest of a family in the double digits Shiel had over fourteen brothers and sisters and wrangling them all was not a job that he envied one bit. 

"And you are skipping school because?"

"Don't feel like going.'


"I'm not a kid!"

"You are seven years old. You are a kid. You are barely past the first grade what the hell do you think you get by skipping on a free meal in a place that won't try to eat you?"

"I think that I would do better out here." He said as Jaune sighed getting up off the cool grass of Vale the boy was almost a bit taller than Theo. Jaune's head topped over at five foot seven. Making him fairly short for someone his age.


"And how long do you plan on staying here?"

"I don't know? Maybe forever? Maybe for an hour?"

"You do know that one of those is much more likely to happen than the other right?"

"So what? I don't care, it's not like anything bad is going to happen to me. Neo is not smart or disciplined enough to leave her ice cream buffet and-

Just like that the air seemed to quiver

Like a living thing as Jaune saw the air brake behind Theo as a slim falsely appearing delicate hand shot out as Jaune gulped. 


"Oh god."

"Oh god 0what?! Ow! OW! OW! OW! OWie! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!" The screamed as Neo appeared picking up the boy by his right ear. The smaller woman glared daggers into her adopted younger brother one hand full of ice cream the other holding the squirming child up by his ear. 

"Hey Neo..." Jaune said as Neo gave him mouthed-

Hello Jaune. As she picked up her younger brother and shook him hard. 

"Ow! Neo that hurts! Put me do!" He shouted as she began to speak to him. Mouthing off a rapid series of words shaking him like a can of corn before he put him down picked up her scroll sent out several angry tests as-

Did you know he was here? Neo signed to Jaune who shook his head.

"I just got here."

"I told him I was skipping school! He supports me!"

"No. No, I do not. I just came here to get Ruby cookies." 

You are in big trouble young man. When your mother hears about this? Neo typed in her scroll as Theo gulped. Beatrice would not be happy that he skipped class but with her workload, Jaune doubted that anything would become of it.

She has to leave Beacon to punish him and that means taking time from work which Beatrice would sooner die than doing. Jaune had to admit maybe Theo was smarter than his old man which was not saying much as while not dumb Theo's day was... as RUby would say few clips short of a mag. Not fully loaded and other ways to politely say kind of dumb. But that was before Neo sat down on the benching putting her brother over her lap not once spilling the ice cream and-


"Ow! Neo!? Are you spanking me in public!?" The mortified boy shouted as his elder sibling administer an improves punishment as Jaune coughed.


"Well, that will be it for me today. See you two around?"

"Wait! Jaune help me! You know you can take her!" Theo shouted as Neo gave Jaune a warning look that she really did not have to.

"Yeah no, I don't want to die," Jaune said before calmly walking away-

"Wait! You are just like the rest of them! Traitor!"

Fit! Neo spanked him again making him yelp in pain as Neo began to swat his rear making sure he knew that going to school was very important for children his age. 

Not that I went to school much but apples and oranges. At least my mom didn't spank me... I had my sister for that as well. And she was the adopted one. Would you look at that? Jaune thought as he walked away. 


"I Love you!" Jaune froze as soon as he got off the bullhead Velvet his perfect woman tall, a damn amazon with nice long perfect legs, a massive chest that Jaune felt he had to choke between, thighs that he knew! Just knew would crush his neck an ass that made even Blake look flat and the pinnacle of perfection! Twin long bunny ears at the top of her head stood up as Jaune gulped.



"I said I love you! I've always loved you! Please, will you be my bo-

"Yes. Yes. Dear Oum Yes. Yes, a thousand times. I'll say yes until my blood falls out of my ears and I can't stop talking." Jaune said as he pinched his arm making sure that he was in fact not dreaming. As Jaune felt the pain surge in his arm he knew that in fact he was not dreaming and in fact he just had a dream come true!


"You said yes?" Velvet asked more in awe than anything else. Jaune had said yes!?

That means he likes me!? He must really like me! I can't wait to-

"Woman I love you," Jaune said as he blinked . Jaune was close to Velvet before she could react her hands flew out more on instinct than anything else picking up the much smaller human without effort as when she stood before him he was barely up to her chest making Jaune's head seem invisible under her chest. 


She picked him up effort her cheeks burning to bring him to her mouth and sealing it with her own. 


Velvet kissed him hard her first kiss and Jaune's second really taken in a moment. Jaune felt her tongue invade his mouth and he willingly let it happen. Jaune kissed back hard, as his legs wrapped around her waist. Velvet easily carried the smaller human as Jaune felt her tong pus deep into his mouth. Fighting back his one tongue as one of her surprisingly toned and calloused hands gripped his ass making him moan into her mouth as she felt her legs began to shake and quiver. 


Oh god! IT's finally happening! I have him! He's so light! It's like I'm picking up air itself! how can he be so light!? How can I be so horny!? Oh, I don't even have heat on me! I can't just stand here I have to fuck him! Velvet thought as she felt her dampness Her pussy was soaked! Even if she was in public even with one class still left in the school day she knew she was skipping this one. She broke the kiss with a wet plop! Making both of them gasp as she narrowed her brown eyes.

"I'm going to fuck you untill your eyes go crossed."

"Break my dick and call me a pretzel," Jaune said as the girl began ripping off his shirt as-

"OK! OK! PAUSE! Both of you! No fucking in public!"

"Coco?! What are you doing here!?"

"Keeping you out of detention now get! Both you to a private room before I beat you to death right here with my handbag ok?" 

"OK!" They both yelled as Velvet bridal carried Jaune off.


"No running in the hallway!" Glynda shouted as two teens-

"Miss Scarlatina? Why are you running with Mister Arc in your arms!?"

"I have to fuck him untill his dick breaks and he uses my thigs as earmuffs!" Velvet shouted as Glynda paused the dean froze as-

"I... good? Wear a condom!"

"I have birth control!" Velvet shouted as she ran into a spare room and slammed the door shut with a WHAM!  

"I guess that she is very... eager." Glynda gulped as something deep inside of her stirred as the back of her dress began to wag .


"FUCK ME!" Velvet screamed as Jauen's foot and a half of wrist-thick dick bulged out of her guts! Velvet wasted no time mounting Jaune claiming her man as her own as she finally! Finally lost her virginity to a man she loved!

"Vel! You are too good!"

"You are too thick! Fuck you dick was amazing!" Velvet said as she began to bounce on his cock! Velvet bucked hard riding Jaune like a pony! Bucking herself like a bronco o as she fucked him raw!

"AH! Your dick is in my womb!"

"I can feel it pressing on me!" Jaune moaned as he felt the tight rabbit faunus cunt threaten to break his dick in two as the bunny faunus rode his dick like a pro! Jaune's first time did not happen just the way that he wanted it. As Velvet bounced up and down on his dick making Jaune scream out in pleasure! Her heavy but soft ass clapped on his balls making Jaune groan in pleasure as he felt Velvet riding his dick as if her life depended on it!


"Vel! I'm going to cum!"

"Inside! Cum inside of me!" Velvet shouted as Jaune's first but definitely not last load of the night shot out!

"AH!" Jaune gasped as his dick exploded like a hose! Shooting up a long and thick series of gooey ropes deep into Velvet's pussy! Jaune came hard his breath breaking as he groaned in pleasure Velvet's pussy spasmed gripping him with a death grip as she came! Jaune groaned in pleasure his body finally succumbing to her pussy's spasms as her rough velvety walls gripping his cock sucking out every drop of his cum as-


"AIE!" Jaune gulped as something swallowed his dick. Something came down over the base, oh his cock locking it in place. Jaune felt something grip his cock making him scream in pleasure as-


"Oh! Don't worry! It's only my knot! It will let you go when you cum more!" Velvet said as her pussy reacted clamping down on the invading member that was now forced to breed her tight cunt! 


"What do you mean it is locked!?"

"I mean what I said! You have ot cum to pull out! Until you cum you can't pull out!" Velvet shouted as Jaune whimpered he felt his dick pulse in her pussy and he knew that he was close to getting his second orgasm of the night! Velvet, however, was nowhere near close to being finished a fire had been lit deep in her heart. Her body had picked out and chosen Jaune to be her mate! She knew that Jaune was perfect for her but the way his cock filled and stretched her out was enough to make sure that it was going to be bred into his own cum dump!


"AH! Jaune don't you think of going soft!" Velvet shouted as Jaune nodded his dick still felt like it was pulsing in her pussy even as her cunt was filled with slippery and wet Arc cum Velvet knew that tonight was the night to break the bed in every way shape and form. She kept riding him bouncing up and down on his cock, making Jaune whimper and moan in pleasure.


 Jaune felt this dick break under her attack he felt his mind start to turn to mush as Vels's soft fat and heavy ass slapped up and down on his balls! Jaune wanted nothing more than to cum again to knock up Velvet and make her his wife! Jaune didn't care if it was not safe or if he was even going to get away with it! He looked at the tall bunny Amazon riding him like a cowgirl and he knew that he was in love.

"Did anyone ever ah! Tell you that you are beautiful?" Jaune asked as a Vel blushed she turned a shade of red as she looked away.


"N-no not really..."

"Well, they really should because you are." 

"You! You are just saying that!"

"No! You are amazing! I... I love you!"

"I love you too! Now shut up and put a baby in me!"

"Yes, ma'am!" Jaune shouted as she doubled her thrusts making the bed creak can groan under the new weight it was heavenly. Jaune felt the bed creak and moan as Velvet slammed her hips up and down! Jaune knew that his own body was pretty durable but when an Amazon bunny was happily bouncing up and down on you, you tended to question your own durability as Jaune felt his dick milked!


Jaune could still feel some of his excess cum from his first shot sloshing around in her cunt. His dick was once again wrapped in that vacuum seal that she called her knot?


I thought only the guys had a knot? Since when did girls get them as well!? Jaune thought as he felt the base of her cunt grip the base of his cock! It was like being pulled up a small tight tube, his dick caught in a wet slippery heaven as Jaune felt her bounce. Every time she took her hips up it yanked Jaune's hip up by his dick. 


His dick took her knot that was using it like some kind of pogo stick!? Every time Vel pulled him up Jaune felt the air caught inside of him before she slammed her hips back down the meaty smack of her ass crashing onto Jaune's balls made him groan as he felt the air knocked out of his lungs every time Velvet slammed back into him! 


Jaune felt the wind knocked out of his lungs like a punch to his gut but with none of the pain and more pleasure as Velvet took his dick in as deep as it could go making Jaune see pink! 

"Jaune! Your dick! It's so far in me!" Velvet cried out as Jaune did his best to make sure he stayed conscious! 


Jaune felt his balls get whacked by her thick heavy but soft ass that was doing it's best to slam into his balls and break his aura. Jaune gripped her hips his fingers sank into her soft sides sinking deep into her ass that was large enough for him to rest his head on and sleep


Dear God, I could die in between those thighs. Jaune thought as Velvet appeared to make an executive decision. Not content with breaking her new mate's pelvis with her own heavier one. 


Jaune's hips where much smaller than Velvet's thick soft ones that were doing their best to not just break his pelvis but to break the bed that was under them. 


Velvet ripped open her shirt as Jaune saw the massive E cups and were barely contained in a large brown oddly stylish bra that appeared new. 


Coco is going to kill be but I don't care! Velvet thought as she ripped open her top. The bra broke open easily enough so easy that Velvet was surprised before shaking her head and pushing her chest forward. 


"Open wide for mama." Velvet cooed as Jaune opened his mouth on instinct.


"What I MPPH!" Jaune groaned as Velvet put one nipped into his mouth. Jaune began to suck on her nipple making sure to take the massive breast into his mouth!


Velvet smirked feeling the double feeling of pleasure as she pushed Jaune down. She forced her hips down gripping him by his waist and pulling him into her core! 

Jaune whimpered as Velvet's knot seemed to come alive. It grew a mind of its own and gripped his cock making him whimper. 


Jaune knew that there was an orgasm approaching Velvet's thick pink nipple pushed into his mouth, her hips slamming up and down as she made Jaune nurse from her chest. Jaune felt his balls quiver as Velvet pushed him into an improvised amazon position. His legs were high in the air allowing her to quickly pound into his pelvis. 


Jaune groaned deep into her chest licking and sucking her nipples as her ass slapped against his balls. Jaune felt his dick begin to pulse as she slammed up and down making sure to keep his dick as in as deep as possible! 


Jaune felt his dick punch deep inside of her as Velvet cooed in pleasure as his cock pressed into her cervix. 


Fuck me it's so deep! She thought as Jaune's dick pushed deep into her cunt. Jaune whimpered as her knot gripped down on the base of his cock.


 Her walls felt strange to him. Not as smooth as he initially thought, there was a soft but firm ridge feeling onto his cock. Like it was soft sandpaper on his cock! 

Not painful but it felt strange like his dick was being wrapped and rubbed by small mounds as-

"FUCK!" Jaune shouted breaking his mouth in contact with her breast for maybe a second at max before Velvet forced his mouth back onto her nipped as she slammed her hips down one final time, making almighty what ! Of flesh slapping flesh filled the air making Jaune's aura flash as her ass threatened to break it open using his balls as a target!


"No, you don't! You keep that nipple in your mouth and give me a baby!" Velvet shouted as Jaune came again. 


Velvet! Jaune shouted as he came again. The bunny forced him to his second climax of the night as Jaune's eyes rolled into the back of his head! Jaune's dick shot six thick lines of gooey cum into her waiting sopping and needy cunt. Her pussy drank up the cum making sure to not let a single drop of it go!


"Of fuck me, I am going to get pregnant." Velvet said as her own orgasm crashed down onto her body, her cunt doubled it's already tight vice-like grip on Jaune's dick. Her knot pushing him into her deepest deeps forcing Jaune's cum to fill up her waiting womb with a direct deposit of thick creamy Arc seed!


"Fuck me! That's it, cum for momma! Cum all nice and slow." Velvet said petting Jaune's head her hips shaking and convulsion as Jaune nursed on her tit, his dick pulsing pumping her sex with rope after rope of thick cum. Making her own knot react. Unclamping off Jaune's dick and finally letting him go! 


Jaune let out a whimper as while her knot let him go her cunt had other ideas. 


Velvet had grown accustomed to keeping Jaune deep inside of her. His real dick was much better than any of the dildos' that she used to use to please herself. WIthout Coco knowing of it, she let Jaune nurse on her nipple her hands gently rubbing her head, as she appreciated just how helpless that he looked while being under her. 


"Good boy, just suckle like that. You are mine and you are safe." Velvet said as Jaune whimpered underneath her. Jaune felt her soft hands rubbing through his head making sure to grip and pull on it as Velvet let out a soft whimper of pleasure.


"I don't know if I am pregnant or not but if I am I am sure that we are going to make great parents." The faunus said before kissing Jaune's ear. He wanted to reply to tell her that he could not wait to start a family but she held his head to her breast. Maternal instinct activating as she forced Jaune to suckle from her chest.


"There, there no talking just enjoy the moment. You belong to me and I'm not willing to let you go just yet. Don't worry about talking just keep sucking and I'll make sure that you can have a nice sleep right now. That sounds good, right? Just take a break Jaune, take a nap while mamma makes you feel really good ok?" Velvet asked as Jaune nodded, his lungs felt like the where burning. 


Even with her soft nipple in Jaune's mouth hard as a rock. Jaune sucked and licked her nipple making sure to keep it hard in his mouth. Jaune felt his dick locked in her cunt. Velvet was not going to let the best feeling thing she had ever felt leave her without a fight and having Jaune's dick that deep just felt right . She did not know how to describe it but it just felt good!


"I don't know why I waited so long. Coco was right you are really one big slut for bunny girls aren't you?" Jaune blushed under her words as she licked her lap giggling as she planted another soft kiss on the top of his head.


"Well, that is good. I always wanted a nice house husband to look after my kids and with the way you take my cunt? I think that you are going to be the best house husband that there can ever be." She said as Jaune nodded his mind slowly going into sleep.


 Velvet cooed to him feeling her womb filled with his hot thick creamy cum that was filling her up and making her eyes roll into the back of her head. She knew that she was on birth control and that she was probably not going to be pregnant. But Jaune did cum a lot. 


It felt like she might be pregnant with the sheer mass of thick baby batter rolling around in her guts. 

"If I do have a liter I wonder how many will be human? And how many will be faunus?" She wondered out of curiosity, not that she wouldn't love a human child or a faunus. 


She had dealt with racism too much in her life to get back into the cycle now and she vowed then and there to love all of her kids as equals.

"Either way I am going to be the best mom ever and you young man. I need to take you to get some obedience training. You are going to get a lot closer to me over the week tell me what you think about being in a harness?" Velvet asked as Jaune shivered. 


"I... I don't know what to say anymore, Beatrice. It thought I have seen everything then... that." Glynda said as Beatrice Oobleck nodded, the green card rabbit fauns drank a long mug of coffee taking a rare break for her hyperactive work week.


"It is just the youth Glynda! Nothing more! I'm sure my own children will be doing it before long! Or at least the eldest ones will be! Sheila was talking about a young human boy with red eyes that caught her eye recently. IF that matters at all."


"I... it would matter but Ruby is a student! How can she just... how can she just have that many sex toys!?" Glynda asked as Beatrice smirked, the fact that Ruby had not only ordered sex toys to her dorm but had even allowed the Beacon delivery system sends them to her dorm was one thing. But when Glynda heard one vibrate and thought it might be a bond and decided to break open the box for the safety of the school? 


Well some things you never forget and the scream of Glynda as she was smacked with a thick dildo that was a purple as her semblance glow, as thick as her arm and as long as her leg smacking her in the face followed by several other various sized dildos none quite as big as the first one but all a deep red or light crimson color fell out. 


"But the variety! Some had double heads, some looked like they were meant to be strapped into something! Some of them had knots that would not be out of place on a faunus cock! Some of them vibrated some of them glow in the dark! Some of them even talked to you!?"

"Yes, Glynda sex toys have gotten quite advanced over the last few years. If you didn't know I have quite a few in my Beacon quarters. Roman can not be here every weekend."

"You do know that you could just make him go straight right? Your entire family used to be criminal and now look at you. A huntress to make everyone proud why do you insist we let Roman break into your room to surprise you every weekend?"

"Because Roman needs something to do. Neo can not keep his attention all day. She can only distract him for some time a day and if she does that she will lose the time with the other kids. She has to watch over ten children Glynda if I do not help her with what I can then what can I do when she is overwhelmed?"

"I don't know but the sex toys! How do I punish her? I mean I can't just let this go can I?"

"I don't see why not."

"Why not!? She bought sex toys!"

"And? She is eighteen. What is the matter with a child that is the appropriate age to buy sex toys to experiment with? That is not something that we have any business with if you get what I am saying."

"What I Get is that she has gone too far! If I see her again I!"

"You will?" Oobleck asked as her scroll flashed.


"What is this? Roman?"

"I don't know what I will do but it will not be pleasant!"

"I don't believe this! This is ridiculous!"

"You also think so!? Good Oum, I thought you were going to defend her for a second there!"

"What? No not that! My son! Theo skipped school today!"

"He did what!?"

"He skipped! It looks like he slipped away from Sheila when she was walking him to school and he was found by Jaune and Neo in the park!? He is in so much trouble! I am going to tan his hide when I find him! OH! You will not get away with this young man! Your mother is not going to look past this!"

"He is only seven? Eight?"

"Seven and three quarters."

"Ane he is already skipping? That is not a good sign. What are you going to do?"

"I can't take time off to discipline him but I will tell Neo to tell Sheila that no scroll for him for a week! And no tv either!"

"That seems fair."

"Not that either will do it..."

"And why not?"

"He is my only human son. He lives in the upper part of our bungalow. Sheila can't take the time away from watching the other kids punish him and Neo is with Roman all day so she is also busy."

"Being a mother seems hard."

"Trust me Glynda you do not know the half of it and I honestly hope that you make a better mom than me."