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How I Met You

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Unknown:  Lk it cat

Unknown: [Image]

Unknown: O its Shinsou b tw


Bakugou looked down at his phone confused. Whose ‘Shinsou?’


Unknown: guy purpl hair, since u bad at names



He shifts slightly as he gets more comfortable in bed. It was 7 o’clock when he got this text, confusion wrapping around his brain. What did this shitbag want? Bakugou doesn’t even know him. The blond pushes his textbooks away from him slightly, giving him enough room to stretch and stare at the phone. The cat was cute, he had to admit. It had black fur and greenish eyes, like any other black cat. In the photo was the purple freak smiling, the cat in his lap. He had on this smile, one that made Bakugou relax once seeing it, Shinsou’s eyes closed as he was in mid giggle. Unexpectedly cute and sickening.


Me: Gross.

Unknown: ofence made thx 4 playin

Me: What IS your grammar?

Unknown: Vwls r thy nmy sht

Me: Y is a fucking vowel, shithead.

Unknown: u r nt playin tht crd

Me: Just did.

Unknown: :(

Me: Oh, suck a dick.


Bakugou hesitates before going to the number and clicking a few buttons.


Contact Added.



Me: Japanese please.

Eyebags: 猫はとてもかわいいです!!

Me: That doesn’t work in translation, fucker.

Eyebags: [Image]

Eyebags: JUST, CAT.

Me: Wow, you actually used the vowel keys.