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Field of Stars: A Kinri/Hinte Tale

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Field of Stars: A Kinri x Hinte Tale

by Thedude3445


“Do you think there’s life up there?” I asked my best pal in the whole wide world, Hinte the Cute Scientist Dragon, or Hinte for short, as we laid next to each other on the grass, looking up at the sky, though because it was nighttime it wasn’t exactly sky as you may expect in the traditional sense but rather the night sky and its stars that pulsed in and out like little blinking beads that a rich dragon lady would wear around her dragon neck in a display of high fashion and status, something that was very important at the time here in the great city of Dragontopia.

“No, of course not.”

“Why not?” I asked Hinte the Cute Scientist Dragon, who loved things like potions and alchemy and astrology and all that fakey fake science shit but apparently didn’t believe in intelligent life on planets in the far beyond because I guess she was some sort of big loser, not that that was something I could confirm without taking a deeper glance into her soul. 

“Because it’s already weird enough to live in a world where dragons and weird skinny ape things coexist. I would rather not accept that there are even more dragons and weird skinny ape things on other planets, because that makes us less weird in effect. I want to Keep Dragon World Weird.”

“Why?” I asked, trying to figure out why someone like Hinte the Cute Scientist Dragon would even care about something as silly as that, given her usually quite serious demeanor when it came to things like--

“Wanna make out?” Hinte asked.


“What? I didn’t say anything,” she lied.

“I distinctly heard you saying, ‘Wanna make out?’ I wasn’t expressing that I didn’t hear you; I was expressing that I didn’t understand you.”

“Okay, I wanted to know if you would make out with me.”

“I... What?”

“It’s pretty clear, isn’t it?”

“No, that time I really didn’t hear you. There was a high-pitched buzzing a second ago.”

Hinte furrowed her brows, or some other metaphor or scowling by saying her face turned down or darkened or whatever. “I get it. You’re heterosexual. And you don’t want to explore the possibility that you are bisexual with me.”

I nodded. “You’re heterosexual too. It’s just a phase.”

“It’s not a phase, Mom!”

“I’m not your mother,” I said, “and I don’t want you to take that tone with me.”

“Then [eff] you for not making out with me! You’re hot and like to ponder on serious stuff all the time for six pages, which is a total turn-on, and a page-turner if I may add!”

I scoffed, which is a really generic way to not use a dialogue tag. “Okay, fine? Wanna make out, then?”


“Then let’s make out!”

We reached our mouths (snouts? What do dragons have?) together and stuck out our really long tongues so we could do a tongue duel, the first stage of the dragon makeout ritual. Then we--

Another high-pitched buzzing sound.

Only, this time, it didn’t go away. It got louder and louder, just like the banality of this fan fiction trying to be funny by being really lazy about everything. We broke off our attempted makeout and looked up in the sky, only to see our worst fears realized:

There was a giant UFO hovering above us.

“[Shit], aliens are real,” Hinte said. “I was [eff]ing wrong.”

“I don’t think they come in peace...”

A bright light shot down and covered them both...

And they were beamed aboard the UFO.


To be continued.....?????????