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"You Got Me, I Got You" A Tododeku Story

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In a society where you can get harassed for being an omega or quirkless, someone who is born as both end up living miserably. A male being born as an omega may as well be a death sentence in this society; quirkless or not.

Izuku is, unfortunately, one of these individuals.

Izuku has lived his whole life being teased and bullied for being quirkless and not acting dominantly like any future alpha or beta. When he presents as an omega and has his first heat when he is 14, he decides enough is enough and takes heat suppressors to fake being a beta. Until he forgets to take the heat suppressors the day after the UA Sports Festival and thinks he's sick. Todoroki, an alpha decides to stay with him while everyone else decides to go out together. Neither of them expected their lives to change forever.

Tododeku omegaverse au

In this fic:

-they'll be in the dorms starting after the first day of school.

-will take place the day after the UA Sports Festival

Omegas go through heat starting from when they're 14.

When someone turns 14, their instincts as either an alpha, beta, omega begin emerging and can be officially labeled as one of the three.

When an omega goes through heat, their whole body heats up and becomes painful. The pain becomes worse over time if the symptoms aren't treated, or if the omega is not mated and/or marked.

When the pain becomes unbearable, an omegas instincts completely dictate the omegas actions and all that will be on their mind is to mate with someone to take the pain away.

An omega's heat does the same effect to alphas and betas, making them lose control of their instincts. This is especially when an alpha or beta's instincts begin developing after they turn 14. Once their instincts are matured by the time they are around 18, they gain some control and do not get affected by the heat of an unmatured omega.

Alphas and betas can mark omegas but only when the omega is in heat. However, in order to complete the bonding process, the pair has to also have a strong emotional bond.

An alpha or beta marking an omega they have little to no emotional connection with can lead to a series of unforeseen consequences.

Due to this, marking an omega is taken extremely seriously and marks born from only lust during an omega's heat can be removed. However, not many omegas end up having the choice to remove the mark. Having a mate causes an alpha or beta's quirk to become more powerful. Omegas are more protected due to these circumstances and yet, also bullied for their rank.

Due to the practice of quirk marriages, same-sex mates are currently looked down upon by society in general due to the practices' influence.

Quirk marriages also made the rates of fated mates decrease, making the phenomena seem like nothing more than a legend.

Fated mates and information on how they work is scarce but there are obvious differences from their behavior around each other to completing the bonding process.

Male omegas tend to have no preference in gender for their future mate and thus, can face harassment from anyone whose aware. The fear of the harsh harassment they can face leads to many male omegas, or omegas in general to use heat suppression pills.

They have to be diligent in taking the dosage needed every single day, or they will face the consequences of pushing back their heats.

I hope this background info helps you as you read this fic! If you have any questions or need me to clarify something, don't hesitate to comment here! It'll help me and future readers understand better since I can edit anything that's unclear. Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading!!