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Trying to support you

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Mu Ge had to send some of the screenplay to someone for maybe one future movie or even series and he was a little worried.
It's have preoccupied him for a while.

Fan Wei wanted to support him but didn't know how to tell him this without Mu Ge be angry at him because of money.
So he had one idea to tell him about one future idea of screenplay that his cousin Jing Ran has told him about his lover Zhàn Yuan, even if it's was now only one video game.

"If you have a writer block, maybe you should take a little break," said Fan Wei while giving a bottle of Water of Mu Ge

"I know, but I'm stuck at some idea and I hate this... Because I really wanted to start this one"

Fan Wei Kiss his neck and then his forehead "I'm sure you will find one idea, you know I support you."

"You will support me and distract me like always about one session where you dom me" says Mu Ge while laughing.

"No, I was more thinking about maybe just relax a little and have a little massage, I saw that you are tense, I know you are like this because of your last project who was not really accepted. So I just want to support you like this, because I don't want to fight against you "

They had before one big fight about the support and money who have lead to their break up and all the fact that Mu Ge have flown in States for a while.
This was not only their first fight because they had one because of their family who weren't very supportive mainly him because the family of Mu Ge was more open-minded.
But his family have changed of view when they saw how miserable he was without him.

Mu Ge agrees for a massage and after he was relaxed Fan Wei tell you "Why for one screenplay you don't ask for your cousin Zhàn Yuan?"

"You have seen Zhàn Yuan recently?"

"Yes and also with Jing Ran, they are happy together"

"I'm glad that their relationship works because they deserve to be happy. But why you tell me this?"

"Because Jing Ran told me that Zhàn Yuan have finished everything about the video game he working and maybe you could do the screenplay about the game? For a series or a movie like we began to saw little by little"

"It's maybe not a bad idea, I will think about it" while Mu Ge kiss him

In result some days later Mu Ge works with Zhàn Yuan about this.