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Deku's Dolly

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I was only ten years old when it happened but I remember it like it was yesterday. I was home alone. Mom had gone to the store, Dad was at work and my little brother was in class. I had stayed home because I was nursing a broken ankle from an accident at school the week before. I was idly watching the news when it cut to an incredible scene of a live fight. Multiple heroes were battling some kind of mechanical drones pouring out of a warehouse in one of the lower class business districts. It was amazing to see the top heroes at the time fighting side by side so effortlessly. I was only a little girl when I first saw them debut at the annual UA Sports Festival their first year. Everyone watched them grow and become the top heroes of our nation. Especially the beloved new Symbol of Peace, Deku. He was brave, strong and never hesitated in any battle. He was so beloved by all the people. 

There he was on the screen in front of me almost effortlessly putting down drone after drone when the unthinkable happened. An enormous strange looking machine emerged from the wall of the building and though it didn’t attack, the heroes obviously looked concerned and immediately started assaulting it with everything they had. Yet nothing happened. Clearly stunned everyone briefly stopped to look at one another and regroup and that’s when it happened. In a single moment the fate of the world changed forever. The machine began emitting a horrible sound that made the ground shake and buildings fall. People covered their ears and screamed but everything was drowned out by the sound. We had no idea at the time but that deafening sound wave traversed the globe bringing the world to its knees. 

The entire country watched as the heroes once more united to attack. A blinding light and strange sort of pulse exploded from the machine effectively destroying itself. Everyone cheered at first. Then it happened like a domino effect starting with the heroes. The realization came that they could no longer use their quirks. The panic spread as the rest of the population tried their own and when nothing happened terror flooded the streets. Just as the chaos started to erupt, a world wide message hacked every screen in every country around the world and the ominous message that followed brought everything we once knew to an abrupt and final end. 

“Citizens of the World. If you are seeing this message then my life’s work has finally come to fruition. You are most likely wondering what has happened and have begun to panic but fear not! I have brought you a new world of equality! Countless years of researching, experimentation and sacrifice have given birth to a new era. A quirkless one. That’s right, as of this moment there is not a man, woman or child on the planet that bares a quirk. We are all equal as we all once were. The way it should have always been. I have freed you from the lies you have been fed and given each and every single one of you a chance to reshape the world in your image. Do not be afraid to reclaim what is so rightfully yours. Your freedom and right to choose what and who you wish to be! No longer will society be determined by one’ s quirk. No longer will you be deemed unworthy or weak. No longer will those with the power be able to horde it over you as the false gods they believe they are. Because my friends, now, everyone is the same and it is up to you how we as a race move forward. Good luck to you all and may the new world be a better one.”

The events that followed were catastrophic. As Heroes were viewed as the law enforcers, the keepers of peace, the protectors of a nation, the loss was devastating and caused such widespread fear and panic that the very foundation of all it was built upon came crashing down within a mere twenty four hours. People rioted and fought in the streets. Buildings burned, people died and there was no one to stop it. It only got worse as that realization brought forth lawlessness and supported a crimewave unlike anything ever seen before. Pure anarchy and within a matter of months, the world fell into darkness, crime and sin. The strong preyed upon the weak and the loss of life was astounding. Bodies littered the streets and disease and famine spread like wildfire. 

One year later, those that survived fought for and to keep what they had. As the population dwindled toward inevitable future extinction, organized groups began to fight for dominance and control. Territories were carved and homage was paid for the protection of the one’s to enforce it. The turf wars and raids on the others resources caused even more casualties. Those of us who remained neutral began to starve and lose hope when a new power arose and quickly brought an end to it all. Presumed to be run by ex-military, they were skilled fighters and had no shortage of resources. Their claim to all the surrounding areas allowed for attainable yet still uneasy peace. Those that tried to oppose it fell swiftly and were never heard from again. Nothing ever is simply offered for free however. 

Those in power had rules, laws and required loyalty and weekly dues to remain under their care. They were mostly fair and so those of us unable to fight paid willingly for the protection and resources provided by them. Those that enforced it were ruthless and they did not believe in second chances. “The Boss” as we came to know him was a gracious man but a strict one. Yet he garnered the respect of all those who personally served him and obeyed without hesitation and that is the world I currently reside in. 

I lost everything when society fell. Neither my parents nor my little brother ever returned home. As much as I wanted to go and search I was useless with a busted ankle and the chaos that reigned in the streets. It wasn’t three weeks before I ran out of food and the residential raids began. When the door came down and the thieves in, they took everything. As they quickly cleared everything out, a disgusting drunk of a man found me hidden beneath the stairs. To this day I am not sure what his intentions were as he pulled me kicking and screaming out of the only home I ever knew. He never made it far enough as he was quickly put down by a brute of a man. Older than my father but still more than able to fight he saw me being hauled away and decided to put a stop to it. He gave me my freedom but I had nothing left. Nowhere to go and no one looking for me the man took me with him and cared for me till I could walk again. 

Everyone called him ‘Orochi’ because of his vast size and arms that were distinctly covered in tattoos of snakeskin. I stayed with him and helped him after I was able to walk and he looked after me like a daughter. I was grateful especially when women started becoming a commodity for trade. No one dared touch anything that belonged to ‘Orochi’ and the man was well known and respected. While he never directly worked under the organization, the Boss relied on him frequently and he was always well rewarded. For a little over ten years I lived and helped Orochi until he fell ill and passed away. I was closer with him than I had ever been with my own parents and the day he left the world, I felt like mine had ended.

That was six months ago and now I am right back where I started from. The moment word of Orochi’s death got out, everything that was once considered his was up for grabs, including me. Living on the streets at the mercy of others was all I had left. Orochi had taught me how to defend myself and stay alive but what’s one girl against a group of men? I managed to convince the creep that ran the bar next to the alley where I resided to let me help part time for some food each week. It only took him two till he couldn’t keep his hands off me. Rather than allow him to rape me, I sunk a knife into his neck and watched him bleed out before taking anything my arms could carry and running. I should have known that nothing goes unnoticed in this place. The following night a rather tall and imposing male form hovered over me as I cowered away trapped in the dark alley I had called my home. His deep voice penetrated the darkness and sent shivers down my spine.

“You’ve caused quite a bit of trouble you know.” Unable to make out anything in the darkness I wrapped my arms around my body sinking to the ground. So this is how I die. A wicked sounding chuckle enveloped me as the man squatted before me dragging a silver blade from my forehead to my lips without marking the skin. My entire body trembled in fear. The figure was unsurprisingly cloaked in black, easily blending in with the darkness. A mask covered his face preventing me from seeing the source of the deep and melodious sound. 

“I’ve been given the order to carve you up little girl. What do you think about that hm?” He lifted the mask just enough to see his sinister grin. When I didn’t respond his sharp blade sliced my lip causing blood to slowly pool and run down my chin. My entire body trembled in fear as the man’s hand slowly reached out swiping the pad of his thumb and collecting the crimson liquid before bringing it to his lips and sucking his finger clean. A chill shot down my spine at the display and stared in horror as a pleased grin stretched across the strangers lips.


“I-If you’re g-gonna kill me, p-please just hurry and get it over with!” The mans head tilted to the side as he silently observed me. All that could be heard was the sound of my rushed breaths. His hand carded through my hair before sliding down the side of my face, appraising me. I knew exactly what he was thinking and there was no way I was being sold for sex.

“P-Please! Don’t....I’d rather....die than be sold into slavery. If that’s what you’re thinking then please I beg you, kill me now.” The man stilled yet said nothing. Slowly he got to his feet and then offered me his hand. I knew once I took it my life was going to end, I just hoped it would be at the end of his blade rather than some perverts cock. 

He pulled me to my feet and stood silent before me several moments before speaking again. 

“Make no mistake, I’m supposed to carve up that pretty face till there’s nothing left but bone. However, I think he’d find it a waste once he meets you. Come.” He gripped my hand and pulled me unceremoniously behind him as we made our way out of the alley.

“N-No please! I beg you! I don’t wa-”

“Quiet. You don’t realize how lucky you are.” That arrogant statement infuriated me.

“Lucky?! How is being sold as a sex sl-”

“I said shut your mouth.” He yanked me to an abrupt stop causing me to collide with his broad and heavily muscled chest. His hand harshly squeezed my cheeks together before leaning in and speaking softly in my ear.

“Your life is no longer your own. It belongs to the Boss and whatever he wishes to do with you is up to him. That man you killed, as disgusting as he may have been made a lot of money for the Boss.”

“So you’re saying I was supposed to just let him rape me?!”

“Course not. You could have just as easily cut his dick off and then he would have learned his lesson and still been able to make the Boss money.” Without a chance to respond I was once again being dragged along mercilessly behind him. 

After twenty minutes of briskly being pulled along, he pulled out a phone (?) and called someone.

“Yeah, meet me at Seventeen and Second. Found the Bosses birthday gift. Bring the stuff.” The call abruptly ended.

“Stuff?! What stuff? What fucking birthday pres-”

“You don’t listen very well. I should cut out your tongue, too bad you’re gonna need it.” Without room to argue we continued our way to our destination in silence. Another man completely clad in black awaited our arrival before handing a small box over to the man holding my hand. He handed me over to the new guy while checking out the contents of said box while this new guy checked out me.

“See anything you like?” I hissed at him causing him to jump back in surprise.

“W-Woah! I see what you mean, where’d you find this one?”

“She’s the one who killed Cao.” The new guy stared at me in wonder. His bright vermillion eyes the only thing visible. He exhaled a whistle looking me over thoroughly. 

“Lucky aren’t ya?” He asked me genuinely which subsequently made me want to slap him. The disgust on my face must have been more than obvious.

“Woah hey, all I mean is, Boss man takes real good care of his toys ya know. He’s a collector of precious things but you’ll soon learn all about that.” He gave a genuine smile like I should be excited. Both these lunatics were certifiable. Just as I was about to brave another round with the other guy, something stung the back of my neck causing me to yelp and leap forward before whipping around.

A needle quickly made its way back to the box before my vision blurred.

“W-What did y-” Everything around me spun as my muscles gave out under me sending me on a collision course with the asphalt, only I never felt the impact. Everything went black.



“Wakey Wakey!” A sharp sting radiated across my face forcing my eyes to flutter open. As I fully came to I quickly noted that I was no longer able to see but the feint light glowing from behind the cloth allowed me to make out the outlines of several people.

“Yeah, she’s the one.”

“For sure.”

“The boss is gonna loooooove her.”

“I know right?”

“Tch. She ain’t half bad I guess.”

“Wow, even grumpy cat agrees.”

“Shut the fuck up! Who asked you anyway haah?”

“Boys, settle down yur scarin’ the poor thing.”

“Better get used to it.”

“Nah, she can handle it.” Just as I was about to ask what it was exactly that I could handle a voice called out from another room.

“Guys? Where’d everybody go?”

“Shit! Go distract him, we’ll finish up.”

“Better hurry, you know he’s going to figure somethings up.”

“Yeah yeah we got it! Go!” Several shuffling of feet and the sound of a door closing filled the air before a pair of shushed voices spoke closer than before.

“Alright listen up sweetie, it’s the Boss’s big day so everything has to be perfect alright? Don’t you worry about a thing! Boss’ll take real good care of ya alright?”

“W-What..are you...”

“Hush now. We gotta put the lid on and finish wrapping but ya won’t be in there very long kay? Just keep still and quiet and everything will be perfect!”


“No buts. You wanna live right? Then do what your told and everything will be fine.” A new voice spoke up. Both were female which made all of this that much weirder. What the fuck was going on?!

“But I’m naked! What happened to my clothes? At least give me a blanket or something!” They were silent a moment before I felt warm cloth drape over my cool skin but the relief was short lived.

“Kay we’re sealing ya up now sweetie so be good and quiet and still as possible.” My heart was pounding in my ears. What the hell was happening? The Boss? As in THE Boss? I’m being gifted to him naked?! Wrists bound behind my back and blindfolded all I could really do was sit there and wait for whatever was about to happen. Too terrified to move knowing full well the consequences that would bring, I simply listened as the two finished sealing the box. 

Once everything seemed complete several footsteps reentered the room and without much said, the box and myself in it were lifted into the air and being moved. The jostling when I was set back down startled me a moment before all the loud voices in the room got quiet.

“Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday Dear Boss Man,

Happy Birthday to You!”

Cheers and applause enveloped the room.

“Aww guys! You shouldn’t have!”

“We know.” Laughter filled the room. 

“Well what are ya waiting for? Open it!” 

My heart was pounding loudly in my ears. It was getting harder to breathe, the air already going stale. The sound of paper ripping filled the room as I trembled in anticipation. The Boss, The Boss, THEE Boss! The man in charge of everything...The man Orochi used to work for. The man that stopped the territory wars and established order. The man that for lack of a better word, saved all of us. This was that man, the one opening the box. The one they respected. The one they obeyed. The one no one except probably those in this room have ever seen in person. The one who ordered my execution. I was now his birthday present and had no idea what to say or do. 

The lid slowly opened as light poured in through the cloth covering my eyes and all at once everyone went eerily silent. 

Thump Thump,  Thump, Thump

“Well? D-Do you like her?” One of the girls that had helped wrap me asked gently.

“C-Can I, take this off?”

“Course you can dipshit, she’s YOUR gift.” The approach of someone’s hands reached over me and untied the bind covering my eyes. The cloth fell away and I slowly blinked my eyes. As they finally focused I was utterly dumbfounded at what they fell upon.

“Well hello there!” His voice spoke softly. Intelligent and gorgeous emerald green eyes met mine, a warm and kind smile upon his generously freckled face. Forest green curls adorned the top of his head.

“H-H-Hi?” My voice barely escaped intact. It sounded more like a breathless whimper. 

“You’re shaking. Don’t be afraid, please?” 

This? This is the Boss? The handsome gentle looking man is whom everyone above ground fears?

“Tch. She’s smart. She knows better.” A tall, well built blonde with crimson eyes approached before leaning in a little too close. A predatory smile stretched from ear to ear. If he didn’t look lethal I would have labeled him quite handsome.

“Kachaan, don’t say things like that you’re only scaring her further!” The intense crimson never left my eyes holding me captive when he next spoke.

“You know what you are right?” Unable to answer, the man known as the Boss spoke for me.

“Mm she is lovely. A perfect addition to my collection. Oh how I’ve always wanted a living doll! I never imagined I would actually get one, let alone one so beautiful! Thank you everyone! I promise to take such good care of her.”

“That’s right beautiful, you’re his dolly.”