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Just a reminder

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Emma Swan entered City hall, shoving her hands in her pockets to warm them up. She sauntered over to the elderly woman sitting behind the desk in the far corner. "Miss Mills is expecting me?" She inquired. The Mayor's secretary looked up. "Yes" She motioned towards the door leading to the Mayor's office. "She's waiting for you"

Emma let out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding. "Yeah… thanks" She nodded to the secretary and walked into Regina's office without knocking. Walking up to the desk she crossed her arms.

"Ms Swan." The Mayor put down her pen and folded her hands in front of her. "Madam Mayor" Emma returned, unfazed by the Mayors cool demeanor.

Regina looked the Deputy in the eyes. Her brown eyes cold as ice. Emma shifted. "It has come to my attention that you spent last night with the Sherriff" She continued her icy glare while standing up. Emma shifted her weight to her other foot, "Yeah". The Mayor came to stand before her, quite close. "In a Bar." She arched one carefully sculpted dark eyebrow. "During his duty" she added. Emma furrowed her brow. "What's your problem Madame Mayor?"

The dark headed woman took another step forward, well into Emma's personal space. Emma backed away slightly. Regina took another step forward, and again, and again, until Emma's back touched the wallpaper. Regina leaned in and pressed her body against the blonde. Emma's breathing hitched. She couldn't help it, Regina was just so… intoxicating. Regina placed her hands on the wall, one on either side of the blonde's head; trapping her effectively. "Regina…" Emma breathed. The Mayors eyes flicked down to her lips briefly and Emma licked them in anticipation, a tightness forming in her stomach.

Regina pushed one knee between Emma's thighs, spreading them. Emma bit her lip. Regina lowered one hand and tugged on the waistband of Emma's jeans, her head dipping to catch Emma's lips in a hard demanding kiss. Regina's tongue swept over her bottom lip. Emma let out a small gasp at the added pressure and Regina leaned harder into her. The Mayor took the opportunity to plunge her tongue into Emma's warm waiting mouth. Her fingers found their way beyond the waistband of Emma's jeans. She pushes her panties aside and slides her fingers through already slick folds.

"Care to tell me what you were doing with the Sheriff?" Regina demands. Emma lets her head fall back against the wall and shakes her head, a fire is spreading from her core. She loved it when Regina was jealous. Which is kind of why she spent last night with Graham; she knew it would rile the otherwise composed woman up. " Answer me Miss Swan" Regina growls dangerously, slipping a long digit inside of the blonde. Emma just squeezes her eyes shut and breathes a little harder, her legs starting to lose their strength. "Emma…" Her voice is like honey. But when Emma shakes her head again Regina removes her hand and uses it to shove the blonde hard against the wall. "What were you doing?" Emma just shakes her head and looks at Regina defiantly "Nothing, we were just… hanging out" she answered meekly. Regina sinks back into her body and she pushes Emma's jeans over her hips, taking the cotton panties along with them. Regina's hands move to cup Emma's ass. Emma was lying, she was sure of it. "Really" She arched her eyebrow again.

A smirk appeared on her face. She would show her who's boss. Regina stepped back and tugged on Emma's arm. She fell forward, not expecting to move. She was hampered by the jeans which were pooled around her feet and so she sought out the first thing to hold onto. She fell into the desk, her hand clutching the mahogany trying to steady herself. She heard Regina move behind her. The Mayor grabbed her shoulders and bent her over the desk, kicking her feet apart. "So…" Regina purred. "You were 'just hanging out' with Graham?"

"Y…Yes" Emma mumbled. Regina slid her hands over Emma's bare back and traced a finger over her buttocks. She skimmed over the blondes swollen slick lips. "Am I not enough for you Deputy?" Regina's fingers dipped in to the wetness and Emma moaned deep in her throat. "What was that?"I didn't quite catch it" She smirked as she added another long digit. Emma grasped the edge of the desk. "Regina" she breathed.

"Because I thought I was more than adequate…" She pumped her fingers in and out of the blonde squirming on her desk. "At fulfilling your needs" Emma whimpered and pushed back onto the Mayors skilled fingers. "But perhaps, you need a reminder" Regina pulled her fingers out of the warmth and wiped her fingers on the Deputy's shirt. A mischievous smile formed on her face.

Regina straightened herself and walked to the other side of her desk. She unlocked one of the drawers.

The dazed blonde slowly came to her senses "What… No Regina, please, I was just…" Her voice trailed off and her blue eyes widened and darkened at the sight of the object dangling from the Mayors fingers. Regina smirked again at the blondes reaction. Slowly she made her way back to Emma. The deputy's eyes never leaving the black strap on. Emma's throat was suddenly parched, a new wetness flooding her center. She licked her lips in anticipation.

The Mayor took a hold of Emma's neck and pushed her back down. "Stay" She commanded. Emma's breathing came in ragged gasps, her hands clenching and unclenching on the edge of the desk. Regina fastened the strap on over her trousers. It gave her a rush, to be completely clothed while Emma was half naked on her desk.

"Now Miss. Swan, shall I remind you of exactly how adequate I am?" Sliding the tip of the black dildo between Emma's thighs. She positioned herself at her entrance and pushed. Emma's moan resounded loudly in the office and her legs involuntarily opened further, giving the mayor better access. Regina released her hold of the toy and started picking up her pace. She grabbed Emma's hips, her fingernails digging into the smooth skin.

Emma's moans became louder, a liquid fire building in her abdomen. Regina placed her hand over Emma's mouth. "Shhh, we wouldn't want anyone to hear you" She slid the phallic object in and out of Emma's wet heat.

"Oh God!" Emma cried out at a particularly hard thrust. Her abdomen clenched, and her legs started to tremble. It just felt so damn good. She was close.

"God. Has nothing. To do with this." Regina said, punctuating each word with a firm thrust. She could feel Emma on the edge on her climax and angled herself so she could penetrate her deeper. The strap-on gave her a sense of power, she was the one in charge here and before Emma came she would acknowledge it.

She removed her hand from Emma's mouth. "To whom do you belong Ms Swan?" Raking her hand through Emma's golden locks, pushing her head down again. Emma moaned. She couldn't form a coherent thought anymore. The fire between her legs was consuming her. She was tethering on the edge. Suddenly a sharp pain brought her back. Regina slapped her round buttock again, extracting a hiss from the blonde. The Mayor bent over and growled in her ear "Well?"

Emma tried to move but Regina stayed still, the fabric of her dark grey slacks rubbing against her bare thighs. "You, Regina I belong to you" Emma managed to say, her voice hoarse with need. Regina's voice was hard as steel, sending a shiver up Emma's spine. "Don't forget it"

The Mayor resumed her rhythm, her fingers tangling again into her long honey blond locks. And Emma comes. Hard. She is sure Regina's secretary heard it.

They stay like that for a while, both breathing hard. Then Regina lets the toy slip out, leaving Emma feeling empty. She removes the harness and places it in a brown paper bag waiting on the dresser. Turning around she dumps the bag in Emma's hands who just finished yanking up her jeans and is leaning against the desk for some support, still not trusting her legs.

"I expect you to return that to me in a proper state Ms. Swan" Regina instructs while sitting down in her leather chair. Except for the faint red on her cheeks, the Mayor looks immaculate. Nothing to even hint at what just happened. Emma just stands there dumbfounded, the bag in her hand. Oh yeah, a jealous Regina was certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Dark eyes look up from the paperwork on the desk. "That would be your clue to leave Deputy". The Mayor of Storybrooke folded her hands again. Emma closed her mouth with a snap and turned on her heels, going straight for the door.

She is quickly stalking toward the exit when she hears the secretary's voice behind her. "Good afternoon Deputy". The elderly woman behind the desk doesn't even lift her eyes from the note she is reading, a small knowing smile adorning her face.

Emma flushes a deep crimson, she clutches the paper bag to her chest and exits as fast as she can.