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Marinette and Adrien go to China

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Trip to China


Marinette has inherited the miracle box and was the next guardian. Every evening, she would ‘take a few kwamis for a walk’ as she called it. She would put on the jewellery, kwamis would appear and then Marinette would spend considerable time giggling at the games they played. She already had amounts of different kinds of food stashed in her room. Each kwami had their favourite and some kinds were difficult to get.

After they ate and played, she would encourage them to tell her stories of their former owners. At first she tried to memorize the stories, but soon it became too much, so she made another magic box to hold a second diary. There she wrote down the notes from the stories kwamis had told her. Tikki and Sass complained at her taking notes at first, but gave up after a while.

However, kwamis were mischievous and when she took them out, one or two would rather continue to have fun of their own around her room and not sit and listen to the stories of old times. They could exchange stories between themselves while inside the miracle box.

One evening, Trixx and Pollen were telling a story or arguing (it was not always clear) and Marinette was busy taking notes. Tikki went down to the desk for cookies and noticed something turquoise sticking from Marinettes diary. She frowned and pounced on Sass.

“She forgot to lock it.” Sass offered an excuse.

“You are spying on my chosen.” Tikki hissed.

“She is really into this guy that was Aspik? My one time holder?” Sass asked with pure curiosity.

“You should not interfere.” Tikki whisper shouted.

“She has all these pictures of him in her room.” Sass looked around to stress his words “And that one above her bed even has little hearts on it.”

“Do not get into that subject, do you hear me?” Tikki frowned.

“Alright.” Sass conceded.

“And do not read her diary again!” Tikki tried to sound threatening.

“Alright.” Sass nodded.

The argument between the kwamis on the loft bed intensified and they could hear Marinette tried and failed to calm down the discussion.

“What is this all about?” Sass floated over and asked calmly.

“Everything is going to be alright, let’s not wake up Marinette’s parents.” Tikki chirped in an entirely different manner than she used for Sass just moments before.

Marinette was poking her diary with her pencil feeling a bit absent minded.

“I got lost at the re-creation of the temple or something.” Marinette gave a tired look to her kwami. Some evenings were easy, some kwamis would even tell her exactly what she should note. Some evenings were like these. She felt as if she was babysitting and not learning.

“Re-creation of the temple?” Tikki asked incredulously.

“Yes the restoration of the curse.” Trixx pounced excitedly.

“There is nothing positive about that.” Pollen crossed her tiny arms.

Sass sighed.

“Have you told her the story, or you were just arguing as you usually do?” Sass spoke calmly.

The two kwamis looked at each other.

“She started it!” Trixx pointed her tiny had towards Pollen.

“But you had to get so engaged into it.” Pollen put her tiny paws to her hips.

Marinette was becoming more drowsy.

“You are very tired Marinette, perhaps we should do this some other time.” Tikki went to her chosen and patted her cheek.

“Actually, how long has it been, a few weeks already?” Sass asked.

“Yes but...” Tikki protested.

“Already? So long? And we are not in a caravan already?” Trixx sounded incredulous.

“They do not use caravans these days” Pollen rolled her eyes.

“Okay, what is it?” Marinette jawed. “Short version, please.”

“Master Fu made an error as a child and the temple of the Miraculous in Tibet got burned. But then, you and Chat noir have beaten Feastin and the temple is restored, right?” Sass was calm, short and up to the point.

Marinette nodded.

“There were more miraculous stones in that temple than there are in that box.” Sass spoke very slowly waiting for Marinette to comprehend what he wants to say.

“There are also other powers related to the temple.” Sass continued and waited for Marinette to nod. She was not making notes this time. “The temple was restored and that was in the news, right, for everyone to see.”

“Including Hawk Moth.” Marinette whispered.

“Exactly.” Sass nodded pointedly.

“And he probably knows about other stones and the temple powers?” Marinette asked hoping beyond hope that the answer is no.

Sass nodded with a sad look in his eyes. Tikki looked worried. Pollen and Trixx nodded rapidly and eagerly.

“And he might be after them?” Marinette was worried.

Sass have half hearted nod.

“But the monks in the temple, they can defend it?” Marinette switched her eyes between all the four kwami.

They all waved their heads.

“They need Ladybug and Chat Noir to defend them from evil.” Tikki gave Sass a resigned look and admitted the fact to Marinette.

“So I should go to Tibet?” Marinettes eyes almost popped out from her head.

“You and Chat Noir.” Trixx added “And perhaps a few more heroes.”

“We expect Hawk Moth would be going there soon, too.” Pollen explained “Because he could find the cursed stone.”

“He could be after it if he knew about it.” Sass spoke calmly. “We should focus on going there. We should not anticipate what would we find there.”

Trixx sighed. Pollen crossed her tiny paws again.

“How could I go to China? With Chat Noir? We can use Peagasus and be there in not time.” Marinette smiled. “We can investigate and be back in a few hours. That would be perfect. We would leave Paris only for a few hours at a time. We could do it instead of patrols.”

She stopped her happy rambling when she saw the four kwamis wave their head.

“You can’t just teleport there do the research as a Ladybug and then come back.” Sass crossed his arms.

“It would draw the attention of Hawk Moth.” Tikki warned.

“You cant find the cursed stone.” Trixx waved her head.

“It has to reveal itself to you.” Pollen whispered.

“So I have to go to China? But I can’t leave Paris!” Marinette whined. “I have to find another Ladybug.” she sighed.

“No. Ladybug has to travel to Tibet.” Sass was calm and deadly serious. He gave Tikki a look. Her chosen was difficult.

“Who would defend Paris then if I can’t teleport there and back?” Marinette asked incredulously.

“Nobody said you cant teleport there nor from there.” Trixx raised an eyebrow (or something).

“The cursed stone will not reveal itself to a person while transformed.” Pollen nodded wisely.

“But I could teleport, de-transform, find the stone, transform and then return.” Marinette whined.

“The cursed stone should never be teleported. That could damage or destroy the Horse miraculous.” Sass spoke slowly. “But that is not the issue here. The temple might be in danger from Hawk Moth and Mayura. You have to get there and warn them.”

“oh” Marinette was deep in thought.

“The cursed stone should stay where it is.” Pollen rolled her eyes at Trixx.

“If I cant teleport there, can I teleport back to Paris in the case of an akuma attack? And then back to Tibet?” Marinette was timid and here eyes watched Sass with more fear.

“Yes” Sass nodded twice.

Marinette sighed.

“I do not see how is that different, but okay.” Marinette shrugged.

“It will all become clear in time, Marinette.” Tikki chirped happily.

“But how am I to travel to China and Tibet? I am a child. I have parents. I can’t travel alone. And, you said that Chat Noir should go too?” Marinette looked at the kwamis full of questions.

“This is why I thought going to the temple could wait.” Tikki spoke quietly.

“It can’t wait that long.” Trixx waved her head.

“She is fourteen. It would take years.” Pollen added.

“I will think of something. I will also tell Chat Noir about this.” Marinette sighed and took her phone.

“You are communicating with that?” Sass asked.

“Don’t ask.” Tikki sighed.

“How cool.” Trixx came closer.

“You do not transform?” Pollen asked.

“We have agreed recently to communicate through this application, my number is hidden, he can’t trace me. And I can’t trace him.” Marinette typed in the message.

Bug: Need to talk.

“Now, tell me more about that temple.” Marinette sighed leaving the phone to the side.

Trixx and Pollen entered the argument about the cursed stone. Tikki giggled to their antics. Sass rolled his eyes.

Marinette’s phone lit up with a message.

Cat: now, where?

Bug: can wait till morning.

Cat: before school, Francois Dupont rooftop.

Bug: see you then. Good night.

Cat: Good night.

Sass spied on the text exchange and nodded in approval. When Marinette put the phone away, he silenced the arguing kwamis and started the story in his slow and calm speech.

Marinette fell asleep after a few minutes. The kwami joined her on the pillow.

“She looks so tired.” Sass whispered. Tikki silenced Pollen and Trixx.

“She is getting exhausted. And, she is sad about Master Fu. She blames herself.” Tikki whispered.

“Well, Wayzz explained to her that it was not her fault, we always cheer her up.” Trixx chirped.

“She laughs at our stories.” Pollen noted.

“How many kwami she takes for a walk every evening?” Sass asked worriedly.

“Three to four.” Tikki answered. “But it is not just that.” Tikki sighed.

“Is it about this boy?” Pollen asked floating to the picture of Adrien on the wall.

Tikki nodded.

“I knew it. I saw how she looked at the picture from time to time.” Trixx nodded.

“She loves him so much she let him be with another girl because she saw him happy with her. And she is a friend to the other girl.” Tikki sighed worried for her chosen.

“Oh no.” Trixx whispered.

“So she would never even try to be with him not to ruin the friendship with that girl.” Pollen whispered.

“Does the boy really love that other girl?” Sass asked calmly.

“It is more complicated than that. We can’t interfere.” Tikki warned.

The other three kwami looked at Tikki questioningly.

Tikki sighed “I can’t tell you, okay?” she looked at all three kwami.

Trixx and Pollen sighed and looked at each other then back at Tikki.

“If it is complicated, then it is not a no.” Trixx whispered happily.

“But it is not a yes either.” Pollen whisper shouted.

The two kwami were in an argument bout what Tikki said and what it actually meant.

Sass, on the other hand, kept silent radiating ancient wisdom. But Tikki knew better, Tikki knew that most of his wisdom came from just an hour ago and the diary he read.

“You were not supposed to read her diary, Sass.” Tikki warned.

“But I did.” Sass crossed his arms.

“That is only for her.” Tikki whisper shouted.

“She did not keep it locked.” Sass argued.

“She forgot. She is tired.” Tikki threw a worried glance towards her chosen, sleeping peacefully.

“She should not do such mistakes.” Sass warned.

“We should hep her. She is just a girl with a lot on her mind.” Tikki whispered still looking at her sleeping chosen.

“We are helping her.” Sass continued. “She is doing a good job as a guardian.”

“And she trusts us completely, so she did not lock her diary. We should not abuse her trust, Sass.” Tikki scolded quietly.

Sass bowed his head.

“You are right. But, there are things in there, things we should know if we want to help her.” Sass whispered.

“She should tell them to you. We should not be talking like this about her. I would be breaching her trust if I did.” Tikki scolded gently.

The four kwami finally snuggled on the pillow and fell asleep.