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Okay, so it was petty. And childish. And immature. Sure.

But maybe if some people wouldn't keep treating her like a little kid instead of a nearly-eighteen-year-old, she'd actually act like an adult.

And really, if people were going to ban her from leaving the house on a 'school night' despite her complete lack of homework, and then go out partying with sexy-yet-possibly-evil Italians without password-protecting their laptops first, those people deserved everything they got.

In fact, this was all Buffy's fault. Entirely.

Dawn nodded decisively, and pressed post.



For Sale – 'Secret Toys For Girls'

Get what you want – every night! With these two sleek accessories, you'll never be left unsatisfied.

Model 1:
- sleek, glossy surface
- simple thrusting action
- eleven inches (goes in deep)
- elegant curves and ridges (shaped to fit – feels good in a firm grip)
- no batteries needed – just you and your hands

Model 2:
- the most powerful model on the market
- brings out your inner rebel
- smooth metal finish
- heat, power, and a strong thrust
- the BIGGEST you'll ever have!
- three exciting speeds
- you'll see sparks

Both models have given the owner many years of happy memories.
Buy today. You won't regret it.

For more information, contact summersgirl@slayerchat.wrnet for prices and a detailed description.

The next morning, Buffy had 473 emails, and Dawn had a note attached to her bedroom door:

Dawn –

a) You are hereby grounded for three weeks.
b) This includes being banned from the internet.
c) You are never, ever to touch Mr Pointy again. I don't even want to KNOW.
d) The rocket launcher does not have multiple speeds. I expect a full retraction, or I'll ring Angel and get his company to sue you for false advertising.

– Buffy