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christmas with macgyver

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been in the army didnt mean you always got to go home for christmas. mac didnt mind this he didnt have anyone to go home to well he had his friend bozer but he had his own family to spend christmas with and mac didnt like to inpose. plus he new if he was here that ment a fellow soilder with a family would be spending christmas with thier loved ones.

it was the last post befor christmas and everyone was reciving gifts from thier loved ones even jack had a massive box from his family. mac had recived a parcel a couple of weeks ago from bozer as bozer liked to send earlie just incase it got held up. mac tried to hide his emtions a pang of sadness always crept up on him this time of year he missed his mum and helping her make christmas decorations and christmas cookies. when his mum passed him and his dad didnt do much christmas but mac would always put up a little tree by his bed and decorate it with paperclips as he new his mum wounted like him not putting anything up. his dad would give him one present maybe 2 normaly books or somthing scincey. once his dad had left he went to his grandads and his grandad did the whole putting the christmas tree up but they had to go chop it down first. mac loved spending this time with his grandad. the christmas befor he left for the army he spent with bozer and his family he wasent use to having such a big family gthering but everyone made him feel welcome thier was more food then what he could eat and he had no clue how to feel when he was presented with a pile of presents as hed never had so meny. he had felt bad his presents were little home made things but everyone assured him they loved them and it was fine.

"what you thinking thier hoss" asked jack walking over to him as mac was sitting on his bed

"nothing" he says quikly


"just christmas back home. surpised you didnt go home to texes"

"and leave you here to probally get youself blown up im your overwatch and if you stay i stay"

"sorry" said mac feeling quilty

"nothing to be sorry for"

mac just nodds

some of thier fellow soilders walk in.

"oh look isent it the EOD nerd who hasent even got more then one christmas card" said another soilder

"yer will it be coal in your stocking this year again"

"yer as last year santa didnt put him on his nice list ither" sneered another

mac just looked at the floor he then gets up and leaves the room he didnt want to give the others the satisfaction that they had upset him.

"what the hell bret" shouts jack

"what if he wasent selfish you could of been home with your family but instead your here having to watch him"

"yer hes so selfish that i counted go home and see my mama or see the horses or the rest of my family....." says jack sarcasticaly, he dosent see mac walk in to grab somthing then befor jack can noitch him he turns round and quikly disapears not waiting to here what else jack was gonna say. " but i chose to be here i said id stay on i wanted to spend christmas with mac"

"you chose him over your family"

"hey he is family" said jack getting in brets face then pushing him up agaisnt the bunk

"you call him family his real family dont even wnat to no him they send him nothing." seeths bret

"you no nothing" hisses jack punhcing bret straight in the stmoch makeing the guy double over jack lets him fall to the floor.

jack then leaves the room going to find mac to see if he was alright. after what the guys had said to him he new mac may act like nothing gets to him but turth its just an act and hes a senstive sole undernith.

it takes jack a while to find mac as mac has found a conrer in the far end of base behind the bins he had his knees pulled up to his chest and his arms crossed over them with his head hidden in them jack could see his body shacking thew his crying he had never seen the boy cry befor well hed seen him have a few tears but nothing like this.

jack gose over to him and sits down next to him and pulls him close. they may not have liked each other at the begning but jack now sees mac as his kid and he donset like seeing him upset. but much to jacks surprise mac pulled away form him

"go away" he heres mac mumble crossly

"im not leaving you like this"

mac looks up " i no you wish you could"

"what" said jack bewildered

"i heared what you said to bret"

reliisation dawned on jack

"mac you didnet here what i actully said did you. i said that i aslo chose to stay as i wanted to spend christmas with you. i was been sactastic with the first bit. i had spoken to my mum back in november and told her i didnt want to leave you alone on christmas as your family to me as well"

mac just looks at jack surpised

"hey dont look so surpised you no youve gorwn on me and i no ive grown on you" smiles jack

mac just nods while trying to wipe his tears away. jack pulls mac back in to a hug and strokes his hair till he feels him calrming.

mac felt silly that he got upset like that but is glad jacks not made fun of him for it and jacks gives the best hugs.

"you fell better now" ask jack after a while

"yer thank you sorry about that"

"nothing to be sorry for"

*2 days later*

its christmas day and mac wakes up to a sligly heavey feeling at his feet he looks down and sees a pile of presents at the foot of his bed and even a stocking. he was amazed were did it all come from as he had no one to send him anything he sat up and looked at the lables they had his name on and were signed from diffent people in jacks family and friends in breackets it would say next to the name jacks mum or jacks friend form school. mac counted believe people would do this for him.

jack poked his head over the side of the bunk he shead with mac and looked down

"merry christmas hoss you get your gifts" he smiled

"merry christmas jack yer but how"

"well when i told my mum that i was spending my christmas with you and i told her why you stay for christmas she just wanted to make christmas as specile for you like it is for everyone else. and my mum is a chatterbox so by the end of the day im sure the whole of texts new about you and christmas hope you dont mind"

"i dont but they didnt have to"

"well heres my present for you" said jack handing mac a small pacage mac opens it and smiles its chewing gum and paperclips he smiles

"thanks jack" he opens the draw next to his bed and pulls out a badly wraped present ahd hands it to jack. jack opens it and smiles when he sees the paperclip sculputer of the landrover they spend so much time in

"its perfect" he smiles "now lets go and get some of that deliouse christmas breackfast it be the best breackfast well have all year"