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Diabolik Lovers; Prey Or Predator: 'Genderbend Smut, Fluff, & Angst

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Ever since Yu found himself at the Sakamaki household, his life has been nothing sort of strange, all the girls are extremely weird and not to mention perverted. Especially, Leiko who has been eyeing him like he was a piece of candy, he can't help but feel like prey around the women. But Shizu seemed the least threatening and mostly slept around, not paying any mind to Yu who seemed to mostly be a nuisance for her.
Yu and she had a few run-ins and interactions, he seemed like an alright guy, he figured that she was not a threat and that's saying a lot.

However, Shizu had an almost insatiable libido that Yu didn't know about, she found herself eyeing the boy more times than not or the feeling that tingled through her body around the boy. So, she came up with a plan on how to get into his pants, considering how nice and personable he can be, she knew just how to get him. The night was just starting to fall upon as the girls returned from school, most of them went off and did their own thing. Ayako was busy playing basketball, Leiko was hanging out with Kana as they talked about usual nonsense, Yu was lucky that they weren't sucking him dry at the moment.

As a low sigh left his lips, entering the empty living room, as Shizu is the only one occupying the living room as she lies on her stomach, pleasant snores leaving her lips as her body rose and fell with every breath. Yu began to stare at her, she wore this light blue halter top that hugged her curves beautifully. Along with a pair of tight blue skinny jeans that clung nicely to her curves and her thighs, Yu felt his cheeks warm up at the erotic sight before him. Feeling his eyes stare at her body, a devious smirk grew on her lips as one of her azure eyes opened, seeing the boy walk past her with rosy cheeks. He wasn't leaving just ... yet.

" Yu? I don't think I'm bothering you but ... could you please ... massage my back?" Shizu asked with a devious grin resting on her lips.
" Um ... I ... I don't know if Ayako would like me to do that, Shizu?" Yu insisted shyly, his words are full of fear as Shizu's eyes gazed sincerely into his, clouded with filthy lust.
" She's too busy playing with balls ... basketball. It'll just be a few minutes ... and then you can go back to being her little ... bitch." Shizu insisted with a chuckle parting her lips, as Yu's eyes darted around the living room. Putting a strand of hair behind her ear as her azure eyes pleaded with his cerise pink eyes, as Yu' told himself repeatedly that it'd be a few minutes.

But something about her seemed off, she held this devious grin and seemed to act flirty with him as he nodded causing her smile to grow wider before a pleasant sigh left her lips. Sitting up as she began to slip off her halter top, as her sky blue balconette bra caught Yu's attention. The thing about Shizu was that she had quite large breasts, probably the largest in the house as Yu felt his cheeks grow hotter, he felt uneasy as he's still pure, he's still a virgin. Lying back onto her back, Shizu says " Now ... can you massage my lower back or is it too hard to do that?"
" Yes! I can do that ..." Yu blurted out, his eyes avoiding hers. Shizu chuckled to herself, putting her headphones into her ears as male moans and gasps could be heard through the headphones.

Yu sat on the couch as he grew more uneasy, taking a deep breath, he soon begins to massage and press his fingers into her back, but man did it feel good. Allowing a small yet low closed mouth moan leave her lips causing Yu to close his eyes tightly in discomfort, as the atmosphere felt sensual. Shizu enjoyed the few moments that he wasn't talking, it was peaceful and quiet, just how she liked it. Licking her lips as a grin rested on her lips for a few moments until he opened his mouth.
" So ... Um ... I was wondering why did you ask me to do this? Couldn't you get someone else to do it?" Yu asked in curiosity.

" Look ... you were around and I don't really like many boys but ... you're an exception. Now ... stay quiet, boy?" Shizu answered lazily.
" Then can you tell me more about my father? Since I'm doing this for you." Yu insisted, causing Shizu to roll her eyes at the persistent boy.

" You know I would've loved some silence right now but you worry too much about pointless and troublesome things." Shizu insisted lazily.
" But I'm doing this for you, I'm giving you a massage and you can't answer a pointless question?" Yu insisted once more, still massaging her back as his hands moved down to her lower back, pressing his hands into soft skin causing Shizu to moan lowly.

" God ... you're so troublesome. I don't know much about your father besides the fact that .... he wanted you to stay with us." Shizu answered with a sigh as Yu felt a frown grow on his lips, was that what she truly knew? " You're really good with your hands, Yu ... aren't you? You're blushing ... aren't you, pet?" Shizu purred causing Yu to flush a fresh red.

" Shizu ... is that all you truly know? I know there must be something more of my father." Yu asked, his cheeks flushed still until his train of thought was ruined by an erotic moan from Shizu's lips causing his heart to trash heavily in his chest. Shizu chuckled as a grin rested on her lips, " Why don't you stop thinking and just listen ... it's better to listen than to make noise ... don't you think, Yu?" Shizu asked.

" But I have ques-" Yu managed to get out before Shizu put a finger on his lip, sitting up with her body facing his as a devious grin lied on her lips. " Come on ... you know that I didn't just want a massage ... I want something more ... don't you want to make me purr for you, Yu?" Shizu whispered sensually in his ear as Yu couldn't stop blushing insanely.

" Now ... just forget about all your worries and let us break this silence with our pleasant moans filling the silence ... let the sounds of our bodies together fill the void ... lewd boy." Shizu whispered once again in a purr, pulling away from his ear as her azure eyes gazed intensely into his cerise pink eyes, lust clouded up in her azure eyes.

Shizu chuckles softly as she began to grab his school coat, throwing it off his body before quickly unbuttoning his white collared shirt. Yu didn't know what to do but just let her unbutton his shirt as he knew that she was going to bite him. Sniffing his soft skin as his blood smelt incredibly sweet, not to mention the scent was arousing enough.

" You smell sweet ... you smell appetizing ..." Shizu murmured against Yu's skin before sinking her fangs deep into his soft flesh causing him to wince loudly at the stinging sensation. The sweet sugary taste hit her tongue as she continued to suck the blood from his neck, gulping down large amounts as Yu felt his head twirl into endless circles.

Pulling away as her lips were dripping with his precious blood, licking them clean with a pleasant moan leaving her lips. As her grip on Yu's shoulders lessened as Yu shivered in fear at her touch, his lips trembling and his heart beating faster than any drum. Her lips were desirable, her golden messy hair was a perfect mess, and her voice was the most sensual and alluring.

Cupping his cheeks delicately as a grin resides on her lips, her once pale cheeks were now a rosy red, leaning slowly towards him, her azure eyes alluring him in, he was suffocating in them. Pressing her delicate lips against his strongly as she shut her eyes tightly, her face rigid as Yu couldn't help but stare at her beautiful facial expressions.

" I'm so so so sorry, Ayako ... I hope you understand the position I'm in. Temptation is the worst kind of thing to fall for ... I'm so sorry ...! I want it to stop but I can pull away from her ... I know that I'm weak ...!" Yu thought deep inside his head, her lips pressed against his with more strength. As the kiss soon grew intense, Yu found Shizu's cold tongue twirling with his own, it was an immoral, exposed, and lewd sensation that he enjoyed much more than he'd admit. His hands gripped her waist tightly as her hands gripped and tugged at his button-up, low yet heavy breaths left his lips. His head rolled in infinite spheres, what the hell was he doing? Shizu pulled away from his lips hungrily before pressing hungry kisses down his neck, colorful hickeys decorating his neck. Clenching his teeth tightly as heavy breaths slipped from him.

Shizu began to run her moist tongue up his flat stomach causing a shiver to run his spine at the cold sensation, a chuckle slipping from her lips. She soon began to sink her fangs into his sides, sucking the blood from the area as Yu winced loudly, feeling the stinging pain plague him once again.

" Shizu ...!" Shizu chuckled deviously before licking the bite mark that was on his stomach, not a word came from her lips.
" Take off my bra, boy ... including the rest of our clothing ..." Shizu insisted lazily as she wasn't going to deal with taking all of it off, not to mention, that she shouldn't have to do all the work.

Yu's eyes widened for a few moments as Shizu had her back turned towards him, unsure of what to do for a few moments, Shizu says "Unhook it", causing him to shake out of his train of thoughts. Fiddling with her hook for a few moments before an irritated groan came from Shizu. " Can't even unhook a bra ... you'll probably have to do it ... with the others." Shizu says carelessly as she manages to unhook easily.
" The others will what?" Yu questioned Shizu who turned to him, her d cup breasts catching Yu's attention causing him to gasp at the sight.
" Like what you see, huh? Pervert." Shizu muttered beneath her breath. " Shizu ... I ... um ... " Yu stuttered in embarrassment and arousal.

Unbuttoning her jeans as Shizu laid back with a devious grin on her lips, she felt superior, aroused, and compelling all in one. As she laid on the couch only in a pair of plain white panties that were soaked in her fluids. " W-what are you staring at, huh ...?!" Shizu muttered in an ashamed tone, her eyes darting away from Yu with rosy red cheeks. Yu held an uneasy grin on his lips as his heart thrashed erratically in his heart.
" Come on ..." Shizu breathed softly as she told herself repeatedly that it was just something with no strings, just like all the other times.

Yu took off his pants and boxer briefs, letting it fall behind the couch before any could go further Shizu exclaimed " N-not yet ... I need you to taste me first ..." Shizu insisted with a devious grin resting on her lips.
" Taste you?" Yu asked cluelessly.

" You know ... devour me ... I don't want to have to spell it out for you." Shizu answered slyly with a chuckle leaving her lips. Yu felt more sinful with every moment passing, he knew that his father would be ashamed and disappointed if he knew what he was doing. Slipping off her panties and throwing them onto the floor, as Shizu's cheeks grew more rigid.

Raising her legs onto his shoulders as he began to gently lick between her moist folds, his warm tongue heating her cold body as a loud gasp left her lips at the intense sensations. Yu eyes travel to her face, seeing her eyes shut tightly and her cheeks rigid, she appeared to be flustered. " Hurry up ..." Shizu demanded and Yu obeyed as he continued to gently lick between her folds before flicking his tongue on her rosebud causing a loud whimper to escape her lips.

Gripping the couch tightly as Yu continued to flick and jerk his tongue against her clit causing low yet soft moans to leave her lips. Heavy breaths soon left her lips as she only thought about what pleasure she was receiving from Yu.

" Ah ... mnh ... you're doing ... good ...!" Shizu says, praising Yu as he began to suck on her clit softly causing her to arch her back as a soft moan parted from her lips. The waves of warm ecstasy that flooded through her were beautiful ... it was numbing in a pleasurable way. Yu began to thrust his tongue deep inside of Shizu causing her to squirm at the warm tingling sensation. As heavy breaths left her body and her lips. " Suck on my clit ... Ah!" Shizu instructed Yu who went back to sucking on her clit, his cheeks burning up hotter than any fire and she tasted slightly sweet on his tongue. Shizu began to run her fingers through Yu's platinum blonde hair, soft long moans parted her lips as she felt her body tremble, she was close. Clenching her teeth tightly as her eyes remained tightly shut, just feeling all of the ecstasy, all of the pleasure.

" I'm ... ah ... so close ... ah ...! Stop! Get inside of me ... Oh!" Shizu commanded Yu who stopped the moment she said so, hovering above her body as her legs wrapped around his quivering warm body. Yu clenched his teeth tightly as he began to rub himself against Shizu who whimpered at the tease. Yu quickly pressed a delicate kiss against Shizu's lips for a few moments before pulling away from her, panting.

" I'm going to start ..." Yu says, informing her that he was going to enter her, nodding slowly as Yu pressed his forehead against hers, feeling his heavy breaths on her cool skin. Yu then drove himself slowly into Shizu, as she was so hot and tight wrapped around him, pulsating crazily.

" Ah ...!" Shizu whimpered wantonly as he slipped himself deep inside of her, stretching her to the brim as her nails dug deep into his skin, his blood at the tip of her nails. A loud gasp left his lips at the ocean that consumed him so tightly, throbbing deep inside of her as he remained still for a few moments before gently rolling his hips inside of Shizu.

" You're doing ... good ... mnh ...!" Shizu whimpered, soon feeling his head move to her shoulder as her arms wrapped around him delicately. " How ... does it ... feel?!" Shizu teased as Yu continued to gently thrust himself inside of her, feeling delirium inside of Shizu as did she sense it. " Ah .... you're so ... warm .... and tight ...!" Yu answered as whines and pants left his lips, as Shizu couldn't help but want him to go a bit faster.

" Go ... faster! Mnh!" Shizu mewled wantonly as she gripped onto him tightly, her body warming up to the waves of ecstasy and bliss she felt. Yu obeyed her commands, snapping his hips a few times as a loud gasp at the intense wave of bliss washed over him, why was something so sinful felt so ... good? Shizu gripped him tighter at the feeling of his passionate thrusts, whines and whimpers left her lips. Her body was
sweaty and her heart was thrashing so much in her chest.

" Mnh! God ... that feels so ... good ... more!" Shizu moaned out in bliss. Yu obeyed her commands once again, snapping his hips against her g-spot causing a loud whine to leave her lips as she bucked her hips against his. Absorbing and engrossing himself deep inside of her heated ecstasy, as soft moans left his lips at the immense waves of pleasure, their moans soon filled the living room.

It was either that no one cared or the living room was large enough that their moans weren't heard that well. Clenching her teeth as he continued to hit her g-spot, hearing her wanton whimpers and whines in his ear, gripping him tightly as Yu's voice soon became louder and stuttered, the closer he got to the edge.

" If you're close ... pull out ..." Shizu instructed as his thrusts grew rougher drawing out a loud moan from her lips at the waves of bliss she felt. Yu clenched his teeth as he was close to the edge, it was only a few minutes and he was already so close Shizu thought but he was a virgin so she figured that he'd learn to last longer as time went on.

Shizu clenched her teeth, feeling her stomach coil with a familiar feeling as an intense wave of euphoric bliss fled through her body. Yu was just moments away from the edge, pulling out of her as he began to stroke himself with a few swift strokes, he came onto her stomach. Shizu laid there panting as Yu had begun to wipe off the thick bitter liquid on her stomach, wiping onto the couch before looking for his clothing. Shizu knew that he wasn't her type, what kind of relationship they could have would be a friendly relationship or a friend with benefits one. Putting a headphone into her ear as classical music rung through her ears as Yu threw her clothes onto the couch. Slipping on his underwear and black slacks until he heard Ayako's voice ringing through his ears.

" I wanted to be his first time! Ugh! Why'd you do that, idiot?! Why don't you take responsibility for once?" Ayako barked towards Shizu who could care less, as she continued to put on her clothing whilst Ayako kept shit-talking her. Shizu continued to lie on the couch as Yu stood beside her, staring at Shizu who seemed to be pleased and content with herself. Ayako soon stopped when she realized that Shizu wasn't listening to her, she left with a loud and abrupt "Screw you!" before grabbing Yu's wrist as tight as she could, fuming with anger and rage.

"You're mine and no one else's and soon enough you'll realize that, you idiot. I'll ... I'll be your first everything, I was your first bite, the first one you laid eyes on ... ultimately, you'll be only mine." Ayako claimed, pushing Yu against a wall as her jade green eyes were locked onto him intensely. What would become of my life was all Yu thought to himself.