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"Fuck, not now!" Bakugou hissed angrily, ducking into an alleyway as his stomach cramped up viciously. He was early, his Heat was early. Tears pinpricked his vision, half in pain and half in frustration. He needed to get home but his phone was dead and the walk home would grow more and more impossible the longer he tried. He stumbled to his feet, nausea making his cramping stomach roll uncomfortably. He shrunk back against the brick wall of the building behind him for a moment.

That was when he smelt them.

Both of their scents were strong and so, so tantalizing. One was pine and cedar with a hint of sage, all encompassing. A tinge of Rut already seeping into it, an Alpha. The other was woodsmoke and rain but more reserved, a Beta. Bakugou's head swiveled in the direction that the scents were stronger, finding two men at the mouth of the alleyway.

The tallest (there was no way he was that fucking huge, Bakugou had to be dreaming) had a fluffy mess of green curls, equally green eyes, and freckles along his cheeks. His shirt was probably a size or two too small and he had on a pair of green joggers with red shoes, leaving nothing to the imagination of how toned he was.

The other man, the Beta, had an even more striking appearance. He was shorter than the first but still taller than Bakugou. His hair was long, his bangs touching his nose, and bicolored- the right side white like snow and the left crimson. Bakugou had only seen eyes like his on television or in science textbooks. His left eye was turquoise, the right a brownish grey. There was a large scar on the left side of his face, a burn. He wore a dark blue jacket with elbow length sleeves, the collar was high and joined in the center by a grey neck piece (fuck, did he not have anything on underneath?), with baggy pants of the same color and white boots.

They stood still for a moment before approaching slowly, cautiously. The Alpha knelt down next him, offering his wrist.

"Hello, Omega." He greeted. His voice was deep but nice, cheery even. Bakugou whined in response, hands coming up to grab hold of the Alpha's wrist and shove his nose against the glands there. He was slipping faster with them there. "Is this your first Heat?" Bakugou shook his head. "What's your name? How old are you? Do you know what today's date is?"

"Bakugou. I'm Bakugou Katsuki." The Omega answered. "I'm twenty-one and it's the fifteenth of March."

"That's good, you're still lucid." The Alpha praised. "You're such a good Omega, Kacchan." Bakugou felt his face heat up as he purred happily. The Alpha crooned in response.

"Alpha." The Beta called, grabbing both their attentions. His voice was deep- deeper than the Alpha's even- but calm, reserved like his scent. "We need to get him somewhere safe." The Alpha nodded before turning back to Bakugou and asking him where to go. Bakugou rattled off his address without a second thought. The Alpha scooped him up effortlessly and Bakugou let his scent wrap around him, soothing the Heat. 


He woke up just as they reached his door, Heat flaring to full affect. The Alpha's Rut was getting closer too. He was surprised the Beta was still sane and coherent with the combined smells so strong around him. It took Bakugou three tries to get the key in the front door but he managed, the Alpha crooning in praise as the door opened. The apartment was empty, his friends all either at work or out somewhere.

"Katsuki?" The Beta murmured, a strain to it. "You probably want to nest, yes?" Bakugou nodded, Heat making his movement sluggish, and made his way to his bedroom as quickly as possible. "Alpha." He heard the Beta say. "It's important to provide for our Omega, he's going to need lots of food and water." He heard the Alpha rumble in response.

Bakugou placed his phone on its charger then moved to rearrange his bed, pulling extra pillows and blankets from his closet. He spent some time on making his nest but it just wasn't right. There was something missing. He huffed in frustration.

Two sets of footsteps neared his room and he looked up to find both the Beta and Alpha in his doorway. They were both shirtless, toned muscles on full display. The Alpha's body seemed to be covered in scars. The Beta held their tops in his hand while the Alpha's arms were full of food and water bottles. The Beta's hand reached out, offering the clothes. Bakugou purred in delight, taking them and putting them in his nest. Perfect.

"When did you last eat? Do you remember?" The Beta asked as the Alpha placed the food and water on his desk.

"Mm...break." Bakugou answered after a moment. The Alpha passed over a snack bar and bottle of water.

"Finish." He ordered. As Bakugou ate his phone began to chime with notifications.

"Pack." He muttered as he reached over to grab his phone and text them back quickly.


Today 5:15 PM

Tape Arms
Anyone heard from Baku?

Bubblegum Bitch
Isn't he supposed to be with you and Denki?

Well yeah but we've been waiting for hours and he hasn't shown up.

That's not like him at all.

Shitty Hair
I can't get a hold of him!

Bubblegum Bitch

What if he got kidnapped?!

Tape Arms
They'd of sent him back

This is true... BAKUGOU!

Shitty Hair

Today 7:28 PM

Calm tf down. Early Heat

Shitty Hair
Shit Bakubro, you scared us

Bubblegum Bitch
Did you get home safe?

Do you need anything?

Im good. Got Alpha & Beta w me. Text when it breaks

Bubblegum Bitch

Way too go Baku!

Tape Arms
Happy fucking!


Bakugou all but threw his phone aside, the cramps were getting stronger and his body was heating up. He could already feel a headache coming on and slick was starting to pool at the seat of his pants. He breathed harshly, panting. His eyes were trained on the Alpha and Beta in front of him. The Beta moved first, stepping closer and leaning down over Bakugou.

"Would you like us to stay?" He asked. "Or we can go, if you don't want us here but we'd like to spend your Heat with've even put Alpha into a Rut." Bakugou opened his mouth, his tongue feeling like lead.

"Yeah." He answered. "Want."

"We'll give you what you want Kitten." The Beta responded before capturing Bakugou's mouth with his own. Bakugou groaned and grabbed hold of the Beta, pulling him into his nest on top of his body. The Beta's kisses were measured and he thwarted Bakugou's attempts to kiss him harder or bite. "Such a feisty little kitty cat." He sat up, taking Bakugou with him and helped the Omega out of his shirt. Goosebumps rose across Bakugou's chest and the Beta leaned down, taking Bakugou's right nipple in his mouth while his hand played with the left. The Omega gasped, his body arching to push his chest even further into the Beta's mouth. After a few minutes he switched.

"Knot." Bakugou demanded, his words slurred. "I want Alpha's knot." The Alpha growled, moving towards the edge of the bed. The Beta helped Bakugou out of his pants before moving to the desk and grabbing something. He gave it to the Alpha and Bakugou couldn't help but whine in disappointment once he realized it was a condom.

"Oh Kitten, it's okay." The Beta soothed as he climbed back between Bakugou's legs. "I know you want to be bred, fucked full with pups but not yet." He pushed two fingers into Bakugou's slick entrance, stretching them out. The Omega wailed, hips thrusting to fuck the Beta's fingers. "That's it Kitten, what a good Omega you are." A third finger joined the first two and then a forth.

"Ya tryna fit y'r whole fist in?" Bakugou asked, his head spinning. It felt so good but he didn't want a fist, he wanted a knot. He needed a knot. Why wasn't Alpha breeding him, knotting him?

"Alpha's a really big guy." The Beta purred. "We're both so tiny compared to him. He'll split you open but we don't want it to hurt, right Kitten? You want to feel good and hang off Alpha's knot like a good Omega." Bakugou nodded frantically, whining again. The Beta worked him, fingers curling and spreading. Bakugou cried out as the tips of the Betas fingers brush his prostate. "Is that it, Kitten? Did I find your sweet spot?"

"Yes!" Bakugou hissed, forcing his hips down faster. The Beta's hand shifted and suddenly he was rubbing against Bakugou's prostate. Bakugou came with a drawn out moan, his body going taut.

"Good." The Beta praised, moving to sit next to Bakugou. His bed was much to small for this and he lamented over that for a moment. "That should take some of the edge off." Bakugou felt like he was boneless, exhausted from the day. Between work, the onset of his Heat, and an orgasm he was suddenly exhausted. "Rest, another wave will hit soon enough." The Alpha seemed to be against letting the Beta have his rest though. He grabbed hold of the Beta, nearly tore the rest of his clothes off before turning him over on to his hands and knees. Bakugou was shocked to see the Alpha bury himself inside the Beta, a whine leaving his throat at the sight. "He- ah, Alpha fucked me before we ran into you." The Beta explained. "We hadn't seen each other for a few days, he was eager."

Bakugou felt his cock thicken as he watched the Alpha pound into the Beta. The Alpha was hunched over, his hulking body practically hiding the Beta's from view, his hands fisting the comforter. The Beta had dropped to his elbows, a constant moan on his lips, his body sliding along the sheets with the force of the Alpha's thrusts.

"Fuck." Bakugou groaned moving closer to stare at the Beta's blissed out face. The Alpha's eyes were on him, watching him even as he fucked into his Beta. The Beta, cheeks flushed and eyes dazed, leaned forward toward Bakugou. Their mouths slotted together messily, all teeth and tongue. The Alpha let out a low moan, his scent becoming even headier and urging the Beta and Omega on.

The Beta came with a loud keen, Bakugou was beginning to realize that despite his reserved personality he was very vocal during sex.

"Mate." The Alpha crooned happily, licking at the Beta's mating mark lovingly. He pulled away after a moment, letting the Beta's body rest comfortably on the mattress before turning his attention to Bakugou. The Omega felt his stomach turn in excitement at the dark look in the Alpha's eyes. His head swam with the scent of the Alpha. A strong Alpha in Rut. He'd give Bakugou exactly what he needed.

Bakugou is a fairly tall and muscular Omega but the Alpha dwarfed him easily and he was surprised to find that he kind of liked it. He turned quickly on to his front. Knees spread, back arched, shoulders practically smushed into the bed, thighs wet and glistening with slick. Presenting. The Alpha didn’t waste any time. With a croon of approval he was pressing in, in, in.

Bakugou wailed, his fingers scrambling for purchase.

The Alpha paused for a moment before pulling out and thrusting back in. His hand went to Bakugou's lower back and he pressed the Omega into the bed as his hips picked up speed. Bakugou's mouth dropped open, a constant whine of pleasure leaving his throat. He tried to force his hips back, to fuck himself on the Alpha's thick cock but the Alpha's hand kept him from gaining the necessary movement.

"Alpha!" Bakugou cried out when the large head of the Alpha's cock hit his prostate. The Alpha growled in reply, body hunching over as his hips piston into the Omega, hitting his prostate each and every thrust. Bakugou felt tears fill his eyes at the assault, drool starting to slide out the corner of his wide open mouth. Later, much later...after his Heat breaks, he was probably going to berate himself for how embarrassingly wanton he was being but for now he could care less. He was always like this during his Heat and he cared way more about getting this Alpha's knot than anything else. "Alpha, knot! Want it!" The Alpha's cock caught on the rim of Bakugou's hole as his knot started to form.

"Omega." The Alpha groaned, hips flush against Bakugou's as his knot popped fully. "Mine." He made a few small thrusts, come filling Bakugou over and over again. He turned them, Bakugou's smaller frame resting against his body as comfortably as they could get. Bakugou whined, watching the way his stomach distended slightly. Fuck, he swore he could see the outline of the Alpha's cock in his stomach. The Beta, who had been watching them with a glassy gaze slid forward, warm hand wrapping around Bakugou's dick and causing the Omega to crash through his second orgasm.

A routine built up. The Alpha fucked Bakugou into unconsciousness, the Omega's body going to the last viable option to achieve sleep. In the time he slept the Beta took care of his mate, letting the Alpha have his way until the wave of his Rut ended. By then Bakugou would be awake and the Beta, still cognizant even after the Alpha would fuck him into a stupor, would force them all to eat and drink. The Alpha would sleep then and the Beta would fuck Bakugou until the Alpha's next wave arrived. After that was when the Beta would succumb to sleep. He woke, they ate and drank, and then the fucking would continue. They lost track of time completely, no one truly having the attention span to pay mind to the time or day.


Bakugou woke groggily. His body sore in a telltale way, his sheets soiled. He was sweating but felt cool for the first time in days, a sign of his Heat fever breaking. His stomach no longer cramped but growled quietly in hunger. His headache was gone, his mind alert. He was lucid and cognizant. He also had to piss, his mouth was rancid, and he needed a shower...a bath actually, he definitely needed to soak his muscles.

It was as he climbed out of his nest that he realized something was missing.

The Alpha and Beta were gone.

Bakugou huffed angrily, unsure why it bothered and disappointed him that the two were gone. Probably some stupid Omega shit.

He emerged from his room an hour later fresh faced and back to normal. He heard the chatter of voices coming from the front of his apartment. Though it was only him, Kirishima, and Ashido actually living in the apartment, the rest of his friends made an almost regular appearance especially Sero and Kaminari who were dating Kirishima.

"He lives!" Ashido screamed when he entered the kitchen.

"Shut the fuck up, Devil Bitch." Bakugou groaned, grabbing his favorite cereal off the top of the fridge and sliding the fridge open to grab the milk.

"You had us so worried!" Hagakure stated from where she was sprawled out on the living room couch.

“Yeah, well I’m fucking fine.” Bakugou grumbled, grabbing a bowl and spoon.

“We can see that.” Sero snickered as he watched Bakugou fill up his bowl. “That’s quite the work of hickies you got.”

“Die.” Bakugou hissed before shoving a spoonful of cereal in his mouth.

“How was it?” Kaminari asked. “What’d they look like?”

“They were hot as fuck.” Bakugou said simply through a mouthful of cereal.

“Don’t rush to tell us all at once, Bakubro.” Kirishima laughed. “It’s not like you weren’t out for a week or anything.”

“WHAT?!” Bakugou shouted, his eyes widening. “The fuck do you mean a week?”

“Today’s the twenty-second.” Ashido answered.

“There’s no fucking way!” Bakugou replied in disbelief, checking his phone. Surely enough there is was right in his home screen. March 22nd. Seven fucking days after his Heat first hit.

“You should probably go see a doctor, Baku.” Kaminari instructed.

“Yeah, your Heat hitting early is one thing but lasting seven days as well?” Hagakure continued. “That’s brutal.”

“Plus you gotta make sure you got all your necessary nutrients and shit.” Sero added.

“They took care of me.” Bakugou growled, lips pulled back to bare his teeth. His- the Alpha and Beta made sure he had everything, who the fuck was Sero to insinuate that they were lacking? Bakugou didn’t fuck weaklings or anyone lacking.

“Whoa, Bakubro!” Krishima spoke up, standing in front Sero protectively. “No one’s saying your Heat Mates weren’t good, calm down.” Bakugou blinked, the growl cutting off immediately. What the fuck?

“So what’s their names?” Ashido asked. “Are you gonna see them again?”

“I have no idea who the fuck they were.” Bakugou answered truthfully, still not sure why that made him want to scream.

“WHAT?” Several voices shout at the same time.