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Magic has its Key

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     Jungkook hummed quietly to himself as he padded along the forest, paying close attention to the path he was taking and the way the the thick vegetation was shaped. If you were to ask anyone who knew nothing about the forest, they would answer with "it's beautiful" or something along those lines. However, the locals, including Jungkook, knew the dangers that lurked deep into the forest's core. Witches to be exact.


     Though witches were known to be terrible creatures by humans, you couldn't possibly deny the fact that everyone would see a witch at some point-- whether it be just walking around, visiting it for a trade, or just to visit it for relaxation. Witches were great with blending into the environment. But, they were better at something else. Magic.


     Any human would be lying if they were to say they weren't impressed with another's magic. Magic was a rare thing in humans, only a few elders and children holding unique powers, but it certainly wasn't rare in the forest-- not with witches and faes like Jungkook himself.


     Jungkook came to a stop as he spotted a little cottage in the distance. The reason he came here made his stomach clench uneasily. A love potion, or perhaps a lust potion... it was rare, only a few witches being able to produce such a thing, but perhaps this witch knew. He only needed it for his crush. After all, courting would soon begin in his fae town, which would include any kind of creature.


    He looked down at his bare feet and studied the forest ground below him while the corners of his lips tugged down into a small frown. Was he really going to do this? The potion was something he wanted-- no, needed. He needed it. How else would his crush fall in love with him? He swallowed his saliva and looked up, eyeing the cottage cautiously.


     The cottage was indeed cute, made out of dark logs-- perhaps from the oak trees around them-- that made a simple square-like base and then a triangle-like pointed top. There was a porch, too, which had a few small chairs towards the left and both large and tiny pots of plants towards the right. The door that the cabin had was also made out of the rich wood from the forest, though it seemed more modern. Not to mention the most important thing; vines decorated almost the whole surrounding area of the cottage, only dripping off the roof and railings that were laid neatly on the edge of the neat porch.


     Jungkook gave a small sigh and balled his hands into fists, hanging them at his sides as he padded towards the cottage, his bare feet tapping lightly against the light stone rocks that led to the porch. This is it. He realized. There was no going back after this. Never. Hopefully, everything would work out correctly. If not... then he'd probably be dead and possibly used as a main ingredient in the witch's soup-- because that's what they did, right?


     Oh well. Either way, he would probably be tricked into something. At least, that's what he had always been told. He had been taught that witches were cunning, evil creatures that lied to get what they wanted. Was that true? He would find out soon.


     Jungkook paused once he reached the end of the stone path. He stared up at the cottage, his gentle, light brown orbs resting upon the door. His chest felt heavy, as if he were doing something wrong. But... he wasn't, right? Nervously, he licked his lips and slowly walked up the porch, halting in front of that big door and raising a fist, knocking on it after a moment of hesitation.


   Immediately, he heard rustling from instead the little home, followed by a quick "coming!" It took a moment, but when the door opened, Jungkook was left breathless. Standing in front of him was perhaps the prettiest person he had ever seen.


     The person before him was average height, only slightly shorter than himself, and had what looked like an ash-purple hair color, along with dark brown orbs and baby-looking skin. What he wore was something simple, but seemed so formal at the same time; a white dress shirt, tight black jeans that hugged the large curves of his thighs, black polished dress shoes, and then a black cloak to top it off.


     Definitely not what the fae expected.


     Jungkook must have been staring for too long because the witch tsked and leaned back impatiently on one foot. "Gonna stand there like a deer in head lights or are you gonna explain what you're here for?" He snapped, nose scrunching up slightly and his sharp eyes scanning him over, which caused Jungkook to now be conscious of his overall actions.


     "I- um- yeah." He rushed out, words breathy and quick. Probably sounded like gibberish. "I... I came here for a potion." He informed slowly. He nodded his head after he spoke. Yeah, those words sounded right this time.


    "And what kind of potion?" The witch pushed, his own eyes scanning over the fae quickly before he locked eyes with him.


     Jungkook blushed slightly and fiddled with his hands behind him back. "A... love potion, or perhaps a lust potion. Can you do that?" He asked curiously, his big eyes focusing on the way the witch's jaw had a sharp edge. Absolutely breathtaking.


     The witch snorted at that and stepped back, opening up the door wider and inviting Jungkook in with a light wave of his hand in the air. "Of course I can. Come in, kid."


     Jungkook obeyed, scurrying inside, of course wiping his bare feet at the little mat that had a moon on it at the center before stepping aside and looking around curiously.


    The inside was just like he expected. There were many many shelves along most of the walls. Some were very neatly lined with bottles or jars that held liquid-like things and perhaps something glittery, while the other shelves were just a mess of little plants and what looked like herbs. Besides the shelves, there were also pots of plants that hanged, giving the room a small pop. Beautiful.


     Jungkook breathed out a small gasp of awe as he continued to look around, trying to take in any details he could. The floor was wooden, perhaps made with the same wood that was used for the cottage, oak, and the same with the walls. Though, there was a tiny section on the cottage that had small square floor tiles and a few walls of stone. Interesting...


     "So," The witch hummed as he shut the door and waved at hand at Jungkook while he walked over to one of his many shelves, particularly a messy one, and grabbed a large, heavy, red book from it. "Please fill out your name, birth date, and home town." He stated, walking over to a desk nearby and setting the book down with a thump.


     The fae obeyed, instantly scampering on over and grabbing the red pen the witch offered him. He opened up the book and was met with many many many names filled out. And that was just the first page. He glanced up at the witch and then back down at the book. He must be good then...


     He flipped through the many pages and once he found a page that had a blank line for his own name, which was towards the end of the book, he hesitated for a bit. Was he really going to do this? Giving his crush... a  potion... to make him fall in love with himself. It was selfish, but Jungkook was desperate. He wanted-- no, needed-- that potion. He needed his crush's love.


     Jungkook sighed through his nose with a large exhale before he began signing his name into that blank line of the book, his hands shaky, yet his writing neat. He wrote his name neatly, along with his birth date-- month, date, and year-- and then his hometown.


     The witch leaned over to peek at the book once the fae had set the pen down and backed away. "A fae, huh?" He seemed to smile at that as he looked at male before him. "In that case, you may call me Jimin."


     "Jimin," Jungkook murmured softly, toes curling against the wooden floor at how the name seemed to roll off his tongue perfectly. Jimin. What a beautiful name for such a creature....


     The witch, Jimin, gave a small nod and grabbed the book, shutting it closed and setting it back onto the shelf it was on. “Yes, that’s me.” He hummed. “Now, a love potion... that’s tricky.”


     Jungkook frowned some at that. Would he even get the potion? The witch just said he could make that. He glanced down at his feet and then back up at Jimin. "Is it that hard to make?" He asked curiously.


     The witch gave a small nod as he turned to look at the fae. "It is, i'm afraid." He admitted. "You will be the one making it, not me. I'll only be here to guide you through it.


     His eyes widened, because holy shit, he'd be making the potion? Not the witch? Not the one who was supposed to make it in the first place?


     Jungkook's face must have been filled with completely shock because Jimin gave a small laugh and pointed towards the corner of the room that had tile floors and stone walls. "It's a love potion, so it must come from you, not from me, kid."


   Slowly, Jungkook nodded. Okay, that made more sense now. He walked over towards that little corner of the room and examined the white desk that sat there by running his fingers over it. Smooth surface, yet cold. Was this marble? They didn't have marble in fae towns...


     Jimin walked on over and lightly pushed Jungkook into the little white stool that was seated in front of the desk. "Wait a bit, please." He hummed as he turned to grab a few things from the many shelves. The fae took this time to admire the way the witch's smaller body. It moved swiftly, and with his long legs, his movements seemed elegant. Not to mention the perfect curve of his thighs. And oh-- his ass. It looked like a bubble. A very perky bubble.


     Jungkook blushed and looked down at his lap, ashamed of his thoughts. He was here for a love potion for his crush, not to eye-rape the poor witch that was giving him what he wanted. Gosh, he was terrible. He hid his face in his hands in embarrassment and pressed his fingers to his temples.


     "Little fae," Jimin called ever so sweetly. Jungkook looked up from between his fingers, peeking over at the male. He stood on a tiny wooden stool and was pointing up towards one of the higher shelves. "Can you hold me up so I can grab my supplies?"


     The fae nodded, quickly jumping up from his chair and zooming over to the witch. He glanced up at the shelf in front of him. This one was one of the neat ones; laid out on the dark wood surfaces were what looked like a few spices and dried herbs, but what the witch was pointing to was a jar filled with-- was that pixie dust?


     Jungkook stared at the jar uncertainly, but wrapped his hands diligently around Jimin's small waist, slowly lifting him up into the air. And damn, was he light. Almost as light as a feather.


     Jimin stretched his arms out and jutted his bottom lip out in a slight pout. "Still can't reach it, Jungkookie." He said with a slight whiny tone. He glanced down at the boy below him and then at the jar in front of him.


     The fae nodded slowly, almost whimpering as he lifted Jimin up higher. Which meant... in front of him, that lovely curvy ass was in front of him now. Directly in eye-view. Just like he had figured from afar, it was curvy and indeed a bubble. Oh, but this was wrong. It was so wrong. He shouldn't be doing this. He shouldn't be looking at the witch like this. He shouldn't--


     There was a sudden buzz running through Jungkook's mind, and then a shock ran through his body. Jungkook gasped, his eyes tightening around Jimin's waist as he tried to still himself. What had just happened? He was just fine... did something shock him?


     "You can put me down now." Jimin said softly, breaking Jungkook's train of thought. He set the witch down and took a step back, sheepishly eyeing him.


     Jimin made his way back to that corner and set the jar down on the desk. Jungkook followed and slid back into his seat.


     "I'm sure you know how witches work, right?" Jimin hummed as he opened up the jar carefully and set the lid aside. He glanced up at the boy's face and frowned slightly. "No? Well... it's a bargain, kid. You give me something I want, and in return, I will give you what you wanted."


     Jungkook nodded slowly and squirmed in his seat. "Okay." He murmured softly. That seemed about right to him.


     Jimin raised a hand and brushed Jungkook's brown fringe away from his face. "Close your eyes and sit still for me. Since you wanted a love potion, go ahead and think about your crush for me." He ordered as he moved around again. "Whatever you do, don't open your eyes."


     Like the good kid he was, the fae shut his eyes and leaned back in his seat, trying to get comfortable. He thought about his crush-- that smile that he wanted to see everyday, the way he wanted those big hands of his to roam his own body, and the way his crush's green orbs reflected beautifully in the water.


     This continued on for a bit, Jungkook just thinking about his crush and listening to the sounds of Jimin shuffling around. But then he felt something strange. It felt like claws scraping up against his mind, as if they were trying to scoop up his thoughts and brush them away. Well, it worked pretty well because Jungkook panicked instantly.


     He let out a small squeak and sat up slowly, the pulse in his neck pounding loudly in his ears as he gripped either side of his head with both hands. He tugged and tugged at his brown locks, a small whimper shaking his body. It hurt.


     What was going on?


     But then he felt something different now. Instead of claws, Jungkook felt a sense of calmness run over him, which was followed with relief. He slumped back in his seat again, eyes still shut closed. The thoughts of his crush were gone. Instead, they were replaced with the imagery of him and someone else walking along his local park. On closer inspection, it was Jimin. What was Jimin doing in his mind?


     The scene faded, leaving Jungkook slightly dizzy. It was replaced with a new scene now, him and Jimin eating dinner at the fancy BBQ restaurant near his home.


     Again, that one faded. Jungkook took his time to think about it now. Why was Jimin in his mind? And why were these scenarios of the witch and him in his head?


     Jungkook didn't even get to finish his thought when a new scenario was laid out before him. More like Jimin being laid out before him. In his fuzzy brain, was the image of Jimin folded beautifully in half over the same bed Jungkook slept in at night. He was presenting himself, perky ass up in the air and pretty tears running down his cheeks. He was staring at Jungkook, and it looked like he was sobbing and whimpering words, but he couldn't hear them.


     The fae felt himself grow hard at the scene.


     As soon as he felt himself harden, the image was gone instantly. Slowly, he peeled open his eyes and looked up through his lashes.


     There Jimin sat on top of the desk with a mischievous smile, completely naked with his legs spread out to show off his chubbed up member that stood tall against his belly-- not to mention the abs the witch had. "So," He purred out, slowly leaning forward. He shook a small bottle in front of him and smiled even wider. "What do you say, Jungkookie?" The bottle he held up swished around with pink liquid mixed with a bit of red inside.


     Jungkook opened his mouth to speak, but... he couldn't speak the words he wanted to. He wanted to say "no!" but instead the word "yes" left his lips. He gasped and jolted forward, desperate hands reaching for Jimin's thighs.


     "Not so fast, little one." Jimin cooed, setting the bottle down between his legs and grabbing onto both of the fae's hands. He stared down at him with a warm, welcoming gaze, but Jungkook new deep down that this wasn't him doing this. Jimin was making him do this.


     Jungkook whimpered, his eyes squeezing shut as he tried to think about his crush instead. But he couldn't. It was as if it were forbidden in his eyes. In his brain. He wasn't able to think about his crush... When he tried to, only Jimin filled up his mind.


     Jungkook felt those claws grip at his mind again and balled up his hands into fist as he tried to fight it off. But he couldn't. He felt body went ridgid in his seat and then... it was silent. Too silent for comfort.


     Jimin knew what he was doing. One by one, he was slowly removing the memories of Jungkook's crush from the boy's mind. Oh, he was so so naive.


     Once he plucked the last one from his mind, he removed himself from his mind and smiled down at him. "How do you feel, little one?"


     Jungkook slowly opened up his eyes and glanced around. He sat up ever so slightly, the corner of his lips tugging down into a frown while his brows pulled together.


     "You don't remember, baby?" Jimin cooed softly. Jungkook looked up into those eyes and only saw warmth. He craved it. He whined and plunged himself forward, face burying itself into Jimin's hard chest.


     The witch chuckled softly and ran one hand through the fae's hair. "It's alright... baby was supposed to please his master." He said to Jungkook, still holding that beautiful smile of his that made his eyes turn up into little crescent moons and his nose scrunch up like a little bunny. Adorable.


     Jimin scooped up Jungkook's face into his hands and cupped his jaw gently, leaning down to press a small kiss to his forehead. "Think you can suck me off, baby?"


     Jungkook nodded eagerly and shook his head from Jimin's hands. He lowered his head down to the witch's belly. Any thoughts from before vanished. Now, he was only focused Jimin-- his now apparent master.


     Carefully, the fae parted his lips and took Jimin into his wet cavern. He suckled on the tip like a lollipop, his movements quick and swift, almost as if they were like memory. But they weren't. He had never done something like this before. He gave a small whine, which sent vibrations straight down to the witch's cock, and slowly took more of him in.


     His jaw went slack slightly as he opened his mouth wide, trying to take Jimin all the way in. He wasn't that big length wise, but oh man, he was certain big width wise. His cock was average length, maybe just a centimeter or two longer, but his girth was certainly way wider.


     He swallowed the length swiftly and opened up his throat like his mind tells him to. Thinking about it, Jungkook sorta liked it-- to be opened up like that, mouth stretched, and eagerly swallowing down against the cock in his mouth.


     He kept on sucking, bobbing his head quickly in an up-and-down motion while his heart was beating wildly in his chest. His attention is focused on the dick in his mouth, but he couldn't help but shiver when he felt Jimin lean over to smooth a palm down his back.


     "So pretty," Jimin whispered softly as he lightly tugged at the hem of the fern green tunic Jungkook wore. He slipped that same hand under it and dragged his nails up his back, causing the boy below him to mewl and arch his back up against the touch.  He slid his hand along smoothly along the soft skin, just working his way slowly around to the light brown buds that belonged to the fae.


     Jungkook groaned lowly around the length as he felt one of Jimin's fingers pinch and tug at his left nipple. His hips jerked up needily, his hands pressing themselves against the fabric of his jeans to try and care for his own cock.


     Jimin used to free hand to grip onto Jungkook's luscious brown locks, forcing him to pull away from his cock. The fae whined at this and stared at the witch with his huge, hungry doe eyes. "Not so fast, baby." He cooed, pressing a small kiss to Jungkook's puffy lips. "You can't just suck me off."


     "'S good." Jungkook slurred as he looked down at Jimin's cock and then back up at him. He licked his lips and leaned forward, dragging his tongue across his master's own plump lips. He gave a little giggle and inhaled deeply, his eyes rolling back into his head as his palm pressed up against the fabric of his jeans.


     Jimin let go of Jungkook's hair and jumped off the desk, pushing Jungkook back against the seat he sat in. "Master's gonna make you feel good, baby." He whispered softly as he moved those hands away from the jeans and worked on unzipping them. He slipped the clothing off of his baby's legs and tossed them aside as he slid himself into his lap, grinding his hips down against Jungkook's cock that was hidden in the fabric of his under wear.


     Jungkook mewled softly at the friction and bucked his hips up into Jimin's, little pants and whimpers leaving his lips as he tried his best to get off with what he had.


     Jimin pushed his hips back down and grabbed onto the waistband of his under wear, tugging them down some. Instantly, the cock sprung free and stood in the chill air, hard and vein-y for the witch. Only for the witch.


     He gave an embarrassed whine as he felt the witch's hand wrap around his length, squeezing it lightly. Teasing. A fucking tease.


     Jimin used that hand to hold Jungkook's cock steady as he slowly slunk down onto it, his head tossing back with a small moan.


     "Fuck," Jungkook whimpered, thighs quivering at the feeling of Jimin's walls stretching around his cock. "fuckfuckfuck..." His hips buckled and staggered weakly as he desperately thrusted up into that warmth that enveloped his cock perfectly.


     Before Jungkook knew it, he was coming. Cum rushed out from the tip of his cock head and he could feel himself spill into Jimin. Those gorgeous doe eyes of his rolled back into his head, long eyelashes fluttering prettily while a pathetic breathy moan left his lips.


     "Cute." Jimin hummed as he brushed one hand across Jungkook's cheek. He pressed their lips together and moved them gently along the fae's, causing them both to moan together.


     Jimin rolled his hips forward and groaned against Jungkook's lips as he fucked himself down on the dick he seemed to loved so much.


     He knew what he had done. He knew what he had done to Jungkook.


     He had taken any memories from the boy's mind with his crush and crushed them, replacing them with him together instead. What could he say? The fae was a beautiful boy, and Jimin didn't run across many faes. Not with them being solitary creatures.


     Jimin continued to fuck himself on Jungkook's cock, using him for his own pleasure. Somewhere along the way, he slurred and blurted out things about how beautiful and how much of a good boy he was.


     Jimin pressed their foreheads together and slowed down the pace of his hips as he ran his nose along the side of Jungkook's cheek. He gave a small gasp when the fae squeaked in surprise, one hand quickly coming up to cover up his eye.


     "Oh, I'm sorry baby!" He rushed out quickly as he hurriedly placed kisses to his baby's face. His nose must have accidentally poked him in the eye.


     It didn't hurt, but Jungkook's eyes welded up with small tears. He lowered his head and buried his face into Jimin's neck, keeping him close for comfort. His little brain was just flipping out.


     Jimin nibbled at his bottom lip as he brushed one hand through Jungkook's hair, his eyes slowly shutting as he did his best to comfort him. Well... this was unplanned.


     "Hey," He whispered softly, "I'll give you a treat if you look a me."


      Jungkook side glanced at him, eye aching a bit. He sat up slowly and sat back in his seat, eyes lowered on Jimin's hard cock.


     "Good boy." Jimin murmured. He lowered one hand to Jungkook's belly and lightly pressed down on just about where his bladder would be. 


     The fae whined and squirmed, hips bucking up. "No! Jimin-- can't! Ughn," His body went slack as he pissed right then and there, filling the witch up once again. He whimpered softly as he quickly got worked up yet again.


     It was too much. Too much for him. Feeling the way Jimin's walls were stretched out around his length and the way they clenched around him. The way his seed from earlier and piss had filled him up good.


     Jungkook whined loudly, head tossing back as he came again, cum spilling into the witch and filling him up even more.


     Jimin laughed softly and planted a sloppy kiss to his cheek. "Such a good boy." He cooed. Slowly, he stood up from Jungkook's lap, piss and cum trickling down his thighs as he slowly backed up. "Who's are you, Jungkookie?"


     "Your's." The fae answered instantly, voice quiet and breathy.


     "And who do you belong to?" The witch pressed further on.


     Jungkook whimpered, cock aching as he looked at him dead in the eye. "You."


     Jimin smirked with satisfaction. Jungkook was his now and would forever be his. Would never belong to that stupid crush of his. Would never belong to his family. No one. Only Jimin.