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That isn’t a Flesh Wound

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“If you want to be a hero so bad, pray that you will get a quirk in the next life and take a swan dive off the roof.”

Bakugo sneered, clenching his fists tighter as he walked with the two extras behind him through an alleyway. For once, he regretted the words he said. Sure, he wanted Deku to know that he couldn’t be a hero, but maybe he shouldn’t have phrased it that way. Hell, Deku looked even more defeated today when I threw his notebook out the window, I probably didn’t even have to say that before I left.

‘Dammit,’ Bakugo thought before he kicked a soda bottle out of his way.

“Oh goodie, a new body candidate to hide inside of. Perfect.” A slimy voice said from behind him. Bakugo heard his groupies run away when he started to be enveloped in some gross ass smelling green sludge.

“Fucking wimps!” Bakugo shouted at the retreating figures of his two extras. Bakugo started to let off explosions, trying to get away from the slimy fucker as the sludge tried to get into his mouth.

He let off explosion after explosion, making fires happen all around him. And he watched people just standing there. One of the water heroes was trying to put out the fires will their quirk. One giant lady was holding back people. Then there was a huge crowd of people and two heroes just watching him struggle against the sludge. Again and again, he tried to get rid of the sludge as it tried to get inside of him.

He started choking on the slime, looking out to all the people watching him just suffer. ‘Are all of those extras just going to watch and not do anything?!’

He was basically choking to death and no one was helping him! He felt the sludge making its way through his nostrils and throat when he threw one desperate glare into the crowd before slinking his gaze to the ground.

All of a sudden, a backpack hit the sludge villain in the eye. Bakugo looked up to see Deku scraping his hands through the sludge to try to free him.

‘Deku?!’ Bakugo thought as his bullying victim tried his hardest to wrench Bakugo out of the sludge.

Deku had a fierce look on his face as he pulled at Bakugo’s arm to free him. At the time, Bakugo didn’t notice the tears gathering at his eyes or the sad smile on his face as he tried to rip him out. Bakugo didn’t notice the scratches on Deku’s face.

He didn’t notice a lot of things before All Might came to punch the villain away from him.


‘How come he saved me?’ Bakugo thought as he looked over a Deku with a glance. He watched Deku shrink into himself as the two heroes who didn’t do anything berated him on acting instead of thinking. He didn’t notice how Deku seemed out of it while the heroes continued to ridicule him for even trying anything since he was quirkless.

‘What do those two nobody heroes know? They didn’t even try to help me out, they just watched with the rest of them. Like they were waiting for someone else to save me.’ Bakugo scoffed at the two heroes as Deku walked away from them. Deku threw a sad smile over to Bakugo before continuing in his walk.

Bakugo could have sworn he saw a strange sunflower hair looking guy slink off somewhere when Deku walked off.

‘Whatever, it’s not like he saved me or anything. All Might saved me, Deku just stuck his hand into things when he could have gotten hurt.’ Bakugo thought to himself as one other thought betrayed his inner thinking.

‘But he was the only one to try and save me first. Nobody else did.’

Bakugo clenched his fists, ‘Whatever. I’m just going to talk to that nerd on the way home.’


“Where is that stupid nerd?” Bakugo thought out loud, tapping his foot against the pavement. He was carrying his own backpack with Deku’s backpack since the nerd left it behind when he walked off. This was strange since he never left his hero analysis behind, even though this one had water and fire damage. He winced, yeah might need to get him a new one after this.

“He should have been here by now, it’s not that much of a fucking walk. Did he get lost or something?” Bakugo finally noticed a bad feeling growing in his stomach as he wondered where Deku could be.

“Where is he?” Bakugo wondered. Just then, Bakugo looked up to see flashing lights and sirens headed towards where he was.

“Hmm, who died this time?” Bakugo scoffed, following the route the emergency vehicles were taken.
Bakugo’s cocky smirk dropped when he saw the vehicles make a turn that led to his middle school.

‘If you want to be a hero so bad…’

“Wait…” Bakugo commented, his eyes widened in when he remembered what he said.

‘...pray that you will get a quirk in the next life and….’

“No, that isn’t possible. He wouldn’t take it to heart. I didn’t mean it, he should know!” Bakugo argued with himself, his feet slowly starting to move in the same direction.

‘...take a swan dive off the roof!’

“No!” Bakugo yelled out, running after the vehicles fading sirens.

When Bakugo started running after the sirens, a certain tall blonde noticed how the young teen sounded desperate. He looked at the fading figure.

“Isn’t that the boy that the kid saved? Where is he headed? Oh! Maybe he is going to meet up with the young boy! I’ll just follow him, and that must be the way to find the young one again!” Toshinori said, before taking off in the direction of the young teen. Jogging fast to keep up with the pace, not realizing that the teen and the sirens were heading in the same direction.

‘And when I see him again, I can apologize and offer him the position as my successor,’ Toshinori thought. ‘I do hope the boy can forgive me for my harsh words to him.’

Bakugo ran right through the main entrance of the school, surveying the area wildly.

His breath was heavy, whipping his head all around. He saw too many people on top of the rooftop, holding up a pair of shoes and a piece of paper. He saw too many lights flashing in his eyes as EMTs came out of the ambulance. He heard too many voices from the two nobody heroes that watched him choke and a few police officers talking about some tragedy.

His red gaze came to a stop at the bottom of the building. His breath halted when he saw the white sheet covering a body. He looked back at the rooftop to see one of the investigators holding a pair of red shoes. He looked back down to the sheet to see a peek of green curls showing through the top.

Bakugo felt the sting of tears before they began to roll down his cheeks.

“This can’t be real..this can’t be happening… No. No! NO!” Bakugo shouted as he began to run to the EMTs when they placed the unmoving body on the stretcher. He felt himself being held back.

“I’m sorry, young man, but I can’t allow you to-,”

“LET ME GO! Deku! IZUKU!! NO!” Bakugo struggled in his grip, trying to explode himself off the man before another two pairs of hands held him back from activating his quirk.

“Sir, please.”

“You fuckers don’t understand! IZUKU! He can’t be fucking dead, he can’t! IZUKU, FUCK8NG WAKE-UP!” Bakugo shouted, trying to move towards the ambulance.

“They tried everything, kid. The young boy didn’t make it from the fall. Did you know him?”

Bakugo sniffed angrily, turning his glare back to him. “Let go of me.”

“We can’t let you-,”

“HIS NAME IS MIDORIYA IZUKU! HE WAS QUIRKLESS! HE WAS THE ONLY FUCKING FRIEND I HAD THAT ACTUALLY CARED! NOW I LOST HIM! NOW FUCKING LET GO OF ME!” His request was met finally when he could slip away from their grasp to run over to the ambulance. They cried out after him as he made his way to the back of the vehicle.

“Stop. We can’t let you-,”

“I, not only one that can provide his identity and contact information to his mother. My parents are out as emergency contacts as well. He has no ID on him since he left his backpack with me. Now, let me inside.” Bakugo retorted angrily, making the workers move out of the way for him to get on.

The remorseful heroes and silent officers watched Bakugo hang his head as the doors closed.

‘It’s all my fault,’ Bakugo thought regretfully, tears streaming down his cheeks silently. ‘He is dead because of me.’


Toshinori blames himself.

He followed the explosive teen to a middle school only to find out that the boy he just met today had committed suicide.

The boy who he rescued from dying by the sludge villain.

The boy looked happy when he signed his notebook.

The boy who looked so hopeful when he asked if he could become a hero..

The boy who looked so heartbroken when he said no.

He broke the boy’s dreams, only for the same boy to act like a hero and try to save his friend.

The boy who inspired him to take action as All Might beyond his limits and rescue the two.

The boy who he had finally found a true successor in. He was so sure that the boy was perfect to be one a hero with the selfless way he acted.

The same boy he waited to see again.

The young boy who he hoped to see again when he followed the other.

The very same boy’s body now lies on a stretcher, motionless. No sign of that brave grin he saw when he tried to save the
other. No sign of the enthusiastic voice the boy drew him in with when he rambled about his fight with Toxic Chainsaw.

The boy, the perfect hero to be his successor, was dead.

And it was all his fault because he said no…


That day, Midoriya Izuku died.

That night, two blondes blamed themselves, crying out for the young boy whose smile would never grace their life again.

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To say Inko is devastated was an understatement. She was making her son’s favorite meal for dinner that day. She was just starting to worry about where he was and why he was late for dinner when she got the call.

“Hello? Is this Midoriya Inko?” A somber voice said from the phone.

“Yes?” Inko asked, positioning the phone between her cheek and neck to pick up a rice bowl.

Their voice wavered, “It’s about your son, Midoriya Izuku.”

Inko paled, already fearing the worst that her baby was hurt, “What is it?”

And when the person on the other side of the line told her what had happened, the rice bowl in her hands tipped over onto the ground. Tears streamed down her face as her legs gave out on her from the heartbreaking news. The phone call soon ended after that when the speaker gave her the address to the hospital where they were bringing him.

“I’m sorry for your loss. We deeply regret not being able to make it in time.” The voice said before the phone call cut off into a long beep.

Midoriya Inko kneeled on the kitchen floor with salty tears rolled down her cheeks when she finally broke down. She sobbed into her hands on the chilling tile with cold food on the dinner table. A table set for two.

Her baby was gone.

Her eyes burned as she let out an anguished cry.

Her son was dead.


Bakugo’s parents were there for Inko when she had to make the funeral preparations since the hospital could hold Izuku’s body for another week or so. Mitsuki helped her with making decisions as Masaru lends her a shoulder to cry on.

It was ridiculous making someone who recently lost a loved one pick out from the most fucking expensive pieces of shitty wooden caskets. His mother expressed these thoughts making Inko laugh even for the smallest moment. Masaru decided to just go for a simple wooden casket that was the least expensive since he knew that his nephew didn’t care for anything too fancy. Inko and Mitsuki agreed with the decision, which left the rest of that weekend to plan the funeral for the following Saturday.

Inko had decided ahead of time to put Izuku in one of his father’s old suits, but Masaru volunteered to add one of his own tuxedos from when he was young. Mitsuki combined Masaru’s suit jacket and pants with Hisashi’s tie and shirt to dress Izuku in.
Bakugo was left out of most of the decisions for the funeral.

He felt numb.

Every time he closed his eyes he lived a nightmare. From him dying from the sludge villain to watching Izuku die right in front of him. He had nightmares of Izuku smiling at him before falling backward off the roof.

He didn’t feel like a hero. When he grew up, he kept getting pampered by saying how he had the perfect quirk, how he was so strong, and how he would be a great hero.

No one was there to tell him to stop being a complete ass.

He no longer felt like the best. He just feels guilt from being one of the main reasons that Izuku was gone. He felt angry at himself for letting this happen when he could have just been a better fucking friend.

He felt sad when he realized that he didn’t have a chance to apologize.

How could he even imagine being a hero when he couldn’t even save Izuku?


While his parents dealt with the immediate issues with Inko, he went to school with a small flower to put on Izuku’s desk.

The two extras that used to follow him, the same ones that ran away when he got captured by the sludge villain, didn’t pay him any attention anymore. Which was good, they weren’t really friends. They were just cowards that probably used his quirk for protection.

During lunch, he heard people talking about how maybe Izuku was pushed off the building. They started to spread rumors about how maybe he was the one who pushed him off the roof. The guilt in his brain kept telling him it was basically the same since he told Deku to jump.

The groupies he had quickly shifted over with the rumors, spreading their own fake tales about how Bakugo killed Deku but framed it as a suicide.

And he couldn’t do anything about it since he deserved it. He was being bullied just like Izuku was when he was still here. This was his punishment.

Each day was the same for the whole week. He brought in a new flower for Izuku’s desk to show respect. Everyone ignores him until he goes home.

And when he goes home, he gets home to an empty house since his parents are helping Inko pack most of Izuku’s stuff away. They weren’t going to deal with financial things until after the funeral.

So there he sat with leftover spicy ramen almost every night with regretful tears in his eyes. And when he went to bed, he stayed up late to stare at pictures of when he and Izuku were younger.


On Friday, Bakugo walked into class with a small Lily bouquet in a mini vase meant for Izuku’s desk when he saw a flower on his own desk in a plastic cup.

A white chrysanthemum.

He growled, grabbing the flowers by the stem to burn it to a crisp. He used the water in the plastic cup to water Izuku’s bouquet.

Before class even started, he heard the multiple whispers from all around him.

‘Why is he still here?’

‘Is he really trying to go to the hero school even after what he did?’

‘Doesn’t it count as murder since he is basically the one who did it?’

‘He should be in jail by now, shouldn’t he?’

‘Yeah, he is nothing but a bully.’

‘What a jerk.’

‘That’s it,’ Bakugo thought to himself, slamming his fist on the desk. He stood up and turned to face the class of nobodies.

“You fuckers better shut the fuck up. I know that I am a jerk, I get it. At least I’m owning up to it! I’m the one who is going to his funeral. I’m the only one bringing in flowers to place on his desk. And It looks like I’m the only one who feels remorse or guilt for how they fucking acting. You extras are acting like your angels when you bullied him too.” Bakugo ranted, making his classmates freeze up in silence.

Bakugo continued with fire in his eyes, “You bullied him just as bad. You ignored his ass, you were the ones who laughed at him, you were the ones who kept talking behind his back, and you keep blaming me. Everyone keeps saying how I’m the only one at fault. I’m sorry?! Have you guys ever offered him a hand up? No! Has anyone ever tried to help him or stop thing? No! Has anyone ever asked how his day was going? No. Nobody here has acted innocent, so stop pretending, You are being fake. Stop acting like all of you are innocent because you didn’t care about him. You are just as responsible for this.”

Bakugo took the silence as an answer before he finally sat down in his desk. The class was still quiet when the teacher walked in and began teaching everyone about history.

Class was a blur in Bakugo’s mind as his mind was plagued with the thought that tomorrow would be the last day to see his friend’s face right before he was buried.

Bakugo didn’t know what time it was when the girl with the flames for hands began screaming. He turned around to glare at the girl only for the whole class to start yelling at the window. Their eyes were wide open in fear from whatever they were staring at. That one bodybuilding kid in their class screamed like a little girl and climbed onto one of the desks to get farther away from the window.

Bakugo only turned around when he heard a knock on the glass right next to his ear. When he turned around, his shocking red eyes met alive bright green eyes.

It was….


The figure outside the window looked exactly like him, Bakugo could even recognize the piece of his father’s old suit on him. Izuku was noticeably paler which made his freckles stand out even more against his skin. His eyes had dark circles underneath them, making his gaze look more tired.

His suit was a crisp black button-down with a light purple tie. His suit and pants were a faded gray that made those unmistakable green curls even brighter.

He couldn’t believe it. Izuku was alive…? How?

“Hey, do you mind letting me in?” Izuku yelled at his best friend through the glass after knocking. The other classmates looked at the window in shock and horror of who exactly was there.

“Wait, What?... HOW IN THE HELL?!?”Bakugo screamed at the sight of his recently dead friend.

“Heh. Yeah. No idea either.” Izuku shrugged, his stitched up neck being very exposed in his funeral suit.

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“How is he still alive?”

“I thought he died…”

“How in the hell did he survive?”

Multiple voices murmured while staring at their old classmate through the window.

“Izuku…” Bakugo whispered to himself, frantically unlocking the window. “Fucking lock!”

With a strong pull on the edge, the window slid open to allow Izuku to climb inside. Izuku maneuvered his hand’s grip on the window and wall to land one foot on the ledge. Bakugo extended a hand, practically dragging Izuku out from the outside into the classroom with a tug. Izuku managed to land on his chair, knocking over the flowers on his desk.

“Oh, sweet. Just for me.” Izuku remarked sarcastically, picking up the flowers from his desk while Bakugo shut the window. Bakugo was in shock and awe that the person he was going to see for the last time in a casket tomorrow was literally sitting beside him in his old classroom desk.

“Hey, who brought the flowers?” Izuku asked, sniffing at the petals. His eyes were staring right into the red eyes of his old friend.

Everyone stared. Izuku held a flower bouquet in his hands, pointing it at his childhood friend turned bully while dressed in a very nice looking tuxedo. It was quite a strange picture.

More strange because of the fact that Midoriya Izuku was planned to be buried tomorrow, so what the hell is he doing back at school?!

“De-Izuku…” Bakugo started off, clenching his fists while his thoughts took over his mind. Reminding him of his position in all of this, his fault in this whole situation.

‘You are the one who made his life hell!’ a chilling voice inside his head reminded him.

I thought he was looking down at me. I knew he would be better than me.

A demeaning voice retorted back with anger, ‘You are the one who told him to kill himself!’
I didn’t mean it! I wanted to take it back.

A final monotone voice said, ‘‘You are the reason he is dead!’

Then why is he looking me in the face, alive?

Silence passed for a good moment before one of the extras cleared their throat.

“Hey, uh, good to see you back.” One of the guys commented.

Another girl nodded uneasily, “Yeah, we missed seeing you around.”

Izuku turned with a glare on his face, “Fucking shut up, fakers.”

“What?” Some of the class questioned, their faces paling at Izuku’s harsh words. They had never heard him curse before...

Izuku scoffed, “Oh, don’t act innocent in this whole thing and pretend that you can just play nice with me. I have tried one too many times to try and act civil with everyone. But each time I did, I got pushed back into thinking I was just a weakling to everyone here. Don’t act like you are heroes when all you did was watch me suffer day in and day out.”

“Hey! He was the one who started all of it though!” The guy shouted back.

“Yeah! He bullied you the most, why aren’t you saying anything to him?” A girl questioned, accusing Bakugo with a pointed finger.

Izuku took another sniff of the flowers, lowering his head enough for Bakugo to see a line of stitching on the back of his throat. Izuku smiled when he finally recognized the familiar smell, “Ahh, Kacchan. Yep, I can still smell your sweat on the stems.” Hmm, my main bully brought me flowers after my death. Dear old Kacchan felt more remorse than everyone on this whole entire fucking classroom. Oh dear, that says a lot about all of you now, doesn’t it? Tell me, Kacchan, why you brought me flowers. Was it out of pity, out of guilt, or just from the fact that tomorrow is the day I’m supposed to be in the ground?”

“I-,” Bakugo tried to speak.

Just them, a bell rang. The bell signaling the end of school.

“...and there is the bell.” The teacher whispered to the class, mostly to himself as he clenched his shirt between his fist. He was so scared to move since his old student was standing right there. Oh god, did he come back from the dead to take revenge on everyone in the school?!

Everyone took the silent stare down between Katsuki and Izuku as a chance for their escape through the doors. They did not want to be a part of this weird undead thing anymore. The teacher took off behind them with his ungraded work tucked under his arms.

“Well? I’m waiting…” Izuku prompted. “Why did you bring me flowers today?”

“Not just.. today.” Bakugo sighed, gathering his courage enough to say what has been on his mind for the whole week.

“Huh?” Izuku asked, surprised when Bakugo admitted to not only bringing the flowers, but bringing one each day. That means that he must have really cared about the act...right?

Bakugo admitted, “I brought you a new flower each day to put in the vase.”

“Out of pity?” Izuku questioned, placing the flowers back on his desk into the water-filled vase.

“No! Out of respect and shit.” Bakugo answered back.

Izuku raised his brow, “Guilt? Wait, do you feel guilty about what happened?”

“Yeah! Yes! Of course I fucking do! You killed yourself because of what I said, didn’t you? It is all my fault that you died.” Katsuki explained, getting louder with his responses.

Izuku asked, “Can you tell me how it is your fault?”

Katsuki responded, “How ISN’T it my fault? I was a major fucking bully to you since we were kids. I have bullied you for YEARS. I always thought that you looked down on me, that you thought I was weak. And I hated that! I wanted to become stronger with my quirk. Then you didn’t get one and you still wanted to be a hero. And at the time, I thought you were just telling me to my face that you could be a better hero than me without a quirk. With everyone telling me how great my quirk was to be a hero, your ambition to be one despite having one was like a punch to the face...”

“Ka-,” Izuku tried to interrupt.

“And you would be a better hero than me!” Katsuki finally admitted.

“Huh?” Izuku questioned, he was very confused now.

“You were the one you saved the kids that I tried to beat up because I wanted to win. You were always smiling when you were hurt or when you were trying to comfort someone who got hurt. I-,” Katsuki paused, his voice becoming shaky with all of the pent up emotions coming through. “I could never be a hero that was better than you. You wanted to save people with a smile, I just wanted to defeat villains and win. I always thought that you would always be a better hero than me, so I tried to bring you down with anything I could.”
Katsuki’s tears rolled down his cheeks before bowed low to his friend, “The day I said that was the worst day of my life. I apologize for saying those words to you, I never meant it. I… I thought I would never ever get the chance to tell you this. I’m so sorry.”

Izuku’s eyes softened from the emotional apology from his old childhood friend. He never even remembered the last time that Bakugo had bowed this low for an abandoned apology in his entire life. He must really mean what he is saying.

“Kacchan, straighten up,” Izuku ordered softly. Bakugo stood up slowly from the bow, wiping his stray tears from his face.

Izuku sighed, “Honestly, I’m still pissed at what you put me through and you need to apologize through your actions in the future. I forgive you for what you said, I even knew that you didn’t really mean it.”

“What?” Now it was Bakugo’s turn to be confused.

Izuku chuckled, “Your eyes are a dead giveaway. You tried to act all tough, but I could see the way you flinched after you words that day.”

“If it wasn’t my words, then what made you?..” Katsuki asked.

Izuku shook his head with a wince, “It wasn’t exactly YOUR words. There were many things that contributed to my..choice. But that doesn’t mean that your actions weren’t any less hurtful...”

“I know. I knew I was acting more like a villain than a hero. I might not even be able to call myself a hero after what I have done.”

“Hey. Hey. Calm down. I would never consider you villainous, you are more like a tsundere bully. Plus, I already forgave you. I mean, I won’t forget it, but I will forgive you since I know you are genuine in your apology. Now, are we good?” Izuku finished off, taking his flower bouquet into his hand before walking slowly to the classroom exit.

“Yeah. Thanks, Izuku.” Bakugo said in gratitude, following Izuku’s slow steps towards the classroom door.

Izuku flinched at the use of his name, not quite used to it coming out of Kacchan’s mouth,

“Eh, call me Deku. It sounds weird when you say Izuku. And I want to keep calling you Kacchan, so just stick to childhood nicknames.

Bakugo pursed his lips while the two headed down the stairs, “But I don’t think…”

“Fine. Um, I heard that Dekiru means that ‘you can do it’. Um, just think of Deku as shortening the word Dekiru. There. Problem solved.” Izuku answered.

“Okay, Deku.” Bakugo said before a thought came to him, “Heh.”

Izuku raised his brow, “What’s so funny?”

“I just realized that we have to tell our parents that you are alive,” Bakugo replied.
Izuku’s eyes widened at the other’s words, “Oh shit. Damn, my mother might actually kill me again for making her worry that much..”


“What do I do?” Izuku asked Bakugo while they were walking up to his mother’s apartment. “Do I look okay?”

Bakugo shrugged, “Um, you look okay for a dead guy that’s for sure.”

“Wow, what a great way to get rid of my worries there,” Izuku replied sarcastically.
Izuku held his breath as Bakugo knocked on the door. When he heard the door being unlocked, he panicked and hid behind Bakugo.

His mother answered the door, “Who is-? Katsuki? What are you doing here?”

“Well, Uh, I have some important news,” Bakugo replied to his mother.

Mitsuki tilted her head in confusion, “Oh? What is it? Wait, who is behind you?”

“Hehe, well he is the important news…” Katsuki said, moving out of the way.

Izuku rubbed at his arm before raising a hand in greeting. “....Hey Auntie..”

Bakugo Mitsuki prided herself on being unafraid of most things. She wasn’t scared of most things, and was very brave in most situations. But once she saw the familiar paler face of her dead nephew, she promptly fainted backward.

“Auntie?!” Izuku questioned loudly while Bakugo cursed before trying to get his mother from the hardwood floor.

Masaru came around the corner to help his wife, “Katsuki? What are you-?”

Izuku waved while Bakugo’s father helped get Mitsuki off the floor, “Hi Uncle. Please don’t faint!”

“Uhhh….” Masaru muttered, allowing his son to help move her to the couch. His eyes focused on his nephew dressed in his funeral suit...

“Masaru? What’s going on?” Inko asked, coming in from the kitchen to see what was going on. Her eyes landed on her son, “Izuku…?”

“Hi, mom.” Izuku greeted, allowing his mother to hug him tightly against her chest.

Inko started to cry, “But’re alive…”

Izuku smiled nervously, “Yeah, this is going to be fun trying to explain...”


Mitsuki murmured, holding her head while she started to wake up, “Ow, my head is fucking killing me.”

“Dear, your head hit the hardwood floor, of course, it must hurt,” Masaru said, repositioning the frozen peas on her head.

Mitsuki asked, “What happened?”

“You fainted.” Her husband told her.

“What? I don’t faint!” Mitsuki yelled before wincing at her own volume, “ I just had the weirdest dream though.”

Izuku stepped into her vision, “Was I alive?”

“Yeah, you were…” Mitsuki’s eyes widened, “ How the fuck?!”

“Mitsuki, calm down,” Masaru responded, rubbing at his wife’s arms to try to calm her.

“Izuku, you’re alive?” Mitsuki asked, still unsure if the Izuku she saw was real or a figment of her imagination. Or maybe a hallucination? Who knows how hard she hit her head?

“Yeah,” Izuku answered with a nod.

“Izuku promised to tell us what exactly happened to...suddenly have him here,” Inko said, taking a sip of cold water. Mitsuki could tell by the looks of the amount of used tissues in the barrage can next to her that she was asleep while the two had their tearful reunion.

“So? What happened?” Mitsuki asked, still laying down on her husband’s lap while he fluffed some pillows underneath her legs to make her more comfortable.

Izuku sighed with a shrug, “Honestly? Pretty long complicated story. Shit, I don’t even know what happened.”

“Language.” Inko gasped, making Bakugo snicker to himself.

“Sorry, mom. My cursing filter has been off the rails for a while.” Izuku commented, trying to bring light into the situation.

“So, let me start from the day it happened, I guess..” Izuku started off.

Chapter Text

“Okay, so, my day started off pretty bad. I’m not going to lie about that.” Izuku started, rolling off the balls of his feet to basically sway on his feet while talking. “At school, it was the normal round of bullying and ignoring by other classmates. A bully told me to jump off the roof-”

Katsuki winced as his parents and Aunt Inko took notice of that immediately.

Inko questioned, “What do you mean? Katsuki, why weren’t you helping him out?”

“Because I’m the one who did it,” Katsuki admitted, bowing his head.

“Ex-fucking-cuse me?!” Mitsuki screamed.

“Dude, you weren’t supposed to tell them!” Izuku commented.

“What?!” Mitsuki yelled, turning to her son with furious eyes while Inko looked worried.

“Okay, wait, Auntie before you commit homicide in my honor I need to tell you that I KNOW that he didn’t mean his threat.” Izuku retorted.

Mitsuki interjected, “What the fuck do you mean? This brat told you to-,”

“Trust me. I know when Kacchan is faking his threats and when he is being serious. He threats he told to his groupies were more real than the ones he threw at me. I could tell he was bluffing from the look on his face.” Izuku explained.

“How can you be so sure?” Masaru asked.

Izuku waved their worries off gently, “I know Kacchan and the way he works. He has major anger issues that are worth looking into, so maybe check on some anger management classes in the future.”

“Hey! I’m right here.” Katsuki complained.

“Yeah, I know. Now shut up, I’m talking. I’m also guessing that you might have a sort of superiority complex from the way you act towards me.” Izuku shook his head when he noticed he got off-topic, “But besides the point, I know he didn’t truly mean the words he said. True, his words may have hurt me, but his words weren't the reason I did what I did. So please wait until the end of my story.”

“Okay, kid. But brat, we are going to have a serious talk later and how we can improve this situation.” Mitsuki said, punching her kid lightly on the shoulder.

“Okay, anyway, on the way back home I ran into the sludge villain. Almost got choked out by his gross ass tentacles making me feel like I’m in a freaking tentacle hen-.”

“Izuku.” Inko raised a brow at her son’s description.

“Oh right. So I’m basically choking on sludge tentacles for a good 40 seconds before All Might comes out of nowhere and boasts the villains into smithereens. I come back to my senses because All Might is just slapping me in the face to wake me up.”

“That doesn’t sound very efficient..” Masaru commented.

“So long story short, I ended up fanboying over his autograph and then hopping on his leg to take a flight over the city,” Izuku added.

“You did what?!” Mitsuki questioned worriedly.

“Relax! He wasn’t going to drop me-well he was about to push me off before I reminded him I could die. And so we landed on the roof. I began to fanboy yet again before asking if I could become a hero without a quirk.” Izuku paused for dramatic effect.” You know what he told me? Go on! Guess!”

Masaru looked around before softly guessing, “Did he say n-,”

“THAT BITCH SAID NO!” Izuku yelled out before composing himself. “Sorry again, mom. Anyway, he goes onto say that he got severely hurt multiple times in his work even with the powerful quirk he has, so how could I even compete? He jus5 said to become a hero in my own lane with a job as a police or a firefighter.”

“Hmm,” Inko hummed rather calmly. But on the inside, she was thinking about all the ways she could potentially hurt All Might if she ever saw him again.

Izuku continued on, “Then an explosion goes off somewhere in town. He flies off and leaves me on the roof. So I started to go back home and then I see Kacchan in the sludge villain. And, I’m sorry because I blamed myself for it happening since it probably happened when I jumped on his leg.”

“It’s fine. Take it as ever since you had to deal with the same thing..” Katsuki mumbled out.

“So I try to save him, All Might saves both of us, and then I get chewed out by the other pro heroes on the scene who weren’t doing jack shit the whole time,” Izuku said.

Katsuki complained, “What?! That’s what they were doing?! I was choking to death and you were the one who actually had the guts to save me like a true hero while everyone watched. What complete lunatics.”

“Aww, Kacchan cares about me. Okay, so the whole death thing.” Izuku smiled before becoming more somber from the topic, “Yeah, after that I wasn’t feeling any better about myself. I was just being told every day I couldn’t be a hero, my favorite pro hero told me I couldn’t, heroes that stood by told me I was reckless for even doing it, and other things. It just kept piling up. Just a whole lot of memories from the looks of pity, to be ping ignored, to being hurt, to every word someone has said to me… it all led me back to the school rooftop.”

“And well, I just kind of went...plop. And that’s how I ended up dying. Any questions?” Izuku asked before remembering what he was supposed to be explaining, “Oh Yeah, you are all wondering how I got back here, right? To be honest, I still had the slightest clue from how confusing things were up there. Like it felt like an eternity but also like only a few minutes.”

“Izuku, get on with it,” Katsuki mumbled.

Izuku continued on, “Geez. Okay. I felt myself die, also weird experience let me tell you. Then I was just Floating up and I felt myself go like high into the clouds and then I just saw someone in white. So I was like ‘Oh, afterlife! This is nice’. But I wasn’t allowed in. I asked the person and they just said that I wasn’t supposed to die? I was very confused before they told me even if I was supposed to die right now, I still couldn’t get in since I took my own life.”

“So they sent me down below, six feet under the ground below. Well, more than that but you get it. But they said that I didn’t belong because I was too nice or something. Apparently, they only took the really really bad people down there. The pay sent me to the middle where I just waited between the two realms with like spirits passing by me and stuff. And eventually, the person from up high, the person from down below, and another person started discussing on what to exactly do with me? I don’t really fully get what they sphere saying, but apparently! When my flame went out, it just came back in a different color?” Izuku shrugged.

“What the fuck does that mean?” Bakugo asked.

Izuku rolled his eyes. “Look, I have no idea. I think they were using a candle as a way to talk about humans. So anyway, my flame went out when and took my life, but it came back in a different color. I think I saw it too since there was like one weird-looking green candle in the middle of other ones. I just thought it was getting weird at this point. Before it all boiled down to a simple mistake.”

Masaru furrowed his brows, “A mistake?”

“Yeah. I have no idea either, I could exactly head them from where I was sitting but they kept saying that the fact I was there was an early mistake or something. I planned to live a longer life, and my soul was basically like ‘Uh-Uh, I ain’t going down without a fight!’ and just lit itself back on fire. And they also couldn’t really accept a living soul into the afterlife even though I had legitimately died. So since my soul flame was still lit, they still couldn’t take me anywhere.”

Izuku went on while he paced around the room, “The grim reaper person that was talking to them just shrugged and told them to just bring me back. They said they couldn’t do it since my soul and body couldn't take each other since I passed and that it won’t be the same anymore. But the reaper waved them off and said something about giving me something to help with it. So yeah, the grim reaper just picked up some wax from my.. soul candle?... and then just whacked me in the face to send me careening back into my body.”

“That sounds like quite a rollercoaster,” Masaru commented rather calmly while everyone else still looked to be recovering from the amount of information Izuku gave them.

Izuku nodded, “Then I just sort of woke up in this nice suit. And then this poor lady came in, looked at me to see that I have practically risen from the dead, and then promptly fainted directly into the floor. Yeah… so I just sort of picked up a pillow from another coffin to put under her head before I made my escape.”

“Then I made it back to school, climbed the wall since I had nothing to lose, and scared the shit out of my classmates. Which brings us here.” Izuku ended with a sigh. “Any more questions?”

They all just stared at him. “Good. Alright. Now, let’s get to selling that All Might merchandise.”


Katsuki did eventually get to have an actual talk with his parents about the things he felt and about the thing she did in the past. Mitsuki started to cry midway through and Masaru stayed calm during most of the talk. Katsuki kept going through all his emotions basically referring back I either sad or mad.

In the end, Mitsuki didn’t out all the blame on him since it was obvious that the adults in his life weren’t helping at all. They were just encouraging his behavior and just kept stroking his ego to the point where he was now.

It was decided that Katsuki attend anger management and get a therapist to help him. Inko forgave him with the help of Izuku, but he wouldn’t put it past her if she pranked him every now and then with his food. Since there have been a few times where she makes spicy curry and she makes his bland on purpose or something like that. He knew he still had to prove himself to be worth total forgiveness from everyone, but he knew he could do it.


It was basically almost 7 at night when katsuki heard a knock on his window. He turned his head from his position on his bed to check if it was that bird he kept running into. But nope, it was just his undead friend.

“Heya.” Izuku greeted but his voice was muffled from the window. His dark eye bags still very present against his pale skin.

“What the hell?” Bakugo asked out loud quietly.

Izuku’ voice comes out muffled, “Would you like to hear about our lord and savior, Cthulhu?”

Bakugo opened the window to allow him in with a shake of his head. Bakugo smirked, “What the heck are you doing here?”

“Well, I was going to talk about Cthulhu, but I changed it once I got here.” Izuku retorted.

“What is it?” Bakugo questioned.

“Well, you already know that I don’t want to be a hero anymore,” Izuku added as he started to pace around the floor.

“Wait you don’t?” Bakugo asked.

Izuku looked up with a raised brow in the middle of his pacing.“Yeah? Oh wait, did I not tell you?”

Bakugo replied, “You didn’t tell me shit.”

Izuku responded hurriedly, “Oh well, I don’t. I don’t hate them! Don’t get twisted. I have respect for it… most of them. And I would be like your number one fan when you debut.”

“ you really see me as a hero still?” Bakugo asked hesitantly.

Izuku said, “Kacchan don’t start that…”

“I was one of the factors that you killed yourself. How could I be fine with considering myself a hero when I couldn’t save you?” Bakugo walked back to his bed and sat down.

Izuku rolled his eyes before pouncing on his bed next to him. “Kacchan, listen. Your words hurt me, they did. I’m not going to lie. But I won’t hate or hold it against you for becoming a hero. I think that you can still become a fantastic hero.”

Bakugo mumbled, “That’s what everyone said because my quirk..”

“It’s not about your quirk, okay?! Everyone saw you for your quirk, how it was so strong, and how it was perfect to be a hero. But I am seeing you right now with my own eyes and I see way more than just a strong quirk.” Izuku replied with an encouraging smile.

“What the heck do you see?” Bakugo argued back.

Izuku retorted, “I don’t see a quitter. You won’t give up in the face of danger, you will probably call it a bastard and punch it. I see someone that will save people..”

“But I didn’t save-,” Bakugo started to say before he was interrupted.

“Oh my god, shut up about that. That was last week.” Izuku paused before continuing,

“Then you have a strong mind that holds a bunch of strategies of how you can take done people on the fly.”

“Not as smart or complex as yours I’m guessing,” Bakugo added.

Izuku responded, “Damn right. Your plan got nothing in my analysis. But you make up for it with the way you think fast during it. You are already improving yourself by taking care of yourself better through the anger management and therapy stuff, right?”

“Right,” Bakugo answered softly. It was true the classes helped a bit less than the therapy sessions, but they were still going to help in the long run.

“So there. You are going to be a great hero and I’m going to help you through the way. My advice is to think about ‘to save and to win’ instead of ‘to win and to save’. Think about saving people first before you think about winning the battle.” Izuku explained.

“Thanks,” Bakugo said in return.

“You’re welcome,” Izuku said with a smile before clapping his hands together, “Okay! Back to me! I want to be a vigilante!”

Bakugo blinked, “You what?”

Izuku nodded, “And I need you to help me train to apparently help me with this quirk of mine.”

“Your what?!” Bakugo yelled in surprise while his undead friend just smiled.