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That isn’t a Flesh Wound

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“If you want to be a hero so bad, pray that you will get a quirk in the next life and take a swan dive off the roof.”

Bakugo sneered, clenching his fists tighter as he walked with the two extras behind him through an alleyway. For once, he regretted the words he said. Sure, he wanted Deku to know that he couldn’t be a hero, but maybe he shouldn’t have phrased it that way. Hell, Deku looked even more defeated today when I threw his notebook out the window, I probably didn’t even have to say that before I left.

‘Dammit,’ Bakugo thought before he kicked a soda bottle out of his way.

“Oh goodie, a new body candidate to hide inside of. Perfect.” A slimy voice said from behind him. Bakugo heard his groupies run away when he started to be enveloped in some gross ass smelling green sludge.

“Fucking wimps!” Bakugo shouted at the retreating figures of his two extras. Bakugo started to let off explosions, trying to get away from the slimy fucker as the sludge tried to get into his mouth.

He let off explosion after explosion, making fires happen all around him. And he watched people just standing there. One of the water heroes was trying to put out the fires will their quirk. One giant lady was holding back people. Then there was a huge crowd of people and two heroes just watching him struggle against the sludge. Again and again, he tried to get rid of the sludge as it tried to get inside of him.

He started choking on the slime, looking out to all the people watching him just suffer. ‘Are all of those extras just going to watch and not do anything?!’

He was basically choking to death and no one was helping him! He felt the sludge making its way through his nostrils and throat when he threw one desperate glare into the crowd before slinking his gaze to the ground.

All of the sudden, a backpack hit the sludge villain in the eye. Bakugo looked up to see Deku scraping his hands through the sludge to try to free him.

‘Deku?!’ Bakugo thought as his bullying victim tried his hardest to wrench Bakugi out of the sludge.

Deku had a fierce look on his face as he pulled at Bakugo’s arm to free him. At the time, Bakugo didn’t notice the tears gathering at his eyes or the sad smile on his face as he tried to rip him out. Bakugo didn’t notice the scratches on Deku’s face. He didn’t notice a lot of things before All Might came to punch the villain away from him.


‘How come he saved me?’ Bakugi thought as he looked over a Deku with a glance. He watched Deku shrink into himself as the two heroes who didn’t do anything berated him on acting instead of thinking. He didn’t notice how Deku seemed out of it while the heroes continued to ridicule him for even trying anything since he was quirkless.

‘What do those two nobody heroes know? They didn’t even try to help me out, they just watched with the rest of them. Like they were waiting for someone else to save me.’ Bakugo scoffed at the two heroes as Deku walked away from them. Deku threw a sad smile over to Bakugi before continuing in his walk.

Bakugo could have sworn he saw a strange sunflower hair looking guy slink off somewhere when Deku walked off.

‘Whatever, it’s not like he saved me or anything. All Might saved me, Deku just stuck his hand into things when he could have gotten hurt.’ Bakugi thought to himself as one other thought betrayed his inner thinking.

‘But he was the only one to try and save me first. Nobody else did.’

Bakugo clenched his fists, ‘Whatever. I’m just going to talk to that nerd on the way home.’


“Where is that stupid nerd?” Bakugo thought out loud, tapping his foot against the pavement. He was carrying his own backpack with Deku’s backpack since the nerd left it behind when he walked off. Which was strange since he never left his hero analysis behind, even though this one had water and fire damage. He winced, yeah might need to get him a new one after this.

“He should have been here by now, it’s not that much of a fucking walk. Did he get lost or something?” Bakugo finally noticed a bad feeling growing in his stomach as he wondered where Deku could be.

“Where is he?” Bakugo wondered. Just then, Bakugo looked up to see flashing lights and sirens headed towards where he was.

“Hmm, who died this time?” Bakugo scoffed, following the route the emergency vehicles were taking.

Bakugo’s cocky smirk dropped when he saw the vehicles make a turn that led to his middle school.

‘If you want to be a hero so bad…’

“Wait…” Bakugo commented, his eyes widened in when he remembered what he said.

‘...pray that you will get a quirk in the next life and….’

“No, that isn’t possible. He wouldn’t take it to heart. I didn’t mean it, he should know!” Bakugo argued with himself, his feet slowly starting to move in the same direction.

‘...take a swan dive off the roof!’

“No!” Bakugo yelled out, running after the vehicles fading sirens.

When Bakugo started running after the sirens, a certain tall blonde noticed how the young teen sounded desperate. He looked at the fading figure.

“Isn’t that the boy that the kid saved? Where is he headed? Oh! Maybe he is going to meet up with the young boy! I’ll just follow him, and that must be the way to find the young one again!” Toshinori said, before taking off in the direction of the young teen. Jogging fast to keep up with the pace, not realizing that the teen and the sirens were heading in the same direction.

‘And when I see him again, I can apologize and offer him the position as my successor,’ Toshinori thought. ‘I do hope the boy can forgive me for my harsh words to him.’



Bakugo ran right through the main entrance of the school, surveying the area wildly.

His breath was heavy, whipping his head all around. He saw too many people on top of the rooftop, holding up a pair of shoes and a piece of paper. He saw too many lights flashing in his eyes as EMTs came out of the ambulance. He heard too many voices from the two nobody heroes that watched him choke and a few police officers talking about some tragedy.

His red gaze came to a stop at the bottom of the building. His breath halted when he saw the white sheet covering a body. He looked back at the rooftop to see one of the investigators holding a pair of red shoes. He looked back down to the sheet to see a peek of green curls showing through the top.

Bakugo felt the sting of tears before they began to roll down his cheeks.

“This can’t be real..this can’t be happening… No. No! NO!” Bakugi shouted as he began to run to the EMTs when they placed the unmoving body on the stretcher. He felt himself being held back.

“I’m sorry, young man, but I can’t allow you to-,”

“LET ME GO! Deku! IZUKU!! NO!” Bakugo struggled in his grip, trying to explode himself off the man before another two pairs of hands held him back from activating his quirk.

“Sir, please.”

“You fuckers don’t understand! IZUKU! He can’t be fucking dead, he can’t! IZUKU, FUCK8NG WAKE UP!” Bakugo shouted, trying to move towards the ambulance.

“They tried everything, kid. The young boy didn’t make it from the fall. Did you know him?”

Bakugo sniffed angrily, turning his glare back to him. “Let go of me.”

“We can’t let you-,”

“HIS NAME IS MIDORYA IZUKU! HE WAS QUIRKLESS! HE WAS THE ONLY FUCKING FRIEND I HAD THAT ACTUALLY CARED! NOW I LOST HIM! NOW FUCKING LET GO OF ME!” His request was met finally when he could slip away from their grasp to run over to the ambulance. They cried out after him as he made his way to the back of the vehicle.

“Stop. We can’t let you-,”

“I, not only one that can provide his identity and contact information to his mother. My parents are out as emergency contacts as well. He has no ID on him since he left his backpack with me. Now, let me inside.” Bakugo retorted angrily, making the workers move out of the way for him to get on.

The remorseful heroes and silent officers watched Bakugo hang his head as the doors closed.

‘It’s all my fault,’ Bakugo thought regretfully, tears streaming down his cheeks silently. ‘He is dead because of me.’


Toshinori blames himself.

He followed the explosive teen to a middle school only to find out that the boy he just met today had committed suicide.

The boy who he rescued from dying by the sludge villain.

The boy who looked happy when he signed his notebook.

The boy who looked so hopeful when he asked if he could become a hero..

The boy who looked so heartbroken when he said no.

He broke the boy’s dreams, only for the same boy to act like a hero and try to save his friend.

The boy who inspired him to take action as All Might beyond his limits and rescue the two.

The boy who he had finally found a true successor in. He was so sure that the boy was perfect to be one a hero with the selfless way he acted.

The same boy he waited to see again.

The young boy who he hoped to see again when he followed the other.

The very same boy’s body now lie on a stretcher, motionless. No sign of that bravev grin he saw when he tried to save the other. No sign of the enthusiastic voice the boy drew him in with when he rambled about his fight with Toxic Chainsaw.

The boy, the perfect hero to be his successor, was dead.

And it was all his fault because he said no…


That day, Midoriya Izuku died.

That night, two blondes blamed themselves, crying out for the young boy whose smile would never grace their life again.