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Random Assortment of BNHA Headcanons

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  • To be quite frank, before this most auspicious of occasions, he hadn’t really put much thought into anything sexual. He was educated to the basics of how everything worked and whatnot, but that was about it. 
  • Even though it was his first time doing anything this sexual, he wasn’t nervous. He was more or less indifferent about it, figuring that you would guide him as much as you needed to so that the experience wouldn’t be a complete bust. 
  • So basically, his expectations weren’t very high. 
  • And since his expectations weren’t exactly high for whole ordeal, boy, was he thrown for a loop when he got addicted to it at the first taste of you.
  • His technique was admittedly sloppy at first, but he kept at it for a long time thanks to his newfound obsession, and with time comes experience, so he definitely figured out how to drive you wild with his mouth by the end of that first session.
  • You didn’t expect him to stay between your legs for so long, but he just kept going and going, trying new things with his tongue and fingers, and you really didn’t have the heart to stop him at any point, for obvious reasons.
  • He didn’t realize that it wasn’t normal to spend so much time going down on your s/o, but it certainly became his new norm because of how much he (and you) enjoyed it.
  • There was just something about having you writhe from a mere flick of his tongue that really got to him, and the feeling of you inadvertently bucking your hips against him because of how good he was making you feel ignited a fire within him that he didn’t realize was possible.
  • He figured out that his favorite way of going about oral was to work your clit with his thumb while his tongue worked its magic at your opening, as if he was trying to lap up all of your essence as pleasure was still racking its way through your body.
  • He didn’t find this out during the first session of oral, but through further exploration, he discovered how much he loves to tease you with oral. He won’t do it every time he goes down on you, but when he’s in the mood for it, he’ll edge you a few times before letting you cum, and he will most likely make you cum at least twice whenever he goes down on you.


  • He was not nearly as indifferent going into this for the first time. While his mind doesn’t revolve around sex all of the time, as soon as you propositioned this to him, he had a pretty damn good hunch that he’d enjoy it.
  • And while he certainly did enjoy it, he was surprised by the realization that he enjoyed going down on you more. He figured that he’d have a mutual liking for both, but fate obviously had different plans for him on that matter.
  • How long he lasted for his time receiving oral was completely dependent on the situation. His stamina was surprisingly decent right off the bat, however, if he gave you oral beforehand, then he was already so worked up from that that he finished relatively quickly (relative to his normal stamina, at least). But if you did your thing first, then your jaw probably got a bit tired, because again, even without much experience, he was pretty good at holding himself back.
  • He was really fascinated by the movements of your mouth, how your cheeks hollowed around his cock, how your tongue teased him, how your swollen lips slid back and forth along him. Just thinking about it sends shivers running down his spine, no matter where he is or what he’s doing.
  • On the chance that you let him finish in your mouth for his first blowjob, you legitimately became his favorite person in the world, because the sight of his cum dribbling out the corner of your mouth put him right on cloud nine.
  • If you swallowed, then his eyes were glued to you, following the movements of your throat, purely entranced at the sight of you, and he couldn’t resist the urge to wipe the remnants of his cum off of your lips with his thumb.
  • And if that thumb just so happened to slip past your lips and you happened to clean it for him, congratulations, you left him speechless.
  • If you want to make him completely short-circuit at any point in time, then open your mouth and let him see that you actually swallowed. The visual confirmation of it makes him feel like he ascended to another plain of existence, and to be quite honest, it’s kind of a kink of his.