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Fiery Passion

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“Good morning, ladies! Do you two have a reservation? We fill up pretty fast around this time, but, even if you don’t we might be able to slip you in somewhere,” the waiter asked the women in front of him, a particularly well-endowed blonde wearing a stylish white coat who hadn’t stopped grinning from the moment she’d walked into the restaurant and a cheerful-looking, equally busty girl with dark brown locks tied in a short ponytail. She shivered a little as she clutched the blonde’s hand tightly, her pink sweater doing little to combat the harsh cold outside..

“I can’t wait to see you try! I bet we’d have all kinds of fun together…” the blonde teased, her smoky voice dropping to a seductive purr.

“I...I’m sorry Ma’am, I just-”

As he tried to stammer out an excuse, all too aware of how red his cheeks now were, the blonde’s smirk widened to a cocky grin before cracking as she burst out laughing.

“Ahahahaha! You should’ve seen your face! You looked like you were about to pass out! Ahhh, that was too friggin’ rich! Relax, stud, I’m not even into guys!” she laughed, not noticing the waiter’s embarrassment.

“Jeez, Kat!” The brunette pouted, grabbed the blonde by the arm, and pulled her closer, her sizable chest pressing into the blonde’s side. “Stop teasing him! He’s just trying to do his job!”

“Haha, sorry Asuka, you’re right, I-”

“Don’t apologize to me!” the brunette he now knew to be named Asuka huffed. “Apologize to him!” She turned toward the waiter, bowing her own head frantically and yelling out an apology. “I’m really, really, really sorry about her! She just has trouble controlling herself sometimes!”

“She’s right, my bad! Sorry if I made things awkward, uh…” she glanced over at the waiter’s nametag, “Hajime.”

“Th-that’s alright, ma’am, no need to apologize, but thank you regardless.” Hajime smiled, the red finally fading from his cheeks while he fell back on his training to push things along. “So, did you have a reservation?”

“Oh, yeah! Check under ‘Katsuragi.’ It’s a table for two!”

Hajime quickly scanned the booking sheet, finding her name easily. “Perfect! Right this way.”


“You’ve gotta stop that, Kat! You can’t just tease everyone you see!” Asuka huffed as soon as Hajime left with their orders.

“Awww, I can’t? But who knows when I might find a new hottie to live with, Asuka?! Fortune favors the bold, gotta be ever vigilant, and all that stuff!” Katsuragi grinned.

“Hey, keep it down!” Asuka yelled, a faint blush painting her cheeks. “Besides, you’re only finding people you wanna help, right? He seemed perfectly fine! And we only came out to get a coat, remember? There’s no need for any of that today!” she added, dropping her voice to a whisper.

“Yeah yeah, you’re right. Though I don’t think there’s a person alive who wouldn’t want what I’m offering!” Katsuragi replied, taking a sip of her drink.

“N-not in public! I don’t really like talking about that stuff, you know that…” Asuka stammered, before pouting.

Katsuragi’s grin softened a little, looking warmer and kinder than it had earlier, as she put a hand on Asuka’s shoulder and looked her straight in the eyes. “Gotcha, I’ll lay off for a while. Besides, far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter where we were before we all started living together. We’re all with each other now, and that’s what counts!”

Asuka couldn’t help but smile at that, offering up a cheerful, “That’s right! We’re all family!” right as Hajime arrived with their orders.

“Sorry to interrupt,” he started, placing the food down on the table, “but I’m afraid I need to leave. We’ll have another member of staff attend to you, though, so don’t worry, your service won’t be affected at all. I would have loved to assist you for the duration of your time with us, but I have somewhere else to be shortly.”

“No need to explain, Ha...Hajime?” Katsuragi said, guessing at the name but not caring too much whether it was right or not. She’d always had trouble remembering the names of, well, anyone who didn’t live with her. “Anyway, you’re busy, thanks for helping us out!”

“And sorry again for the way Kat acted earlier! Have a great day!” Asuka smiled warmly.

“That’s perfectly fine, it wasn’t any trouble. You two have a lovely day, as well,” he replied cheerfully, before turning and leaving hurriedly.

“Wonder if I scared him off?” Katsuragi mused, before shrugging and digging into her meal.

“I’m not sure... but promise you won’t tease anyone else today, okay?”

“Not even at home?! I’m sure the others will miss us sooo much, though, and we’ve gotta make up for lost time!!”

“O-only if they’re in the mood…” Asuka softly replied, her cheeks turning a bright red as she started on her own meal.

“Ahaha, got it!”


“See anything you like?” Katsuragi asked, her eyes already lighting up as she grabbed something from one of the nearby racks. “Ah, I’ve got it! This’ll look great on you!” she cried out, holding her choice up for Asuka to see.

“Oh? What’d you-” she turned to look at whatever Katsuragi had found, her mouth freezing once she laid her eyes on the sweater in her hands. “Kat! C’mon! I really need a new coat! It’s freezing out!”

“Yep, and seeing you in this’d REALLY heat me up! Even thinking about it gets me all kinds of excited!” she cried, darting behind Asuka and giddily squeezing her breasts through the sweater she was holding in front of her, her grin widening as she heard her desperately try and stifle a moan.

“I-It’s got a hole in the chest, Kat! It’d show off way too much cleavage!”

“That’s the point!” Katsuragi yelled, wiping a bit of drool from the corner of her mouth. “Your melons are just waaaay too tasty to cover up, Asuka! Gotta show ‘em off proudly! Ahhh, what if it makes ‘em look even bigger?! Is that even possible?! That’d be nothing short of a miracle!” Her groping only grew more intense with each passing second, her hands moving faster and more desperately as they kneaded Asuka’s wonderfully soft boobs.

“E-excuse me, is everything al...right?” a voice piped up, hesitating towards the end as they saw what exactly was going on. The two girls turned around to see the waiter that had left them during breakfast staring blankly at them.

“Ah! It’s…” Katsuragi paused, tried to remember his name, then gave up, “! From the restaurant! I thought you were crazy busy!”

“H-Hajime!” Asuka cried, breaking free of Katsuragi’s grasp. “I’m really, really, really sorry you had to see that!”

“I-it’s not a problem! I was just worried that something was wrong, so…”

“Nope! We’re just great!” Katsuragi piped up, wearing her same, endlessly confident grin. “So, what brings you here?”

“I...I work here, too. My manager at the restaurant lets me out a few minutes early so that I can get here on time.”

“Ohhh, so you are crazy busy! Two jobs, that’s rough! And a store like this?” She gestured around at the clothes store they were in, every wall painted pink and every inch absolutely full of women’s clothing ranging from conservative to downright scandalous. “It just doesn’t seem like your kinda gig!”

Hajime laughed nervously, quickly replying with, “I-it’s really close to home!” before hastily changing the subject. “So...can I help you two with anything.”

“I’m looking for a new coat, actually. It’s been really cold out lately, and my sweater isn’t really doing the trick, ehehe…” Asuka said with a shy giggle.

“Oh! Well, then, I’d be happy to help!”

“Thanks! I’d really appreciate it. I’m having a lot of trouble picking, so-oh! Are you sure you’re OK with that? Women’s fashion must be kinda tough for you…”

“It’s OK! sister dragged me around shopping with her a bunch when we were younger, so I’ve kinda developed an eye for this sort of thing, ahaha…”

Katsuragi smirked. She could swear she’d heard that sort of excuse before. Still, she kept the thought to herself and simply watched Hajime and Asuka carry on with their business.

“If you’re looking for a coat that’s warm enough for this weather...hmmm…” Hajime rifled through the nearby racks, before quickly finding a cute, light brown hooded coat with fluffy, grey trim that looked positively toasty on the inner lining. “How about this? I think earth tones suit you, and it’ll really…” he blushed, his cheeks growing warmer by the second, “W-well, it’s just a nice coat, anyway. Not too expensive, either. Feel free to try it on...”

“Oh gosh! That looks great!” Asuka said, taking the coat from Hajime and slipping it over her shoulders. As she buttoned it up, feeling how soft and snug it felt on her body, she turned and smiled warmly at Hajime. “It’s lovely, thanks so much, Hajime! What do you think, Kat?”

“Cute! Would’ve been great if it showed off more of your-”

“A-ahahaha! Thanks Kat, glad you like it!” Asuka laughed loudly and unnaturally, cutting off Katsuragi completely. “I think we’ll take it!”

“Glad to hear!” Hajime smiled. “You’ll be wearing it out of the store today, I take it?”

“If that’s OK, I’d love to!”

“It’s no trouble at all! Always glad to satisfy a customer.”

“I-pfft! Yeah, I bet you are!” Katsuragi cried out, bursting into a fit of giggles.

“Kat! C’mon, you said you wouldn’t get like this again! It wasn’t even that funny!”

“Ahaha, sorry, it’s’s just, they keep walking right into it, and, and… Ahahaha!”

After all of Asuka’s constant protests, Katsuragi’s laughter only died down well after they’d left the store.


Despite only planning on going out to get a meal and a new coat for Asuka, she and Katsuragi were having a much fuller day than they’d really anticipated. Katsuragi, for as giddy as she was in her teasing earlier, refused to let their day end with Asuka in a bad mood, taking Asuka out for coffee and cake before heading home. It took all of Katsuragi’s willpower not to tease anyone else they came across, or even Asuka herself, but seeing her smile so freely made it absolutely worth all the restraint it took to see them back home.

“Thanks so much, Kat! I had a really nice day today!” Asuka beamed, hugging Katsuragi tightly in the entrance, their breasts softly smushing up against each other.

“Sure thing, hottie!” Katsuragi cried out, moving her hands down to Asuka’s adorable butt and squeezing firmly, giggling at the soft moan she let out.

“Jeez, Kat!” Asuka cried out, unable to hide her shy smile.

“Not in the mood now that we’re home?”

“I mean...I...kinda am… Let’s wait until after dinner though, OK?” she said, looking straight down at the floor as her cheeks reddened once more.

“Awww, that long?” she teased. “But, sure, let’s end tonight with a bang!” she cried out, walking through to the living room.

“Welcome back, you two!” Yozakura, another resident of their home called as soon as they stepped in, a warm smile on her face.

“Hey sexy!” Katsuragi grinned, watching as Asuka went to give her a warm, loving hug.

“Hi there, we missed you!”

“Us too! But don’t worry, it’s been a pretty laid-back day here. Everyone’s been pretty content to just take it easy. I was just about to get started on dinner, actually.”

“Oh! Need some help?” Asuka asked.

“Sure! But...ah damn, I forgot…”

“Something wrong?”

“I promised Minori I’d get her ice cream today since she helped with cleaning yesterday, but I...kinda got wrapped up in a book I was reading, haha. I’ll just head out to the convenience store real quick, then we can get started!”

“Nah, I’ll go!” Katsuragi piped up, heading back to the front door and slipping her coat and boots back on. “You two get to it, I won’t be long.”

“You sure, Kat?” Yozakura asked.

“Yep! It means you two start cooking now, so we can eat dinner earlier, right? Pretty fair deal to me!” She smiled as she opened the front door. “Oh, and Yozakura?”


“After dinner, Asuka and I are gonna spend some private time in my room! We’d just loooove for you to join us! You two are so damn good in bed, after all!” she teased, bursting out laughing as she saw both girls turning bright red before she shut the door behind her.


Hajime let out a relieved sigh as he put his phone back in his pocket, glad to see that he only had 30 minutes remaining in his shift. He wasn’t happy about how many jobs he’d found himself working, but the convenience store was easily his least favorite. He found it infinitely more tedious than then rest, partly because his shifts saw very, very few customers coming by. It did, at the least, leave him a fair amount of time to unwind after a long day. It had been a particularly busy day, though, even by his standards, and all he wanted now was to go home and relax. Just 30 minutes left, he told himself. He just had to hold on a little bit longer.

With little to do at the store, his thoughts kept drifting back to earlier in the day, his mind fixating on the two girls he’d seen both at the restaurant and the boutique. The blonde girl, Katsuragi, was certainly a handful, but she and Asuka both seemed so upbeat, so warm and kind. Even with how embarrassing his encounters with them had been, it was hard for him to not look back on them warmly. He was especially happy when thinking back on the gentle, sincere smile he’d brought to Asuka’s face when he’d helped her find that coat. For that brief moment that he was helping them in the clothes store, he’d felt comfortable enough to let his guard down in a way he never really could around most people, finding himself swept up in their sheer optimism. He wished that he could feel that even a little more often, that he could be so carefree and happy, too.

“One day… It’ll happen one day, I know it,” he muttered to himself, right before he heard the chime above the store entrance, letting him know a customer had just come in. With a start, he quickly straightened up and pulled himself out of his own head, giving the customer a cheerful, “Welcome!”

The customer waved without looking in his direction, making a beeline for the freezer and picking out a selection of ice cream. He felt a little bad for staring, but there was something about her that really caught his eye. She was beautiful, with long, blonde hair and stunning blue eyes and-

“K-Katsuragi…?” he muttered under his breath, relieved that she hadn’t heard him. She seemed nice enough, despite how...excitable she could be, but, without Asuka around to keep her in check, he was certain she’d end up teasing him again. He’d say nothing, he told himself. There was no way she’d recognize him. He was certain that he was very, very far from being memorable, after all.

She approached the counter and put a large stack of ice cream pints down in front of Hajime. It seemed like she still hadn’t picked up on who he was. He was sure he’d be safe.

“W-will that be all, Ma’am?”

“Yep! Should be every…huh?” She looked at Hajime, sizing him up for a moment. Her usual grin gave way to a far more curious expression, before, much to Hajime’s dismay, everything clicked into place for her.

“Ah, it’s you! I thought you seemed familiar!” Katsuragi cried out excitedly, though Hajime’s name seemed tol completely eluded her.

“G-good evening, Ms. Katsuragi,” he greeted her, hoping this wouldn’t turn out badly for him.

“Ooh, so formal! But nope, just Katsuragi! Hell, call me Kat if you want, everyone else seems to! But gosh, you get around, huh?” She couldn’t believe her luck. After seeing him in that clothes store, she was certain he’d make a good addition to their home—with some adjustments, of course—and now that Asuka wasn’t around, she was completely free to make her move.

“Yeah, I guess so, ahaha…” he laughed nervously.

“So why do I keep running into you, hmm? I know times are tough, but three jobs in one day? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you have the hots for me, Mr. Stalker!”

“N-no! It’s nothing like that! I a lot of jobs, that’s all. Gotta keep afloat somehow.”

“Oooh, I getcha! Still, that’s gotta be a rough gig! Do you ever get a second to just...not work?”

“I mean…” Hajime paused, let out a heavy sigh, and continued, “It’s not that I don’t wish I had a little more free time, but…what I’m working for is really important to me, y’know?”

“Oh? I’d ask if it’s just economic angst, it’s hard not to be scared about that sorta stuff, after all, but something...” she leaned in close to his ear, dropping her voice to a seductive purr, “tells me that you’re going for something much more personal, am I right? A deep yearning in your soul that you’ve been trying to fulfill for sooooo long…”


“No need to tell me if it’s private! I just get that kinda vibe from you, and I’m really good at picking up on stuff like this…”

Hajime sighed. He wouldn’t tell her everything, of course, but he could be a little more open, he supposed. “You’’re not wrong. I know this’ll sound silly, but...what I’m working for, it means a lot to me. It’s like my life won’t really start until I reach that point. So if I’ve gotta sacrifice a bit more free time right now, even if it sucks, well…” he looked Katsuragi straight in the eyes, “then I just have to keep pushing through.”

“Ooh, gotta admire the dedication! I might not look it, but I getcha! I’m working sooo hard for everyone’s happiness, y’know! Still…”


“It’s kinda sad, isn’t it? That you’re getting so much of your own time taken from you just to reach the point where you feel like your life’ll start?”

“I mean, I don’t...I don’t like it, it’s just-”

“That it’s what you need to do, right? I get you! I’m not trying to put you down at all! Nope, the opposite, actually! I wanna help.”

“H-help?” Hajime asked, a small part of him wondering if, somehow, this might actually lead somewhere positive.

“Yep! I’ve got a job for you!”

Hajime sighed, before smiling weakly at her. “That’s...very kind of you, but with my current schedule, I can’t really afford to-” He was cut off, very suddenly, by Katsuragi clamping a hand over his mouth, smirking teasingly at him.

“Hear me out, OK? I’m offering you a job that’ll easily cover whatever it is you’re worried about. Nothing backbreaking or sketchy, either! It’s all above board! Now I know you’re thinking aaall kinds of things about how this is too good to be true, that there’s no way I’d waltz in here and happen to have the perfect opportunity for you, but just...put that aside for now, got it?” she asked with a wink, taking her hand off Hajime’s mouth and letting him speak once more.

Hajime let out a very, very heavy sigh and spoke up once more. “I absolutely shouldn’t. This is crazy, completely absurd but...fine, I’ll trust you. It’ll sound dumb, but...I just get the feeling you live really honestly, so...yeah, I’m in.”

“Ahaha, you and I are gonna get along great, Hajime!” she laughed. Hajime was grateful, for once, that she wasn’t laughing at his expense. “Now, as for what you’ll be doing for me…”


Katsuragi was practically bouncing off the walls by the time Hajime showed up for work the next day, her restless energy from the night before only only having grown more intense as the morning wore on. Now, however, was where things got really fun for the both of them, even if Hajime didn’t realize it yet.

“That’s...that’s all I need to do? Shovel some snow?”

“Oh, is that a problem?”

“No, it just feels kinda...slight? You’re paying me quite a bit, aren’t you? I don’t mind doing extra for you if you’d like.”

“Ahhh, it’s tragic! You’ve been so warped by society’s expectations! You’re worth a hell of a lot more than any of your other jobs are paying you, I just know it! Don’t sell yourself short! You’ve got sooo much going for you, and I just know everyone here’ll love seeing everything you’re capable of! Hell, I just know everyone here’ll absolutely love seeing you plowing away... So yeah, all I want is for you to shovel snow.”

Hajime paused for a moment, taking in everything she’d just said. He’d been constantly praised for his work ethic elsewhere, but...not one of those jobs had paid him even nearly enough to get by. Hearing Katsuragi show him so much kindness was almost staggering.

“And here,” she said, handing him a small Thermos with a grin. “Coffee. If the cold gets to you, I promise that that’ll reeeally warm you up!”

“Got it.” He paused, trying to think of how to express just how much he appreciated what she was doing for him, but simply settled on a warm, “Thanks, Kat. This means a lot to me.”

“Don’t mention it! I’ll be inside, but come straight to me if anything unexpected happens, got it? I’ll make you feel much, much better! There isn’t a soul on earth I can’t satisfy, after all!” She grinned, winking at Hajime as she shut the door behind her.

Hajime sighed, opened up the flask, and took a deep sip of coffee, more than grateful for the warmth it provided. “She’s so friggin’ intense, ahaha,” he chuckled to himself, before picking up the shovel he’d been provided and getting to work.

“Damn…” he muttered, sticking the shovel into the thick, heavy snow, wobbling slightly as he tried to lift it back up. “Physical activity’s never been my forte, huh?” he chuckled to himself. No matter how many jobs he’d taken, he’d always shied away from anything at all physically demanding. He had a fairly slight build, but he was more than OK with that. The idea of getting much bulkier never really appealing to him. He’d been more than a little tempted to decline the moment Katsuragi had first told him that he’d be doing yardwork, but still, she’d promised it wouldn’t be anything too strenuous, and the pay was more than a little tempting.

“Can’t complain, I suppose. I’ll...I’ll get used to it, haha. But jeez, do kids really do this stuff? This seems crazy tiring,” he grumbled, hefting up another shovelful of snow. Even with his avoidance of this sort of thing, he was surprised by just how weak he felt right off the bat. Still, the more he continued, the less demanding it felt, and he soon found himself settling into a natural rhythm that helped offset his struggle just a little. He stopped every now and then to drink a little more coffee, keeping his body warm and his spirits high. It didn’t take long for him to finish it, though, and while the work had, surprisingly, only grown easier, there was an odd, stiff feeling in his hands that was hard to shake.

“It’s just the cold, that’s all,” he grumbled, shaking his hands to try and ease the tension he was feeling, dismayed when it refused to lessen at all. “I’ll tough it out for a few more minutes, then I’ll go ask Kat for more coffee. That should help,” he said, getting back to work as quickly as possible, determined to just finish off a little more before he’d feel comfortable enough with his progress to head back inside.

Then, as he went to pull up a mound of snow, the shovel slipped out of his hands completely, taking one of his gloves with it.

“Damn, I’m really...really running out of steam, huh?” he reached down to pick up the glove, stopping the second he saw his fingers just barely peeking out the sleeve of his puffy jacket.

“ is this…?” he asked, trailing off as he lifted his hand to his face. That...couldn’t have been his, could it? It’d explain why his glove slipped off, but this stuff didn’t just happen, surely? His hand was suddenly so small and slender. His skin was dyed in a rich caramel color, the shade of a deep, gorgeous tan, while his nails had grown out slightly, shaped even more carefully than he’d ever seen them before. He flexed his fingers, half-wondering if they were even still his at all, relieved to see that, despite whatever had happened, everything still worked as it should. “That’s just...that’s not…” he gasped, oddly taken with how...beautiful his hand now seemed and how much better it felt now that the stiff sensation had passed. Breathlessly, he tore off his other glove, sliding it off with next to no effort at all, and let out a soft gasp as he saw that it, too, had changed in kind.

“I...I’m just seeing things, right? That’s gotta be it! I’m just...I’m getting delirious from the cold!” he cried, his stomach twisting as he wondered if what he was seeing was real at all. “I just need to use the bathroom or something, and everything’ll go back to normal!” he told himself, hurrying inside the mansion as quickly as he could, not even bothering to pick up the gloves he’d cast aside earlier, hastily kicking off his shoes the moment he shut the door behind him before darting off once more.

He’d barely had a minute to see the inside of the mansion when he’d first arrived for work, but he was sure he’d been told where one of the bathrooms was, at least. He hoped he had, anyway, dashing off in what he assumed to be the right direction, desperate to find somewhere, anywhere, that he could just calm down and get through whatever odd fantasy he was dealing with. He was so lost in his head that he didn’t even notice as a girl with a short brown ponytail stepped into the corridor he was running through, barreled straight into her, and sent them both crashing to the ground. They let out a cry of shock that came to an abrupt halt the moment they hit the floor, both of them feeling totally winded.

While Hajime struggled to pick himself back up, the girl he’d knocked over leapt to her feet almost immediately, wearing a determined, serious glare.

“Pretty bold of you to attack me so brazenly! And a cowardly, surprise attack at that! Looking for a fight?! No matter who you are, even if I’m alone, I’ll take you down!” she said, her eyes darting around the corridor as two swords appeared at her waist. She quickly unsheathed them and took a fighting stance.

“I...I’m not fighting anyone!” Hajime yelled. “I just need to find a…” he stumbled a little as he got back on his feet, coming face to face with the girl he’d bumped into. “A-Asuka?! Are those...swords? I...I really am in some kinda dream, aren’t I?!”

“Hajime…?” she asked, her mouth dropping slightly in confusion before she sheathed her swords, which disappeared a second later. “D-don’t worry about those, but...why are you here?”

“I don’t have time to explain, I just...I just need to get to a bathroom! I’m feeling kinDA-” his voice cracked higher and his throat seized up, cutting him off completely he was driven into a coughing fit.

“Are you OK!?” Asuka cried, rushing to his side and putting an arm around his shoulder. She knew what was happening the second her arm pressed into his baggy coat, the garment now easily a few sizes too large for him, and started to lead him off somewhere. Her hunch was completely confirmed once his coughs died down and he could speak once more.

“I...I wanna say yes, but...shit, that’s my voice, isn’t it?!” he asked, his voice sounding more excited than scared. “Ahahahaha! this dream’s incredible, Asuka!” He laughed, enjoying the sound of his higher, though far rougher, voice and the surprisingly cocky, almost condescending tone that filled his words. Despite everything, he just couldn’t find it in him to be upset by what he was hearing. He did his best to deal with it everyday, especially since he had to hear it so often working in service industries, but he hated how his voice usually sounded. Before he’d taken on so many jobs, he was even afraid to speak in public, though necessity made him conquer that fear the best he could. The voice he heard now, though, even with the arrogant cockiness, felt right. It felt good. Damn good. Something about the whole situation, as strange and impossible as it all seemed, was lighting a fire in him that he wasn’t sure he’d ever felt before. Even if this was just some strange dream, he was closer now to the goal he’d been working towards for so long than ever before.

“Hajime…” Asuka frowned as she led him down another hallway, worried that this was all just a terrified reaction to what was going on. “This might seem strange, might be confused, or scared, or find this completely impossible...but I swear that this isn’t a dream.”

“Hahaha! Nope, no way this stuff just happens! I’ve had a dozen dreams just like this, Asuka! This one’s a little more vivid than usual, sure, but-”

“Hajime, please! I know it’s tough, but I need you to believe me. At the very least, let me take you to my room, OK? You need a place to cool off and relax, and I wanna help you get through this,” she said, smiling as warmly as possible, hoping it’d get Hajime to calm down at least a little.

Hajime looked up at her, wondering if he’d even gotten that good of a look at her face before to dream up a smile that friendly and sincere. He paused for a second before his mouth set into a wide, cocky grin. “Hahaha, alright! How can I say no to a face like that?”

“Good, now come on, before someone else finds us,” Asuka murmured, picking up the pace and leading Hajime further down the hall before ushering him into a door, pushing him forwards into darkness.

Hajime let out a confused grumble as he tried to see through the darkness, worried that he’d been unloaded into some strange storage closet, until the lights flicked on the second Asuka had closed the door behind her. His groans shifted to slight chuckles as he took in the room around him, his smile growing wider and wider as he saw just how girly and feminine the decor was.

“Hahaha, wow, what a cute room!” he cried, not even noticing the blush on Asuka’s face as she gently guided him over to her bed. “Ya know, this is great and all, but I’m not too hot with dreams like this. The hot ones, I mean, where girls take me back to their rooms. They aren’t usually as cute as this, though…”

Asuka sighed, sounding as patient as she could, as she grabbed a mirror off the nearby dresser. “I told you, Hajime, it’s not a dream. Honest. Just...just look at this, okay?” she asked, handing him the mirror, which he dubiously took.

He stared at his reflection for a moment, a brief look of confusion spreading over his face as he saw just how...different he looked. His skin was darker, for one. The same tan he’d seen earlier now covered his body, save for some tanlines he hadn’t yet come across. More striking than even that, though, was that the face he was looking at was nigh unrecognizable from the one he begrudgingly saw in the mirror almost every day. His skin looked and felt softer, and his face followed suit with slightly rounder cheeks, a smaller, cuter nose, and full, sexy lips. His eyes, too, looked completely different now. The dusty green of his irises had faded almost entirely, giving way to a deep, dark blue that was framed by longer, fuller lashes, topped with brows that had thinned out and taken on a sharper, more aggressive tilt. The face he’d pictured in his dreams, in his’d never looked quite like this. Her confusion gave way to a cocky smile, though, as she realized that nothing she’d ever dreamed about could have lived up to this.

“Hell yeah!” Hajime cried, feeling more confident than she had in her entire life. “This is amazing, Asuka! Ahahaha!”

“Hajime, don’t still think this is a dream, do you? I know how crazy this all must seem, but-”

“Haha, you’re so cute when you get all concerned, Asuka! The way you furrow your brow looks so damn adorable!”

Asuka frowned, self-consciously putting a hand up to her forehead. “Hajime, I really don’t think that’s-”

“Homura! Let’s go with Homura, OK? Not that name you were using. This one’s been on my mind for a while now. And yeah, I know this isn’t a dream! No way I could ever have a dream this incredible!” Homura said, flashing Asuka a cocky grin as she unzipped her jacket, tossing it and a sweater she’d been wearing to the ground. She left on the t-shirt she’d been wearing, though, and found herself smiling at how much looser it now sat against her body. Homura admired how slender her frame had become, but she could feel a strong firmness there, there. Her arms felt amazingly toned, so lithe and incredible, leading up to shoulders that were slender, so much less broad than before. She let out a surprised gasp as she noticed chocolate brown hair spilling out of the corner of her vision, growing longer and longer until it touched the ground, her excitement only rising as she felt how soft and silky it had become.

“So realize what’s happening, Ha-” she paused, then corrected herself, “Homura?”

“There ya go! You’re getting it!” Homura grinned. Her expression was oddly reminiscent of Katsuragi at her most perverse, though her happiness seemed to be coming from a vastly different place. “Ya got anything to tie this up, Asuka?”

“Uhhh, sure!” Asuka smiled, quickly trying to match her pace as she went to grab a white ribbon off of a nearby counter. Still, she was glad that Homura seemed to taking things in stride, though she suspected that Katsuragi had influenced her personality a bit.

“I do know what’s going on, by the way,” Homura said with a grin. “At least, kinda? I’m becoming a girl, right? Er, well, my body is. I’ve uhhh, I’ve always...well, y’know, a part of me…” She trailed off, suddenly feeling more than a little self-conscious, despite all the bravado she’d shown earlier.

Asuka just smiled. She had a feeling she knew what to say. “Yeah. You’re a girl, Homura. Always have been, right? That’s okay. You just...couldn’t show it until now, but...I’m here for you. We’re all here for you.“

Homura’s cheeks blushed a bright red as she looked down at the ground shyly, her lips spreading into a goofy, giddy smile. “Y-yeah. I think ya got it down well enough…”

Both girls paused for a moment before Homura spoke up once more, looking right at Asuka with a cocky grin. “So, thanks, Asuka! For getting me, I mean. A-and for the ribbon, of course! I owe ya one!” Homura gathered up her hair as best as she could, being sure to leave more than enough up front to compliment her stunning features. Though she’d never done something like this before, having never had the opportunity to grow her hair out long enough to even try, her hands moved with surprising efficiency, tying up a long, wild ponytail that, while more manageable than simply letting everything hang freely, only enhanced her cocky, fiery appearance. “Perfect! Looks good, rigHT-” she started to say, before a tight feeling in her belly left her clutching her stomach. “Oof, sorry, started cramping up. I-I’ll be OK, though.” She smiled through gritted teeth, pleased that the feeling seemed to already be fading.

“Y-you can...take off your shirt, if you’d like.” Asuka smiled shyly. “I won’t look if you don’t want me to, but...I bet you really wanna see everything that’s going on, so…”

“Haha, you really are so friggin’ cute, y’know that?” Homura smiled, pulling off her shirt. “You don’t have to look away. I uhhh...I trust you,” she added, before looking down at her body and putting a hand on her taut, firm stomach, grinning as she did so. “Besides, looks like I’m gonna have a lot to show off, huh?!” she asked, beaming confidently at Asuka.

“Yeah, you definitely will.” Asuka smiled in response, finding herself surprisingly taken with how...toned Homura looked. Her figure was rapidly turning more lithe and athletic by the second, and both of them eagerly watched as her waistline began to pinch in, leading down to hips that, while still somewhat covered by her ill-fitting pants, seemed to be getting wider and fuller by the second. “And er...that’ll probably get uncomfortable, so you can take those off, too.” Asuka blushed, turning away as she pointed at Homura’s pants.

“Uhhh, yeah...probably a good call, ahahaha…” she laughed nervously, unbuckling her pants and letting them fall to the floor. She paused for a moment before she began to do the same with her underwear, only deciding to go through with it once she noticed how tight the waistband was starting to feel, shyly turning away from Asuka and giving the girl a clear view of her backside instead. “Girl’s gotta have some privacy, ahaha… But you can look at that, if ya...if ya wanna...” she added, wanting to remain forward and flirty despite how embarrassed she currently felt. Her confidence returned, though, as soon as she put a hand on her hips, feeling just how wide and sexy they’d become.

“N-no problem!” Asuka stammered, her gaze darting back and forth as she tried to resist the temptation to look at Homura’s butt. It grew harder to keep in check, though, as she noticed that it, too, was growing, becoming increasingly tight as her cheeks filled out and lifted at the same time. She couldn’t take her eyes off it as it swelled into a full, firm, and utterly irresistible teardrop shape that Homura, having noticed it herself, couldn’t help but cup and lovingly squeeze.

“Must be quite a view, huh?” she teased, casting a gaze back and watching Asuka’s blush grow deeper before she quickly averted her eyes. “Ahaha! My bad, Asuka! I just… Maybe I’m being a narcissist, but it all just feels damn right, y’know?” she asked, her smile radiating sincerity and warmth.

“Ehehe... Don’t worry about a thing, Homura. You’re’re excited. I can tell.” She smiled, remembering how she’d felt when she was in her place, turning back to face Homura once more just in time to watch as her fairly skinny thighs began to plump up, soft, delicate fat flowing into them.

“I am!” Homura cried out, playfully rubbing her thighs. She was totally enamored with how soft, supple, and full they now seemed to be, though she noticed that, as she tightened her grip, there was still plenty of firm muscle just beneath the surface. It didn’t take long for her calves to follow suit, growing more toned and sexy by the second until they took on a powerful, tight shape, leading down to feet that seemed so much smaller and cuter than they’d ever been before. Her toes looked just a touch longer and slimmer than they’d been, though, and were now tipped with cute, perfectly-shaped nails. She couldn’t help but admire her legs, running her hands along them lovingly, enjoying how she felt her hips and butt push out the lower she stretched. As she looked over her figure, her head filled with positive thoughts about her body for the first time in her life. Almost all of the doubt and sadness that had plagued her until now began to feel like little more than a distant memory. As a warm, tingling feeling began to spread through her chest, her grin widened, and she preemptively cupped her chest firmly, breathlessly awaiting what was about to come next.

“Hehehe...I guess...I guess the real show’s about to start, huh, Asuka?” she said, her voice full of frantic energy, equal parts anticipation and nerves.

Asuka pulled her gaze away, up to Homura’s face, watching how the woman in front of her was staring down at her chest now, as though she’d been waiting her whole life for a moment like this. She couldn’t help but smile, hoping that it would ease even a fraction of her anxiety. “’s all the real show, silly. Every part of this is important, every part of this is you, no matter how big or small.”

Homura looked up at Asuka, her face easing just a little as she returned the smile. “Yeah… Hell yeah! You’re right! I’m hoping for a hell of a handful, though!”

The two girls stared at each other for a moment before they both started laughing with all of their hearts, their patter only halted by the warmth in Homura’s chest giving way to a tight, tender feeling as a delicate weight started to fill inside.

She grinned excitedly as she watched her chest slowly started to swell, putting a hand to it and letting out an excited gasp as a small jolt of pleasure rushed through her body. Her nipples stiffened and puffed up in reaction to her touch, feeling warm and tingly as they took on a darker color that spread over her areolae, which grew bigger and rounder by the second, sitting proudly on her, at that moment, adorably perky chest. As much as she tried to hold back in front of Asuka, she couldn’t help but touch her budding breasts again. She managed to show a little more restraint this time, but her body still shivered in delight as her fingertips grazed her nipples, pressing on through the pleasure to cup her swelling chest. With each moment that passed, her breasts got a little fuller, softer, and heavier, showing no signs of stopping as they quickly filled her palms, pressing against her fingers until they overflowed. Soft flesh spilled out over her hands, forcing her to loosen her grip to properly hold them, hefting them up ever so slightly as her posture shifted to accommodate her chest’s building weight.

“Damn...guess I’m getting my wish, huh?” Homura asked with a slight chuckle, her voice sounding more than a little breathy as she took her hands off of her breasts. They fell comfortably against her abdomen. Instead, she gently wrapped them up between her arms, giggling dorkily at how incredible they looked, her eyes completely captivated by the deep valley of cleavage cradled in front of her, growing all the more alluring by the second. By the time they finally stopped growing, they were just a little bit shy of Asuka’s own immense chest, though they were still huge by any metric. She thought of teasing Asuka about her being bigger, but she held back, unsure of how well she would react to that.

“I...I must seem like a real perv, huh? But hey, who can...who can blame me? These are so, so amazing...” Homura grinned, speaking between heavy, panting breaths.

“I don’t think you’re a perv, Homura.” Asuka smiled, her cheeks painted a shy, soft pink. “I mean, maybe a little, ehehe.. Still, that’s you, Homura. I...I kinda like that. I probably sound weird, but...I kinda like seeing you get like this. All excited about being you, I mean. Like everything’s finally falling into place.”

Homura paused for a moment, Asuka’s kindness and warmth defusing her cockiness for the briefest moment, before she flashed her another toothy grin, her tone sounding nothing short of triumphant as she started to speak. “Yeah! That’s right, and there’s just one more… more piece to…”

Her reply began to drift away, fading from her mind as a warm, pleasant feeling spread out from her belly to every inch of her body, filling her entire being and causing her to shudder for a moment from the strange sensation. Asuka noticed this and quickly slipped an arm over her shoulder, providing Homura with enough support to avoid simply falling straight to the ground as her knees buckled. She quickly eased her onto the bed as her thighs pressed against each other tightly, the wonderful, soft feeling of the smushing against each other only making every sensation that much more incredible. “Oh god, Asuka, it’s’s so damn good!” she cried, her breaths steadily growing heavier and more desperate as the pleasure she felt mounted, the weight of her chest now even more obvious as it heaved with each strained breath, beads of sweat slowly traveling down the curves of her body. She felt different things all over her body, but the warmth and pleasure stood out the most, second only to the tight, constricted feeling in her crotch, like something was begging for release. It got its wish as everything coalesced into an intense, scorching inferno, until, after what felt like an eternity, it all released, the intense sensations slowly ebbing away, replaced with a gentle, pleasant feeling that washed over her body and caressed it like a soft, loving hug.

Homura couldn’t quite remember shutting her eyes, a little thing like that completely lost in the cacophony of pleasure, but when she opened them again, she couldn’t help but smile, the warmth of her afterglow fading enough to let her feel Asuka’s warm, soft arms embracing her.

“Sorry, Asuka. That must’ve...must’ve been-”

“Ehehe, I’m not gonna let you apologize for a thing, silly. That was an important moment for you, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah...yeah it was…”

“It felt good, right?”

“ did…” Homura replied, her smile giving way to a confident grin.

“So you’ve got nothing to apologize for. You’re you, Homura. There’s nothing left to change or hide away.” Asuka smiled reassuringly. “But I also know that...must’ve been pretty tiring, huh?” she asked, gently lowering Homura’s head down onto her lap..

“Ahahaha! How’re you so friggin’...perfect?” Homura asked, not a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

“I’m just doing what anyone would, helping someone I care about when they need it most.”

“Someone you care ab-” Homura started to ask, before her train of thought was cut off by a loud, deep rumbling sound that rose up from her belly. A hand reflexively went to her toned tummy right before the two of them cracked up with laughter.

“Ahahaha! Damn, didn’t expect this to make me hungry, but I guess it was kind of a workout, huh? Jeez, I’m starving!” she said, grinning through her sudden pangs of hunger.

Asuka giggled softly in response. Homura noticed that, somehow, her smile seemed even brighter now. “Gosh, how long’s it been since you ate anything?”

“Uhhh...not since last night? I skip meals sometimes when I’m trying to save money, ahaha…” she laughed sheepishly.

“Oh gosh… You’’ve had it rough, huh, Homura?”

“I guess so? I dunno, I just...kinda keep my head down and do what I hafta to get through each day. But it’s OK! I just know things are gonna turn around eventually! Still, I never end up feeling this famished, ahaha...”

“Mmm,” she smiled, “that’s the spirit! And you’re right, you’re never going to have to miss another meal again, got that? In fact, I’ll go get you something right away! Wait here, OK?”

“God, that sounds so good. Thanks, Asuka!” she said, gladly accepting her offer. “But how about I come with? I’m not great in the kitchen, but I can at least lend a hand!”

“That’s...that’s sweet, Homura, but...well…” She turned her head away from Homura, shyly pointing down at her. Homura was confused for a second, before she looked over her own body and suddenly realized her current predicament.

“Oh...right...” she muttered, carefully working her way out of Asuka’s lap, covering her breasts as best as she could with her arm, while her free hand moved down to her crotch. “Ahaha….everything just felt so good, so I guess it never came to mind, and…and y’know…” she started to mumble, her words fading out as she noticed just how embarrassed the topic seemed to make Asuka. She’d pushed through all of her earlier shyness admirably, doing everything she could to help Homura feel more at ease, but now that her nudity had been thrown sharply into focus, the poor girl couldn’t take much more.

“Got it,” she grinned, hoping that a display of confidence might make Asuka feel a little more assured, “I’ll wait here for ya! My old clothes should fit just fine, so I’ll get dressed before you come back.”

“Thanks, Homura.” Asuka smiled sweetly, the blush on her cheeks still clearly visible. “ about instead of those old things, you put on something new? Go ahead and take anything you want from my closet, OK? I’m a little, um...bigger than you, but some of my old bras should fit! Oh, and anything in particular you want from the kitchen?”

“Meat!” Homura yelled out excitedly, the thought immediately springing to mind. She’d never been terribly bothered by what she ate in the past, but right now she was filled with an incredibly intense craving for meat. She was sure, somehow, that no other food would satisfy her hunger. She could accept absolutely no substitutes; it had to be meat. “I don’t care what kind, just anything ya got! I’ll take as much as you can give me!” she shouted, her voice filled with just as much passion as she’d shown during everything that had happened to her. “But I’m starving, got that?! So bring a lot!”

Asuka couldn’t help but let out a soft, stifled laugh, quickly clamping her hands over her mouth in an attempt to stem the fit of giggles she could feel coming on. It was no use, though. As she glanced over at Homura once more and saw the giddy smile she was wearing, the dam burst, leaving Asuka practically doubled over in laughter.

“Hey! What’s so friggin’ funny, Asuka?!” Homura fumed, waiting for what felt like an eternity to get any kind of response, Asuka chuckling to herself for ages until her breathing had finally steadied enough for her to speak.

She wiped a tear from her eye and smiled warmly as she looked back at Homura. “Ehehe, sorry Homura! Just...the way you got so excited, the happy grin you gave me there... It was incredible, honestly. Gosh, it looked like it excited you more than anything else that’s happened today!”

“I-I just really want meat, dammit!” Homura cried, her cheeks reddening as she grew increasingly flustered. “I’m hungry, that’s all!”

“You really are amazing, Homura! You let all your emotions show on your face. I...I think that’s really sweet, actually. Ehehe…”

“D-dammit, I’m not trying to show anything!” Homura yelled, pressing her hands against her cheeks, trying desperately to hide her growing blush. “I...I’ve gotta get dressed now, Asuka!”

“Haha, don’t worry, I get it,” Asuka smiled, walking over to the door. “I’ll be back soon!” she added, before stepping outside and shutting her bedroom door behind her, the sound of her giggles slowly fading away as she walked further away from the room.

“Yeah, yeah,” Homura muttered, her voice still wavering slightly with embarrassment. “She’s just too damn cute…” she added, in a much quieter voice.

“But kinda looks like I am too, huh?” she asked, sizing up her figure now that she had a moment to herself, smiling happily as she ran her hands over her considerable curves. She wasn’t sure she’d ever felt quite so powerful. For as soft as her more prominent assets had become, her figure was extremely tight and toned, her deep tan only adding to what she was coming to consider her confident, sexy allure. The more she looked over herself, the more her satisfaction grew, until it reached a fever pitch and she couldn’t help but embrace the huge, cocky grin that spread across her face. “Damn, I feel so good!” she yelled, giving her ass a firm slap and cackling excitedly at the loud smack and the feeling of her plump cheek jiggling. It dawned on her for a moment that she’d never acted this way before, that she’d never been so blunt and cocky, but she quickly dismissed the realization, coming to the conclusion that it wasn’t a problem at all. She was happier now than she’d ever been before, after all, it was only natural since most of that happiness was because of her new body.

“Haah...I really should get dressed, though. Asuka’d get all worked up if she saw me like this again,” she remarked, walking over to a nearby closet and rifling through its contents.

“Hmm…” Homura frowned to herself as she made a second inspection of Asuka’s clothes, her brazen confidence suddenly nowhere to be found. For as much as she’d always dreamed of a body like hers and wearing beautiful, feminine clothes, she was finding herself shockingly at a loss for what she actually wanted to wear. Asuka’s clothes were wonderful, and she was constantly fighting back mental images of outfits she’d like to see her in, and outfits she’d like to take off of her, but nothing really stood out as a good fit for her. She was a little frustrated, but did her best, considering all of her options for a few minutes before pulling out a simple outfit consisting of a pair of jeans and a plain, white t-shirt. As she walked away, though, she hesitated, then turned back, a slight blush spreading through her cheeks as she grabbed a frilly red bra and matching pair of panties. “I mean...nobody’s gonna see these,’s okay…” It would be her little secret.

She dressed quickly, only pausing briefly once she’d slipped on her bra. She couldn’t help but smile at how well it suited her, how the lace and frills that so lovingly supported her chest added a hint of cuteness to her confident, sexy appearance. She caught herself a moment later, shaking her head and telling herself that there was no way anyone else could see her like that, before hurriedly throwing on the shirt and jeans she’d picked for herself. It was a simple outfit, to be sure, but she felt it suited her perfectly, noting, with a wry smile, the way her jeans hugged her hips and butt, making them look just a little fuller and more alluring. “I’ve gotta thank Asuka! This looks great on me!” she declared, putting her hands on her hips and grinning broadly. “She’ll be head over heels for me in-”

“Sorry if I took a little too long, Homura!” Asuka smiled warmly, opening up the door and carrying in a plate piled high with meat.

“A-Asuka, ahahahaha! N-no, you’re fine, it’s just uhh…” Homura said, stumbling over her words. Thankfully, she hadn’t seemed to hear what she’d been saying before she walked in.

“Oh? You’re still getting changed?” Asuka asked, setting the plate down on a countertop and walking over to Homura. “Want me to help you pick something out? You were such a huge help when I was looking for coats, I’d be more than happy to return the favor!”

“I...I’m already dressed, though?” Homura replied, her expression quickly growing confused as she wondered how Asuka could possibly think otherwise.

“Hmm? Oh yeah, I use that as an undershirt a lot of the time, but I bet you’d look really great in-” she started, walking over to her closet before Homura quickly spoke over her.

“No, you don’t get it! This is my outfit! I went through your closet and picked this out for myself!” she yelled, gesturing at the clothes she’d just slipped into.

“O-oh…” Asuka muttered, a small, embarrassed blush creeping into her cheeks. “Y-you picked out that? I kinda thought, after all the help you gave me in the store, that you’d go with something a little more...” she trailed off, putting on the most polite smile she could muster up before finishing her thought. “I-it looks nice, though! I...umm, I really like the way those jeans look on you!”

“Right?!” Homura asked, grinning happily once more, totally oblivious to the fact that Asuka’s praise wasn’t entirely sincere, but more than pleased to receive such kind words all the same. “They make my legs look ultra sexy! I’m gonna need to get more clothes down the line, but this is a great start!”

“Y-yep! It’s so, Homura, ahaha…” She laughed nervously. “W-why don’t you eat something, hmm? Don’t want your food to get cold!” she changed the topic quickly, realizing she’d already run out of compliments she could give the girl’s extremely plain outfit, even if it was bolstered by her natural beauty.

“Yeah, good call! It smells amazing!” Homura agreed, grabbing the plate Asuka had left her and sitting down at the small table in the center of the room and hurriedly digging in. “Oh wow, it tastes even better, Asuka!”

“I’m glad you like it!” Asuka smiled, her expression looking a little more at ease as she took a seat next to her. “I was going to ask Yozakura—that’s one of the other girls who lives here, by the way—for help since she’s much better at cooking than I am, but I figured I’d give things a try on my own today!”s

“It’s amazing, seriously!” Homura praised between mouthfuls. “No way someone else here is better at this than you are, Asuka! I could eat this every day!” She wasn’t quite sure if Asuka’s food really was that amazing, or if her newfound love of meat meant that she found pretty much all of it to be nothing short of incredible, but she hardly cared. It was tasty and filling, and that mattered above all else.

“Thanks so much, Homura! I really do love cooking, so I’d be happy to make more for you in future. Might make things other than just meat from time to time though, ehehe…”

“So...I’ve been meaning to ask, and stop me if I’m rude, but...what’s the deal with this house? I mean, with you and Kat and those other girls you mentioned. You all sisters or something?”

“Oh gosh, me and Kat? No way, ehehe… There are quite a few of us here, actually. We’re...kinda family? But I guess it’s more like we’re all dating! Er, or maybe we’re all kinda married? Either way, we’re all together!” she said, smiling innocently.

“E-everyone who lives here?! You’re all in a relationship?!”

“Yep! It’s pretty busy, but we all love each other a bunch!”

“A-and how many people live here, exact-ahn~!” she was cut off before she could finish her question, letting out an adorable little moan of surprise as someone grabbed her from behind, squeezing and kneading her boobs playfully.

“Oooh, lookie here! One more hottie than we had this morning!” The smoky, teasing voice of Katsuragi cried out happily, her hands caressing every inch of Homura’s body with inhuman speed and precision. “And she’s really something! Wouldn’t you agree, Asuka? You should see how cute her underwear is today!”

“K-Kat!” Homura gasped, her cheeks turning bright red as she broke free of the blonde’s grasp, turning to face her and meeting her cocky grin with an aggressive scowl. “H-how the hell did you even get in here?!”

“That’s what you wanna ask?! Jeez, I figured you’d be full of questions about how you changed, but you don’t seem to care about that at all!”

“I don’t give a damn about that! I’m me, how I got this way doesn’t matter at all!” Homura shouted.

“Ahaha, that’s the spirit, Homura! There’s a whole lot of you, too! An E-cup’s worth, easily! Not the biggest girl we’ve got here—Asuka’s got you beat—but more than enough to be ultra bouncy!” Katsuragi laughed, wearing a grin that got on Homura’s nerves more and more with each passing second.

“How’d you even hear that name?!”

“It’s yours, isn’t it? How I heard it doesn’t matter at all!”

Homura tried to respond, letting out an indistinct yell that very quickly trailed off into even less distinct grumbling, before she gave up and turned back towards her food, finishing it off without another word.

“Kat!” Asuka huffed, “Homura’s been through a lot today! Be a little more delicate!”

“Ahaha! You know delicacy’s never been my style, but, if you insist...I guess I can take things easy for at least a little while! Wouldn’t want to scare Homura off before she even agrees to live here!” Katsuragi smiled, taking a seat right next to Asuka.

“Live here?!” Homura asked, her eyes widening in shock.

“Yep! Figured you’d want a new place to stay to go with the new look, and there’s nowhere better than a mansion just filled with hotties!”

“Y-you’d...take me in? Just like that? And everyone here would be OK with that?”

“Yep, just like that! It wouldn’t cost you a cent, either! You’d be living expense-free!” Katsuragi smirked. “And of course they’d be OK with that! More than OK, in fact, they’d just love you! Pretty cushy deal, right?” she asked, before dropping her voice down to a teasing purr. “You’d get to spend every single day surrounded by so many gorgeous girls, and at night, well…” she grinned again, watching as Homura fidgeted awkwardly in place, too flustered to admit how much the thought clearly excited her. “You can have all kinds of fun with everyone! Just ask Asuka, she’s got soooo many-”

“Kat!” Asuka cut her off, blushing furiously. “I told you to tone things down!”

“You did! And I have! See? I haven’t laid a finger on her since I sat down!”

Asuka let out a frustrated sigh, before she turned to face Homura, deciding it’d be better if she explained things herself. “Kat’s explanation isn’t...wrong, exactly. But I think she made it sound a little...dirtier than it really is,” Asuka started, smiling sweetly.

“ don’t have to explain this to me, if it’s difficult for you,” Homura said, fighting through her earlier embarrassment and smiling as warmly as possible. “It sounds like you’re all really happy here, and I’d never judge any of you for that. Even if things do get...steamy, that...I mean, that sounds kinda nice…” she mumbled, the red returning to her cheeks.

“It’s, well...I mean…” Asuka trailed off, looking away from Homura as she gathered her thoughts, before sighing and turning back to face her. “I don’t really talk about that sort of thing all that often, but...yeah, it’s really nice,” she admitted, her expression as gentle and sincere as ever, despite her struggle to say everything out loud. “All the girls here are really amazing. I just know you’ll get along great with all of them. If you choose to stay here with us, I mean. You don’t have to, obviously. But...maybe it’s selfish of me to say this, but I’d really like it if you did. If you decided to live here, I mean,” her confidence wavered the more she spoke, but the warmth in her words still came across clearly.

“It’s...difficult, y’know? That’s a big change of pace for me, even if it is tempting.”

“Mmm. It’s not an easy decision, so if you want to take your time, we’ll all understand.”

“But you say everyone here’s really nice, right?”


“And you’ve gotta be the sweetest girl I’ve ever met, so if any of ‘em are even half as amazing as you, could I say no to that?” she asked, grinning broadly while Asuka’s blush deepened further, the poor girl trying to stammer out something to say in response before Homura spoke up once more, putting her newfound confidence clearly on display. “So yeah, of course I’ll stay! Looking forward to living with all of you!”

“Oh gosh! Thank you so much, Homura!” Asuka said, leaning over and hugging her tightly.

“Ahaha, never takes much to convince you, huh? You turned around on my job offer in no time at all, and now you’re agreeing to live with us at the drop of a hat!” Katsuragi teased. “But I like that about you, Homura! You’ve gotten a hell of a lot more fiery since we first met you, too!

“Damn right I have!” Homura grinned as she hugged Asuka tightly, her cocky expression an almost perfect match for Kat’s. “And I’m only gonna burn brighter from here on out, so watch it, OK? Next time you get me pissed off, I’m paying it back a hundred times over!”

“Ooh, I can’t wait! I bet you’ll be a real demon!”

“But hey, Asuka?” Homura asked, breaking out of the hug.


“Can I get seconds?” Homura murmured, her stomach growling at the mere thought of getting even more meat.


“Homura?” Asuka asked, poking her head inside their room. “Almost ready to go?”

“Yep! Just a second!” Homura shouted back, smiling happily as she slipped on her jeans, giving herself a quick once over and checking that the small box she’d kept in her coat pocket was still there before hurrying out the door.

“Sorry for the holdup!” Homura grinned, giving Asuka a quick, loving kiss. “Took a little too long for me to find my phone, ahaha…” she laughed, coming up with the best excuse she could think of.

“It’s OK!” Asuka smiled, noticing how much more sharply dressed Homura seemed today. She wasn’t dressed particularly extravagantly or anything like that, but she could tell that she was putting a lot more effort into her appearance than she usually had in the months since she’d started living with everyone. She knew that was almost certainly the real reason she took so long, but she kept that thought to herself as they walked down to the mansion’s front door, stopping to slip on their shoes before the cheerful voice of Yozakura called out to them.

“Hi Asuka! Hi Homura!”

“Hey!” Homura replied, followed by Asuka giving her an upbeat, “Hi there!” as she struggled to put on her boots.

“You two heading out?”

“Yep! We’ll be out til’ kinda late, I think. That OK?”

“Haha, there’s no need to ask me, silly! I just hope you both have a great day!” Yozakura smiled warmly. “Oh, but if you don’t mind, I’ve been kinda cooped up all day, mind if I head...out...” her words gradually trailed off as she saw Homura grimacing, gesturing towards her coat pocket.

Worried that she wouldn’t quite understand, Homura reached into her pocket, giving Yozakura a brief glimpse at the small black box held within, before pointing at Asuka, who was, thankfully, still giving her boots her undivided attention. She hurriedly stuffed it back out of sight once she was sure Yozakura had seen it.

“Jeez, these things are kind of a pain to put on, ahaha…” Asuka chuckled as she stood up and turned to face the others. “What were you asking, Yozakura?”

“Uhhh, it’s nothing, ehehe…” She laughed nervously, not wanting to derail Homura’s big plans for the day. “I was gonna ask you to go to the store, but if you’ve got a long day ahead, it’s probably better if I just go myself,” she lied.

“Oh? We’d be happy to walk with you if you don’t mind leaving now.”

“Th-that’s OK! I...uhh, I’ve gotta take care of some things here first, anyway, so you two go on ahead! I’ll see you whenever you get back!”

“Y-yeah! Sounds good!” Homura stammered, her voice coming out loud and shaky. “Sounds like Yozakura’s pretty busy! So why don’t we get out of her hair? Besides, we’ve got places to be!”

“Yep!” Yozakura agreed, her cheery tone suddenly sounding a lot more forced. “I should actually take care of it all right now, ahaha! Goodbye, you two! Good luck, Homura!” she called back as she walked away, kicking herself for adding that last bit.

“G-goodbye, Yozakura…” Asuka shyly called back before asking Homura, in a much softer voice, “Did she seem a bit funny to you?”

“S-she’s got things going on… We probably just got her a little distracted.” Homura grinned, feeling a little calmer as the two headed out for the day.


“Kinda didn’t realize how formal this place’d be, ahaha…” Homura laughed, scratching the back of her head as their waiter left with their orders. “Feels like I really stick out here…” she added, suddenly a lot less confident in the outfit she’d taken so very, very long to pick out.

“Oh gosh, if you’re worried, I don’t mind leaving and going somewhere else, Homura! I want us both to have a wonderful time.” Asuka smiled, more than a little nervous about how...stuffy the restaurant was, but she kept that thought to herself. Homura had been so proud of herself for being able to get the two of them a reservation, after all.

“Nah, I’ll be alright! Besides, I bet the food’s gonna be amazing! Maybe not as amazing as yours or Yozakura’s, but nothing is!” she grinned, her praise completely sincere, while Asuka let out a gentle, pleasant little laugh. “Kinda loud in here though, huh?” she asked, looking around the restaurant and seeing that every single table was filled.

“It is, but...well, as long as we can hear each other, that’s OK!” Asuka replied cheerfully. It had become increasingly obvious that Homura was just fighting through her nerves at this point. Asuka watched as she fidgeted in her seat, her hands drifting into her coat pockets whenever she got particularly worried, but Asuka was determined to do everything she could to keep her happy.

“Y-yeah!” Homura said, her grin looking just a little forced. “After all, we don’t...we don’t really go out all that much like this. Just the two of us, I mean. N-not that I don’t love all the other girls! They’re all amazing, but uhhh, y’know, it’s just…”

“Ehehe, don’t worry, I know what you mean. Our family’s getting bigger all the time, huh? I love them all, and every day with them is wonderful, but quieter moments like this are precious, too.”

Homura smiled, glad that Asuka hadn’t taken anything she’d said the wrong way. Ever since they’d left the mansion that morning, she’d been tremendously on-edge. She felt like she’d stumbled over just about every single word that left her lips, convinced that she was constantly saying the wrong thing. She kept gripping the small box in her pocket. Though its contents only made her more nervous, it also gave her something to strive for, a goal she absolutely had to reach before the day was done. That, she knew, was more than enough to carry her through everything, no matter how scared she felt.

Though she’d specifically picked this restaurant as the perfect place for what she’d been planning over the last few weeks, the longer they sat there, the the less “right” it felt. It was packed, noisy, and just far above the simple comforts the two of them enjoyed so much that she could feel her stomach starting to do loops ofer how wrong it suddenly was. She was nearly ready to burst; she just wanted to blurt everything out right then and there and just get this pressure off of her for good, no matter what the end result of that was, but...that wouldn’t be fair to Asuka, and it wouldn’t be fair to herself, either. She never, ever wanted to make Asuka feel pressured, and she knew that forcing out her feelings like that would never be the right way to convey them.

“Hey, Asuka…?” Homura muttered, her voice soft and shaky, lacking all of her natural cockiness.

“Ah, sorry Homura! I can’t really hear you over everything, could you speak up?”

“O-oh, yeah! My bad!” she said, her cheeks reddening to a deep crimson.

“So, what was it you wanted to say?”

“I-I know we were gonna...gonna go straight home…” she stammered over her words, her confidence faltering by the second.

“Whatever it is that’s scaring you…” Asuka started, putting her hand on Homura’s, who let out an adorably shy little gasp in response, “I’m here for you, OK? I always will be.”

“Yeah…” Homura started, shaking her head to clear away her doubts before smiling softly. “You’re right. Can’t ever let my worries get the better of me!”

“Haha, you’re almost never worried though, Homura! You always seem so confident, so fiery and passionate. I...really admire that about you, ehehe. So I guess, seeing you get all nervous and scared… There’s nothing wrong with having those feelings, of course, but...” she leaned across the table, giving her a quick kiss on the forehead, “a smile suits you best. So, let’s do everything we can to bring yours back, Homura.”

Homura stared into Asuka’s eyes. No matter how many days passed in each other’s company, her warmth in the face of anything that got her or anyone around her down at all never ceased to amaze her.

“Ahaha, damn right! Just gotta fight through it all!” she yelled, earning a few awkward stares from the other customers. “But still, what I wanna say,” she continued, dropping her voice just a little, “would probably be better somewhere a little more private, so...if you don’t mind, Asuka, could we stop somewhere before we head home tonight?”

Homura had been convinced, ever since she’d first spoken to Asuka, that nobody in the world was as warm and loving as her, that there was nobody else who matched her natural sweetness.

Looking into Homura’s eyes in that moment, Asuka would have strongly disagreed.

“I think I’d really like that.”


Homura had come by this park before. Usually, she’d just pass through, not really stopping but enjoying a little more of a scenic walk home all the same. Every now and then, however, she’d stay a while, rest on a bench by the pond, and just watch the water’s surface, feeling completely at peace. She was loud and fiery, she’d been told as much countless times since she’d arrived at the mansion, and she wore it as something of a badge of honor, but this park managed to center her whenever she got just a little too heated. It was in those moments, watching the water lightly ripple as a leaf fell from one of the nearby trees and smiling as a gentle breeze blew through her hair, that she felt truly grateful for how her life had turned around these past few months. And it was here, where nothing could get in the way of how she truly felt, that she was going to propose to Asuka.

She’d never seen it at night before, though its beauty was still undoubtedly pleasant. Different, perhaps, a little more still and quiet, but as she looked down at the pond and saw the moonlight reflecting off of its surface, she was certain she’d made the right call. She took Asuka to her usual bench, illuminated by a nearby streetlight, and sat down next to her, gazing out at the water.

“I know this might seem a little weird, but...I guess I felt like it’d be rude to hog this place all to myself, ahaha…” Homura laughed, somewhat shyly. “It’s kinda out of the way, but it’s relaxing, y’know? Just...sorta helps me think. I know some of the other girls come by every now and then, but...I always come here alone. I just sorta prefer how peaceful it feels when I’m not with anyone else, how it lets me just sit and think, without anyone expecting anything else from me. But, I figure if it brings me so much happiness, well then, maybe it could bring some to the people I care about, too. So...I wanted you to be the first person I came here with, you something that’s meant a lot to me these past few months.”

“It’s beautiful, Homura…” Asuka smiled. “I’m really glad you brought me here.”

“I’ve wanted to do this for months, honestly. But...every time I went to tell you, I...felt wrong, like I just wasn’t ready. Maybe that sounds dorky, I dunno.”

“No, not at all, silly.” she said, wrapping an arm around Homura. “It’s important to you. I can absolutely understand why you’d worry about that sort of thing.”

“Ahaha, you really are amazing, Asuka,” she said, grinning softly as she looked up at the stars. “You always know what to say. You always know exactly how to calm me down, how to make everything feel so much better.”

“Ehehe, I dunno if I’m amazing, but...something about being with you just brings that out of me, I guess. I feel really comfortable with you, Homura.”

“A-and I do too! I feel so damn good around you, like everything that could ever get me down just vanishes when you’re nearby! Nobody...nobody else makes me feel that amazing, that...fluttery and light and all that stuff. Ahaha! I don’t even know how to describe it, it’s so damn incredible! All the girls make me feel that, but with you, it’s just on another level!”

“I...think I get it. I feel that way too. A-at least I think it’s the same way. When you’re around, I just feel like I’m never going to stop smiling. It’s like, no matter how quiet or simple our time together is, when I’m with you, it feels like all those little moments are just perfect. Like life couldn’t get any better, but then, somehow, it does. Each and every day feels warmer and sweeter.” Asuka moved in a little closer to Homura, before wrapping her up in a soft, loving hug.

“Damn, I...I wanted to sound all romantic, and then you go and steal my thunder!” she joked, returning the hug. “All I could think of was that ‘it’s on another level’ stuff, ahaha! You must think I’m a moron or something!”

Asuka shook her head, her embrace feeling warmer by the second. “Not at all, ehehe…” she softly laughed. “I love that about you, silly. The way you get so passionate and excited.”

“Ahaha, yeah. I know you do…” Homura smiled. “So that’s why, no matter how embarrassed I might get, no matter how dorky or blunt I might sound, I’m gonna stay strong and keep on burning brightly. A-and...I think I’d like to do that with you, Asuka.” True to her word, her anxiety spiked as she reached into her coat pocket, her trembling fingers pulling out the small black box and presenting it to Asuka. “S-so I guess, what I’m trying to say is...d-do you think…?” She shook her head, clearing away any and all shyness as best she could before finally plunging into what had been eating at her for so long. “Will you marry me, Asuka?” she asked, opening up the box and revealing the simple, elegant silver wedding ring contained within. “It doesn’t mean we’d love anyone else any less, or have to spend less time with them, or...or hell, stop having sex with them, or any of that stuff!” she cried out, not giving a damn how embarrassing she might’ve sounded. “You’re all my family, but...even if it’s just a symbol, I...I’d love nothing more than to be with you, Asuka!”

It took a moment before she received any kind of response. Then she felt Asuka hug her a little more tightly, and heard soft sniffles as Asuka looked at the ring with a soft, gentle smile. For as worried as Homura was sure she would be, she somehow felt remarkably calm. No matter what Asuka decided, as long as they could be happy, even if it meant they couldn’t be together like she’d wanted, then she would accept that.

“I...I thought of a dozen different ways to say this, and they all sounded funny…” she started, her voice sounding a little shaky as she pulled out of the hug, staring right into Homura’s eyes, “so… I’ll just take a page out of your book and go for it, ehehe.” Before Homura could ask what she meant, Asuka had leaned forward, embracing her once more, and planted a firm, warm kiss on her lips, leaving them to linger for a long moment before she finally pulled away and wiped away the tears welling in her eyes.

“There’s nothing I’d love more!”


“Aaaaand...perfect! Come take a look!” Yozakura grinned, proud of herself for snapping a photo she just knew Homura and Asuka would love.

“Oh gosh, it looks great, thanks so much!” Asuka cried out, wrapping an arm around Yozakura and hugging her warmly.

“Ahaha, sure thing!” she laughed. She turned to Homura, who was currently undoing the heart shape her ribbon had been tied into, and asked, “Happy with this one, Homura?”

“Yeah! It’s awesome, thanks! Just...”

“The bouquet’s a bit much?”

“The bouquet...might be too much, yeah...” she commented, inspecting the photo a little more closely. It really was a wonderful shot. Her smile and Asuka’s looked so warm, so sincere and upbeat. Still, it wasn’t exactly the most traditional wedding photo. For one, the bouquet Asuka was carrying had been made to look like futomaki, her favorite food, but on top of that, Homura was also carrying a set of sword on her back. Both of these touches had been Katsuragi’s idea.

“Ahaha, I think it’s really sweet!” Asuka laughed, “You’d never really find another photo like this, and I know it might seem a bit strange, but...I think it’s just Kat’s way of showing that there’s no family quite like us. So...whatever we may do, we’ll always be very, very uniquely us, you know?”

Homura wasn’t quite so sure Katsuragi had really put that much thought into it. She figured that she’d just tried to make things fun, but still, she was so taken with the sweetness of Asuka’s reaction that she couldn’t help but agree, smiling and wrapping her up in a tight, loving hug.

“Yep! That’s right! There’s nobody in the world I’d rather be with than you! And I mean all of you!” she cried out, kissing Asuka passionately.

“Ahaha, you don’t have to worry about making all of us happy today,” Yozakura chimed in. “Today’s about you two, y’know.”

“Nope, that’s not true!” Homura grinned, looking over at everyone they lived with, each and every amazing girl in their family looking so incredibly cheerful as they enjoyed the day’s festivities. “Yeah, Asuka and I tied the knot, but...that doesn’t mean we don’t still love all of you just as much! We’re all kind of a big married group, really. I just...wanted to show Asuka how much she meant to me, how much she helped me.”

“That’s right!” Asuka agreed. “You’re all so precious to us. You always will be, too!”

“Yep! And it doesn’t mean we don’t all still have the hots for you!” Katsuragi teased, running up to the group with a smile on her face. “I’d be devastated if this meant I couldn’t be with you two! You’re both so damn good in bed!” she yelled, her words steadily growing more impassioned.

“Ahaha, yeah yeah!” Homura grinned, while Asuka blushed. She noticed though, that her shyness didn’t seem quite as intense as usual. “We’d never give that stuff up, and you know it!”

“But for real, congrats, you two! I know everyone here’s said it a dozen times by now, but I’m happy for you!” Kat smiled, before leaning in and kissing the both of them, delighted by how passionately they returned her love. “Oooh, you two must be really fired up today, huh? That seemed almost desperate!”

“H-hey! Don’t ruin the moment, dumbass!” Homura yelled, just barely hiding away a grin as Katsuragi let out a loud, boisterous laugh.

“I wouldn’t dream of it! All I’m doing is getting you two in the right mood! I bet you’re all kinds of excited about heading back to your room, huh?”

“Well, getting some time alone would be nice…” Asuka started, shyly looking down at the ground, “but we can’t just leave everyone here. You’ve all worked so, so hard to make today special, and you really have done an amazing job. It’d be rude if we just...left all that,” Asuka said, looking back up at Katsuragi and Yozakura with a warm smile.

“Haha, you’re worried about that?” Yozakura asked, grinning happily. “You’re way too sweet sometimes, Asuka! That means a lot, really. Sure, we put in a lot of effort, but that’s because we all love you. Knowing that it’d make you two as happy as possible today meant that it never once felt like work, and seeing the way you’ve been smiling pretty much non-stop all day, I’d say we succeeded!” She smiled broadly as Kat put an arm over her shoulder.

“Yup!” she beamed. “Knowing that the girls I love are living their best possible lives, that’s what gets me fired up every day! That and getting to live in a bouncy paradise, of course!”

“Ahaha, you’re such a damn dork!” Homura laughed. “But, thanks, you two. Today has been nothing short of amazing.”

“So, really, don’t worry about sticking around if you’d like to get in some private time together, OK? It’s been a long, full day, after all.” Yozakura smiled warmly and gave the newlyweds a loving hug. “Besides, you think we’d let everything stop just because you two got going? Not a chance! We’ll keep enjoying the celebrations on your behalf! All we’ll ask is for you two to thank everyone else before you leave. I know it’d mean the world to them.”

“Oh gosh... I...I’m not really sure what to say, but...thanks so much, you two.” Asuka smiled, returning the hug.

“Of course! I know you’d do the same for any of us, after all!”

They stayed a little while longer, making sure to properly thank each and every member of their family. Though today had technically been about celebrating Homura and Asuka’s relationship, in those moments, they knew that they’d all been brought so, so much closer together, and that, no matter what, they’d never, ever grow apart.

Homura swept Asuka up into her arms as they said their last goodbyes for the day, and carried her through the mansion, all the way back to their room. Though Asuka hadn’t taken a single step, both girls were more than content to just sit back and relax on their bed once they’d reached it, embracing each other gently, grateful to finally be alone together.

“So uhh… Damn, do we call each other something different now that we’re married?” Homura asked.

“Hmmm… Do you want to?” Asuka giggled, leaning forward and gently kissing Homura.

“I don’t think I do, haha. You’re...well, you, Asuka. You’re damn amazing, and even if we’re married, I don’t think that really needs to change how we treat each other. Not at all.”

“Ehehe, you’re such a sweetheart when you get like this! But...that’s why I love you, Homura.”

“Love you too, Asuka…” Homura smiled sweetly, noticing as Asuka began to fidget awkwardly. “I-is something wrong?”

“No...not at all, it’s just...ummm…”

“You sure?” she asked, propping herself upright. “Whatever it is, I’m here to help, you know that, right?”

“It’s...well… Jeez, I need to get better at asking this…”

“Hey…” Homura started, putting a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry if it’s scary. Take your time. Whenever you’re ready to say whatever it is that’s on your mind, I’ll listen, OK?”

“Gosh, you really are amazing…” Asuka said, taking a deep breath and looking straight into Homura’s eyes. “But I’ve got to be bold and just go for it. It’s not like it’d be our first time, ehehe.”

“Yeah! That’s the spirit!”

“So...Homura? think you’d like to have sex?” she asked, her tone unwavering despite the blush creeping into her cheeks.

Homura grinned, endlessly delighted by her wife’s cute, awkward display of courage. An eager fire burned in her belly, sharing in her arousal, the heat raging warmer and warmer until a flash of red rushed through her hair and eyes, painting them a deep, passionate crimson. She wasted no time positioning herself on top of her. She looked down at her wife with hungry, greedy eyes, and then her mouth curled into the cheesy, cocksure grin Asuka had fallen in love with.

“Hell yeah!”