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Centum Fabulae: 41-60!

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It ain’t easy, raising your two kids with a husband, Leonardo Mario had always thought. It was harder when you were given looks just for being two guys walking together romantically with two young boys in a stroller. 

The carpenter-slash-superhero didn’t know how he’d gotten so lucky to get a smart & caring person like David to fall in love with him, but he did, and he thanked the Star Spirits of his home-world every day for it (as well as the super strength).

Speaking of which, Luigi & Mario (Patricia had always hated him for the repetitive name, but it was a Mario family tradition that for every three male-at-birth Marios one receive the name) were almost at the age when they’d probably learn about their abilities too. Leo didn’t want David to find out by walking in on one of the kids holding up the couch or something. The only other person who knew were the parents of Mario’s friend Pauline. They’d agreed to keep it all under wraps, but they advised him to tell David at some point.

He had to tell him. He was already at risk by dating - never mind marrying - him in the first place.

Mi amato ,” he noted as they watched Mario & Luigi play in a sandbox, “there is something I need to tell you when we get home. It’s a secret I’ve kept from you… for a while now.”

“It’s fine,” David muttered tiredly - his job at the local Brooklyn hospital took a lot out of him, and coming home late happened often - “whatever your secret is, I imagine you had a good reason for keeping it. I trust you, il mio cuore .”

When the family arrived home, Leonardo told David his true backstory. His home world, the pipe which had taken him here as a young man, the super strength, the fight with Donkey Kong & saving Pauline’s mother (Isabella had a celebrity crush on “Jumpman” for a while, which made the revelation quite awkward), the superhero work he did on occasion, everything. 

David forgave him for the secret, and asked about his home-world. Leo was happy to talk about the prosperity of the Mushroom Kingdom, and how the monarchs had finally managed a child around the time Leonardo got lost. The stories went for hours.

Leonardo had been searching for the pipe that took him here in the hopes of finding his way home. He would still be looking for it - if for no other reason than to see his family & origin world again - but he was content to make a home here.

Leonardo wasn’t the one who eventually found those pipes, though. Mario & Luigi, on the other hand… 

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Chat Noir wouldn’t deny that despite all his bravado, his trust in his Lady & his superpowers, there was always a little fear of failure in him. 

It was natural that he feel scared of the threats that he faced off with, but he knew better than to let it affect him.

Well, I won't back down

No, I won't back down

You can stand me up at the gates of hell

But I won't back down


Gonna stand my ground

Won't be turned around

And I'll keep this world from draggin' me down

Gonna stand my ground and I won't back down

Hawkmoth stood before him. His allies were down; though their Miraculouses and they were in a safe place, it was just him and Ladybug against Hawkmoth - his father! - to settle the score.

Adrien had escaped Gabriel, thankfully, and was now staying with Nino, who had gotten his own apartment as soon as he could be ready to get Adrien away from the lanky lout. Now, it appeared to be Chat’s turn to escape him. 

I won't back down

Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out

I won't back down

Hey, I will stand my ground and I won't back down


Well, I know what's right

I've got just one life

In a world that keeps on pushin' me around

Gonna stand my ground and I won't back down

Gabriel figured out he was Adrien at some point, but at that point, he’d long since decamped the mansion/prison. At multiple points Hawkmoth had threatened to reveal his identity - and even gone through with it by sending “anonymous” letters to the local news stations - but not even they questioned him about the truth, knowing the consequences of revealing his identity to the public.

Chat had been raised by his father, but his mother had taught him to do what his heart said was good and virtuous before her death. The young man loved his maman dearly, but no mother was worth the consequences of bringing her back.

I won't back down

Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out

I won't back down

Hey, I will stand my ground and I won't back down


I won't back down

Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out

I won't back down

Hey, I will stand my ground and I won't back down

Chat snarled at the man who had once been his father in more than blood. It was time to bring him to justice.

I won't back down

Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out

I won't back down

Hey, I will stand my ground and I won't back down

No, I won't back down

No, I 

For his friends… 


For his Lady… 


For his city, for his world, he would not fall here!


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Ryuji was always a punster. He never expected that to make a career of it.

After aggravating Futaba with a menagerie of puns one time too many (or one pun too many, perhaps), she’d shouted “If you love puns so much, go spend your time writing them down somewhere else instead of bothering me with them!”

Ryuji was no money-grubber like Kaneshiro, but he wouldn’t miss an opportunity to make money like this. With help from a publisher & the support of his friends, Ryuji started writing a book of puns, something he’d taken surprising amounts of pleasure in doing.

It was a long time of stress, tears & blood (nothing serious; there was a paper-cut once, which somehow had been funnier to Akira than any of his boyfriend’s puns), but Skull’s Puntistery: A Skeleton Of Puns To Tickle Your Funny Bone was eventually finished and published, becoming a hit in little time. Ryuji caught Makoto reading it, for crying out loud, and she wasn’t a big fan of puns!

What was even better was that Akira proposed to him on the night after its release. He said yes, of course. The wedding was beautiful, and Ryuji may or may not have thrown a pun or two into his little speech. Everyone was rolling in the aisles in no time flat.

Even after all the teasing, stigmatizing & labeling of a so-called “no-good punk,” Ryuji had finally become successful.

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Nino once heard the phrase “The person attempting to travel two roads at once will get nowhere.” He’d been younger at the time, only a little older than Chris was now, and so he hadn’t really understood what it meant.

Then he met Adrien, who was trying so hard to balance the remains of his broken family with having freedom (and his superhero duties, but Nino didn’t learn about that until later), and suddenly the quote made sense.

One day after a particularly nasty argument between Adrien and his stick-in-the-mud father, Nino recalled the phrase and told it to Adrien. The blond was quiet for most of their remaining time together that day, and Nino was worried he’d said something wrong.

Adrien was outside the Lahiffes' door that Saturday night. Apparently, Gabriel had finally snapped and slapped him. The man expected Adrien to keep quiet or face consequences; utterly infuriated at his sperm donor’s brazen temerity, Adrien managed to put on a meek face before going to his room & escaping for good.

The Lahiffes, who had heard all about Adrien’s shitty “caretaker,” were more than willing to take him in. When Nathalie showed up searching, they confronted her with the evidence of Adrien’s abuse (a photo was taken), told her to leave and never return or Gabriel would be in for quite the amount of trouble. Nathalie left, and the only time Adrien saw her after that was during the final battle against Hawkmoth & Mayura.

If Carapace’s shield had knocked Gabriel unconscious when he was revealed to Paris, that wasn’t Chat Noir’s problem. He probably would have slapped the mogul with a Cataclysm if both Agrestes had been left unmediated, so it was better that the “father” get off with a broken nose thanks to a “slipped disc.”

Now surrounded by family & friends who loved him, Adrien ended up dating not only Nino but Marinette, Chloe & Alya too, and the only time Adrien’s old family was like the new one was during the time before Emilie died.

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Summoning demons isn’t working, Sadayo Kawakami thought to herself, I’m gonna need an angel at this rate .

Desperate to pay off Takase’s increasingly demanding guardians, Sadayo had started working with the occult. Most of the demons she’d tried either gave her deals she didn’t want (seeing the dead form of her old coworker Kamoshida was quite the shock) or ended up practically adopted by her (but those kids were all young and only had enough power to get one payment handled max). Yuuki, Ryuji & all the others stopped by every now and then to see how she was doing.

When she finally figured out how to summon an angel, however, she didn’t expect the holy creature to take a rather… punkish form.

“My, people don’t often summon an angel,” the angel spoke, their voice neutral, almost to the point of seeming bored, “why have you sent for me, mortal?”

“ make a deal with you.” Sadayo answered after a moment of silence.

Another one followed said answer, before the angel gave a snort. Not long after, the one Sadayo assumed was a she burst into laughter.

The angel went back into business mode a second or two later, though. She didn’t look too amused, actually.

“Funny, mortal. Now, why did you really summon me?”

Okay, now Sadayo was pissed. She’d put her already-short amounts of time into finding a way to do this.

“I’m not kidding! No demon I’ve already tried with has been able to give me a fair or successful deal, and while I’ve befriended some of the kinder ones, I’ve never made a deal with any of them.”

The angel groaned, to her surprise. She was as good as smited, wasn’t she?

“I don’t often do this, but I can tell you’re a pure soul other than your deals with demons, so if what you want is decent, I’ll consider doing something about it. Try to keep a clean streak from now on, okay?”

Sadayo explained everything about her situation. When she was done, the angel looked even more pissed than she’d been.

“That is incredibly wrong. I’ll make them repent for you, free of charge, but next time, don’t expect another favor so easily, mortal. Not all angels are as willing to interact with demon-dealers as I am.”

Sadayo didn’t question it when Toshio & Hirumi turned themselves in, agreeing to pay back her and any others they’d ripped off. She’d had other things on her mind that morning, passing the local back-alley doctor who was apparently dubbed “The Cure” by the medical community.

She looked just like the angel, and despite her warning not to interact with angels, Sadayo Kawakami wanted to see her again, even if just to thank her. Why did she care so-

Oh, no.

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Frisk had not known family before the Underground.

Or rather to say, they had not known true family before the Underground.

They didn’t like the idea of family before Toriel’s motherly warmth and amazing cooking, of Sans’ chillness and bad puns, before Papyrus’ infectious energy and zeal, before the love shared between the courageous Undyne and the passionate Alphys, before the boldness & razzle-dazzle of Mettaton, before the wisdom & kindness of Asgore, before the dedication they had felt to the monsters that made them save Asriel, Gaster & Chara.

Was this what family was supposed to be like? Frisk was used to putting up with bickering & broken things, but not in this way before they’d fallen Underground.

Frisk never liked to bring up their old family, and nobody asked. When Frisk had a conversation with Toriel, she just put down the ingredients for another butterscotch-cinnamon pie and listened to Frisk talk about their old household. When the Underground’s savior was finished telling the story, the whole monster family (who at the time consisted of Sans, Papyrus, Gaster, Asriel & Chara) banded together to comfort them, telling them over and over again that you don’t have to go back if you don’t want to.

So Frisk made the decision to stay with their family, and considering the ambassadorship of monster-kind Frisk held, it wasn’t long before the adoption papers came in, making Frisk an official child of one Toriel Gaster (the wedding had been quiet, as per her & Sans’ request, and Asgore had officiated, having moved past Toriel). The change was small - it was agreed that Papyrus had put it best:


His college classes to become a motivational speaker were really paying off, weren’t they?

George Bernard Shaw once said that “A happy family is but an earlier heaven,” and having experienced what may as well have been hell, Frisk was fully inclined to agree with the statement.

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Tikki was really worried for Marinette.

That Lila girl had threatened her & nearly gotten her expelled, her friends had dropped her harder than a techno concert beat, and added to the mental toll akumas already caused, Marinette was suffering . Tikki was also starting to get exhausted herself from all the transformations needed as well.

Something must be done, the kwami decided, so when her charge went to sleep that night, she went to the Miracle Box and transformed herself into a masked, humanoid form. It would be tolling, but it would be worth it.

None of the other Miraculous wielders - save Adrien, potentially - were safe calls anymore. It was time to make a new team. Calling Trixx, Wayzz & Pollen and ordering them to transform (as one of the strongest kwamis, she had the right to give mandates), the wielders set out to meet with their new Chosens.

Aurore Beauréal was the first choice. She received Wayzz, and she decided to dub herself Skrokkur, a name based on her Icelandic heritage. Tikki warned her to be extremely careful, because this power could easily be taken away.

Despite being stuck in the bag for most of her time at school, Tikki had been able to figure out that some students were playing along with Lila for fear of ending up like Marinette. That was why Rose Lavillant was chosen to become the new Bee with Pollen. The sweet girl chose the alias Honeydew, and like Skrokkur, she received a warning about who she told.

It was just her luck that Juleka happened to walk in on the two conversing - Rose had been staying at her family’s houseboat since her homophobic parents kicked her out - and despite the groans of Tikki, she decided the best way to work with this was to give Juleka Trixx’s Miraculous instead of take Rose’s power away immediately; it hadn’t been Rose’s fault they’d been discovered. Juleka decided on the alias of Hila, and her job done, Tikki went on her way home. 

Tikki had a good sleep that night, almost waking up too late to do the same for Marinette the following morning.

Everything was explained to Marinette so she didn’t freak out at the fact the Fox, Turtle & Bee were missing from the box. Marinette trusted Tikki’s judgement, as well as her decision to keep the identities of the new Fox, Turtle & Bee secret. 

Marinette had been saddened more for Luka & Kagami, who were not her classmates and hadn’t betrayed her to her knowledge. Tikki assuaged her by saying at some point they could temporarily receive different Miraculouses, but not for now.

Tikki also told her about who in her class Lila had actually fooled and who was unwillingly playing along with the serial liar. The list was Juleka, Rose, Mylene (and Ivan by extension), Max, Kim & Alix.

Marinette met with those people after school that day and they started discussing how to take Lila down.

Finally, Tikki thought, some progress.

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When Daisy was young (not a baby, mind you), she’d grown enamored with the thought of her soulmate. She’d never met them, of course, but she was sure they would be amazing. It was tragic, though; the quote on her left arm - the phrase that her soulmate was supposed to say to her before anything else - was indecipherable to Daisy & the world. Though the words were in a readable alphabet, none of the languages in the Mushroom World had them in their dictionary. 

As Daisy grew up, her concept of soulmates dwindled, and she stopped being the “proper lady” everyone desired her to be. She took up sport after sport after sport, spent time hanging with other royals her age instead of lessons, and while she showed interest in leadership, she had no desire to lead the Sarasa Kingdom.

At the age of 25, Daisy figured her soulmate was an alien or something, so when Tatanga showed up for conquest, she offered herself in exchange. Why not? The royals weren’t exactly pleased with the way she behaved (not that she cared too much), and she was starting to feel unwanted - she might as well make herself useful.

Unfortunately (and fortunately, in a sense), Tatanga couldn’t figure out her soulmate writing either. He had just enough time to look and find out when Mario, the rumored-to-be-otherworldly hero of the Mushroom Kingdom (and soulmate of her best friend Peach) showed up to save her.

She’d given the man in red a thank-you hug when he’d noticed the soulmate writing. 

When Daisy explained that it was in a language nobody knew, Mario grinned. It was almost creepy how big it was.

“Why are you grinning like that?”

“Because,” Mario eagerly answered, “that’s my home tongue.”

Daisy was saddened & confused by this. If he really was from another world (and if the rumors were true, was looking for a way back with little success), she wouldn’t meet her soulmate for a long time.

“If your soulmate is who I think it is,” Mario interrupted her thoughts ( had she said that out loud? ), “I think you’ll be okey-dokey!”

As it turned out, Mario’s brother Luigi had fallen into the Mushroom World with him. With Peach’s help, Mario immediately set up a way for Luigi to get to Sarasaland.

When he arrived, Daisy looked appraisingly at the green-clad brother. He looked nothing like the dashing prince she’d expected as a child.

Then again, Daisy might not have been what he expected either.

Luigi, who just looked confused, pulled his smirking brother aside and murmured, “ Fratello, perché così eccitato ?”

“What does that mean?” Daisy blurted; despite the fact she understood the language was “Italian,” she still didn’t know a lick of it.

Luigi whirled to face the princess so fast she thought his head would fly off his shoulders. He looked back at Mario in astonishment, as if he expected it to be a prank in the end.

“No way,” he mumbled, “I-I get a beautiful woman like you for a soulmate? I’m not normally this lucky. Bro, you’re pranking me!”

  Daisy couldn’t have ripped off her left glove fast enough. He was no prince, but she figured he would do just fine.

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“If you had paid more attention,” said the golden-eyed, scantily-clad ripoff of Ann, “Shiho wouldn’t be in the hospital.”

“Shut up!” exclaimed the real Ann, her voice fearful & severely saddened. Had she not already gone through enough today? First Shiho attempts to kill herself (and might actually succeed), then she gets thrown into this disgusting, murky castle run by some alternate form of that scumbag Kamoshida, and out of nowhere this nasty doppelgänger showed up and started spouting total nonsense about how she could have done better, how she could have done something, done anything… 

Barely hearing footsteps behind her, both Ann and her Shadow Self turned to face two masked but vaguely familiar-looking figures and some monster-cat thing. Ann would register that later.

“Stop!” the real Ann shouted, as if them coming closer would spell her death. 

“Don’t come closer! Don’t listen to these lies!” she sobbed. One of the humans - a bottle blond like Ryuji - stepped forward hesitantly, but Shadow Ann continued on speaking before he could open his mouth.

“Why are you lying to yourself? You know what I’m saying is the truth… and so do I, because not only am I you but you’re me!”

“Lies!” Ann said, turning back to face her Shadow Self, “You’re… you’re…”

“Don’t!” said the bottle blond - he sounded oddly like Ryuji - but his warning fell on ears that weren’t listening.

You’re not me !” Ann shouted. Silence befell the room for a few seconds, before her Shadow Self began to cackle like a madwoman.

“I suppose you’re right now,” she crowed, as dark, murky material engulfed her, “I am my own self now!”

“Get back!” commanded the monster-cat, confusing Ann further, but her mind was not given time to dwell on it as the new form of her other self revealed itself in a burst of energy that blew her into the other human.

Shadow Ann was now twice her previous height, looked like an anthropomorphic feline in the face and was clad in dominatrix-esque clothing; the only exception being the backpack in which a monstrous serpent was dangling dangerously. Another weird thing was the serpent with hair that eerily reminded Ann of Shiho’s hairstyle.

It looked like a bootleg lovechild of Banjo-Kazooie & Five Nights At Freddy’s.

The masked trio were suddenly standing in between the two forms of Ann, their postures strong, stalwart & protective.

A battle ensued, but despite the flames spat at them, Shadow Ann & her Anguished Viper eventually fell to the floor, the latter disappearing and the former magically reverting to the almost-naked Ann.

The black-haired one turned to the real Ann and helped her up, saying “You have to accept her to defeat her.”

Ann turned to her, sighed, and admitted the Shadow Self was Ann, and that Ann was her as well. A bright light engulfed the calmly smiling fake, before transforming into what would become her Persona - Carmen .

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Legends in Alola spoke of a land called Ooelie, where one could change the hearts & minds of those who saw the world in a distorted way. Ash and his friends didn’t expect the legend to be true, but meeting Pikachu - a mysterious mouse creature with plenty of knowledge on the area - & their Personas was worth the journey!

In an ongoing battle, two Shadows were defeated by a blast of Bless energy from Ash’s Persona Heracles. A third attempted to jump him, only to meet its own end by an Ice attack from Liliʻuokalani, the Persona of their newest member Lillie.

Meanwhile, four Shadows faced off against Kiawe and Lana, who were accompanied by their respective Personas Laka & Kanaloa; they quickly whupped the Shadows with a combination of Fire & Psychic spells.

They finally reached the target of the area they’d been exploring; the den of Lusamine’s Shadow. 

Lusamine had been mistreating her daughter, shrugging her daughter’s words off and belittling her on the daily. Not many words were exchanged - they often amounted to nothing in Ooelie - before Lusamine transformed into a giant, stronger-than-usual Shadow, which Ash & his friends had dubbed Ultra Shadows; this one would later be called US-Progenitrix. The other Ultra Shadows they had faced off against were Avaricious (a greedy businessman called Viren), Mad Chef (Mallow’s formerly lazy father Abe), Skull King & Queen (local “gang” leaders Guzma & Plumeria), Speed Demon (Sophocles’ former rival Horacio) & Branch Chief (Faba, one of Lusamine’s conniving ex-employees).

Progenitrix put up quite the fight, but with the boosts Mallow & Papa provided, the Electric spells of Sophocles & Lono and Curse spells from Gladion and his Persona Ku helped defeat Lusamine & change her heart once and for all.

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Overwatch’s Summer Games was a time-honored tradition, and the families of those who served them were often invited to and watch. Even in more troubling times, with the rise of Talon & Null Sector, those who were part of the peacekeeping organization still took the time to participate. 

While the gold medal often went to the same folks each year, anyone could participate, and it was seen as a way to learn new tricks alongside winning gold medals.

As always, Ana took first place in Shooting, though Jesse gave her a run for her money like no one had in the Summer Games’ history. Not that the cowboy minded, though; he took first place in Equestrian. 

Despite the recent additions of Talon’s now ex-board member Akande (alongside Gabriel, Olivia & a de-brainwashed Amelie & Siebren), Bastion took a surprising first in boxing. Bastion’s medal was later found in Ganymede’s nest; no one dared to mess with it.

Biking turned out to be a surprising tie for first between D.Va & Gabriel. The two were no less pleased, thankfully.

Swordplay & Archery went to the Shimada brothers, obviously, though Zenyatta did decent. The Omnic monk settled for first in Taekwondo, though it was a close final match against Mei.

Speaking of her, the cheery Chinese woman won in Table Tennis, though Jack did decently well.

Jack took first place in golf; that said, it was by default, as no one else entered.

Jamie & Angela took Tennis & Badminton respectively, though they each came close to winning the other. No one - not even Jamie himself! - knew how he became so good at tennis.

Football/Soccer went to Lucio and his teammates Genji & D.Va, while Fareeha, Akande & Reinhardt took the Basketball gold!

Not even Mako could take down Reinhardt in Wrestling (though were it sumo, the New Zealander might have won), but he did take first in Diving, to everyone’s surprise. 

No one bothered to take on Zarya at Weightlifting. Aleksandra performed anyway, and Mei was reported to blush as red as a volcano.

The team of Mako & Torbjörn took first in Water Polo, and while Amelie came incredibly close to defeating Satya in Rhythmic (and Satya the same in Gymnastics), both women took their own gold.

Track ended up with Lena taking the gold, and Winston teamed with her to take the crown in Volleyball.

Overall, it was a very successful Summer Games, and everyone couldn’t wait until next year.

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Almost as soon as she arrived, Ladybug could tell by the quiet but pensive expression on his face that Chat Noir clearly had a lot on his mind.

She may have seemed aloof & cold at times, but she cared deeply for Chat. It was the flirting that gave her problems sometimes; she didn’t mind too much - he could make akuma battles somewhat entertaining at times, but she’d never admit it - but she’d appreciate it if he were a bit more focused at times. 

“What’s going on, chaton ?” she asked him, catching his attention. When he didn’t make his usual pun about cat-ching his attention , she knew it was serious.

“You know I’ve liked you for a long time, right?” Ladybug groaned internally, but decided to listen anyway.

“Well, there’s a guy I recently realized I’m interested in-”

“You’re bi too?!” the heroine gasped.

“Yeah, I am.” That was all that needed to be said there. “Anyway, my point is that I can’t decide between you and him, and I feel bad that my heart is conflicted like this; plus, there’s the issue of my father finding out…”

It had been a long time since Ladybug thought that if she ever met his father, she would take an almost-sadistic pleasure in denouncing his behavior. She’d come up with plans to do so without revealing whoever Chat was behind the mask. His father was an abusive, neglectful piece of horse dung, and he only recently started realizing it thanks to her & the temporary heroes’ reactions.

Chaton , are you asking me to wing-woman for you?”

“No, because it might compromise one or both of our identities.”

“I know, but you’re one of my best friends. Not only should you have rights your father doesn’t give you, you’re clearly torn right now. I don’t know if I’ll ever love you like you want, Chat, and I certainly can’t give you what you want as Ladybug, so I think you should pursue this boy. Just be careful, okay?”

Chat sniffled a bit. “Thank you, Ladybug. I’ll keep the relationship under wraps, if you’d like.”

“It would be smart…” Ladybug trailed off; if it weren’t for the rules of secret identities, she’d reveal herself to Chat, but rules were rules.

“Thank you, My Lady- can I still call you that? You will always be special to me…”

“Of course, chaton , but please stop flirting with me. It makes me uncomfortable, and if you’re dating someone else…”

“Can do, My Lady. I’m sorry for all this time.”

“It’s okay, Chat.”

The two parted for the night. The next day, Marinette - who had been inspired to let Adrien go, as she was admittedly getting tired of chasing after him - asked Chloe - who had been helping her fight Lila’s fabrications - out. It was perfect timing, too; Adrien - who Marinette had helped get over his cowardice over the past few months - and Nino - who had been told the truth about Lila a while back & had broken up with Alya after his attempts to explain proved fruitless - had started dating too. The two duos agreed to double date at some point, and when school was out, they went to go and enjoy life unshackled by their past love.

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Kim was not the smartest, he would admit, but he wasn’t really stupid , per se. Such was provable by many different factors.

One: Kim surrounded himself with the right people. Alix was rich, and while Max wasn’t, he was smart enough that he’d likely become so one day. Kim didn’t pick them because of such factors, sure, but it certainly worked out in his favor.

Two: Kim knew the identities of the local superheroes. Marinette was found out rather easily a while after Heroes’ Day; the two had known each other since who knows how far back, after all. Meeting Xuppu proved it even more so; he’d seen her “talking to her bag” sometimes. Adrien being Chat Noir was something he wasn’t entirely sure of, but he didn’t know anyone else who could be the black-clad cat hero, so if it wasn’t Adrien, Kim didn’t know him. Finding the other heroes’ identities was a question as simple as “who does Marinette know well?”

This led to factor number three: Kim had known Lila was a mendacious brat. He didn’t have proof of anything while watching, so he put on a believing act with almost all of the class. The first thing he’d done when he’d gotten away from her was let Alix & Max know; thankfully, Alix was also suspicious, and Max was only unsure because he hadn’t found an opportunity to fact check - something Marinette’s best friend should’ve been doing but instead chose to fawn over the transfer student’s yarning. 

They had went to find Marinette after the akuma attack (Chameleon or something), only to nearly walk in on her being threatened by Lila. Sure, they could have interfered, but it ended up with them confronting the secret superhero after Lila left and presenting her with recorded evidence of her attempting to browbeat their class president. Marinette - who was a bit hurt over the other students’ apparent preference of Lila over their “Everyday Ladybug” - asked them to wait. 

The next class all of them had together, Marinette pointed out Lila’s newest lie, and when Lila cried wolf and the rest of the class (minus Kim, Alix, Max, Juleka & Rose) went off on Marinette, she merely nodded at Kim, who played the file on Ms. Bustier’s computer. Needless to say, when Lila got akumatized again after the outrage of the class led to her expulsion, Ladybug had to bring in three new wielders: King Monkey, Pegasus & Cerastes!

Yeah, Kim wasn’t Max-level smart or Marinette-level clever, but he was wise in his own tier, and he was settling with that just fine.

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After the stopping of Perpebaoth & subsequent arrest of Chairman Shido, Shinya Oda knew it was time to take on the Champion.

He’d defeated the eight Gym Leaders - “Tora,” Makoto, Ann, Haru, Sojiro, Yusuke, Sae & Morgana - and bested his rivals Goro, Yuuki & Kasumi, even beating some of the Gym leaders in a rematch during the Champion Cup! Now, it was time to face the Champion, an old friend of his; Akira Kurusu, the undefeated Champion of Galar!

“It makes me proud that I was the one to give you your starter, you know,” Akira began speaking once the two were on the pitch, “I’m eager to see how well you stack up to my team. I won’t give you much bigger a speech; I know you’re as eager as the crowd to see who wins this battle!”

The packed audience roared with approval. Akira smirked. 

“Sae earned the nickname of the Iron Woman… I too have my titles other than Champion too. Trickster, Trump Card, et cetera… one name stands above the rest.”

Shinya nodded affirmatively, before readying his first Pokemon - a - for battle. Akira’s smirk grew into an almost-creepy form, and while it didn’t intimidate or deter Shinya in the slightest, it was a bit off-putting.

“Champion Joker challenges you to a battle, Shinya Oda. It’s showtime!”

The match-ups came and went, and it culminated with Shinya’s Copperajah facing off against Joker’s Grimmsnarl. Both Trainers Gigantamaxed their Pokemon and traded moves, with G-Max Steelsurge sticking Grimmsnarl full of spikes while G-Max Snooze almost knocked Copperajah unconscious (albeit making the Copperderm Pokemon drowsy).

When the dust cleared, Grimmsnarl was sprawled out on the floor, detransformed and unconscious. Shinya had done it!

His team - Copperajah, Octillery, Rillaboom, Flareon, Vikavolt & Noivern - was recorded in the Hall of Fame, and Shinya returned to his mother triumphant.

Chapter Text

Patience was, is and always will be a virtue. Not many knew weathering their way through storms better than Sadayo Kawakami.

That said, talking to someone she was attracted to - not to mention that person was a woman! - was absolutely nerve-wracking.

Tae Takemi was a fellow friend of Akira - a “Confidant,” she’d heard him call her, Tae and other people around the city - that she’d met during one of Akira’s yearly parties. It had been quite traumatic for him and the other Phantom Thieves to fight the god Yaldabaoth all those years ago, and it had been his caretaker Sojiro’s idea to throw a party on that day and potentially create a positive feeling when it came around; it also helped that Akira only invited his Confidants.

Akira always sent the invitation with an Arcana drawn on it that was apparently respective to them. Sadayo knew she was the Temperance one, which after researching it made sense. The 14 on her beach shirt, her former lack of balance in life & hobbies… no wonder Akira chose that! Many a time Sadayo and the others had wondered who the Strength, Justice Fool were, because they never came. Akira told them that he’d lost contact with two of them after “Yaldabaoth Day” and lost the third in combat, and while Sadayo could tell he wasn’t telling the entire truth (teacher’s intuition, really), she didn’t press about it.

This year, Sadayo arrived at Leblanc - where the party was always held - and found the oddest duo waiting outside.

A young girl with platinum hair & oddly golden eyes held a grimoire, standing awkwardly stiff next to a balding man with an abnormally long nose. It seemed as if it was shorter than it should be, as if he was magically disguising himself to fit in with the rest of the world.

The door opened as the three - the other two of whom were apparently named Igor & Lavenza - were conversing, revealing a teary-eyed Akira. A moment passed before he embraced the two in a hug - Akira had become a bit more touchy-feely since returning to Tokyo. Turning to Sadayo, Akira introduced them a second time and led the three guests in.

It wasn’t long before the other Phantom Thieves - other than Futaba & Morgana, who were already there - & Makoto’s sister Sae showed up, soon followed by Toranosuke Yoshida, a popular candidate for Japan’s Prime Minister. Later came Iwai, a local air-soft shop owner, followed by the local fortune teller Chihaya & a well-known reporter named Ichiko. A while after, Futaba’s girlfriend Hifumi & former Phan-Site owner (and ex-student) Yuuki Mishima showed up with a kid named Shinya in tow; Sadayo knew he would be her student next year but said nothing of it.

Lastly, Tae showed up, carrying two bouquets in her hands. One was for Akira; the other, Sadayo, packaged with an offer to meet up outside the yearly parties. Sadayo couldn’t have nodded yes fast enough, and the two quickly had a dinner date set up that Saturday. Everyone in attendance cheered.

It was a shame that the third person - who Sadayo guessed was the Justice person - didn’t make it, but Akira had made his peace with it. The party continued on well into the night, and all was well within the world.

Chapter Text

Not long after all the trusted/new heroes revealed their identities, Chat Noir called an emergency meeting. He looked as weary as could be when everyone arrived, and it was clear he’d been crying. Carapace was the first to get there, followed by Queen Bee, Ryuuko & Ladybug; last to arrive were Viperion, Princess Pig & Shual (Nathaniel with the Fox). Juleka was also trusted, but had not wanted to use a Miraculous out of fear. Ladybug respected that.

“Dude, your father is Hawkmoth? That… actually makes sense, now that I think about it.”

To Carapace, Chat Noir - no, Adrien - looked more miserable than Atlas would be when he was punished to hold up the world, should the Titan exist. This burden should have been nobody’s - never mind a sixteen-year old - to bear, but somehow it had been thrust upon him.

Ladybug looked almost as saddened to learn her fashion idol was the local super-villainous terrorist, but she’d come too far to give up now. The heroes could have taken him down that night, but it was spent consoling Adrien instead. 

The next day, Gabriel found that Adrien was missing from his room. It was Sunday, so he wasn’t at school. His room was in perfect condition, as if he’d been kidnapped, but his laptop & any other things the boy would have liked to keep with him were also missing. What he & Nathalie did find was a note on his bed.

Dear Gabriel Agreste & Nathalie Sancoeur,

We have your son, and we know what you’ve done - or rather, are doing. Bring the Miraculouses and anything else you could make use of to the address below within the week and not only will he be returned to you unharmed but we will not inform the police of who was behind the terrorism. If not, you will not see your son again and the Miraculous wielders & police will be told your dirty secret.

The instructions to the address & a time of day to meet was where a signature would have been expected, and the cameras turned up nothing, so Gabriel & Nathalie decided to make their own plan.

That Friday, after school let out for the teenagers, Gabriel & Nathalie followed the instructions to the address. When they arrived, they found themselves at the police station on that rainy day. Right before they knocked on the door, a puddle solidified into Ryuuko, who had great pleasure in taking first blood. Before either of them could react properly, Nathalie’s head was sliced cleanly off her shoulders. It was quick, efficient & demanding of reaction - just like the way Nathalie treated Adrien. 

Aspik & Lady Noire dropped down next, followed by the rest of the heroes (with Luka in the Ladybug suit as Nyckelpiga). They formed a circle around Gabriel, giving him no chance of escape. Queen Bee gave him a dose of Venom, Ryuuko drove her lance through his heart, and they let him bleed out on the floor for a few minutes before Lady Noire Cataclysmed him with a destruction-enhanced slap to the face. Thankfully, it didn’t destroy the Miraculouses with them, and with the help of the police - who had been contacted with the information - the remains of Gabriel & Nathalie were cleaned up lickety-split. 

The murder was implicit with its speed, but it was also rather explicit, because the information of Gabriel & his secretary’s misdeeds was revealed to the public (it had been done there, anyway, and quite the attraction was made when the sound of Nathalie being decapitated reverberated throughout the arrondissement).

Aspik was revealed to be Adrien Agreste, proving he was clearly not an accomplice of the fashion mogul, so he got away scot-free like the rest of the heroes - they’d went and asked Mayor Bourgeois for licenses to kill that morning. 

And when the world caught wind of Gabriel’s neglect & abuse? Killing him was a mercy in comparison to what would have happened if he’d been merely jailed.

Chapter Text

It started with Hawkmoth’s victory.

His sacrifice was, to everyone’s surprise, not Marinette Dupain-Cheng, who had practically become his sworn enemy, but Lila Rossi, his minion after Mayura retired; flirting & being physical with your boss’ son nonconsensually does not usually put you in his good graces, after all.

When Emilie arrived from the afterlife, she looked pissed at him; apparently, Buuho (one of the kwami representing death and the afterlife for good people, the other dealing with evil ones) threw wicked parties, and Emilie was not happy to be taken from that, especially so she could be with the man she had been planning to divorce before everything happened. 

Snatching all four Miraculouses from Gabriel’s grasp, she transformed with the Moth - the one she had wielded in her and Gabriel’s heyday - akumatized the recovering Marinette & Adrien, and together, La Phalène, Downfall & Adritron whupped him into next season.

Gabriel was arrested and jailed for life, but Nathalie was not mentioned to the police - Emilie had asked her to stick by Gabriel when she’d first been alive, so this was somewhat the revived mother’s fault. Besides, the curse was punishment enough.

The Gorilla - whose name turned out to be Igor - was allowed to stay and was rehired for being “a good noodle.” 

Him and Emilie stuck together, being the survivors of the four adults in or close to the Agreste family, and eventually, they started courting. They dated for a long time, and Gabriel received word of their wedding only about half a year after they married.

Marinette & Adrien married a few years after the Black Cat’s new parents did, and they made amends with their classmates. Sure, Alya and the others - minus Chloe, Nathaniel, & Max (plus Kim & Alix by the young genius’ extension), who had figured it out but had said nothing for differing but fair reasons - had been rude and even mean, but Marinette & Adrien were not the only ones deceived and victimized by Lila Rossi, and they were forgiven so long as it didn’t happen again.

At last, peace had returned to Paris.

Chapter Text

Recently, Caline heard that Francoise-Dupont was getting a new school adviser/therapist for students & faculty. Being her kind self, she decided to talk to them and properly welcome them into Francoise-Dupont.

When she arrived after her last class was over, she passed Alya, who looked to be troubled & deeply in thought as the journalist-in-training exited the therapist’s room. When she walked in, she found the man in question reclining in his chair, a lollipop stick dangling from his closed lips.

“Howdy,” the man greeted her as she walked in, a Southern twang perceptible in his “you must be Ms. Bustier. The name’s Mr. Douglas, but you can call me Horton.”

Caline introduced herself and invited him to go to drinks with the rest of the teachers. It was a Friday afternoon, so there would not be school the following day.

“That would be alright! I don’t drink, but I’ll be designated driver if need be.”

Mr. D’Argencourt was usually designated driver, but he was happy to have the help of the adviser. The night was fantastic - and Caline would have loved to remember it, but as things with wine usually go, it ended up a blur.

When she woke up hungover the next day, she was in a bed in an unfamiliar room. The smell of something good wafted in from the kitchen. She followed the smell and found Horton making something on the counter.

“Oh, mornin’!” he greeted the fellow faculty member when he noticed her. “I didn’t know where you lived, so I took you to my home. I hope the arrangements were nice.”

“Did we…” Caline said, her aching head not yet at full capacity and not registering the tactlessness of the statement.

Blushing, Horton quickly said “No, I wouldn’t dare do that to a drunken woman - a drunken anyone, really.”

Once the two had a good laugh over the moment, Horton treated Caline to his “Nutella burritos” - which were basically tortillas filled with Nutella. Caline wanted to cry, they were so good.

The two had been conversing when Caline mentioned Lila and her adventures. Horton’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. What he said next shocked her.

“You mean that popular brunette who was tellin’ lies to everyone?”

Now Caline was confused.

“Yeah, I did some research - something that Alya girl is probably doing now - and there’s no mention of any of those things. How long has she been getting away with this?”

Caline explained every one of Lila’s stories she could remember, and Horton shot each one of them down. By the end of it, both of them were understandably furious and disappointed in Caline’s student.

“We should bring this up to Mr. Damocles, huh?”

“It won’t help her fix her behavior, though,” said Caline, “we should talk to her about it.”

“I’ve met people like her before, ma’am…” Horton’s voice grew somber and sorrowful, “and yeah, some folks need a gentle nudge, but a girl like her needs a kick in the head - figuratively, mind you . Please don’t kick her, especially not on my account.”

Caline looked dubiously at the adviser, who shrugged. 

“The longer you let her get away with it, the more she’ll think ‘Oh, hey, I can do this and get away with it’ and keeps doing it. Best to nip it in the bud before it grows any worse, right?”

Caline was still unsure, but when Marinette & Adrien came to her & Mr. Douglas that Monday with news of the class president being threatened, Caline resolved to deal with the problem. A simple call to her mother revealed that Caline’s beloved students weren’t the only ones being lied to, and it wasn’t long before Lila was given an ultimatum; confess everything or be expelled.

Before she could make a decision, an akuma entered the room through a cracked-open window. It flapped towards the girl, who suddenly made a move for the akuma. It was not meant to be, though, as a well-thrown pencil collided with it, the pointed end pinning it to the wall by one of its wings. Everyone turned to look at Mr. Douglas, who had scrambled in and chucked the pencil he kept behind his ear.

Now in even deeper water, Lila was given both punishments, and Ms. Rossi didn’t give her immunity for attempting to work with a terrorist. Ladybug showed up and purified the akuma, and rumors said Ladybug showed up one night and thanked him for stopping an akuma, but he didn’t confirm or deny such an event, stating “If Ladybug had talked to me about something - especially something important - would I need to tell you?” 

It raised more questions, but everyone ultimately respected his lack of a concrete answer. When the students were asked if Mr. Douglas was doing a good job, Marinette - who was since being treated better by her classmates - felt happy to give him top marks.

Chapter Text

Sonic was the fastest thing alive; this was a fact known to all the Smashers, and even the former fastest-on-foot Captain Falcon respected his title; naturally, when Galeem started obliterating everyone, Sonic did what he did best - run. 

He managed to collect Pikachu in his arms when he saw Kirby zooming away from beams of the Lord of Light’s design on the Warp Star; jumping with everything his legs could give him, he leaped into the canyon sky and grabbed the Warp Star’s edge, hanging on for dear life and holding his electrical pal all the while.

Kirby was so focused on teleporting the Warp Star out of the chaos that he didn’t notice Sonic & Pikachu until all three had woken up in the World of Light, and when Kirby realized it, they were elated to see the two; the pink puffball thought they would be alone in this adventure.

Even if Sonic & Pikachu hadn’t made it, Kirby wouldn’t have been alone for a long time; they quickly met Piranha Plant, Joker, Banjo, Kazooie, the Heroes, & Terry - Smashers who were late to the party and had survived, saving the Spirits of their worlds and eventually meeting the three returning Smashers.

Kirby, Sonic & Pikachu weren’t quite sure how to defeat Galeem, but however they did it, they would do it, and they would save their friends!

Chapter Text

“Hah, it seems you need my help, lad!”

James let out a guttural groan as pain shot to his head and a voice began to speak from seemingly nowhere. It had already been crazy enough this morning, what with he and his new friend Lucian finding his new school had turned into a twisted strip club and a golden-eyed version of the perverted history teacher running it like some sort of grandiose royal. He wasn’t even gonna begin about the models being teenagers Lucian recognized as other students.

“You aren’t about to let this monster take you down, are you? Surely your desire to survive is stronger…? Well, either way, let us forge a contract. I am thou, thou art I… the world is not yet done with you; get back up and let’s give this scum what for!” 

Suddenly stalwart & resolute despite the torment going on in his head, Jamison growled out a that’s enough of you before one of the shadowy guards could drop its weapon and execute Lucian. It and its master turned towards James, only to be sent flying to the wall as a colossal column of ethereal blue flames erupted around the teenager.

When they quickly died down - vanishing as smoothly as they’d come - a powerful-looking humanoid floated behind him. Taking this as a challenge, the guard let out an unearthly bellow and transformed into a monster of its own form. Lucian & Mr. Ireland could only watch in awe as the one who would later disguise himself underneath the name of Honcho grinned a near-feral grin, uttering a command to whup the enemy that stood before him for the first time.

“Take it out with Zio… Iuppiter!