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Centum Fabulae: 41-60!

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It ain’t easy, raising your two kids with a husband, Leonardo Mario had always thought. It was harder when you were given looks just for being two guys walking together romantically with two young boys in a stroller. 

The carpenter-slash-superhero didn’t know how he’d gotten so lucky to get a smart & caring person like David to fall in love with him, but he did, and he thanked the Star Spirits of his home-world every day for it (as well as the super strength).

Speaking of which, Luigi & Mario (Patricia had always hated him for the repetitive name, but it was a Mario family tradition that for every three male-at-birth Marios one receive the name) were almost at the age when they’d probably learn about their abilities too. Leo didn’t want David to find out by walking in on one of the kids holding up the couch or something. The only other person who knew were the parents of Mario’s friend Pauline. They’d agreed to keep it all under wraps, but they advised him to tell David at some point.

He had to tell him. He was already at risk by dating - never mind marrying - him in the first place.

Mi amato ,” he noted as they watched Mario & Luigi play in a sandbox, “there is something I need to tell you when we get home. It’s a secret I’ve kept from you… for a while now.”

“It’s fine,” David muttered tiredly - his job at the local Brooklyn hospital took a lot out of him, and coming home late happened often - “whatever your secret is, I imagine you had a good reason for keeping it. I trust you, il mio cuore .”

When the family arrived home, Leonardo told David his true backstory. His home world, the pipe which had taken him here as a young man, the super strength, the fight with Donkey Kong & saving Pauline’s mother (Isabella had a celebrity crush on “Jumpman” for a while, which made the revelation quite awkward), the superhero work he did on occasion, everything. 

David forgave him for the secret, and asked about his home-world. Leo was happy to talk about the prosperity of the Mushroom Kingdom, and how the monarchs had finally managed a child around the time Leonardo got lost. The stories went for hours.

Leonardo had been searching for the pipe that took him here in the hopes of finding his way home. He would still be looking for it - if for no other reason than to see his family & origin world again - but he was content to make a home here.

Leonardo wasn’t the one who eventually found those pipes, though. Mario & Luigi, on the other hand…