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You're Worth Saving

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Blood dripped down as if it was a leaky faucet that wouldn't stop. The floor was covered with newspapers that were once white and now were covered in red. The chair was stained and rotting from the old wood that was once used to create the very thing the monster sat on. It was only fair after all. There needs to be blood for the ones who have bled.

"Clean it up. I don't want to look a second longer at that disgusting thing."

"Yes sir."

Once he was out of the basement and into his own room, he headed straight towards the bathroom as he stripped of his clothes. His hands were covered in blood and so were his clothes. His mouth was covered in red as well from tearing the throat of the man they had just killed with his own teeth. Screaming made his head hurt after all and he was tired of the little game that man who had once been alive was playing.

Magnus didn't tolerate anyone disrespecting him nor did he tolerate anyone hurting his pack, his family. And that was what that man had done. Maia, a run away omega who had joined the pack over 5 months ago, was assaulted walking home and when she came home, crying her eyes out, Magnus saw red. He hadn't know Maia for long. In fact he didn't trust her at first, but then things changed and over time, she became a little sister to him. And nobody would ever lay a hand on her again. And when Magnus tracked the man down and found him, the pack all knew what they had to do. Nobody hurt one of their own.

As the hot water hit his back, he sighed with relief. His muscles that were once tense, were now starting to relax under the pressure of the shower head. Twenty minutes later, he was done. He got out, got dressed, and went to the room upstairs with the number 11 written on it. He knocked on the door and waited patiently as he heard bed sheets be moved and a body get out of the bed and shuffle slowly towards the door. When it opened he saw Maia hugging herself with swollen red eyes.

Magnus opened his arms and all too fast she ran into his arms and collapsed. Magnus placed a hand on the back of her neck and squeezed gently. It was something alpha's did for omega's to calm them down. He then moved her head into the crook of his neck so that his scent could wash over her and she could feel even more relaxed.

"You know you did nothing wrong right?" Magnus whispered.

Maia nodded. "I know."

"Good. I'm so sorry this happened to you. You didn't deserve it. But you're strong. It's gonna take some time but you'll get through this. You have me and the rest of the pack here for you. We love you Maia."

Maia lifted her head and smiled. It was the first smile he had seen since the attack. "I love you guys too. I don't know where i'd be without you."

"Maybe in Narnia?" Magnus joked.

Maia chuckled and shook her head. Magnus felt Maia then tense up in his arms. "Is that he still out there? What if he hurts another omega Magnus?"

Magnus shook his head. "It won't come to that. We took care of it. He won't hurt anyone ever again."

And those words seemed to calm her down once more. Magnus kissed her head and moved her to her bed and sat her down. He then knelt in front of her and placed a hand on the side of her cheek.

"Cat said lunch will be done in about ten minutes. Come down if you're hungry. But only if you feel up to it. Remember no one is going to judge you because there is nothing to judge you for. But like I said. Come down and eat if you're up to it. No pressure. I have to go to Idris College in a few to deal with some things but i'll be back shortly. Will you be okay?"

"I'm getting there." Maia replied.

Magnus smiled. "Good. See you later little one."

He kissed her temple once more before turning around and headed out the door. He went down the stairs and into the kitchen where he found Raphael leaning up against the counter as he typed away at his phone. Magnus walked over and rose an eyebrow.

"I found out who that guy was. His name was Edgar Smith. He's not in any pack as I can tell so we don't have to worry about an angry pack alpha on our hands."

Magnus nodded. "Good. Thanks for checking Raph. Look, I have to go do some business so since you're my second you're going to be in charge. And if i'm not back in an hour please go and check on Maia and make sure she eats something."

"Of course." Raphael said with a nod.

"Thank you friend." Magnus replied before turning around once more and headed out of the pack house.

Once outside, he stepped off the porch and began to ran. The pack house was in the middle of the woods covered by trees so it wasn't easily seen. It was for their protection. There were people out there that didn't like how much power Magnus had and how powerful the pack was and so they would threaten them and go after them.

After a few steps of running he jumped in the air and when he landed, he landed on four paws instead of two feet. His wolf was big. Bigger than most werewolves. His fur was midnight black with hints of red mixed in and his eyes glowed red. He was beautiful. Everyone who had ever seen his wolf said so and it was true.

It wouldn't be long now until Magus reached the campus. If people thought he was fast on two feet, they haven't seen anything yet when it came to his wolf form. About a block away he transformed back into his human form and headed the rest of the way on foot.

Soon he was finally there. He breathed in and out as all the different scents reached him. Omega scents, beta scents, and even Alpha scents. He knew how to keep his cool though. Especially with so many omega scents around. He controlled it. He wasn't that kind of alpha that would take advantage of an omega. And yeah, there were a lot of alpha's like Magnus thankfully. But unfortunately there were also the bad ones who did whatever they wanted too and took whatever they wanted to and it was disgusting.

As he stepped foot onto the actual campus grounds, so many heads turned his way. And of course most of them knew who he was. He was Magnus Bane. The most respected and feared alpha in the city and probably further than that. As he looked around, he saw many looks of lust and want. He also saw looks of fear, some of respect, and even some of hate. But he just brushed it all off and started to walk on.

He heard whispers. There was a group of three female omega's standing in a semi circle giggling while looking at him. He could hear them talking about how hot he was. And another say how dangerous he was but that they didn't care because it made him even hotter. He chuckled to himself. He looked over and winked at them causing their eyes to widen and for them to let out squeals.

Magnus knew that so many people wanted him for a mate. And he wanted a mate as well. But it had to be on his terms. It had to be someone who really caught his eye. Someone who didn't want him for his status and instead wanted him for him. He was very picky when it came to finding a mate. Everyone in the pack had told him so. But a mare was a partner for a life. A best friend. He would not mate someone until he felt it with every bone in him that they were the one.

The alpha then started to head to the main office to do what he came to the campus to do in the first place. As he started to walk once more, he felt eyes on him. He slightly looked to his left to find a girl sitting on a bench, twirling her blonde hair, looking right at him. When she knew she caught his eye, she smirked and ducked her head bashfully. She was beautiful. Magnus had to give her that. Instead of going over to her, he kept on walking towards the office.

Before he made it, he heard someone call out his name. He turned around and saw a very familiar face headed his way. Magnus smiled.

"Luke! What a pleasant surprise. What are you doing here?"

Luke held up a text book in his hand along with a bag full of art supplies. "Clary forgot these at home. She begged me to come and drop these off. That girl is always forgetting something I swear."

Magnus laughed. "She's just like her mother. Speaking of which i'm here to see her."

"Ah. I'll walk with you. I want to say hello to my mate."

Magnus nodded. He still felt eyes on him. As he turned his head back towards the girl, she saw in a quick flash that the girl had ducked her head once again. He then turned back around and started to head towards the office with luke. As they reached the door, it swung open and suddenly Magnus went crashing to the ground with a weight on top of him which quickly scrambled off of him.

"Shit. I am so sorry."

Magnus was furious. How dare someone crash into him. And not only that but how did he not see it coming? How could he not get the scent of another person? He was about to rip the guys head off. But when he looked up, he looked into the most gorgeous eyes he had ever seen. He then felt a pair of two strong hands grab onto his arms and pull him up. Magnus looked over and saw it was Luke who had helped him up. He nodded in thanks before looking at the guy again. He sniffed the air but no luck. There was no scent coming off of the guy.

"Are you okay?" The guy asked.

But Magnus couldn't speak. The man in front of him was absolutely stunning. He had jet black hair with a white stripe going through it. His eyes were crystal blue. You could see them miles away from them being so bright. His jawline must have been sculpted from the gods and his muscles...god his muscles.

"Magnus." Luke said sternly.

Magnus shook his head knocking himself out of it.

"Sorry about that. It's just no one has ever knocked me to the ground before. I was in shock for a second." Magnus said which was a truth and a lie. Yes he had never been knocked down by anyone before but he wasn't speaking because of how gorgeous the man was.

"It's fine." The guy said squinting an eye at Magnus.

"You okay Alec?" Luke asked.

So Alec was his name. Magnus made sure to remember that.

"Yeah I'm good. I'm really sorry about that once again. I should have slowed down but I'm already late as it is." Alec replied.

Luke nodded. "Well you better get going son. And don't worry about Magnus. He's fine."

Alec looked at the Alpha who was only staring at Alec before tilting his head to the side in confusion and then looking back at Luke. "You sure?"

"Oh yeah." Luke replied with a laugh.

"Well okay."

And with that, Alec left in a flash. Once he was out of sight, Magnus snapped out of it. He heard Luke laugh beside him.

"I've never seen you so memorized by someone." Luke said in between laughs.

Magnus rolled his eyes. "Not a word Lucian."

Luke held up his hands in defense and followed Magnus inside. Jocelyn was behind one of the counters filling out some sort of paper work. Magnus saw Luke beam as soon as the other alpha laid eyes on her. Magnus sighed. He wanted that.

"Jocelyn!" Luke said as he walked over and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Jocelyn looked up and smiled. "Hello Luke."

"Do I not get a hello?" Magnus asked with fake pout.

Jocelyn laughed and walked over. "Hello Magnus."

"Well I gotta go give these to Clary. I'll see you tonight." Luke said as he kissed Jocelyn, said good bye to Magnus, and then left.

"How have you been Magnus?" Jocelyn asked.

"I've been alright I guess. How about you? How's Clary?"

"We're good. She will be over tonight for the pack dinner. I wish I could come but something at the art gallery came up. It's why I wanted to do this here."

Magnus nodded. "Understandable."

Jocelyn then reached under the counter and grabbed three pieces of paper. She then handed them over to Magnus who looked through them and then nodded. He folded them up and placed them in his back pocket so that no one could look at them nor would they get lost. These papers were very important.

"Oh shoot. I have to get going to that art room. Class is about to start and it can't start without their teacher." Jocelyn said with a laugh. "Those papers are good though?"

"Yes." Magnus said with a nod. "Thank you for doing this."

"Of course. Anything you need i'm here to help. You are the alpha of the pack after all and a pretty damn good one. I'll be at the house probably around 11 so don't wait up for me."

Magnus gathered Jocelyn into a hug before the two went their separate ways. As he headed out of the office, he felt those eyes on him once more. Looking over he saw the blonde girl but this time she wasn't alone. There was another blonde girl sitting to her right and a guy with long black hair to her left. When Magnus caught the girls eye, she smiled and began to twirl her hair once more before she stood up and started to head over towards him as the other two followed.

Magnus huffed. She was beautiful. She was the type that Magnus usually fell for. But she was also trouble. He could tell that her shyness was just an act. And Magnus was over going for the troubled ones. He learned his lesson. But as the girl got closer, her scent carried through him and it was delicious. He shook his head. He couldn't give in.

"Hello there. I'm Camille. You must be new to campus."

Magnus tilted his head. "You know who I am."

Everyone did.

Camille giggled. "You got me. Honestly I just wanted to introduce myself to you. It's not every day a famous alpha drops by. And a hot one too."

Magnus rolled his eyes. "I'm not famous. And is that the only reason why you wanted to talk to me? So what? You can look cool in front of your friends?"

"Oh no. You got me all wrong. I'm sorry if I made it seem like that. I'm just a curious person. That's all. You see, people on this campus are boring. I see the same faces everyday. But you? I only hear about you and occasionally see you around town. I just wanted to learn more about you. You're more than just an alpha after all and not many people see that. You have a heart too. I think it's time people saw that. I see it."

Magnus was about to respond when out of the corner he saw movement. He turned his head and when he saw who it was, his eyes widened. It was the guy who had bumped into him earlier. Alec. He was sitting at a table underneath some trees. But this time he wasn't alone. He was sitting next to a blonde boy who you could just tell was an alpha by the way he sat and by the way his body carried him. And on the other side was a girl who looked a lot like Alec. They must be related.

"Don't waist your breath on him. Alec and his siblings are a bunch of nobodys. They keep to themselves. It's probably because they're orphans."

Magnus turned his head and looked at the girl. For some reason, he felt angry about what she had said. Like he was protective over Alec. And he had hardly spoken to the boy. He was confused. This never happened. With a last glance he turned around and started to head towards the exit.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Camille called out.

Magnus didn't respond. He left the campus and changed back to his wolf. He had to get to the pack house to go over the papers and to clear his mind. He had no idea what had just happened and he needed to cool off. Today was a very interesting day.