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Broken Wings

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Alexander is 19 years old and they have adopted Max.

Warning: Suicide 

Chapter 1: Darkness

Alec P.O.V

"Im sorry" I whispered as I looked down at the chair beneath me as I fet the noose cutting into my skin. I felt numbness of sleep slowly fading from my limbs. I feel the warmth of the plastic chair beneath my feet.

I kicked the chair as I tried to gasp in a breath, but nothing came and I choked on my own dry tongue. There was no air in this menacing world; lack of oxygen descended on my mind as I heared my baby Max cry out from his crib, but it was too late, I couldn't help.

I desparatly sucked in another breath, as my baby cries grew louder. I sucked in another breath, burning my lungs with a ferocity that consumed me. Tears descended into my eyes.


Through the teary veil surrounding my eyes, I could barely make out dead white trees like bony fingers stretching for the dark  sunless sky.


Sorry! I thought as realisation dawned on me, I was going to die and no help was comming. I tried to move my chest, tried to suck in air, but none came. My heart stopped. My mind gave one final sigh. Then I felt nothing. Nothing at all.

No one P.O.V

Magnus came home late that night, he opened the door as he heared Max crying. Where is Alec?  He thought as he lifted Max out of the crib and magiced up a bottle of milk. He looked at his phone and saw a message from Isabelle:


He looked at the text in confusion, he didn't know where Alec was. 

"Alexander!" he called out, as he walked into their bedroom.


A/N: I am so mean arent I.