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Fall in love (Rewite)

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I am Maxine Caulfield 24 years old and I live in Seattle with my best friend Kate Marsh.

When Kate and I graduated from Blackwell Academy, our lives were a bit chaotic for a while. But soon it calmed down. Kate found a job in a small photo shop, as a photographer.

Even though I like photography, and I like it, but I found my way into a tattoo shop as a drawer.

I was so nervous but eventually it was nothing. In fact, the first workday went to so smoothly and I enjoyed it.  But, during the lunch break, something happened. Something that I can't keep away from my mind.

It was another girl, or a woman – however you may want to call her.

Blue hair, a tattoo on her arm, beanie, a flannel top... leather… she was just so perfect and...

Anyway, she joined me and the other workers, and I simply couldn’t take my eyes off her and just kept staring at her.

Creepy right?

I talked to her a bit, or should I say stuttered? Jesus Max! What a first impression!





But still we exchanged our numbers. I wondered, maybe I can hang out with her... if we are work mate.

Okay! Max, now it is time to go to sleep.

I put my pen down and walked to the bathroom to take a shower.

When I came back to my room, my phone beeped. Of course, I thought it was Kate, and so when I read

the text, I froze.

Chloe: "Hey Max"

Me: "Hi"

(Oh, dumbass)

Chloe: "I was thinking maybe you would like to meet tomorrow... before work... breakfast?"

(Huh. Well, I’d love to... shush brain)

Me: sure… ?"

Chloe: "Awesome!" and then after a quick pause, "Umm... I mean sure, that’s fine."

What the hell was that... I chuckled a little bit before texting to Kate. I mean I told her my day so she knows, maybe I ask her to come with me.

Me: "Hey you up?"

Kate: “Yeah”

Me: "So, Chloe texted me and asked if we can go with her... eat breakfast tomorrow?"

Kate: "Chloe huh?...;) "

Me: “You shut up!" and answer the damn question."

Kate: "Chill Max! Yes I’d love to."

Me: “Do you really? Or, are you trying to tease me?"

Kate: "No comment Max. Night."