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  • Probably wouldn't even realize he had feelings for you until either of two scenarios. Either you confessed your feelings first, or all of his friends would tease him about being so innocent and clueless, and spell it out for him. 


If you didn't confess first:

  • Even once he's made aware, it'll be like pulling out teeth trying to get him to open up about his own feelings.
  • It's less on your own part and more that he doesn't trust himself to not sound like a lovesick dumbass. Talking with his fists, he can do. Talking about fun facts or the anatomy of any Echinodermata, he can also do. But talking about his feelings…? He just doesn't want to give the wrong impression.
  • He's heard all kinds of stories in school about how stone-faced, violent, and stick-up-the-ass he was (even if it was far from true he'd think with a scoff), but he was worried that was how you viewed him too. Especially since this trip forced you to witness him beating people up on a daily basis.
  • So out of all the other Crusaders, he'd probably talk about all this with Avdol. He knows Kakyoin's just as inexperienced as he was, probably even less, and Joseph and Polnareff would be utterly obnoxious the whole time. Some obvious tidbits would be how Jotaro needs to actually voice his feelings instead of assuming you could read him.
  • With that in mind, Jotaro would likely stand closer to you than he normally would have, not so subtly invading your personal bubble. His mouth would probably be glued shut from nerves, and he'd glare aimlessly at the ground hoping to rein his feelings in.
  • At this point it would fall to Star Platinum to gently grab your arm and pull you towards a more private spot nearby.
  • With a grind to his teeth, Jotaro would just spill everything out in as monotone a voice as he could muster. All while staring at everything except for you.
  • Silence. At first he's worried he fucked up. But the small laugh you let out has him looking you in the eye with a glowering blush. "I-I'm sorry," you'd chortle. "It's just, I thought it was obvious? You cling to me even more than my own shadow! Not that it's a bad thing of course, just… you're really cute, y'know that?"
  • Normally being called 'cute' would have him beating up whoever said it. Save for his mom of course, he loved the shit out of her. But from you he just turned into a glowering pile of flushing mush. He'd melt even more once you finally told him of your own mutual feelings.


If you did confess first

  • The best way to sum him up would be that you broke him. 
  • He'd stare down at you, wide eyes and pouty lips slightly agape. Even the crease between his brows would soften with surprise. But nothing more than that. He was still as a statue, looking like a deer caught in headlights.
  • If the other Crusaders were around when this happens, Polnareff, Joseph, and even Kakyoin would no doubt make fun of his drastic change in demeanor. Avdol thankfully would the one to quiet them down. 
  • Regardless of their presence however, it wouldn't stop you from receiving a near bone-crushing hug from Star Platinum. It was adorable sometimes how the stand often acted as a mouthpiece to Jotaro's feelings, but times like this… sure made it really apparent.
  • Eventually the hug would rescind as Jotaro tilted the brim of his hat over his face, coining his everyday catchphrase with a blush. But in the absence of Star Platinum, he made up for it by grasping one of your hands with a surprisingly gentle squeeze from his free hand. A silent confirmation that he reciprocated your feelings.

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  • He'd be pretty tuned in with his own emotions, moreso than Jotaro. But opposite to the quiet teen, his main problem would be handling said emotions. One of his personal weaknesses is when his emotions threaten to spill out.
  • It was evident in how often his sass lashes out at Polnareff. He keeps a calm and composed front that was the very definition of an honor student. But around people he was comfortable with, that facade was practically out of the window. He was an open book to anyone that cared to read him.
  • His emotions would hit him hard. He'll keep a quiet front but inside he's probably dying from just how literally lovesick he was. 
  • It would take a lot of coaxing to convince him that it was okay to stop for a bit so he could ease up or feel better. He doesn't like pity from other people, or feeling like a burden in such a time-crunched journey like this one.
  • But once the group actually stops for the day, he'll greatly appreciate hiding out in his hotel room until he can recompose himself again. It'll probably be during this peaceful period that he'll ask for advice on how to deal with these emotions. Due to likely being the least experienced Crusader in the group, he won't have a damn clue on what he's even feeling. Just that your presence sparks it.
  • Naturally he'd avoid asking Polnareff since he's like an embarrassing older brother figure. He'll probably ask the others though: Avdol and Joseph likely being the most experienced in this regard, and Jotaro being blunt and to-the-point.
  • Naturally Joseph's giddy because Kakyoin's like a second grandson to him, and hearing about his first crush problems will make him reminisce about the good ol' days. Avdol will think it's sweet and will try to help out. And Jotaro would be like a silent wingman, knowing full well how important you both are to the other. He won't do too much, just probably kick Kakyoin out of the hotel room until he confessed.
  • With more confidence, Kakyoin will eventually break out of his shell and ask you if the pair of you could talk.
  • In someplace more private, either of two scenarios could happen:


If Kakyoin confesses first

  • He's more likely to be the one to confess first, having sorted out his thoughts prior to talking to you. It still wouldn't change the fact that he's nervous as hell though. 
  • With a deep breath he'll look you in the eye. "(F/n)... I just wanted to say that… I think I might've fallen in love with you on this journey. You're one of my first and dearest friends, and recently it's become more than that for me. I'd understand if you don't feel the same way, but I just wanted to at least let you know in case something happens to me."
  • You'd be stunned. You considered him one of the closest people you knew too. And it was a relief to hear that he felt the same way you did. With a warm smile, you'd move a hand to grasp his, and chuckle. "I'm glad we see each other the same way, Kakyoin."


If you confessed first:

  • His eyes would widen for a few seconds before his mouth turned upwards into one of the most gleeful smiles you'd ever seen from anyone. 
  • It made sense. He was used to isolation growing up, so he probably didn't expect you to be so forward in loving him. In understanding, and mutually feeling the same emotions he did.
  • Unbeknownst to you until years later, he felt like he finally belonged. Like he finally found that missing puzzle piece in his life, and the whole picture was now complete. All because you said such heartfelt words of affection during one of the bleakest, but also the happiest, time of his life.


No matter which of the two events happened, he'd feel incredibly elated. Don't be too surprised if you get squished in a hug between him and Hierophant Green. Both of them would happily shower you with all the affection they could both muster. 


One thing Kakyoin would definitely tell you afterwards would be "please. Call me Noriaki." It was much more personal than his last name was.

And he'd be an adorable mess if you responded with calling him Nori instead. Just a short but sweet pet name between the two of you.

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  • Between the two he's less likely to choose this method of cleansing, but he'll be pretty open about taking one if he's had a stressful day.
  • He'd shower first and foremost since it's a Japanese tradition ingrained into him, but if it's after a stand fight it'll mostly be so he's not sitting in bloody water as well as grime.
  • He'd immediately melt in relaxation as the heat ebbs away at his sore muscles. He'll probably close his eyes and waft in-between satisfaction and sleep. Moments like this were a rarity for him, a chance to just exist and forget about all his troubles for a bit.
  • Unbeknownst to a number of people, Jotaro would secretly be a fan of bath bombs. They were a fairly recent invention so he had his initial doubts when his grandmother sent some for him and his mother. But once he actually used his, which was a relaxing mix of sea salt, chamomile, and lavender, he definitely got more. He loved the smell of the ocean, and he certainly came out of the tub relaxed. He'd never tell anyone he had them though, mostly just to avoid awkward questions or assumptions.



  • He'll typically prefer this method since it's much quicker to finish and more thorough. It'll give him more time to work on his school work or marine biology work.
  • He'll probably pause while scrubbing himself with soap to just stand under the hot drizzle and sigh. He loved the feeling of water drops hitting his back, and his shoulders if the showerhead was tall enough.
  • He's probably the type of person that'll periodically turn the temperature up until it's practically scalding, and even then he wouldn't pay it much mind. If he wasn't in an arid desert, he preferred to stay warm most of the time.
  • Jotaro's pretty simple with his routine; shampoo and soap, and not much of anything else. Things like conditioner or facial products are foreign to him, not to mention expensive even for his tastes. If he was going to shell out money for something, it'll be for an item he can keep around. Like pants. Or a TAG Heuer watch.



  • If he had a significant other around, he'd be an absolute sucker for getting his hair washed by them. The feeling of their fingers carding through his hair and massaging his scalp will put him into utter bliss.
  • During a bath, he'd be very touchy. It's one of the few moments where he's content all around, so he'll be extra affectionate with cuddles or nuzzles. He won't say much though, he figures his actions speak loud enough. Occasionally he'll end up falling asleep, and it'll be up to his s/o to wake him up before he drowns himself.
  • During a shower he really enjoys getting his back washed. It's a blind spot for him, and he has a difficult time reaching it without his stand. So feeling his significant other's hand lathering soap along his back will feel intimate and relaxing. Like he can safely let his guard down in their presence.

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  • Star Platinum would certainly be curious about your stand, almost comically like Jotaro whenever the brunet saw something marine related. He would probably hover circles around your stand, looking at it from top to bottom with intrigue.
  • If it's similar to Star Platinum, he'd probably be ecstatic over meeting a stand just like him (and wasn't trying to kill his user no less). His excitement would be contagious to almost everyone around him, as both you and your stand (if it can) would grin in response.
  • If it's not similar, then be prepared for a lot of curious gazes and oras as he makes sense of what your stand's like. No matter what it's abilities may be, it'll probably impress Star nonetheless as he's more limited in abilities.
  • With the initial interaction out of the way, over time both stands would develop a bond of sorts. They’d come to trust the other in keeping both their users safe from harm, as well as respect each other as equals.


If Reader and Jotaro are in a relationship

  • Star Platinum would be absolutely affectionate and protecting. It doesn’t matter how durable your stand is, the poor purple goliath of a stand would take any hits to shield you both from harm. While you appreciate the sweet gesture a lot, you’d still chastise Jotaro and Star to stop doing it. God knows just how many bandages you go through cleaning Jotaro’s injuries from these incidents.
  • In a less bloody scenario, Star Platinum would be a massive cuddle bug. While Jotaro’s in his study working on marine biology papers, Star would be wherever your stand was, and clinging onto it like a content baby. It was cute, turning up from reading to see him giving your stand happy nuzzles.


If Reader and Jotaro are just friends

  • Star would be pretty casual around your stand. He’d always greet it with a smiling ora and just kinda hover next to it. Mimicking Jotaro in a way, it seems Star does this because he’s comfortable with your stand’s presence. 
  • After you heard about how he drew a stellar picture of a fly, you’d have an idea to bring a drawing pad and some pencils and crayons with you. While you and Jotaro are hanging out or going over something, your stands would be a few feet away quietly doodling. Occasionally Star might let out a happy ora as he showed off photo-realistic drawings of things in the room to your stand.


No matter the situation, both stands would be pretty close-knit and at ease with the other's presence. 

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  • Weeks into the journey towards Egypt had passed. Plenty of strange occurrences had happened, such as fighting a beetle, fighting an orangutan, going head-to-head with a stand that jumped through reflections, and so on. But none of these came close to the astounding coincidence the two youngest crusaders had found themselves in. They both had deep crushes on you.
  • Trying to keep their friendship from slipping was hard enough. Both boys had grown up in traditional Japanese customs, which were strongly against polygamy. So the fact that they both had feelings for you put a lot of strain on them. This dissonance between them was noticeable to the rest of the crusaders, and after a lot of coaxing, they’d eventually open up about this issue to Avdol, Polnareff, and Joseph.
  • Polnareff and Joseph were at a loss because they weren’t as knowledgeable of Japanese customs. All Joseph heard about them was whatever little Holly told him, and Polnareff’s customs were similar to Japan’s. They didn’t mind the situation at all, and actually wanted to help, but they weren’t equipped to do such. Avdol however turned out to be the advice-giver they needed since Egypt was more lenient on the topic. If they both genuinely loved you, then they should at least tell you before their friendship falls apart. It was painfully obvious all three of you cared about each other, and it would've been sad to see it crumble away.
  • They trusted each other a lot, evident in the fact that they made their feelings for you clear to the other. So with some discussion amongst themselves, they both agreed to just tell you at the same time. Whatever happens afterwards happens, and they mutually promised to stay close to the other regardless of the outcome.
  • So with nervous, bated breaths, they asked you if they could both talk to you about something important. It frankly put you on edge just feeling the anxiety pouring off of them. It must’ve been really important if their normally composed fronts were slipping. In the privacy of one of your hotel rooms, you sat on one bed while the two boys sat next to each other on the one across.
  • There was an awkward silence that spanned minutes. The pressure must’ve gotten to Kakyoin because he started with a curt cough. “Uh… (f/n)... we really need to talk to you about something-”
  • “-Look we both like the shit out of you and we don’t know how to deal with it.” Both you and Kakyoin widened your eyes as you stared at Jotaro, who looked away as he tilted his hat over his face. It was one thing to hear him let out a run-on sentence. But it was another to hear a confession of all things, apparently from both of them. You eyed Kakyoin and the deep blush on his cheeks might as well be a confirmation to Jotaro’s words. They both just stared at everything in the room now avoiding your gaze.
  • After processing this revelation, you couldn’t help but let out a hearty laugh, which got the two boys’ attention. “I-I’m sorry,” you huffed, “it’s just… you’re both just so out-of-character over this whole thing that it’s funny.” After calming down enough to adopt a more calmer tone, you smiled at them both. “Honestly, I’d be more than happy to be with the both of you. I love you guys too.”
  • They both let out a simultaneous sigh. Kakyoin flumped backwards onto the bed and Jotaro leaned forward, elbows on his knees, to bury his face in his hands. “God, Kakyoin mumbled, "At least we can tell Polnareff to fuck off with his stupid bet now... Thank you (f/n), now he can't go around telling people either of us got rejected."
  • “Sure, but that just leaves Jiji to be all gross and romantic about it,” Jotaro groaned. “You know he’s never going to shut up about it.”
  • You moved from your bed to the other, squeezing yourself to sit in-between them. They sat up straight, and you pulled them into tight side-hugs. “I wouldn’t worry too much about it you guys… but I’ve yet to hear an actual confession from you, Kakyoin.” You and Jotaro both smirked as Kakyoin shrunk, realization catching up to him. “O-Oh…”
  • It was sweet really just how sheepish he became. “If you really want me to… uh, (f/n), I really like you, and I was hoping that I… well, more like we actually, could be your…”
  • -boyfriends,” the two teens finished together. All you could really do in response was to give them each a peck on the cheek, and fail to contain the happy laughs that erupted out of you. “Of course you guys can. I said it earlier, and I’ll say it again as many times as I have to. I love you both.”

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  • After the journey to Cairo, Kakyoin would be slowly but steadily recovering from the injury in his torso. Because of the excessive blood loss, he'd spent months in a coma as his body worked to replenish it all. When he finally did awake, he was given the news that he would be unable to walk again, due to the excessive damage to his spine. The redhead thought he was prepared to hear this news, but it still felt like a salt-covered stake had been stabbed straight into his heart.
  • If one thing still remained however, it was his stubborn streak. He refused to stay depressed over losing his ability to walk. He finished his highschool education in the hospital, having SPW appointed tutors to educate him, and Jotaro to keep him company once he was transferred over to Japan. 
  • *Unlike what most people would think, he aimed for becoming a child psychologist. Art and videogames were hobbies he enjoyed, but he didn't feel a spur to make a career out of them. No, his career choice stemmed from knowing how painful it was to never be understood at such a tender age. He wanted to help other children who were stand users. To be that understanding guide that he never had as a child. To prevent other children from being taken advantage of the same way Dio had with him.  And the SPW offered to make it a reality when he explained it to Joseph. Plans to create a program around this were made, and Kakyoin was excited more than ever to finish his education.
  • He'd be in the middle of earning his psychology doctorate when Jotaro contacts him. Unlike Jotaro and Polnareff, Kakyoin opted to stay put in Japan, helping to find the arrows as background support. Being paraplegic, he felt that he would've been more trouble than help on the field. So hearing Jotaro ask for assistance was definitely a surprise. 
  • Once he arrived in Morioh, the situation made immediate sense. With a stand using murderer on the loose, who had one of the arrows no less, they needed all hands on deck. It also helped that he was the only one Jotaro could contact after Polnareff went MIA. With Hierophant's abilities to make invisible webs or attack from distances, as well as his logical senses of deduction, Kakyoin made up for the small weaknesses the Morioh group had.
  • Just like Jotaro though, when he's not dealing with the Kira case he'd be focusing on his PhD. Whereas Jotaro was quick to drop his work to help the children, Kakyoin would use his free time to teach them new ways to use their stands. That way they wouldn't become over reliant on the adults that would eventually leave. He wanted to make sure Morioh was in good hands after all.

Interacting with the Duwang gang

  • He'd adore Josuke without hesitation. The circumstances of Josuke's birth was disheartening, but Kakyoin knew it wasn't Josuke's fault personally. So he'd do everything he could to help put the boy at ease as he got to know the two elder Joestars. Their shared love for video games was an added bonus, and because of this Kakyoin ended up getting called "Uncle Kakyoin" a lot, or "the cool adult" of the group. Much to Jotaro's bemusement.
    • Once the Kira case was finally over, and once Josuke fully recovered from the fight, he’d offer to heal Kakyoin’s scarred wounds. Although Kakyoin insisted he didn’t have to, Josuke would try anyways. Because of how old the injuries were though, they wouldn’t completely heal. It did ease the chronic pain he often experienced though, and Kakyoin would be forever thankful to Josuke for it.
  • With Okuyasu, Kakyoin was very lenient and patient, but he still liked the boy too. He was aware that Okuyasu wasn't the smartest one of the kids, but he appreciated the boy's heart of gold even with such a destructive stand. 
    • Out of all the Morioh kids, he’d be the one Kakyoin would teach the most about using his stand. Although The Hand and Hierophant Green were drastically different, it was Kakyoin’s open mind and Okuyasu’s eagerness to learn that helped the young boy grow into a better stand user. Because of all this, Okuyasu would end up seeing Kakyoin as a second older brother figure.
  • With Koichi, Kakyoin saw a lot of himself in the boy. Not only were they both long-distance stand users, but Koichi had the same bull-headed stubborn streak and urge to prove himself. So compared to Okuyasu, Kakyoin would keep a closer eye on Koichi because he didn’t want the boy to make the same mistakes he did at his age. His worries would be eased over time, and after a discussion with Jotaro, they both agreed that Koichi was the most trustworthy ally they’d met here in little Morioh.
  • Rohan was a bit of a mixed bag with Kakyoin. They would often go to the other whenever they needed assistance, or they’d willingly help the other out. But make no mistake, Kakyoin will shut Rohan down the minute any words insulting Josuke and crew come out. Everytime Rohan would try to use Heaven’s Door on him, Kakyoin would immediately respond with ensaring both stand and user in Hierophant’s webs. They were equal in speed but Kakyoin had more fighting experience under his belt. All he'd respond with "you know, I 'd prefer it if you got to know me the old-fashioned way."
    • Overall Kakyoin’s mostly just tired whenever Rohan’s around. It felt like too much just happens around the young man, and he’s the only person that makes Kakyoin legitimately feel old.
  • Yukako and Kakyoin would surprisingly get along, much to Josuke’s shock. Yukako’s fiery temperament always reminded Kakyoin of his own when he was a teen. With that as a bridging point, he’d eventually be the one person she’d come to for advice on her relationship, or what she could do to better herself. Kakyoin’s advice would always help in keeping her more calm and less prone to rage.
  • Last but not least, Kakyoin and Tonio would be good friends too. Whenever Kakyoin had episodes of immense, crippling pain that left him temporarily bed-ridden for a few days, Josuke and Okuyasu would bring Tonio over. The effects of Pearl Jam would always ease the pain, and Kakyoin would be grateful to Tonio. Once he felt better, they’d probably go over various recipes from their homelands or tricks to make food taste better. After all, besides Joseph, Kakyoin was the other main cook during Egypt.

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  • He generally prefers showers over baths, but his reasoning is more so because it helps wash out all of the products he uses.
  • He's very particular about his routine. He starts off with shampoo before rinsing it out, and he'll follow up with either conditioner or a hair mask. The latter he usually saves for at least once a week though. While either of those products are hydrating his hair, he'll go about rinsing the rest of his body before scrubbing the hair care off.
  • Kakyoin's quite a stickler for his own appearance, so he'll likely have some facial products lying around once he's done with a shower. It could range from simple moisturizer to a full on sleeping mask. 
  • Since he's shorter than Jotaro, he can actually appreciate the feeling of water drops hitting along his shoulders and neck. His favorite thing though is running his hands through his lock of hair once it's been fully washed out. There was just something about how silky smooth it was that calmed him.



  • Kakyoin would be a sucker for baths if he could get away with taking them. He loves just how relaxing they are, and how they ease the knots in his joints from painting so much.
  • He'll have the temperature set just warm enough that he doesn't sweat. He likes hot water too, but the feeling of dewey sweat clinging to his forehead makes him feel gross.
  • He would also love bath bombs too; though his preference would flip-flop between something sweet and fruity, or something with a subtle undertone like sandalwood or patchouli. 



  • If Kakyoin had a significant other around, he'd adore it if they dried his hair for him and brushed it out. He loves the feeling of their fingers winding through his hair, but he prefers it when his hair's dry. If his s/o offered to braid his long bang, he'd sit next to them in a heartbeat and let them do it.
  • During a shower he low-key loves it when his s/o's hands wander to his small waist. Not only does it feel stabilizing, but he knows it's their way of appreciating his rather effeminate form. Something that he himself was often self-conscious about. But just feeling your thumbs rubbing small circles into his skin reminds him of how much love he has for you.
  • During a bath he's rather playful and mischievous. He'll definitely be physically affectionate, but there's more of a tease as he wipes some bubbles on your nose. And when it wasn't fun and games, it was the two of you sitting in the tub, talking about all kinds of philosophical nonsense. Like what kinds of aliens are out there, or what determines "fighting spirit" in various stands.

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  • Honestly you’d think Kakyoin would be the one to get sick most often because of his frailer health after Egypt. He had to take immunosuppressants daily, and he avoided train stations like the plague. But no, more often than not it was Jotaro that got sick.
  •  For some reason Kakyoin just had the devil's luck when it came to illnesses. But then again, he actually bothered to keep himself healthy at all costs. He took his meds everyday, he kept a mask on hand when he needed to go through public spaces, and he dressed accordingly for the weather.
  • But for some ungodly reason Jotaro was the opposite of that. He never wore socks during the trip to Egypt, he always wore heavy coats that trapped a lot of heat, and he spent a lot of time in near-freezing waters working on his marine projects. Hell, he'd even forget to eat meals or sleep while he's chugging away working on college papers.
  • So it was really no surprise whenever Jotaro slept in late with clammy skin and a burning fever. To Kakyoin's initial surprise, Jotaro was very vocal about how much being sick sucked. He had the temperament of a whining child in this state, though he was quick to apologize if he ever annoyed Kakyoin. The redhead would always just assume it was a byproduct of growing up rich and doted on, and it's not like he had a specific person to get pissed at. He'd try to do some work on his papers, but with how muffled his train of thought was, he wouldn't get very far. So he'd end up sleeping most of his sickness away, occasionally being woken up by Kakyoin to eat food, drink some cold water, or take meds.
  • Whenever Kakyoin got sick however, it was almost impossible to tell until it was really late. Whereas Jotaro was immediate to vocalize his sickness, Kakyoin was the polar opposite. He'd get much quieter and more distant, and he'd constantly reassure everyone he was fine. At first it was a problem for Jotaro, since Kakyoin was practically a master of facades. But the longer they were together, the better Jotaro got at reading his partner.
  • The minute Kakyoin got less talkative, he'd get a thermometer in the other’s mouth. Sometimes it'd scare the redhead, and he'd stare wide-eyed as Jotaro frowned at the number. "You could at least ask first before doing that," he'd stammer. But Jotaro would always shrug and respond with "sure, but then you'd be a lying ass."
  • Whereas Jotaro had a hard time focusing on things around him, Kakyoin was hyper-aware and always feeling guilty that he couldn't get stuff done. Between the two of them, Kakyoin was usually the one handling house care, such as the dishes or the laundry. Mostly because he opted to work at home, and Jotaro was usually out in the field for work. So with him sick, almost all functionality ceased in the house.
  • It'd be during these guilty episodes that Jotaro would have to reassure him everything's fine, and that he's got it covered (even if he had to ask Kakyoin constantly how much laundry detergent he normally used). But the redhead would always appreciate just how much Jotaro tried to pitch in and help out. So when he's more relaxed, he'll spend a good chunk of his time writing his own school papers, figuring if he was gonna be bedridden for a while now was as good a time as any for it. Or if he hits a decent quota for that, he'll play videogames to keep himself occupied.
  • Make no mistake though even if Kakyoin's sick, Jotaro will still be physically affectionate, not caring if he ends up sick afterwards. He'll pull Kakyoin into a lot of cuddles, knowing that they always made him feel better and wanting to reciprocate that comfort. Despite some initial protesting, it always put Kakyoin at ease as he melted into the loving hugs.

Chapter Text

If you got sick

  • Quite simply, the poor guy would be at an utter loss when you got sick. He wasn't used to taking care of someone else, be it the runaway girl Anne or the baby the group had been stuck with, or even Iggy. It was usually someone else's problem to deal with, so he'd be slightly panicky over what to do. Underneath a (failing) calm, stoic exterior of course.
  • So he'd immediately consult either Joseph or his mother (if it happens after the trip), for advice on what to do. Naturally his grandfather would get on his case first about being such a spring chicken about it all. But both he and Holly would be as detailed about what they always did, and reassuring that you'll be just fine with proper care.
  • So with all that out of the way, he'd make sure to check your temperature and help you take your medicine. In typical Jotaro fashion he'd click his tongue at the number on the thermometer, but he wouldn't say much about it unless you asked. He'd try not to let it bug him even though he'd be absolutely worried.
  • If you're in the middle of the Egypt trip, he and Joseph will stop by some food vendors to find something that won't agitate your throat. When they come back it'll have cooled off just enough to still be warm, and no doubt it'd be delicious too. During a fight he'd take extra measures to protect you so that you didn't feel like you were weighing everyone down. He got it, you weren't at 100%, so he wouldn't be upset with you. He'd just hope it wouldn't become bad enough that you had to cut the journey short.
  • If it's after the Egypt trip, then Jotaro will try his hand at recreating the recipe for his favorite food Holly gave him over the phone. By "he," it would mostly be Star Platinum since Jotaro would low-key be too afraid of fucking it up. Either way they'd both pitch in to help make the meal, and despite his initial worries over it, it would taste really good and well made. Eventually it'd become something he could confidently whip up no problem. Once all of his first-time-caregiver jitters were gone, he'd be like a silent mother making sure you're eating and sleeping enough, while also helping you with any work you needed done.


If Jotaro got sick

  • It’d be very noticeable early on. From the occasional sniffles to the gruffer tone of his voice, it was always a waiting game for when he’ll finally admit he’s sick. For some reason he thinks if he forces his own willpower hard enough, it’ll go away. Or at least, that’s how it felt from your perspective.
  • Eventually the day’s gonna come sometime in the week where he sleeps through his alarm. Initially you’d be pissed because it woke you up instead and it went on for quite a while. But when you actually saw his sleeping face, it was scrunched up with a frown, and his breathing was labored. 
  • If this was during the Egypt trip, you’d be slightly lost on what to do. He was one for personal space, and you never wanted to intrude on that in any way. Not to mention you were worried that if you did, and caught him by surprise, you’d get walloped by Star Platinum. Such thankfully wasn’t the case, as the stand in question appeared and looked at you with a worried glance.
  • You’d almost forgotten Jotaro’s story about how his stand brought loads of junk into his jail cell. But now that Star Platinum was fully realized with a form, it’s range was much shorter in return for power. So it couldn’t exactly look for anything to make him feel better, and was clearly hoping you could look in his place.
  • So remembering that Joseph happened to have a first aid kit with him, you'd stop by his room to grab anything to make Jotaro feel better. Getting him to actually accept said things would be troublesome though, as he hated the taste of medicine with a passion. All it would take for him to use it however would be a "if you died from being sick, then who's gonna have to tell Holly when we get back?" He'd take it with a stare that could kill a lesser man, but he had to admit, he felt a lot better in the long run. And worrying his mother was something he'd like to avoid whenever possible.
  • If this was after the Egypt trip though, then it would be much less of an arduous task. He'll still grumble about how disgusting cold medicine always was (especially American brands), but he'll be more willing to take it. Years have passed just enough for him to shed the rather childish restraint, and he'll take it with begrudging grace now. 
  • No matter what though, he'll get low-key needy. Regardless of whether you're ill or he's ill, Star would be his vent for physical affection. Not only does he not want you to get sick, but he really doesn't like asking for attention even if he really wants it bad. But every time you give him some he'd be like melted putty, and he'll appreciate all the love and care you're giving him as he's recovering.

Chapter Text

If you got sick

  • He'll be fairly knowledgeable about illnesses. After all, his parents took him on surprise trips around the globe, and you can never be too careful what you might accidentally contract while abroad. Needless to say, though, he's used to avoiding illnesses himself, not helping someone else who already has them. 
  • So he'll be trying his best to go off of knowledge he already has, all while keeping your personal preferences in mind. If you don't like certain foods, he'll avoid them. If you don't like certain medicines, he'll avoid them. If you prefer anything at all he'll go out of his way to get/do it. He's practically a sweetheart, but make no mistake he'll readily comment when he's unable to do something. 
  • During the Egypt trip, he'd be more concerned because of all the traveling and severe temperature changes. So he'll be glued to your side 24/7 in case something happens. He'll even offer to room with you out of mild fear that your illness could get worse without his knowing. If you turn him down he'll understand, but still be worried. If not, then expect to be treated like royalty while you're temporarily bedridden. Things like turning off the all lights, ordering room service or cooking food for you, keeping Hierophant around you while he's off talking to someone, etc.
  • After the Egypt trip he'd be a little more distant while you're sick. It's not that he's doing this purposely, he cares about you a lot. But the SPW funded doctors hammered into both of your heads that him getting sick could have drastic consequences if it's not taken care of properly. So if the both of you were out of commission, he'd be screwed. But where he's lacking in presence and affection, Hierophant more than makes up for it. 
  • The stand would act like a doting mom, getting anything you needed or wanted. It was honestly really cute, and you could tell just from this behavior that Kakyoin was worried about you too. So once you're all better he'd definitely make up for his absence with a lot of hugs of cuddles.


If Kakyoin got sick

  • It was honestly hard to tell when he initially got sick. He always had a polite, smiling face on whenever you looked at him, or he'd assured everyone he was okay. But it would take him collapsing onto the ground out of nowhere to signal that something was wrong. And even then he'd try to assure everyone he was fine, though this time he was certainly leaning on annoyed.
  • But it would take one look from either you or Jotaro to shut him up. You knew he was bullshitting and no cover-ups would ease your concern. So he'd be almost quiet the entire time, figuring you'd rather hear a silent truth than an assuring lie. However, once you were actually situated somewhere he'd open up and apologize for lying.
  • With all the unease cleared up, his demeanor would relax and he'd give up hiding just how shitty he was feeling. He'd still have a smile on his face, but this one was because he was glad to be around people that cared for his well being. 
  • During the trip you can bet he'll have a massive guilt trip about feeling like a dead weight. He won't say much regarding this but you can tell from the way his shoulders would slump, or sighing periodically, that he hated being pitied in this state. Sometimes you might have to reign him back in from overexerting himself, either in a fight or just doing some random thing. His short temper would also have a habit of flaring up more often, but he'll always immediately apologize if he upsets you or any of the other crusaders. He might vent to you during this bout of illness about wishing he could be more help, and all it would take to appease that would be a simple "but you're plenty of help already."
  • After the Egypt trip he'd be more lethargic overall. It would take every ounce of energy in his body to fight illness without also killing itself in the process. Sometimes the immunosuppressants wouldn't be enough, and he'd have to be under hospital supervision until it's cleared up. But he'll happily appreciate your presence during these spells, and if you didn't care about getting sick, he and Hierophant would be wrapped around you with hugs a lot. Despite being a grown man, if he's stuck in a hospital then he'd also appreciate having a stuffed animal to keep him company at night. It would smell like home, and probably like you, and that was something he'd definitely want to return to once he recovers.

Chapter Text

  • Being a rather calm and shy stand, Hierophant would very rarely venture out to display affection, especially in public or spacious places. You'd almost think he was like a hermit crab, always sticking to Kakyoin's shadow like he was a protective shell.
  • But if you gave Kakyoin permission to, Hierophant would probably enjoy hiding out underneath your coats or hoodies. It would feel weird at first being covered neck to waist by strings but, it would also feel like a protective barrier that kept you safe. If Hierophant was being extra affectionate, he'd probably wiggle a string out to either nudge your earlobe or boop your nose. Subtle enough that other stand users wouldn't notice unless they were looking for it… but obvious enough that you could easily see it at a glance. It would never stop surprising you though, and each time Kakyoin always had a cheeky smirk on his face.
  • At home though, Hierophant would be much more tender and sweet. Because he was a long range stand (and a fairly independent one at that), Kakyoin didn't need to be in the same room. So while he's busy working or doing something elsewhere in the house, Hierophant would likely be stuck to you like glue. 
  • This would especially be the case in the early mornings. If you were up first, expect to have a pair of emerald arms wrap around your waist, followed by a lot of tired nuzzling with the silver mouth cover. If Kakyoin was up earlier, then Hierophant would be lazily cuddling you as you slept in. Either way the mornings would start off really sweet and refreshing.
  • If you happened to have a kotatsu at home, then expect both stand and user to be snoozing underneath like cats, their heads resting on your thighs as you sat and watched TV. If you ran your fingers along the green parts of Hierophant's "scalp," he'd probably let out some bubbling, cooing sounds, almost like an eerie impression of a cat purr.
  • And last but not least, Hierophant really loves kisses. If you give him a quick peck on the metallic mouth guard on his face, he'd lose it with happy little noises of sorts. Or he'd unravel into a bunch of strings and wrap you into a massive hug.

Chapter Text

More likely than not, it'll be because of the effects of a recent stand fight. The two boys wouldn't really have much of an interest in aphrodisiacs themselves, as they both preferred building up to sex rather than going from the get-go.

But when they were , be prepared to be treated roughly and almost without remorse, as their inhibitions fly out of the window.


  • Kakyoin was the more teasing of the three of you, relishing in the moans and whines that came from you and Jotaro as his deft tongue overstimulated both your senses. Sometimes it was downright painful as the coiled heat in your stomach twisted and twisted without release, but when he was merciful enough to finally get to the main act, it always felt like utter bliss afterwards. With aphrodisiac though, he’d become far more impatient and hungry. He’ll still go out of his way for foreplay, but it will be cut short as he fucked you senseless. There will certainly be more bruises littering your neck from how much biting he’d do in the moment… though rest assured, he will apologize once he’s out of his sex-craved high.
  • With Jotaro he’d be especially ruthless, knowing the 195cm man could easily take whatever he gave him. If he was feeling particularly mischievous, he’ll bring out Hierophant to tie the other up, mostly to hear the soft groans and whines emanating out of Jotaro as he struggled against the binding stand. He just really enjoyed unraveling the stoic demeanor Jotaro always exuded, and with an aphrodisiac this wicked joy would strengthen tenfold.
  • However, one thing that Kakyoin himself lacked was stamina. He was fantastic at giving sex, but when it was his turn to be pleasured it was almost over instantly. And alas, aphrodisiacs would tire him out much quicker as his senses practically overloaded.


  • Jotaro meanwhile flip-flops regularly between giving and recieving during sex. With Kakyoin he preferred being the submissive one. Though Jotaro always says it’s because Kakyoin bitches and whines about being seen as submissive, everyone knew that was a cover up. The truth was that Jotaro enjoyed being dominated by someone he trusted, and it meant he didn’t have to worry about making someone else uncomfortable. As long as Kakyoin enjoyed it, and he usually did, then Jotaro enjoyed it too. 
  • With you however, he prefered the dominating role. He had a (not so subtle) size kink, and seeing you underneath him as he pounded into you, or sitting on top of him as you rolled your hips, sparked so many emotions in him. Wheras Kakyoin was more fussy and particular about sex, you were likely more forgiving if he had a hard time finding spots that pleased you. He’d always get a rush of excitement when he did though, and he’d very much appreciate your patience with him.
  • Under the effects of an aphrodisiac, the desire to bottom would grow exponentially in Jotaro. He’d be like pliable putty as you or Kakyoin made love to him, and he’d enjoy being overstimulated a lot. Don't expect him to take charge during situations like this, because he'd be too silently needy for affection to.

After it was all said and done though, both Jotaro and Kakyoin would apologize even if it was the best sex ever. They were incredibly prideful on being self-composed men, so the afterthought of losing control of their emotions would embarrass them greatly. A lot of reassurance from you however would put them at ease. And if it was something you’d like to try again, they certainly wouldn’t say no.

Chapter Text

  • It would take a lot to get Jotaro wasted. The few times he’d drink with Polnareff had been spectacular as the Frenchman passed out long before he did. But the few times Jotaro did get tipsy, experiences with him will flip-flop depending on his mood or who he's around.
  • He wasn’t that much more talkative when he was drunk. If anything, he tended to be even more quiet. But personal space was something he'd sorely lack. Typically he’d end up leaning on either you or Kakyoin the whole time, but he was never handsy. Rather, it was to help keep himself upright so he wouldn’t vomit everywhere, and you two were usually the ones not moving around much. Avdol didn't move either, but Jotaro preferred you two to make it less awkward.
  • His reaction time however would be utterly piss-poor and nonexistent. He had a decent poker face, so most people couldn’t even tell he was drunk. But ask him a question or hand him something, and it’ll take minutes for him to realize what was happening. But he’ll go about it like nothing was up, and will give a questioning stare at anyone who comments on it.
  • With you personally though, he’d be surprisingly open about a lot of stuff. Emphasis on a lot of stuff
  • You’d be the person he’d go to if he ever wanted to drunkenly rant about some kind of sea creature, or how shitty it was people were dumping trash into the ocean. Or about some random episode of Columbo. Although he occasionally ranted to Kakyoin too, he appreciated that you were more content to listen to his rambles, rather than engage a full conversation. It could range from ten minutes to an hour depending on how long he stays awake. Every time you mentioned these when he's sober, he’d definitely have a furious blush on his face.
  • Or he’d be very vulnerable and talk about how he hates the entire Dio situation. How he hated that his mom was slowly dying. How he hated that he got roped into something he didn’t want to be involved in. How he had no choice in this stupid Joestar Curse bullshit. And especially how he really missed the life he had before stands showed up. Sure he was treated differently by all of his peers, especially by the girls… but it was his idea of normal. He grew up with that. Stands were not normal, and just caused more problems for everything. Sometimes Star Platinum still reminded him of an evil spirit as he bashed people's heads in, and it always scared him once the battle adrenaline wore off.
  • But if you ever brought up the fact that without stands, he probably would’ve never met the other Crusaders… he’d merely give you a small huff of amusement, knowing he couldn’t argue with that. And unbeknownst to you, he’d actually appreciate that you were his number one confidant with this sort of thing, and that he was glad to have met you.
  • After opening up to you about his worries, he'd have a noticeably happier spring to his step. Likely it was due to finally giving voice to all of the worries he'd bottled up during the trip. He was more comfortable, grinned more often, and more prone to simply sleeping his future drunkness off.

However, be prepared to be the one dealing with him the next day. He’ll feel like hell six ways over and will be out of it until the next night. All the alcohol he drank would come crashing down on him hard , and it’ll be up to you to make sure he’s hydrated during the trip, or to hold onto his hat while he’s vomiting somewhere secluded. You’ll basically be his personal armrest until he can move fine by himself.