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  • Probably wouldn't even realize he had feelings for you until either of two scenarios. Either you confessed your feelings first, or all of his friends would tease him about being so innocent and clueless, and spell it out for him. 


If you didn't confess first:

  • Even once he's made aware, it'll be like pulling out teeth trying to get him to open up about his own feelings.
  • It's less on your own part and more that he doesn't trust himself to not sound like a lovesick dumbass. Talking with his fists, he can do. Talking about fun facts or the anatomy of any Echinodermata, he can also do. But talking about his feelings…? He just doesn't want to give the wrong impression.
  • He's heard all kinds of stories in school about how stone-faced, violent, and stick-up-the-ass he was (even if it was far from true he'd think with a scoff), but he was worried that was how you viewed him too. Especially since this trip forced you to witness him beating people up on a daily basis.
  • So out of all the other Crusaders, he'd probably talk about all this with Avdol. He knows Kakyoin's just as inexperienced as he was, probably even less, and Joseph and Polnareff would be utterly obnoxious the whole time. Some obvious tidbits would be how Jotaro needs to actually voice his feelings instead of assuming you could read him.
  • With that in mind, Jotaro would likely stand closer to you than he normally would have, not so subtly invading your personal bubble. His mouth would probably be glued shut from nerves, and he'd glare aimlessly at the ground hoping to rein his feelings in.
  • At this point it would fall to Star Platinum to gently grab your arm and pull you towards a more private spot nearby.
  • With a grind to his teeth, Jotaro would just spill everything out in as monotone a voice as he could muster. All while staring at everything except for you.
  • Silence. At first he's worried he fucked up. But the small laugh you let out has him looking you in the eye with a glowering blush. "I-I'm sorry," you'd chortle. "It's just, I thought it was obvious? You cling to me even more than my own shadow! Not that it's a bad thing of course, just… you're really cute, y'know that?"
  • Normally being called 'cute' would have him beating up whoever said it. Save for his mom of course, he loved the shit out of her. But from you he just turned into a glowering pile of flushing mush. He'd melt even more once you finally told him of your own mutual feelings.


If you did confess first

  • The best way to sum him up would be that you broke him. 
  • He'd stare down at you, wide eyes and pouty lips slightly agape. Even the crease between his brows would soften with surprise. But nothing more than that. He was still as a statue, looking like a deer caught in headlights.
  • If the other Crusaders were around when this happens, Polnareff, Joseph, and even Kakyoin would no doubt make fun of his drastic change in demeanor. Avdol thankfully would the one to quiet them down. 
  • Regardless of their presence however, it wouldn't stop you from receiving a near bone-crushing hug from Star Platinum. It was adorable sometimes how the stand often acted as a mouthpiece to Jotaro's feelings, but times like this… sure made it really apparent.
  • Eventually the hug would rescind as Jotaro tilted the brim of his hat over his face, coining his everyday catchphrase with a blush. But in the absence of Star Platinum, he made up for it by grasping one of your hands with a surprisingly gentle squeeze from his free hand. A silent confirmation that he reciprocated your feelings.