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Heroes are Dead, Villains are Stupid, and Vigilantes are the New Trend

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Izuku walked home from school, letting out a forlorn sigh. He was covered in bruises; the bullies just wouldn’t leave him alone. Yeah, so what if he was quirkless? Why did it matter? He was just like the rest of them, the only difference being that he didn’t have a quirk.

He brushed a hand through his hair, the mess of curls was getting way too long. He’d have to get it cut soon. A smile curled across his face as he realized he was close to his apartment, his mom had no idea of what happened at school, but she always made him feel better.

The smile froze on his face. There were cops and a few heroes in front of his apartment, but that wasn’t what had his heart beating out of his chest. No, that honor belonged to the fact that his apartment building was on fire.

He scanned the crowds of people for his mom and when he couldn’t find her, Izuku went up to one of the policemen. The man had on a brown coat; he was gripping loosely onto a hat of the same color in his hand and had a worried frown. A pit of dread curled through Izuku at the expression.

“Um, excuse me sir, but could you tell me what’s happening here?”

The policeman turned to him, a startled expression crossing his face before it morphed into a warm smile.

“A villain attack happened. Endeavor, the first onto the scene, took care of it, but not without some minor damage. A few buildings caught on fire and sadly this was one of them.”

“Has everyone been evacuated?” Izuku asked, the pit in his stomach growing.

“Everyone except a few people on the third floor.”

Izuku felt all the color drain from his face, the pit swallowed his stomach whole and a dull ringing filled his ears. He and his mom lived on the third floor.

“Ah, but don’t worry kid, the heroes will have them out in no time.” The man reassured, no doubt seeing the panic and fear that crossed Izuku’s face.

“Watch out!”

The shout had both turning back to the still burning apartment. A section of the roof had collapsed, and the heroes had backed away. The section of roof was right over his house and he was certain his mom was going to die.

He couldn’t let that happen.

Izuku’s feet were moving before he had time to think of a plan. All he knew was that he couldn’t let his mom die.

“Hey kid, get back here!” The police officer shouted, but Izuku ignored him and pushed himself to run faster.

He got into the first floor of the building with ease, the heroes were too slow to stop him. He started to climb up the stairs, deciding that that would probably be the safest way up.

The closer he got to the third floor, the more smoke there was. He coughed, pulling his shirt over his nose and mouth. Izuku crouched lower on the stairs, he had read somewhere that the air was better lower in a fire.

His troubles hadn’t ended when he finally got to the third floor, in fact they got worse. The collapsed roof had blocked his front door, he had no way to get in. He looked around, the windows. They were only a few feet apart in each apartment and had a ledge where he could climb. If he went into one of his neighbors’ houses, he could climb into his house and save his mom.

With a plan in place, he was quick to get started. Their closest neighbor was Ms. Akari, a kind old woman who used to babysit him. Her door was unlocked, and he was quick to get to her window, but he stopped. He groaned and ran around the house, hoping that Ms. Akari had already left.

Thankfully she had and he was free to save his mom with a guilt-free conscious. He climbed out the window, digging his fingers into the spaces of brick and balancing carefully on the small ledge.

He heard a shout below and assumed that people were pointing him out, but he didn’t focus on that. Instead he focused on walking as fast as he could on the dangerous ledge.

A few minutes later and he was tumbling into his apartment with a relieved sigh. He wasn’t scared of heights, he just didn’t like them, especially in a life and death situation.

The fire was even worse in here than anywhere else. Smoke billowed into his face and he dropped back down onto the ground, covering his face again.

“Mom,” he called out. There was no answer.

Another piece of the roof fell, and he curled into a ball to protect himself from the scattering debris. The fire was getting worse, why the hell hadn’t the heroes put it out yet?

When he uncurled from his protective ball, he finally saw his mom. Or at least he saw half of her. He quickly ran to her, ignoring the smoke and feeling hope rise up in him once again.

The hope was gone as fast as it came, horror replaced it. He had found his mom, but there was no way she was still alive.

A beam had fallen onto her, the right side of her body had been crushed. Blood leaked out from under the beam and he felt bile rushing up his throat. He threw up and let himself sob.

He gripped onto her shirt and buried his head into her hair, pretending that his mother’s eyes were shining instead of this dull emptiness. He pretended that she was running her hand through his hair and for the first time since he was five, let himself break.

Sobs tore from his throat and he heaved in gasping breaths, but he couldn’t breathe anymore. The smoke was probably getting worse, his crying wasn’t helping the matter. He wheezed and curled up against his mom’s side.

This was where he would die, with the only person who would have missed him, and the realization that this was all for the best. He was so worthless; it was about time he died. Too bad he was bringing his beautiful mother with him, she deserved everything in the world.

He was supposed to die, but fate had other plans. A voice hit his ears and he sluggishly moved his head to look around. When he could see nobody around, he curled back up against her.

“Izuku… Izuku you must live. Don’t give up just yet, sweetheart, I know you can do this.” He looked up and there, standing in front of him, was his mom. She was see through and there was a glow surrounding her, but it was her.

“Mom,” he whimpered.

She smiled softly at him and knelt before him. “You need to leave, Izuku.”

He shook his head. “No, I don’t wanna live without you.”

She smiled sadly. “I know, but it isn’t your time yet. Please, Izuku, live for me.”

Izuku felt as if he were shattering, he didn’t want to live without her, but this was the least he could do for her. He could always kill himself later, so he nodded his head.

She narrowed her eyes. “Promise me, Izuku. Promise me that you’ll live for me.”

A sob wrenched itself from him. He didn’t want to live without her, but maybe this would help her rest in the afterlife.

“Ok, mom, I promise.”

She smiled warmly. “Good, I’ll always be with you, Izuku, remember that.”

She was starting to fade away, but before she did, she pointed to the trash chute. “Go there, Izuku, it’s the only way you’ll escape.”

Then with one last ghostly kiss that she pressed gently to his forehead, she disappeared, and he was alone. He cried again, clinging onto her body, but he wouldn’t break his promise to her. With the last of his strength he climbed into the trash chute.

All he could remember before passing out was the terrifying slide downward. God, he hoped he never woke up again.


The channel switched with an easy click of the remote and Katsuki glared toward the ugly, old hag.

“Really hag?! I was watching that!”

He had been watching a news channel about a fire in the lower part of Musutafu, but before he could learn why it had started, the old hag changed the channel.

She scowled at him, thwacking him on the back of his head. “Don’t speak to me like that, brat! It’s dinner time, we don’t need to be watching dark things like that!”

He scoffed and continued to eat his food. Truthfully, he wasn’t that interested in the fire anyways, he was just using it to curb his anxiety. Normally Katsuki wasn’t anxious about anything, but he was going to come out to his parents.

All he had to do was figure out how to say it. That was a lot harder than he had expected it to be. They were talking about the hag’s work, that was fucking boring, so he might as well do it now.

“I’m gay.”

His parents stopped talking and for a few minutes everything was completely silent. He chanced a look upwards; his parents’ faces were completely blank. They were both frozen, in fact his mom was still holding her fork upward.

“Mom, dad?” He said hesitantly.

“What?” She finally said, slowly putting down her fork.

“I’m gay,” he repeated.

Silence reigned once again, and he felt dread curl through him. For all the times he had imagined this conversation, it had never been so quiet.


“What?” He stared at his mom in surprise, her expression wasn’t blank anymore, instead she looked angry. Or worried he couldn’t really be sure with her.

“I said no. You can’t be gay Katsuki.”

Oh, this was serious. She never used his name, it was either brat or jackass, or some kind of swear, but never his name.

“What do you mean I can’t be gay? It’s not like I woke up one day and decided ‘Oh, suddenly I like men.’ That’s not how it works, I don’t have control over it.”

“I don’t care, I won’t have a faggot living in this house.”

He flinched at her words. Had she just called him… How dare she? Stupid fucking hag, he was who he was, and he couldn’t change it.

“Yeah, well you do!”

“I won’t! So, either let go of this phase and become normal, or, or, or leave!”

Katsuki stared incredulously at her. Was his mom really kicking him out because he liked guys? What kind of parent did that?

“Are you kicking me out?”

She flinched but didn’t back down. “I am, I won’t have someone like you living here.”


She stared at him for a few seconds but didn’t say anymore and went back upstairs. He collapsed back into his chair, trying to stop the shaking of his body.

“Do you agree with her?” He asked his dad, who had just been watching until then.

He shook his head, glanced to where his mom had disappeared to, and let out a loud sigh.

“I’m sorry Katsuki.” With that, he followed her upstairs.

Katsuki stayed in his seat, blinking away the tears burning in his eyes. For all the scenarios he had imagined, getting kicked out wasn’t one of them. He had thought that the worst that would happen would be that she would hit him. Not that she would be homophobic and kick him out. And of course, his dad wouldn’t disagree with her, he always agreed with her and never supported Katsuki against her.

He sobbed; he couldn’t suppress the tears anymore. Why the hell did this have to hurt so much? They were his parents; they were supposed to love him unconditionally. Sure, they had their rough patches, but he had always known that they loved him.

Now, though? He wasn’t sure.

He let out a groan and wiped away the tears. Whatever, if the hag wanted him to leave than he would, and he would still complete all his dreams. When he was the number one hero, they could come crawling back to him, begging for forgiveness. The visualization didn’t help, his mom never begged, especially for someone’s forgiveness.

Katsuki climbed up to his room, pretending not to hear the sobbing coming from his parents’ room. He quickly packed a few changes of clothes into his duffle bag and took anything else that was important to him. At a picture of him with his parents he hesitated, did he really want a reminder of this day with him?

No, he didn’t. With that he walked back downstairs and looked around at his house for what would be the last time. He walked out the door and didn’t look back, if he did, he would break down, and he wasn’t going to let them see that.

It was a cold night and he shivered, pulling his jacket tighter around himself. The sun was still setting, painting the streets orange and red. Smoke rose through the air and he realized that the fire from the tv was close to where he lived.

His feet took him there without his permission. The fire was still going, but not as strong as when he had last seen it. He wasn’t going to stay for long, but movement from a garbage bin caught his attention.

He walked over there and found a strange sight. A boy was laying in the trash, covered in soot and burns. He looked to be in pain, his brows were furrowed and there were tears trekking down his face despite his unconscious state. He was wearing a middle school uniform, that he recognized as Aldera’s, a school close to Katsuki’s own school.

He stared at the boy for a few moments more and then flushed. Under all the soot that covered him, the boy seemed cute. Freckles decorated his face and curly green hair haloed it. Why the hell was this boy so cute, even looking like a complete mess and sleeping in trash?

That wasn’t fair, that wasn’t fair at all.

The boy made a quiet sound and his face scrunched up. Then his eyes opened and Katsuki was trapped in the most gorgeous green eyes he had ever seen. Apparently, the boy had finally woken up.


“I’m sorry Shouto, I just can’t do this anymore.” Touya murmured, stuffing all his clothes into his backpack without a second thought.

What about him? Shouto didn’t want to stay there anymore either. Why was his brother leaving without him?

“Can’t you take me with you?” He asked, grabbing Touya’s sleeve to stop his erratic movements. He slumped over and Shouto watched in silent horror as tears seeped into the bandages that covered his brother’s face.

“I can’t, Shouto. It’s too dangerous.”

Shouto shook his head. “No. I’m not weak, I don’t need you to protect me, I won’t be a burden I promise! So, please let me come with you!”

Touya shook his head. “No, Shouto. The place where I’m going isn’t a place where a child should be.”

His brother knelt in front of him, cupping Shouto’s face with bandaged hands. “You’ll be okay, Shouto, I promise.”

Touya pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek and then continued to pack. Shouto watched in silence this time, letting tears drip down his face.

He followed Touya to the front door, where his big brother knelt in front of him again. “We’ll see each other again, just stay strong.”

Shouto sniffled and nodded his head, Touya smiled then left. Shouto watched until he couldn’t see his brother anymore. Then he burst into tears and stayed close to the door, wishing that his brother would be back already.

“What the hell are you crying for?”

Shouto flinched, the tears automatically drying as he whirled around to face his father. A mixture of hatred and fear twisted through him at his father’s furious look.


His father narrowed his eyes and looked toward where Touya had left. “Forget about him, he was too weak. I’ll make sure you’re stronger than him.”

He walked away and Shouto fell to his knees. The training was going to get worse, all because Touya had left?

No, Shouto wouldn’t let that man bully him anymore. Touya didn’t want him, then he would find people who did.

He ran back to his room and packed all his things into the bag that normally held all his workout clothes. Shouto wasn’t going to stay in this house a second longer, but in his haste to leave, he had forgotten to lock his door.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Shouto flinched and whirled around. His father stood in the doorway of his room, his flames rising up with rage.

“I – I – I’m not going anywhere.”

His father narrowed his eyes, a snarl twisting across his lips.

“You’re my masterpiece, don’t expect to escape as easily as your siblings.”

He dragged Shouto out by his arm, ignoring his desperate pleas.

“Please, father, I don’t wanna train!”

His father sneered down at him. “It doesn’t matter what you want, you’ll beat All Might if it’s the last thing you do!”

Shouto felt the tears rushing down his face, he didn’t want this. All he wanted was to be happy, why couldn’t that happen?

His father dragged him to their training room and the next four hours were the worst of his life.

After that he went back to his room, covered in bruises and burn marks. Everything was spinning, but he wasn’t going to stay there for any longer, even if that meant dying out on the streets.

Shouto grabbed his half-packed bag and finished packing the rest of it.

He was done quick enough and then jumped out of the window. He had no idea where he was going, but he would figure something out eventually.

Deciding to go to one of the more unpopular places of Musutafu, Shouto found that there had been a horrific fire. And who had it been started by? His father of course.

Guilt twisted through him. Sure he hadn’t been the one to start the fire, but he was related to the bastard who had.

He walked near one of the buildings that caught on fire, it was an apartment building. He was just going to walk away, but a conversation sparked his interest.

“It wasn’t your fault, Tsukauchi. There was nothing you could have done.” A man with a cat head said, gently patting another man’s shoulder. He had a weird trench coat and a horrible sense of fashion.

“I know, Sansa, but I was right there. I should have been able to stop him.” Tsukauchi said, his head dropping down.

“Well, maybe it was for the better, I found this in the ashes.”

Sansa showed Tsukauchi of a green boy and woman who stood side by side, smiling. They looked happy and Shouto felt a twist of jealousy.

“I’m pretty sure his mom was the only person he had, so maybe it was best that they died together.” Sansa continued.

Shouto winced at that, feeling guilty for his previous thoughts. Had he really just been jealous of a dead boy?

He stopped eavesdropping and continued on his way.

“You’re kind of an idiot, aren’t you?”

He heard a voice say and turning down an alleyway he found a surprising sight.

The boy who had supposedly died with his mother was alive and talking to another boy. He was a lot cuter than his picture suggested and the boy standing in front of him wasn’t bad looking either.

“Shut up, I know I am, but I was desperate.” The green boy said sheepishly, a sad smile curling across his face. Apparently it was the blonde boy who had called him an idiot.

“How the hell am I supposed to help you though, I don’t have a first aid kit with me.” The blonde grumbled, it was then that Shouto noticed the boy was covered in burns.

“I have a first aid kit you can use.”

They startled at his interjection, the blonde glaring distrustfully and the green haired boy brightening.


“Fuck off, we don’t need your help.”

They responded mutually. The green haired boy immediately hit the blonde.

“Shut up Katsuki-san.”

The boy turned to him. “Hi, I’m Izuku and this is Katsuki!”

“No last names?”

“Nope! Katsuki’s mom is a bitch and I’m an orphan now!” Izuku chirped brightly, Katsuki nodding along despite the glare he still had directed at Shouto.

“I’m sorry.”

They shot him confused looks. “What are you sorry for?” Izuku asked, tilting his head curiously.

“My father was the one to burn down your apartment.”

Realization slid across Izuku’s face and Katsuki jumped in front of the boy protectively.

“Your, Todoroki Shouto?”

He nodded his head, looking down so he didn’t have to see the hatred that would cross Izuku’s face.

“That must suck, he probably treats his family pretty terribly.”

Shout startled at the words, staring flabbergasted at Izuku. He merely smiled in response, eyes warm and kind.

“So, how about we patch each other up, Shouto?”

Katsuki rolled his eyes and sighed, dropping back down to where Izuku was sitting. He grumbled something about people being too trusting.

Shouto felt himself smile, these two were interesting. Maybe it would be okay to spend some time with them.

“Sounds good to me.”


“What the hell have I told you about speaking, boy?” Hitoshi’s current foster father shouted, his fist connecting painfully with his cheek.

He had only been asking for some food, considering that they hadn’t let him eat anything for the past three days. The bastards.

Hitoshi didn’t say anything, if he did the rest of his foster “family” would gang up on him. And he'd have way too many bruises to explain.

He dealt with the beating silently, not even a whimper escaping past his tightly clenched lips. Thankfully the family was going out tonight and John, his foster father, didn’t want to be late.

They were gone soon enough, but he continued to lie where he was. He was so damn tired. Tired of the pain, tired of how worthless he felt, and tired of living.

He shook his head, those thoughts would lead to dark things and he didn’t want to travel down that road again.

Slowly pushing himself up, Hitoshi limped to the bathroom. It was where he hid all of his first aid things.

Grabbing bandages, peroxide, and a few cotton balls, he sat in the tub. This was the easiest way to clean up the blood. He poured peroxide onto the gashes where John's spurs had cut into his skin.

He hissed at the burn of it and watched as his blood swirled down the drain. A bitter laughed escaped him and he couldn’t help but wonder if other kids his age knew how to stitch themselves back together.

After he finished treating his wounds, he slunk back to the cupboard he called a room. He could be fucking Harry Potter if anyone actually liked him.

Fuck it. He grabbed his meager belongings and tied a jacket around them, hobo style. He wasn’t going to stay there any longer.

Hitoshi walked out the front door, paused and then walked back in to turn the stove on. Hopefully the damn house would burn down.

The first thing he saw in downtown Musutafu was smoke. There was a lot of smog streaming through the air, the air thick and hard to breathe through.

“Fucking Endeavor, always causing so much damage. He burned down an apartment building and three people died in it! Can you believe it?”

A woman gossiped, leaning into her friend's space. Hitoshi decided that he may as well ask about it.

“Excuse me miss, could you please tell me what happened?”

The woman nodded. “Yeah, sure, I don’t mind, kid. Apparently there was a villain attack earlier today, and Endeavor was the first one to get there.”

Of course, he should have realized, Endeavor was always the cause behind these things. Stupid bastard.

“I see, thank you ma'am, have a good day.”

She smiled warmly at him. “It’s rare to see kids as polite as you these days, you have a good day as well.”

Hitoshi waved and walked toward the place the smoke was coming from. Bet she wouldn’t think that if she knew what you're quirk was.

He ignored the voice and continued on his way, hopefully he would find a place to stay with all the people who had died. Maybe it was bad to use a tragedy like that, but he did what he had to do to survive.

The police were still milling outside the apartment building and he shifted his hobo backpack. Would they notice he didn’t belong there? Would they realize that he was a villain and put him back in the foster system?

He never got the answer to those questions.

“Ouch! Stop it, Katsuki, it hurts.”

He heard a voice whine, strangely it came from a nearby alleyway. Hitoshi decided to go down it, nobody would care if he died anyway.

The sight he was met with was just as strange as he had thought it would be. There were three boys around his age, one of them was sitting, and the other two were kneeling next to him. They were trying to patch him up, if the burns and half-assed bandages on him were any indication.

But they were doing a terrible job, they hadn’t even put on any burn cream.

“I’m telling you, Katsuki, there needs to be some kind of cream put on them.” The candy cane boy grumbled, glaring at the boy with explosive blonde hair.

“And I’m telling you, we don’t need that shit! I patch myself up all the time like this, it always worked with me.” Explodo-hair grumbled back.

“Yeah, well you’re doing it completely wrong!”

“Ah, guys, maybe we should just go to the hospital.” The green-haired boy interrupted, scratching his cheek as he avoided their eyes.

Hitoshi scoffed. “Oh, please, you don’t need a hospital, I’ve patched up wounds way worse than that on my own.”

The three heads snapped toward him at the same time (eerie) and gave him weary looks.

“What? It’s true.” Hitoshi shifted, rubbing at the back of his neck, maybe he shouldn’t have stuck his nose where it didn’t belong after all.

And then the broccoli boy’s face scrunched up and he started to cry.

“Wh-what’s the matter? Was it something I said?”

The boy nodded and Hitoshi mentally ran over all the words he had said in the last minute.

“I’m sad because you sound like you’ve been through a lot of pain.”

“Uh, er, it’s okay?”

That was the wrong thing to say, tears streamed even faster down the boy’s face.

“No, it’s not!” He wailed.

The other two boys had been glaring at him since broccoli’s face scrunched up. And great, now he was panicking. He never thought things through when he panicked.

“Uh, stop crying please! You’re cute, but you’re not all that cute when you cry, you know?”

The boy stopped crying and then he flushed bright red. He flailed his arms about like a maniac.

“I-I’m not cute!” He screeched, the blush reaching up to his ears.

“That makes you even more cute!” God, why the hell couldn’t Hitoshi keep his mouth shut?

The boy went even more red, pulling his shirt up to cover his face. He was quickly reminded of the other two boys when they decided to butt in.

“Are you done flirting now, weirdos?”

“Maybe you guys should flirt later and take care of his burns.”

They said at the same time, immediately glaring at each other. Why were they so hot when they glared? Thankfully he would be distracted, broccoli boy still needed to be treated, as he was respectfully reminded of.

“Uh, yeah, sorry. I’ll get right onto that, broccoli boy.”

“Broccoli boy? Oh, yeah we never introduced ourselves did we?” The boy mumbled. “Well I’m Izuku!”


“Shouto, pleasure to meet you.”

“I’m Hitoshi.”

“That a stupid name.”

“Shut up, no one asked you, pomeranian head.”

“Hah? The hell did you just call me?”

A whine snapped them out of their argument. Izuku was wincing, brushing a hand over one of the burns on his arm.

“Shit, sorry Izuku. I’ll get right on those.”

“Thanks Hitoshi.” Izuku smiled at him.

Hitoshi nodded his head in response. Grabbing his first aid kit out of his hobo pack. He hoped he could stay with these people, they were way better than any of his foster families.