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So... What Are You?

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Dark's nails tapped on the counter, picking at the matte black nail polish. He kept his head down, feeling Wilford's eyes burn into the back of his head. When he first walked into the kitchen, Wilford didn't really look the happiest, which was pretty rare for the pink man. 


He glanced up towards the voice, seeing the iconic pink-stached man now in front of him, on the other side of the kitchen bar counter. "Yes, William?" He politely asked, trying to hide his worried eyes. 

A small smirk grew at the corner of Wilford's mouth at the mention of his name. He leaned against the marbled surface, hands in front of Dark. "I've been meaning to ask... what are your pronouns?"

Dark's eyes widened, confused by the question. His every day dark and menacing look now broken, staring at the other man like he just grew a second head. "W... what?"

"What are your pronouns?" He repeats. "I've been meaning to ask for a while... a long while," Wilford let out a small chuckle, taking a seat on the free bar stool next to Dark. 

Dark's deep chocolate brown eyes never left Wilford's. "Why are you asking?"

He rolled up his pastel yellow sleeves up above his elbows, resting it on the counter before leaning on his hand. "Well you have a man and woman constantly fighting in your head, yeah? You must've questioned what you identify as at some point."

Dark just continued to stare at him. 

"Oh, fuck!" He sat up, holding his hands up. "Am I being rude--?"

He waved towards Wilford, cutting him off. "It's... It's alright, Will," he smiled a tiny bit. "You're my closest friend after all."

"And half previous lover," Wilford winked, letting the silence settle before the two started laughing. All the tension Dark had when he first walked into the kitchen had now been gone.

Dark hummed, his usual red and cyan aura appeared, picking at his nails more. "Yeah... honestly, I've questioned it a lot when all of..." he gestures around himself. "This happened. I feel like I drift a bit more towards male because of Damien being the physical features and all yet I still feel like neither on the inside."

Wilford rubs Dark's back gently. "Well you can always explore and question your gender. Just because you have a dick downstairs doesnt mean you have a dick in your heart."

Shaking his head, he snorts. It was an unusual sound coming from Dark but nothing rather new. "I don't think that's very correct on your wording but I understand what you mean."

"Plus, gender is a spectrum. You don't always have to put a label on it if you don't think it's appropriate."

Dark rests his head on Wilford's shoulder. "Why do you know so much about this?" He asks. 

His cheeks flushed red. "I've questioned my identity at some point too, Dark. I sometimes go to local LGBTQ community groups as well. You're not alone," he combed his fingers through Dark's hair, twirling around a dark lock with a thin strand of blonde highlights that was fading. 

"Wait, really? What do you identify as?" He leaned into his hand, humming. 

"After months of questioning, I'm just a very feminine male. I feel like a man on the inside but I like things that are intended for women," Wilford gestures to his pink hair and makeup. Dark has seen the man crossdressing, too. Wearing skirts and dresses all the time if he's not in his usual yellow dress shirt, faded red suspenders, and light brown khakis. 

Dark pulled away from Wilford, letting the other's hand move to rest on his shoulder. "A spectrum..." the two sat in silence for a moment before he spoke up again once more. "I... I don't think I want to put a label on myself right now. That'll just make everything more confusing to me."

Will grinned. "And that's perfectly fine, Dark! If anyone asks or you need to put your gender down on paper for any reason, just say 'questioning' so you don't have to label yourself as something else until you're sure," he rubbed his knee. "So, let's decide on pronouns. That's always a good start."

"Pronouns? Like her or him?" 

He nods. "Yeah, there's a large range of pronouns, some most people don't even know like zie/zim. I use he/him pronouns but I also accept they/them pronouns as well."

Dark bit his lip, thinking in his head. He didn't want to direct himself to gender specific pronouns. "I think... I'll go by they/them."

Wilford grins even wider, which Dark thought was impossible. "If you ever change your mind, tell me. I don't want to confuse you or offend you," he stands up from the bar stool. "Just remember, no matter what you label yourself as, I'll always support you on your journey."

Dark smiles, finally stopped picking at their nails. "Thanks, Will," they turn the bar stool to face towards him.

Wilford leaned over and kissed their head gently. "You're responsible for dinner tonight," he whispers and chuckles before running off.