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Open Road

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“And now I’m fallin’ for ya,” RayRay held the mic daintely as she sang. Her light auburn hair down and covering her shoulders. Her outfit was different from usual, instead of tight jeans with a tight shirt and black leather jacket she had a black and white polka dotted dress, similar to Lela’s who was right next to her. “Fallin’ for ya. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t stop myself from fallin’ for ya-”

RayRay was about to reach out and grab Lela to stop her falling off the stage, but instead a tanned surfer caught her in his arms.

“I’m fallin’ for you.”

She couldn’t help but smile at the two who had clearly felt something. It was so sweet to her, the exact thing she’d always wanted but never got. However, the moment was over as quickly as it came.

Butchy, a tall and broad leader of the biker’s gang, The Rodents, pulled Lela away from the surfer. RayRay quickly hopped offstage and checked to see if Lela was okay as Butchy handled the confrontation.

“Get ya soggy soifer mitts off my baby sister!”

“Get your biker baby sister off our boarding buddy!” One of the other surfers yelled back. The rest was a blur to RayRay. It was a dance off, she knew that much. She didn’t know who won, but it certainly wasn’t her.

Once the surfers left, the bikers were about to leave when Big Mama, the woman who owned the place they were currently in, stormed over and gave a pointed look at RayRay.

“I cannot have gang violence in my dinner! It drives away customers. I am sorry.” She gave RayRay a truly sympathetic look as she spoke her next words. “I gotta let you go, it’ll look bad if I keep you on.”

“Ya can’t fire me, I gotta buy parts for my Harley,” RayRay begged. Most of the bikers had to turn away with pained looks. This job meant everything to RayRay, the only two things that were more important to her were Lela and her bike.

“I’ve gotta, baby.”

RayRay stormed out of the dinner and almost ran to her bike. All she wanted right now was a blanket, PJs and a good film. However, once she revved the engine of her beloved Harley, it sputtered out.

“Come on!” She exclaimed, hitting one of the handles full force, before hissing and shaking her hand off the pain.

“Need some help?” Came a male voice with a unique accent.

“Yes,” She breathed, looking up to see Butchy with a smile and tool box. For once she was glad he carried it everywhere. He almost immediately got to work. “Today has been...awful. Completely awful.”

“I’m sorry ‘bout ya job,” He told her.

“It’s not just that, or even Harl breakin’ down. Layla’s got a new fella.” She began to mope, ignoring Butchy’s glare at the engine. “I’m sick o’ bein’ alone. I’m gonna be the third wheel again.”

She got off the bike and knelt down beside him, deciding to help him by passing him tools he needed.

“Don’t sell yourself short,” He told her, before asking for a wrench. “Ya worth more than ya know.”

“Say that all ya want. But I don’t see guys linin’ up to date me.”

“Maybe ya ain’t lookin’ hard ‘nough,” He shrugged, too focused on the engine.

“Ise got an entire checklist for my dream fella,” She admitted.

“What’s on this list, eh?”

“I believe we all have a soulmate. The chance for a perfect duet. I believe in hopeless devotion, I just haven’t found him yet. But in my mind I see, the guy who is meant for me.”

“Screwdriver,” Butchy interrupted with his hand out. She rolled her eyes and passed him a screwdriver before continuing.

“He’ll be someone who is lovely. Someone wonderful and true,” She sang before standing up and dusting off her dress. “The kind of boy who makes you smile even when you’re feelin’ blue. Oh I know he’s out there, most definitely. Not a phony or a fake, sweeter than a chocolate shake my meant-to-be!”

Butchy let out a chuckle at her as she ran around to the other side of the bike.

“When it’s meant to be, you go kinda crazy. Meant to be you forget your name! When it’s meant to be it’s destiny callin’, and nothin’ ever will be the same!”

Butchy sighed, making RayRay turn to face him. “Ya thought this through, huh?”

“A bit too much,” She admitted, turning a light pink.

“Well ya ain’t thought it through ‘nough.”


“Ya need a guy who’s into music,” He explained, putting his tools away. “To ride up high on cupid’s wings. Find that boy with perfect.” He stood up and ran a hand through his hair subconsciously. “Have a hollywood ending with strings.”

“I want someone who’s real, Butch.”

“Stop that,” He told her. “Oh, I know he’s out there most definitely. And maybe you’ve already met the one you’ll never forget. You’re meant-to-be. When it’s meant to be, the stars seem to glisten. Meant to be all the clouds depart. When it’s meant to be, that’s destiny callin’. An’ if you listen you’ll find your heart.”

RayRay shook her head lightly. “Didn’t think you’d be the one to be a hopeless romantic like me.”

“I just know yous deserve a great guy,” He replied, moving to lean on the bike on the same side as RayRay. The two stood next to each other, leaning on the bike as Butchy cleaned his hands. RayRay snuck a glance at Butchy, only to find that he had done the same. A single glance lasted longer than they thought it would’ve.

“Four eyes meet, the meet it sweet,” RayRay sang. “Could it lead to something more?”

“What’s the deal when the way you feel is something you never felt before?”

Before they could continue, the bikers began to leave Big Mama’s, causing the two to pull apart. Lela rushed to RayRay’s side and pulled her in for a hug.

“Wanna have a sleepover?” Lela asked, once she pulled away, gripping RayRay’s shoulders. “Just us two, no one else because no one else matters.”

“Okay,” RayRay smiled. “Sounds far out.”

Everyone mounted their bikes for the ride home and the leader and RayRay snuck glances at each other that didn’t go unnoticed by Lela. Luckily, she was silently cheering it on.