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Letters To Kyle

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A/n: They are in high school in this! I also had this on one of my Wattpad accounts.

Dear Kyle,

Uh hey! I guess that's a way to start this... Uh well ya see... Jeez I don't know how to say this! Well I guess I could say it the easy way, but is anything really easy Kyle?

Guess not, huh...

Well Kyle Betsy Broflovski...

I love you.

You might be saying something about this being weird, but yeah... It's true.

I love you Kyle.

~The Boy You'll Never Love

"The fuck?" Stan questioned as he looked at the letter over my shoulder. I soon see Kenny and Cartman walk up to us.

"Mhphm." Kenny waves. Since third grade he grew out of his parka. I mean we are juniors in high school now so it's understanding. Kenny now wears an orange jacket that he sewn a hood on to, and a scarf with skinny jeans. He's gotten pretty tall. He's the tallest out of all of us... Well except for Cartman.

Stan basically wears the same clothes like he did when we were younger, except now it's clothes that fit him, and he switched his normal t-shirts for sweaters for some reason.

Me? I usually wear a white button up shirt, skinny jeans, a green sweater vest, and an orange jacket over that when I'm really cold. Still have my hat though. Believe it or not I'm actually the shortest out of us all.

I really don't like it because the others say I'm the height of a girl.

Stan is a bit taller than me, then Kenny, and then... Then Cartman. He's the one who probably changed the most. He got skinnier, he's more muscle, and he became the tallest out of us all.

"What cha got there Kahl?" Cartman snatched the letter out of my hands.

"Give it back fatass!" I try to get it back, but Cartman holds it above his head.

"Why must you keep calling me that? I ain't fat! I was just big boned, and now look at me." He smirked, and handed the paper to a passing Butters. "Butters hold this for me."

Butters looked confused, but nodded anyway. Cartman instantly looked back at us. "So what was the paper about?"

"Mphmph." Kenny mumbled something, and moved his scarf. "Whatever it is it must be important."

"Stan a little help here?" I ask in a pleading way. God I hate being so damn short.

"Kyle got a love letter." Stan took a sip of his water bottle.

Cartman started laughing. "No tell me the real reason."

"That is the real reason." I let out a sigh, and Butters look at the note.

"He's right Eric." Cartman snatched the letter from Butters. "Eric?"

"Who in their fucking mind would send Kahl a love note?" Cartman looked at the paper in confusion. "Wait your middle name is Betsy?"

"Nope!" I took the letter back. "It's actually... You know what I'm not going to tell you... I wonder who wrote this."

"An idiot?" Cartman jokes. "Look it's also a guy."

"Huh?" I looked down at the letter where Cartman was pointing. It's was sighed 'the boy you'll never love.' I blushed a little thinking. It's from a guy? The others don't know this, but I actually am gay.

"Oh la la~" Kenny jokes. "I can hear the wedding bells ring!" He laughs, and Cartman chuckles.

"Who do you think it's from?" Stan asked. "I mean there isn't that many people here that are gay... Unless you know they're in the closet."

"Got something to confess Stan?" Cartman jokes.

"No! I was just stating the facts." Stan took his books out of his locker. "We should head to class."

"Yeah." I nodded my head, and grabbed my own books. We all started walking to class. Surprisingly we all had the same classes. We walked into first period which happened to be history.

"Good morning class!" Our teacher greeted. She seems to happy with her job. Stan and Kenny pretty much think she's an alcoholic or druggy. Maybe both.

I took my seat between Stan and Kenny. "Hey Stan!" Wendy walks in, and sits on the other side of him. "What's up?"

"I uh Kyle got a love note from a guy." He quickly blabbered.

"Stan." I hissed, and he sent my an apologetic look.

"Really? Who is it from?" I just gave her the note so she could read it herself. "Cool calligraphy." She giggled a little.

I didn't take her for much of a giggler.

"Who do you think it's from?" Wendy asks me.

"Don't know, and don't really care." I shrug. Lies. I do want to know.

"Class we have a new student." Our teacher stated. Next to her was a guy with black dyed hair, blue eyes, and was dressed in a MCR t-shirt and black skinny jeans. He had a scar on his right cheek. "This is Tony Barker. Tony want to say something about yourself?"

"Fuck ya all." Tony mumbled as he walked to the only open desk.

"He seems cool." Craig smirked.

I glanced over at Tony. That's when I noticed he had a Star Of David necklace around his neck.

"He's Jewish?" I asked aloud.

"Oh just great." Cartman huffed. "Another Jew."

"Got a problem fatass?" I glared at him.

"Maybe I do." Cartman crossed his arms.

"Are they always like this?" I heard Tony ask Token who nodded.

"So class today we will be learning about the Holocaust, and the Nazis." Ms. Joy stated.

"Oh fuck." I mumbled.

Lunch Break!

"Kyle." I looked over at Stan. "Want to go to the movies after school?"

"Huh?" Kenny and Cartman stared at us. "Stan are you the one who wrote the letter?"

"No Kenny." Stan stated. "And I was going to ask you guys too."

"Sure I guess." I shrugged, and Kenny nodded.

"Buy me popcorn, and we got a deal." Cartman did finger guns.

"Yeah never do that again." I told him.

"Fuck you." Cartman fired.

"Fuck you too." I fired back.