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Dear Future Husband

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Will had not spoken for nearly an hour now, content to ignore him as he surrounded himself with the dogs on the couch watching television. Hannibal tried to ignore the ache that he could not find it in himself to relieve alone, and headed for the kitchen. 

Things had started so very well. 

Eleven days had passed since the dining room table hip incident and in that time they had engaged in plenty of sexual intercourse, always in a safe and comfortable bed of course, but he had kept a small secret hidden away in his top drawer since the hospital. 

The doctor had been very easy to talk into giving him whatever he desired after lamenting his predicament with a younger lover at home. Hannibal had researched the various health risks associated with the type of drug he wanted and when he put his script into the pill machine the pills were his. 

He had kept the bottle hidden away with his anti inflammatories, not entirely a lie he had just not bothered to tell Will just what he’d gotten that night. The temptation had been too much and he’d taken one in hopes to surprise Will after dinner. 

Except the surprise did not go as planned. 

Will was furious with him for risking his health and refused to speak to him since. 

The hardness between his legs had not subsided and would not for the next several hours. His imagined night of passion was apparently not going to happen. 

Hannibal ate alone at the dining room table, frowning down at his plate, and cleaned the dishes before he stopped to gaze at Will once more. The three dogs all looked up when he spoke. 

“I am retiring early this evening,” he said softly, the ache between his legs reminding him of his mistake, “I will dispose of the pills and not use them again. I am sorry if I upset you. Goodnight.” 


He walked down the hall with his head low, and undressed down to his boxers before he climbed under the comforter. The bed felt so cold without Will beside him, and he knew it would be hard to sleep this evening. 

His erection still lingered, painfully so, but he made no move to touch himself. 

There would be no pleasure in it. 

But it would be difficult to sleep this way, he knew that, so he just closed his eyes and let himself get lost in his memory palace. Memories of Will, their first meetings both, and even some of his anger. Hannibal felt tears in his eyes at the hurt but kept on just before a hand to his pulled him out of everything. 

He opened his eyes and saw Will standing beside the bed frowning. “That was really stupid.” 

“I know.” 

“We’ve gone over this dozens of times, ok? I don’t want you to change yourself. I want YOU. I don’t care if you come too fast, or can’t have sex on tables. I want you, Hannibal. Sexy old man that you are.” 

Hannibal smiled, taking his hand. “I know you do,” he whispered, kissing his palm, “But I...I wanted to be able to share every type of pleasure with you. My erections don’t seem to last long when we are in bed together and I just thought…” 

Will leaned down and kissed him softly. “You want to fuck me, old man?” 


He peeled back the comforter and stared at the tent in Hannibal’s boxer briefs. 

“People have heart attacks on viagra.” 

“I am a very healthy man, Will. As I said to you not treat me as if I will break.” 

Will looked into his eyes again. “I….” 

Hannibal reached up to touch his cheek. “Do you want me inside you, Will?” 


“Yes having you inside me is…transcendent. Every time you fill me, I only want more. But I want to give you the same feeling.” 

“You don’t have to be on pills to be inside me, Love. I don’t care if it lasts six seconds.” 

He felt his cheeks burn at the humiliating memory. “I was not even able to get that far the last time we...attempted.” 

“I like that you get excited,” Will whispered, his hand slowly sliding down Hannibal’s chest, “No one’s ever made me feel as wanted as you have. Not ever.” 

Hannibal gasped as Will stopped just above his boxer briefs. “I have never craved anyone as much as I do you. Just the thought of….” 

Will slipped a hand under Hannibal’s waistband and he gasped, arching up to meet his touch. 

“I’m willing to go slow,” Will whispered, stroking him, “And take our time. Even if we have to try over, and over again. Do you think it would make me hot to know that this is all chemical? That your body is responding to a prescription?” 

“Will, that’s not---” 

He cried out as Will peeled down his boxer briefs, hissing at the feeling, and when Will took away his hand Hannibal whimpered. 

“I’m doing this under duress,” Will said, leaning over to open the bedside drawer, “Because I hate to know you’re suffering and there’s something I can do to make it better.” 

Hannibal sighed. “As much as I want this the very idea that you’re not entirely here of your own volition makes me less inclined.”

Will set the supplies beside him and smiled as he stood. “You think I don’t want you to fuck me? I do, love. Very much. But I still can be mad that you’ve made this a vanity thing. There is such a thing is angry sex.” 

“It was not vanity,” Hannibal murmured, staring intently as Will started to undress, “I just wish to experience everything with you before…” 

An angry glare made him pause. “Don’t finish that sentence.” 

“I didn’t mean…” 

Will kicked off the last of his clothes and came up on the bed, staring down into Hannibal’s eyes. 

“You did,” Will hissed, wetting his fingers before he took Hannibal in hand, “But right now you’re gonna shut up and kiss me.” 

Hannibal sat up and did as he was told, groaning as Will stroked to wet his hardness. He barely had time to take a breath before Will began to slowly fill himself with his cock. 

“Fuck,” Will gasped, “Hannibal…” 

“Oh Will, I…” 

He settled down onto him fully and Hannibal groaned, grabbing WIll’s hips to keep him still. 

“Okay?” Will asked, staring into his eyes with concern and desire both. 

“Yes,” Hannibal gasped, “I…am quite happy to have chemical help. I do not think I would’ve lasted longer than the first thrust it feels so entirely perfect.” 

Will grinned and leaned down to kiss him again. “Feels good on my end too, Love. But you keep mentioning those pills and this will be a very brief encounter.” 

Hannibal felt warm all over, his entire body on alert, and the feeling of being inside Will did nothing to alleviate the rising heat inside. He squeezed Will’s hips and stared into his eyes.

“Then you had better keep my mouth otherwise occupied.” 

He kissed him again just as he started to move and Hannibal shuddered as tears came to his eyes. They would never be enough of Will for him to experience, so never ending was his desire, and as he reached for Will’s hardness Hannibal knew he felt the same. This was how they were meant to be, always, together as one no matter who was inside. They parted for breath but Will pressed his forehead against Hannibal’s just as Hannibal rolled them over. 

“I love you,” Hannibal gasped, just as Will spilled between them, “I love you, “ he kept on fucking into him, “I love you.” 

Will moaned, “Oh god I love you so much. Fuck, Hannibal….it….god it’s….” 

Hannibal lost track of how long he continued, so lost was he in his haze of bliss, but when he fell over the edge and spilled inside Will neither one of them moved to part. He ran his hand over Will’s flushed cheeks, kissing him softly, and wanted nothing more than to stay this way for eternity. 

“That was...somethin’.” 

He smiled. “Not so much angry sex but more like…” 

“A slow bone. You ruined my whole plan of being mad at you.” 

“Are you still?” 

“Yes,” Will mumbled, “You’re not forty years old anymore, Hannibal. You’re not invincible but I don’t want you to be. I just want you…for as long as I can have you.” 

His hip started to ache and he pulled out of Will’s perfect warm tightness, wincing at the separation. He pulled him into his arms and kissed the edge of Will’s temple. “I know, Mylimasis. I know. I will toss the pills.” 

Will sighed. “Don’t,” he mumbled, “Just...put them away for a rainy day if we want them. If they expire before the next time I ask then just don’t get them again.” 

Hannibal smiled. “As you wish. Now, I do believe we are both rather filthy. Are you up for a joint shower?” 

Will lifted his head from Hannibal’s chest and smiled. “Sounds good to me."