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Bad Boys Are Poison

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It’s a tough decision to make. It honestly is, because he’s not seen her for so many years. Still, he puts on his sneakers and heads outside of the house. Still, he tells his sister he is going to see mom for the first time in years. He’s scared, nervous, and all around uncertain if he can face her again or not.

She did burn him because his left side looked too much like his father. She did leave him burnt and scarred, without any apologies spoken. Does she hate him? Does she never want to see him again? He’s not too sure at this point.

He walks onward, nervous still, uncertain if he should bring her something or if there’s things he can’t talk about. He takes a pause in his step and sits down on a bench at a bus stop when it all becomes too much.

This shouldn’t be so hard! It’s his mom, she would surely…except she…

No. No, he needs to calm himself down and think about other things otherwise anxiety and self-loathing will make him not see her again like it has done in the past.

While trying to regulate his breathing, he begins to find himself losing control, but then there’s a deep, friendly voice speaking up to him, “Hey, what are you doing here?”

He turns to his left to find a handsome young man with a medical mask on his face, medical gloves on his hands, short dark brown hair, and these stunning golden eyes. He’s calm, laid back, and oddly alluring with his warm demeanor.

He doesn’t know what to say for a few moments before deciding on a simple, “I’m here to think things over.”

“Really? Odd place to do so, don’t you think?”

“It may be odd, but it’s at least in a more deserted part of town. It’s nice to be away from the noise for a few moments.”

He hums and asks him, “Aren’t you that pretty boy from the Sports Festival? This Todoroki Shouto kid everyone online thinks is so gorgeous.”

“I am, but I’m not gorgeous. No one could be with a scar like mine on their face.” Shouto answers in a bit of self-depreciation, not really having any confidence in his attractiveness because of the scar on his face.

It’s this subtle show of diverted eyes and the slight fidget in his legs and hands with the words spoken which showed his lack of self-esteem. For a boy so powerful to be lacking in such a thing… It’s so strange, isn’t it? Then again, he likes broken things the most because then he can rearrange them into what he wants them to be.

Though he needs to be cautious about how he approaches this. For all he knows this could be some ploy to fish for compliments like the petty, pathetic girls on social media he despises so, “Really? You don’t think you’re gorgeous?”

Shouto’s fidgeting is more noticeable now and he looks down at the ground, “How could I be? No one would want a boy with a big ugly scar on his face and a left side which is reminiscent of his father.”

He noticed the boy hadn’t used his left side once during the debacle on TV. Is he insecure about this as well? It seems he may be…then again, this boy—going off of how much he shrinks into himself whenever he is forced to acknowledge his own view of himself not being attractive—may be far more broken than he could ever imagine.

It’s all in his subtle cues and body language. The boy reeks of low self-esteem and must certainly be a treasure trove of brokenness underneath it all! He’s certain that if he stays and plays this out, he can find the ultimate treasure trove of a destroyed person who he can mold into being something perfect.

“What? That’s not true at all. You’re stunning, even with the scar on your face.” he speaks in a sweet, candied warm tone. So sickeningly sweet even his associates would get sugar poisoning from it.

Luckily for him, this boy is naïve and far too childlike in his trust to really read him, or the games he plays on unsuspecting toys like him, “I don’t think so. I’m sorry, I guess I can’t see what you see.”

He leans in a tiny bit closer, wanting to examine him a little more to be sure if this is something he will pursue or not. There’s nothing he despises more than wasting time on ones who are too strong, street smart, people smart, and independent to break, “What a shame you think such a way. You really are beautiful, even with the scar on your face.”

Shouto isn’t sure what to make of it: is he being sincere or fake? Is he lying to him? What if he’s lying to him? What if—

“I’m not lying. I am being completely honest with you. I think you’re stunning.” the mystery man tells him, making Shouto blush as he realizes he had spoken those thoughts out loud.

He asks the man something he feels dumb for not asking sooner, “Who are you and why are you being so nice to me?”

“I’m Chisaki and I’m being nice to you because I want to be. You act really skittish about this sort of thing. Are you not used to people treating you with kindness because they want to, not because they want something from you?”

This triggers something in him to make his eyes flash with that glow of sadness which makes Chisaki all the more interested.

Yes, he will stay and see this through.

“I’m not the most used to it, no. Why do you want to be nice to me?”

“What, I can’t be nice because I think you’re too pretty to be in a sketchy part of town without anyone here to keep the creeps away?”

“Where are these ‘creeps’ and who are they, exactly?”

…He’s joking. He’s got to be joking. There’s no way he doesn’t get what he is talking about.

Except going off of the blank look in his eyes, he may truly not understand, “Okay, funny joke, pretty thing.”

“…Pretty thing? What are you talking about?”

Yep, he’s dense. This just gives Chisaki gold to work with! What man doesn’t want something so perfect and ripe to break? Combine this with the low self-esteem and insecurities that come with the teenage years and Chisaki has himself something perfect.

“Let’s change the subject. Why are you really out here? Most people don’t come here to think. I’m here to meet with a friend of mine. What are you here for?”

Not true at all. Chisaki scours these streets, looking for the next one to break and make into his perfect doll. Had Shouto been more street and people smart, if he had put up more of a fight, he would have had to take him back by force. However, it looks he will be able to accomplish his goals without any hassle on his end. All he needs to do is take advantage of this kid’s naïveté, his low self-esteem, and his insecurities to make him play into his hand.

Shouto is honest enough when admitting it, because he doesn’t think this stranger really does deserve to know the full truth, “I am here to calm myself down. I was nervous about doing something and now, I don’t think I want to do what I was supposed to do.”

He doesn’t want to push or pry lest he look suspicious to him. Chisaki is a smart man when it comes down to such things, after all! No, he will woo him and treat him kindly without asking anything in return. It’s a game he hasn’t had to play in years, usually having the worst of luck and getting ones who are too independent, street or people smart to really fall for his ways.

“Wait here a moment, there’s something I need to do. I’ll be right back, okay?”

Shouto listens to the man, finding his warm presence soothing as he nods, “Okay.”

Chisaki goes across the street to a run-down flower shop with the most beautiful of flowers and floral arrangements in all of the city. He picks the prettiest bouquet of pink lilies and some cherry blossoms to represent his interest in the boy. He takes the bouquet back to Shouto, not having to pay for it at all since around this part of town everyone knows better than to risk incurring his wrath, and sets it down on his lap, “For you. I figured it’d be nice to get you something as pretty as you are.”

Shouto doesn’t know what to say or do other than to accept the bouquet with a small blush, “You didn’t have to, really.”

Shouto has never been attracted to or interested in women. It’s something about himself he learned when he noticed he didn’t find female heroes attractive like Natsuo did, but he certainly found big brother Touya to be attractive when he went punk in high school. During the sex talk with his father (which was as sterile and loaded with medically correct terminology as it could get), he learned of the men who are not interested in or fantasize about women. It helped clarify why, whenever he woke up with wet shorts, it was always from fantasizing about Touya instead of a girl.

He’s gay, but he’s never had a boy or man give him any attention before. He’s always been talked about in terms of his strength in combat and the strength of his quirks, but he never had anyone pay attention to him like this. He’s always dreamed of a handsome boy giving him a pretty bouquet like this. Much like how he’s always dreamed of a handsome boy showing interest in him for something other than his quirks or combat ability. He has always wanted a handsome boy to say they liked him for himself and to confess their feelings for him.

This feels as close to that fantasy as he can get, “No, I did. After all, I was lucky enough to be graced by your presence. It’s not every day I get to be by such a pretty, famous boy like yourself.”

Shouto wants to bury his face in the bouquet but he holds off on it to remark, “I’m really not—”

“Hush, you are. You just don’t see it yet.” Chisaki tells him with a gloved finger gently resting on his pillowy, plush lips.

Shouto checks his phone and finds that he is running late for the time he is slated to be home, sighing as he says, “I have to get going now. My old man will expect me to be back home soon. I really did enjoy meeting you…I hope I see you again.”

“Give me your number and I’ll call you tonight for a video chat if you’d like. That way, we can keep in touch.”

He wants to burst in an icy explosion of flames and ice shards to this.

A boy who is nice to him and gave him a bouquet…wanting his number?

He wants his number and because he’s said to be the strongest in his class… Wait, why does he want his number then?

“Why do you want my number? People only ask for my number because of my quirks and my usefulness in combat.”

Chisaki chuckles and it’s enough to make Shouto’s heart stop for a few moments as he responds, “I want your number because I think you’re cute and I’d like to get to know you better. What’s so suspicious about that?”

It makes Shouto’s entire lifetime to hear this! After a whole lifetime of being isolated from everyone and everything because of his father, he always figured finding a boy who found him attractive and interesting enough to get to know was a pipe dream at best. Now he has a handsome boy who wants his number and got him a bouquet!

What could be better than this?

“Okay, I’ll give you my number. I didn’t know you were gay like me. I didn’t think many guys were.”

It’s true, that’s what his father always told him, but then Chisaki explains, “I am, but there are more gay guys out there like yourself than what you know. I can only hope I can win you over before any fanboy does! The competition for your heart must be strong, huh?”

“I don’t have any fanboys that I know of, so I think you’re fine.”

Good. This means Chisaki can really sink his talons into this new toy and make it all his own. Shouto gives him his number and Chisaki sends him a text right away, confirming he got the number in his phone. It makes Shouto’s heart flutter to know he finally has a boy in his life like everyone else who got to have a normal life.

“Goodbye Chisaki, thank you for the flowers…I really like them, thank you.”

“Goodbye Todoroki, I can’t wait to see you tonight.”

He got lucky his father was working late when he got home. Fuyumi looked at him with a raised brow, asking, “Where were you? I called up the hospital but they said you never showed up once. I thought you were finally going to see mom again after all of this time.”

She then spots the bouquet in his hands and grins, “Oh, I see…where’d you get the bouquet from Shouto?”

He looks at her with a raised brow, “Why do you want to know?”

“Shouto, come on, I won’t tell dad! Please tell me who was the boy who gave it to you!”

Fuyumi knows he’s gay because according to her, he’s always made it a ‘tiny bit’ obvious by his ‘strange disinterest and absolute lack of attraction to women’, as she had put it. Apparently, moaning Touya’s name in his sleep when he started puberty didn’t do him any favors either.

He diverts his dual colored eyes away from her, trying his best to hide his excitement about the subject, “Fuyumi, please…”

She’s not relenting, though, “Shouto, come on! Allow me to know what is going on with this boy of yours! Who gave you the bouquet? Was it that Bakugou kid?”

“No! It wasn’t him! I highly doubt he’s attracted to anything other than his reflection!”

“Who was it then?”

“A guy named Chisaki. I got nervous when going to see mom and instead of seeing her, I spoke to this guy and he gave me this bouquet. We exchanged numbers and he thinks I’m cute… It was everything I ever wanted to happen but never thought could.”

Shouto speaks with a certain level of happiness that makes Fuyumi want to be happy for him. She wants to be happy for him so badly because their father did screw him out of having a normal life and fitting in with regular people.

However, Shouto is dense and oblivious. It comes from their father isolating him from everything to focus on quirk training, combat training, and understanding villains as well as their intentions. Shouto doesn’t understand any pop culture references, figures of speech, and regular people as well as their intentions because of this. Their father handicapped him severely by not allowing him to socialize as a child and it shows up in subtle or blunt ways depending on the conversation/situation at hand.

It saddens Fuyumi because it’s just another reminder of why they can never be a normal, happy, loving family like she always wanted.

Then she combines this knowledge with a simple fact not many know about Shouto. He is attracted to the rebellious, bad boy types.

Due to his isolation, he didn’t have anything other than All Might, male sidekicks, and male heroes to look at on TV. At first Fuyumi thought he was asexual because he never displayed any attraction or interest in them. Then when Touya went punk, everything changed. Shouto would blush a bit whenever he was in his presence. He would try to give him little gifts or do little things to garner his attention. It seemed the more rebellious and mouthier towards their father Touya became, the more Shouto’s attraction to him grew.

When she considers all of the above, she cannot help but to worry over Shouto and his tastes in men. She’s had the grief and misfortune of dating the types of boys Shouto is attracted to. Needless to say, she doesn’t want her brother to wind up with some toxic loser who will manipulate, take advantage of, and use him for his own game before throwing him away.

“Shouto, I know you like what you like, and you’re entitled to like it as much as you please. I’m not going to tell you who you can and cannot date. I’m going to tell you I want you to be careful. This is your first time with this sort of thing. I want you to think before you do decide to date a bad boy, okay? Bad boys are poison, Shouto. They will eat you up and throw you away. It’s what they all do.”

Shouto didn’t really take much note of this, already too far gone in his own internal happiness and giddiness at the prospect of being Chisaki’s boyfriend that he didn’t hear it fully, “Don’t worry, Fuyumi. I’ll be fine.”

Too bad his sister thinks otherwise.

“How old is he, Shouto? Does he go to your school?”

“No, and I don’t know how old he is…why would that matter?”

“Because you’re still a minor!” she responds in an exasperated tone, “I know you can fight villains Shouto, but you’re still a kid. You can be taken advantage of and manipulated still. You shouldn’t be giving your number to any guy who compliments you and gives you a bouquet of flowers! That’s not a smart way to get into a relationship with anyone.”

His sister’s realism falls flat on him. Shouto instead gives her an icy glare and replies, “I’ll be just fine, Fuyumi. I’ll ask Chisaki how old he is, and I’ll get to know him better if he’s my age. If he’s not, then I’ll end things. Are you fine with that?”

Fuyumi looks at him in resignation, her final attempt to get him to see reason being a desperate one, “I’m not telling you to not date anyone. I’m telling you to be careful because you don’t know this guy at all, and he could hurt you if you’re not careful. Please be careful with this, Shouto. Promise me you will be.”

He sighs deeply, finding her concern to be a bit annoying as well as insulting because he can defend himself from anything, but…oh well, he may as well reassure her so she doesn’t tell their father, “I promise I’ll be careful with this, Fuyumi.”

It’s enough to soothe her for now, but she’s not too keen on this Chisaki person. She won’t be until she learns more about his age and personality. Even if she met him in person, she’s not sure she could trust him with Shouto regardless.