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The mechanics duality

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"This is the worst." Sonic whispered to me, during one of the rare occasion when he wore a frown. What was even more unusual was the fact that he was wearing a tuxedo.

"It is not that bad." I whispered back.

"Just look at Knuckles!" He whispered back, pointing at the red echidna at his side. Knuckles was, literally, biting the neck of his shirt and his necktie, tired of how uncomfortable and itchy it felt. He was also wearing a tux by the way.

I sighed in exasperation. I am the youngest of the three, but right now both act like children. By the way, I am Miles 'Tails' Prower and, yes, I am also wearing a tuxedo.

Long story short, Amy and Rouge managed to convince them to put on tuxedos and participate in a ball dance, of all things. A masked ball dance. I will never understand those girls: Sonic and Knux are both cool and heroic but, a dance? At a ballroom? Wearing tuxedos? Are they nuts? Knuckles is someone who lived alone for fifteen years, give or take. Sonic is a great hero but he isn't one for etiquette, at all. I am probably the one who isn't as lost with this, but even I would rather be at home, working on my machines. Heck, I don't even have a 'maybe-girlfriend' like them.

I am here mostly to make sure these two don't rip their clothing in anger, or something similar. So far I am doing a good job, despite Knuckles eating his. Don't worry, Rouge brought extras. We both knew he needs them. That's not my only reason for being here. Finally, the limo arrives.

"Be nice guys, just this night." I suggest, hoping they do behave.

The door is open for us and, well, the three ladies here look stunning. Rouge wore a black long dress, with a single sleeve and a heart shaped hole exposing some of her cleavage, hugging her curves tightly. The lower part of it cut from her hip to her feet, giving her more freedom of movement and exposing her leg. It takes me more willpower than I am comfortable to admit to not stare. Hey, I am sixteen and my hormones are doing crazy stuff. That's my excuse and I am sticking with it. I am thankful/jealous that she doesn't hug me against her bosom like she used to.

Amy is wearing what I can easily describe as a princess dress: it was white with different tones of blue and some sprinkles of gold here and there. The skirt was large, like enough to hide someone under it. She also put golden flowers on her long hair.

Finally, there is Cream, wearing a marine green dress, the only thing holding it are two thin strings, exposing some of the rabbit's shoulders. It was neither too tight nor too spacious, reaching her around her knees. Her calves were nice and shapely and she wore high heels, actually presenting herself as the tallest thanks to that. I notice her face, her modest make-up, the bun of hair on her forehead and her long ears and I can't help but think she is turning into a beauty. For better or worse.

The first thing that I notice after checking them out is Rouge's face of disappointment. "Really?" She said to Knuckles

"Yes, really." Knuckles answered. "Did you expected something else?"

"For one night? Yeah. But even that's too much for you!" She answered, with her arms crossed.

"Bite me!" "I would prefer to kick your..." I decided to intervene at that moment.

"Guys, remember the deal." I put myself between them, a dangerous position but that's what I am here for. They turn around, giving each other backs. I say nothing, they just need a moment. Cream is handling the other two.

"Sonic!" Amy, as expected, ran to Sonic like a rabid fan girl. Sonic simply lifted an arm, his hand getting on her face and stopping her dead on her tracks, even if her legs kept struggling. I must admit, I am happy he learnt he could do that instead of, you know, run away from her at the speed of sound!

"Remember the deeeeeal." Cream sang, making Sonic grimace. Amy stopped and Sonic sighed, lowering his arm.

"Yess!" Amy shouted, throwing her arms in victory. She was about to jump at Sonic but Cream reminded her about the deal too. Amy cleared her throat, adopting a more lady like stance afterwards: she lowered her head just a bit, and folded both hands, in front of her skirt. After that, she lifted a hand and her head, her eyes half open in a strangely alluring way, I don't know how to explain it. Regal? Graceful? "Would you accompany me, my knight?" She had a royal aura for a sec.

D-did Sonic just blush?! I swear there was some red on his cheeks. Not that much and barely noticeable, and disappeared pretty fast, but it didn't escape me. He answered by taking her hand very delicately, not like him. "My pleasure, my lady." OK, I know that Sonic is all quippy and can answer cattily to almost every situation, but he isn't supposed to be this suave. Amy obviously, is completely red and unable to hide it or say anything at the moment for that matter. Great, he broke her already.

"OK. You... look... nice." I hear Knuckles say, earning my attention. His face exposed pain, but I am happy to see that he is compromising.

"...Thank you." She smiled, thought it looked like it was bringing her agony. "Do you mind... if we change your clothes?"

"" He didn't even move his mouth, speaking through gritted teeth.

Okeeeyy. I am a little worry, but I don't think this can get any better for now. If you wonder what the heck the deal is, we all know how their relationships work: poorly. Knuckles and Rouge butt heads over and over while Amy has chased Sonic for more than it should be correct, but Sonic is unable to just tell her he doesn't want anything with her because, I think, that isn't the case. The idea here is that Sonic actually gives a chance to Amy while the latter makes an effort to not act as... eccentric as usually. For Knuckles and Rouge, they need to tone down their tension, to be more tolerable to one another.

If you think this is torture: first, it kind of is; and second, is necessary. Cream and I can only take so much more of this nonsense. Call us jerks, I say, deal with them for seven years and you will understand where we are coming from. Yeah, I am kind-of-an-angsty-whiny teen, come bite me. So, we waste no time to get to the party and, most of us are excited.

"This is going to be the best night ever!" Amy chirped. "And I am going to spend it with my one and only..." Amy started, but managed to stop herself, realizing she was making the thing awkward for the other hedgehog. Good that she is gaining some auto-control.

"Oh boy." Sonic and Knux say at the unison. I shot them a disappointed stare: the girls were pulling their weight but they were not. Luckily, Rouge was on the scene or more exactly, she was fixing Knux tie, having taken away the sticky clothing.

"My, I guess if you are so unenergized, you won't be able to dent the all-you-can-eat-buffet." Rouge mentioned with fake disappointment. The echidna immediately shot back up.

"Nevermind, this is gonna be a great night." He exclaimed, brimming happiness.

"You know can go to an all-you-can-eat-buffet anytime you want, right?" Sonic half asked.

"That means I am going to go to one of those twice!" Knux answered.

"You traitor." Sonic said under his breath and I couldn't help a chuckle.

"For the best night of our lives!" Amy shouted, lifting and arm.

"For the all the delicious food!" Knuckles imitated her.

"For the many cute guys I am going to kiss!" Cream followed. This earned her a bunch of stares from everyone her.

The hedgehogs were worried, the echidna looked confused, Rouge looked amused and I face-palmed and sighed. That's the final reason I am here. Do you know what they say about rabbits and reproduction? Well, my friends are a bit worried since Cream likes to flirt. A lot. They think this will get her into trouble before we know it. Well, I think Rouge is proud of her. Anyway, I am supposed to take care of her, but I am going to ditch her the moment we enter and just make sure the rest keep their end of the bargain. I trust Cream, more than any of them i this case. And I know that she is just playing them around, just like Rouge does to many people.

Like when people think that Knuckles is stupid instead of just awkward; or people that say that Rouge is just a slut because of her clothing preference; or saying that Amy is just a crazy fan girl; or when they say I am a pussy and a little bitch. They are generalizing, only seeing things on a surface level. However, I don't care if strangers do that, but if my friends do that then, it is a little more troublesome.

No, we are not a couple, or try to be a very dysfunctional one. Even if I do find her attractive, it is different from the few crushes I have had before. From what I can explain, a healthy couple should be composed of similar people but also need to be very different, if that makes sense. I would say that Cream and I are too alike for it to work.

So, after an event-less ride, we arrive at the the place where the party was held. We put our masks and I also put a band on my twin tails. The purpose of the band is to make them look as one, or else, my identity would be too easily identified. How many two tailed foxes do you think there are? Its a simple method but an effective one. The masks don't cover our muzzles. Knuckles wasted no time eating all kind of stuff from the table. Sonic is trying to follow him, but Amy's superior strength let her drag him away.

"Help!" I hear Sonic yelp.

"Good for you." I say, while lifting my thumb.

"...Are you still upset about the plane?"

"Not anymore." I answer. With that, they disappear from my range of vision. You gotta enjoy moments like this in your life. I notice Knuckles and Rouge growling at each other.

"Guys." I say, getting their attention. Now their growls were directed to me. "Deal." I keep my deadpan. Rouge and Knux get away from me. I think they want to growl at each other in private. They won't get it. I let Cream away from my sight, not sure where she is, but I know she is capable of taking care of herself. Instead, I go up, using the massive staircase in the middle of the ballroom, leading to a second floor for dancing, from where I can easily see if things are going alright.

And things seem to be going alright. I mean, Knuckles and Rouge are dancing by the slow tune, instead of grabbing each others necks. Amy had locked her arm with her date, who finally joined in her dance, finally resigning on his chances of escaping.

I then scan at the rest of the floor. A bunch of boring snobs dancing and trying to look sophisticated. Why do the girls love these fake, boring parties? Another thing I will never understand. I then notice a man falling on a girl. The guards go there, trying to stop a scandal. I notice the man, who appears to be drunk, is enjoying touching the woman and some of his movements seem deliberate if you ask me. I roll my eyes with disgust.

These are supposed to be the most refined people there is, but they are dirtier than most people I know and have the money to get away with it as much as they want. As I see it from here, the couple is apologizing to the guy who fell on her. See what i mean? Must be some very rich asshole who thinks he is bigger than life.

However, someone calls my attention, or rather something in that person. A tight, female, purple tummy. No, my hormones are not running that wildly.

Her dress is shaped in a way that it is hugging her slim body, ending about the middle of her thighs. Upwards, it covered her cleavage up to her neck, but her back was exposed was the dress opened into a round V . She was slim and not that curvy but I could see it was a well maintained body, possibly a fitness girl. The dress had a hole shaped like a ruby, showing off the mentioned part of her body. I then look up at her head, she had her mask on, but her two feather tails or whatever were tied into one big braid, with roses on each of the locks. She was hiding her face, as everybody else, but I couldn't help but think that she was Wave the Swallow. And if she was here, it probably meant that the rogues were around.

"Like what you see?" This made me burst from my bubble. I let a small *gah* shout. Cream just appeared at my side, with an amused smirk.

"Cream, where did you came out?" I half-screamed. She just took me by surprise.

"That's not important. Do you like what you see?" She repeated, and I am sure my face is hot right now.

"N-no, I think she is Wave the Swallow." I reply, unable to hold down my blush.

"What does that change?" She asked. I can feel her stare piercing through me, so I avoid it. "I think she looks nice." She continued.

"L-look. She is a rival, not to mention she is probably the most frustrating woman I know." I answer back, with what is the truth.

"Well, you know what they say about hate and love." She answers.

Wait a minute... "Are you really trying to make me go after Wave? Wave the swallow? Seriously?!" Now I am really sure this girl is nuts.

"C'mon, you need to have fun. Meet a nice girl." Oh boi, she is.

Look I love Cream and all, and I like that she never became the love predator that Amy is with Sonic, but, instead, she developed something that might be worse: She wants to ship me with any girl she can, and I mean it when I say 'any girl'. And it is not like I am the only one she has tried this: Charmy, Espio, Mighty, even Shadow got tangled in her games at some point. Though Shadow got with Tikal thanks to her intervention. Still, it is one against four, so I don't let her do that to me.

"Your meaning of 'a nice girl' is very different to mine." I reply with deadpan. "Look, if she is here, it means she is up to no good, not to mention her partners must also be around. So alert the others." I order her, while running away. I hear her say something, but I am unable to understand what.

I quickly go to the lower parts of the building, aiming to find her. I look for her in the middle of the people, and I see her go to another room. We are not supposed to get to any other room that isn't these two. Not really thinking what I am doing, I follow her. The next room is, as expected, dark, except for the light of the moon crawling through the window, permitting me to see the potential thief. It is clear to me that Wave is looking for something, probably some loot. However, I am stopped because... well, she looks gorgeous. The way the moon's blue light bathes her gives her a mythical look, highlighting her modest but womanly body. She is giving me the back and then she bend her her torso forward, which let her butt up and I can feel a heat coming to my face. I could have a chance to stop her or get out of there, but I just keep there, frozen and observant. And she could turn around any moment!

"Who's there?!" Great! Now who is coming? I was thinking about what should I do when, suddenly, I feel a body on me, more specifically, her breasts, which instantly brings a blush to my face. The next thing I feel is her beak, crashing against my mouth. It is so weird: Muzzles are soft but her beak is hard, it doesn't have any give. Our mouths are very different, clearly not mean to connect. But... I love it.

I try to adjust my mouth to connect as much with hers as possible, because the more surface we connect, the more pleasure, the more I feel this honey that blinds me, turns me into a beast, makes me an addict, so I try harder to connect our mouths, turning it into a vicious cycle. But then, I feel something grabbing my tongue, something warm and soft, and all my senses are thrown to overdrive, losing myself on the overwhelming sweetness. This is when I finally lost all self restraint, as my hands become audacious, exploring every inch of this wonderful woman. Before I know it, my right hand lands on her soft but firm butt, and lift her, while I use my left to hold her back. She actually answers by wrapping her legs around my torso, and her hands on my back, to help me support her, which makes the experience even more delicious. I don't believe it was possible to close the gap between us, to be more of a one entity than we already were, but man, I was trying. At least, until our pesky lungs burned hard, begging for air. Seriously, I wouldn't mind living the rest of my life in a moment like that.

I look into her eyes, her beautiful blue eyes, like a sky with its infinite horizon, or a sea where I wish I could swim forever or... I don't even know, I am not a poet! But Chaos, I wish I could express how amazing they look at this moment.

"Ahem." This makes me stop in my tracks, freezing on place. Oh, right, there was someone behind us before I lost myself to my senses. Shame immediately takes over me.

"Upsy." I hear her say, in a playful and shrill tone. I worry a bit in that moment since it sounded like the most remote from the tomboyish and harsh tone and a little less high voice that Wave has. Could I be wrong? Could this be someone else altogether? I mean, with the exception of Knuckles (because he has no species anymore), none of our colors are rare among our species. Why didn't I think this before?! "Guess they caught us." She continued. "Would you put me down, sweetie?"

From my confusion, my hormones begging for more action and my shame, my brain is left only with the most basic responses, only putting her down slowly. I am so suggestible right now that she could tell me to rob a bank, and I don't think I would say otherwise. "Sorry, you know how couples can be. We sometimes can't stop and we didn't want to show off at the party." She is making a story for both of us, which I am thankful since I can barely say a word for now.

"OUT!" That's all the guard barks, setting both of us to get out of there. So, back at the party surrounded by people, I notice her moving away, trying to mix herself with the crowd. It doesn't work. Somehow, I only see her, every other person is darkened, insignificant, she was the only light. Chaos, what I got myself into?

So, almost running toward her, while harshly pushing several people, I manage to grab her hand and mutter a single word. "Wave." I muttered accidentally. We are not supposed to reveal the identity of other people around us, but I care little about that.

She turned her head around, looking to my eyes. "Bless you." She answered, smiling politely. What? I didn't sneeze. "Would you mind unhanding me, sweetie?" She said. I obey, and she started to get away from me.

"Wave." I repeat, louder. She stopped again and repeated the bless you thing again, before speeding off again. But she can't escape me, and I quickly caught her again.

"Wave I know..." I try to end but she turns around in a flash, grabs me by my tie and drags me to another room just three steps away. This time, a small utility closet.

"Chaos dammit, are you stupid or what!? What is the point of a mask if you are going to tell my name to everybody?!" First, ouch, and second, she is harsh, she is loud, she is rude and she stopped faking her voice. I was right, it is Wave.

"Sorry, not my intention." I say, while trying to move a bit and then, my eyes lock with hers again, freezing me in place. I would complain that this was annoying if I wasn't enjoying it so much.

Then, light came as the door of the closet opened. "Will I have to follow you around all night?" The guard complained.

"Sorry." She said and dragged me by the hand. I followed her without complain. Soon, a little away from the rest of the people, she finally engages in a conversation with me. "Who are you and what do you want?" She demanded, her arms crossed.

Uh, ho, what do I tell her? "... I am your fan." I say, hoping that's enough.

"HA, HA. I don't mean like that clown." Her sarcasm stings like usual, meaning I can take it. "I mean a real name since you know mine. It is only fair." She answered.

What do I tell her? I don't think she recognizes me, which makes sense: we haven't seen each other in years and I just recently had a growth spurt and my voice changed. She probably doesn't imagine that 'Shorty', as she called me, is now a little taller than her, even if we exclude my ears. My tails are also tied and my face covered, so that helps. Should I tell her my real name? I... I don't want to. I am worry about how will she react at the fact that we kissed so passionately. But I can't remain quite for long. "... I am Miles." I say reluctantly.

"As in, I am the only thing in miles that matters to you? Or you counted the miles you had to travel to find me? Or that your love reaches further than all the miles of the universe?" Ugh, three miles shots fired. The third thing that annoys me the most are miles jokes. Sonic is the best brother I could have asked for, but man, he drove me crazy as a kid with his miles jokes, so far that I know that's the reason I don't like my real name.

"Geez, a wave of insults. I didn't expect them to be so hard to swallow!" I said, only realizing how stupid they sounded when I was done talking. Chaos, is this the best I can come up?

"Hardy har." She replies unamused. "I am serious. What is your real name?"

I am sure my face expresses confusion right now. "My real name is Miles. Miles Prower." I repeat. Now she is the one who looks confused.

"It wasn't a pick up line? Or meant to turn into one?" She thought it was a pick up line? Huh, now that I think about it, her comments did sound like she was expecting pick up lines, some that she might have heard more times than she ever wanted. However, now she is unable to repress a laughter. It was now that I realized that I gave her my full name and I want to kick myself for doing so. "Seriously what were your folks thinking when they named you that? Did they thought it was funny?" She said between laughs. I just glare at her, my eyes burning at hers. She ends with an awkward laugh.

"I would like to know too." I say while marching away. I feel petty for leaving her like that after such a small thing, but that last comment really stung. She actually became less mean as years went on and I thought I had matured, able to take anything she could dish out. But of course, she proved me wrong. I went to the food table, hoping to calm down and eat something. Maybe go look for the gang since I haven't seen any of them since I searched for Wave. Wonder if Cream even bothered to do what I asked her to? However, before deciding what to do next, she sat right next to me. Great, what does she want?

"I didn't mean it." Wait, is she apologizing? I look at her after a second. "Look, just because of whatever you might have seen or heard about me, doesn't mean it is truth. I might be harsh, but I am not heartless." She says, annoyed. I wonder what face I made a second ago to make her say that.

"I didn't mean it either." I answer.

"Want a beer?" "I am..." I stop mid-sentence, about to reveal that I wasn't old enough to drink. I am thankful that I could stop it. "...not thirsty."

"Not after that kiss." She joked, making me blush. Chaos, she most be enjoying it.

"Enjoying kicking someone down?" I asked, but I can't stop a smile.

"It is not my fault you make it so easy." She replied. "I am glad someone is enjoying the moment." I look away and I know my smile is still on my face.

"So, you aren't here for the fun of the party either?"

"Nah, you could say I am here thanks to work."

"Ooh. Interesting. What kind of work? Taking polls? Observing the life of the rich?... Assassination?" She said the last one with a very low volume, almost as if she was serious about it. And all I can think is that she is a little too intense.

"N-no!" I answer. "I am babysitting." I answer. She lets go air from her nose, kinda like a chuckle.

"Shouldn't you be looking for the little kids?" She asked.

"Older siblings actually, ones that sometimes behave like kids." I could not help a groan at that moment.

"Eeeew." She said, making a wince. "As in plural? I have one of those and it can be hell on Earth." She said and I can't help but chuckle.

"Don't worry, they aren't as dumb as Storm, they just don't know how to behave like adults." When I finished, I make a quick scan, hoping to find someone. No luck, actually.

"Either way, shouldn't you be looking for them?"

"Nah, I have faith they won't bring down the house." I decide to change the subject at this point. "What kind of job are you doing here?"

"You know me so well, so you probably have a gist of what I am doing. Let's leave it at that." I expected that much. I was thinking to bring another subject when an idea stuck on my head. A good idea, or possibly the worst idea I could have. I blame the fact that I am so bored to such idea and why I look forward to it.

"You know, I could be useful." I like to think I had a bit of mystery on my tone, to make me interesting.

"Useful? Like you getting us caught a minute earlier?" I wince when she mentions it. "Just tell me you want another kiss." Now, my face is red, spreading to areas where the mask doesn't cover. "I don't care how much you want another kiss, you are not getting it." I was looking away when she said that.

Trying to calm myself, I consider what can I say to convince her to let me help. I know I am asking for trouble if I keep this up. On the other hand, the Babylon have their treasures, things they want to preserver, to protect and take care. They have a legacy, one that deserves to be preserved, and maybe, one day share with the world. I am just saying. I get at her side, but we don't look at each other directly. I am constantly looking at her at the sides of my eyes, trying to get a read on her.

"I know a bit about the Babylons." I scan her face as I talk, hoping to make a breakthrough and from the small movement on her eyes, I think I hit the nail. "From ancient materials and powers that mimic the legends of 'the One and thousand nights', to extensive sky cities with power against gravity. I know you people have a heritage and I think that deserves to be protected. Better on their predecessor hands than some rich snob." I finish. Now, she is giving me a careful scan, to what I try to keep a cool face, but I feel my mouth is twitchy, betraying me a bit.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" She stared harder, and I can't help but gulp. Has she figured out my identity?

"As I said: I am a fan. And not like the crazy fans who can't even be bothered to remember a few things about their heroes." I repeat, thinking that it might be enough.

"What the public knows about us are our racing careers and fake rumors we created. I repeat before I loose my patience: Do we know each other?" Uh ho, I wasn't expecting that, and I am sure that my silence is not helping me debunk her.

"...Maybe I am better than you think at researching." I reply, but the stare doesn't harden or soften. "... Maybe in another lifetime." It comes like a sigh, not sure why.

"Just that you know, saying nonsense is not the same than saying deep things." Wave commented, but I can see I got her to calm down. "Come." She took my hand, leading me to the dance floor. I gave a little jump when I realized that you put my hand on her hip, blushing a bit. She would then grab the other hand and spread her arm as far as she could. Before I knew it, we were in vals position.

"Three, two, one." She said, signaling to prepare for the dance. After that, we started the slow dance, with Wave taking the lead. "You must be living the dream, considering that you have never been this closed to a woman." Wave quipped. I turned my head away, trying to hide and get rid of a blush. "That little experience, huh? You must have a sad life." She continued.

"You make it sound like you are constantly going out with guys. Like a... you know." I can't believe I started that. I was able to stop just before I said something offensive, but she probably can put 1 plus 1.

"Like a slut?" Wave suggested.

"L-like a flirterer." I answer quickly, hoping to fix it, even though I don't think it will.

"You are so PC... and an idiot." She replied. I don't reply, knowing that isn't true. I think I have my blush under control and I can finally look directly at her again. Here I notice that she is looking at the floor, continuously.

"Is there a problem?" I asked and she gave a half jump.

"Yes, I am fine!" Wave replied, somewhat angry. "Are you ready to continue eating me with your eyes or what?" OK? Where did that came from? I broke the lock from one of our hands. "Oh, so you are..." I interrupt her, putting my hand under her beak and softly pushed it up. Right now, our eyes meet.

"I am not a vals expert or anything, but I know we are supposed to lock eyes." I couldn't help but sound uncertain, maybe saying it a bit like a question. I am not sure what devil got into me, since it felt so out of character from me. The best I can say is that I want to ease her up. She looks at me and blinks twice, surprised from what I can tell. We literally made one step of the dance before her foot crashed on mine, hard.

I let go a deaf shriek of pain. "Sorry, sorry." Wave said, sounding like she was panicking. However, in her attempts to try to move and not hurt me further, she stepped on my feet three more times. By the fourth time she stomped me, she lets go my hand, looking ashamed. "Sorry." Wave said, apologetic. She walks away a bit. Is she ashamed about what just happened? Either way, I don't let her get to far.

"I can take it." I say, thought my voice betrays the pain. But doesn't turn around. Uh-oh. Did I say something bad? Why am I thinking if I did something bad? Why am I worried about what she thinks? Then, she grabbed my hand.

"Come with me." Wave said dragging me softly. I can only wonder where. Well, I didn't have to for long, as we get close to the restrooms. My body stiffened when I saw this. My mind was going at one miles per second, as well as my heart, trying to figure out what she was up to. "Wait for me outside." I nod silently, waiting for her as she entered the bathroom. I might look calm from the outside, but my mind was anything but that. Mostly because I would probably enjoy Wave taking me in with her. And I didn't like that I liked that this much.

Again, she takes my hand and drags me. I don't voice myself at all. We then enter the bathroom and, in resume, got inside a toilet cabin as fast as we could. And now, we where inside the crammed space. And I can't help but gulp, feeling anxious, worried and a lot of things, more than I can process. "Lift me." She says and I don't respond. I am sure I am completely red right now. She groans, exasperated. "Look, there is a secret passage above this toilet. Lift me."

"...Huh?" I sound disappointed. I sound disappointed that Wave and I aren't making out right now! God, I can't believe it. Thankfully, this did woke me up, so I knelled. Wave then lifted one leg, stepping on my shoulder. She proceeded to stand up on me. She is light. Lighter than I expected, but that isn't the problem right now, as my eyes, which I try to keep focused on nothing, move by themselves and stare at her legs... and going to... other places.

"Ready." She says and I stand up, slowly, making sure she doesn't fall. Without loosing much time, Wave touches the tiles and one comes out easily. She jumps from me, which hurts a bit, but I don't wince. She entered and put the tile back again, looking like she had done nothing. I guess that was it. I think I am not to late to leave this.

Then, the door opens. "OK, get out of here you..." It is the same guard from before. From what I can imagine, he expected to catch me and Wave in action. Well, it seems his hopes were also crushed.

"Do you mind?!" I kinda snap at him, frustrated. And I know that frustration is not because this guy. "Get out of here before your patron finds out you are harassing one of his guests." God, I am at a worse state than I thought. Wave, what are you doing to me and how?

"F-forgive me." He replies, and leaves the room quickly. I sigh and let myself crash on the sit, question what will happen next.

"Someone needs to release some stress." I hear Wave say. "Not with me, though. Get a girlfriend." She then removed the tile again. "So, are you coming?"

Should I? I mean, with all this, it seams more trouble than worth it. On the other hand... Snob party, watching over my friends, general boredom. "Sure." Somebody, please stop me!

To be continued?