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Eren couldn’t believe that he was even considering doing this. The college student sat at his desk in his apartment bedroom, laptop open in front of him and finger hovering over the enter button.


Do you want to finish creating your profile?


The words shined brightly in the dark bedroom lit by nothing but his lavender oak scented candle, glaring at him through the screen as though some invisible source were mocking him. He immediately pictured Jean’s elongated face, which he often equated to a horse, gazing at him with a smirk and knowing eyes.


“When’s the last time you slept with anyone, Yeager?” Jean sneered at him, plopping down across from the brunet at one of the many tables littered with students cramming for whatever their classes had to throw at them at their University’s library. 


Eren rolled his eyes and slammed his book shut knowing that there was no way he would be getting any more work done with Jean here. The horse-face could never shut up once he got going, a trait that was fine when Eren didn’t have five different tests, all worth a third of his grade, coming up next week. He swore his professors had decided to conspire against him by getting together to create their syllabi and make sure everything for each class was due at the same time throughout the semester. 


“What does that have to do with anything, fuckface? I’m going home to study since, unlike you, I actually care about my grades.” 


He stood up and shoved his books into his backpack unceremoniously, swearing quietly when his finger got caught on one of the edges of the papers resulting in a small papercut. It wasn’t unusual for him to be so on edge but lately, his stress had increased tenfold. Although he had received a hefty scholarship from the University, he still owed quite a bit out of pocket and a recent financial crisis on his parents’ part had forced him into working anywhere from 30-35 hours a week on top of a full class load. He was barely subsisting on four hours of sleep a night. 


“You’ve been way too uptight lately, man. Go get yourself laid, it will do you good,” Jean called out to him as Eren trudged away, head tucked down to avoid the eyes of fellow students who had overheard. If it wasn't for the fact that Jean was dating his best friend and flatmate, he'd have beat the shit out the guy a long time ago. How Armin managed to not only tolerate the man's presence but enjoy it as well was a mystery to him.


And thus, hours later, Eren now found himself holed up in his room all by himself as per usual with a cup of iced coffee sweating next to him on his desk and lo-fi music drifting through his speakers. It wasn’t that Eren wasn’t interested in being physical with anyone it’s just that he had… particular …tastes. That is to say, Eren liked men who were older than him. But not by just a few years. It had to be at least seven though, if he were being honest, Eren preferred ten or more.


His preference for older men was a secret that he’d kept to himself since he’d turned eighteen and initially began experimenting freely with his sexuality. Sure, as a teen he’d hooked up with a few classmates and even had a long-term relationship, but it wasn’t until he was older that he began to explore his kinks and deepest desires.


Eren had tried to date men his age and was continuously let down by their immaturity and dependence on those around them. As a college student with hardly any free time he wasn’t looking for a committed relationship, he just wanted someone to have fun with on days where his stress levels skyrocketed.


Still…was this the answer?


I suppose I won’t know unless I try it out .


He pressed down on the key and watched as a new message popped on the screen.


Congratulations! Your profile has been successfully created and you are now free to browse our selection of Daddies!


Shit. He’d actually gone through with it. With eyes glued to the glowing surface, Eren began to scroll through the page as photos of men age twenty-nine and up stared back at him. Some were incredibly attractive but when he clicked on their bios, they didn’t quite fit what he was looking for. Others had everything he wanted but reviews from other sugar babies showed dissatisfaction.


One hour and ten pages later had Eren hovering over one of the most attractive men he’d ever seen. He had a pale complexion, high cheekbones, a chiseled jawline, piercing unnaturally silver eyes, and midnight black hair falling slightly in front of his forehead with a military-style undercut. He stared into the camera and, although it was only a picture, Eren could feel the power emanating from that gaze causing a slight shiver to shoot through his spine.


More information




Name:  Levi Ackerman

Age:  34

Occupation:  CEO of Survey Corps

Favorite color:  Green

Favorite food:  Sushi

Favorite drink:  Earl Grey Tea

Looking for:  A companion to spend time with on weekends.


Reviews : 0


And that was it. No information on what kinks he had, nothing about what he liked to do for fun, and no reviews to tell Eren whether he would be worth it or not. He cupped his chin in his left hand and sighed as he hovered over the back button, preparing for more hours of searching when he should be sleeping or studying instead. However, something held him back.


Did it matter if he had no reviews? It was better than having bad ones. Besides, his picture was the first that stuck out to Eren. The twelve-year age gap would make him the oldest male Eren had ever been with if he was interested in what he saw with Eren’s profile, and that thought alone had him suspending the arrow over words that caused his heart to pound rapidly inside his ribcage.


Send request




Eren slammed his laptop shut as soon as he clicked the button and groaned, leaning his head against the surface of his desk. If Jean ever caught wind of this Eren surely wouldn’t hear the end of it. Hell, if Armin found out about it, he’d be in for a lecture that would put dissatisfied professors to shame.


It was best to keep the information to himself, besides, it was likely that nothing would come from it. He doubted a rich CEO would want anything to do with a poor college student. Levi probably didn’t have any reviews because he was waiting for some rich well-mannered young man from Colombia University to come along, not a foul-mouthed and ill-tempered anthropology student.


He sighed and stretched, glancing at his alarm clock which glowed a horrifying 1:30 am. He had to be up in just four hours to open the coffee shop where he would spend seven hours slaving away before making his way to his only Friday class. It was best for him to go to bed and forget this entire mess ever happened. He’d wake up in the morning and go on about his day as usual before spending the weekend slinging latte’s and crying over textbooks as he had all three years of college so far.


Senior year was going to be hell.




Beep! Beep! Beep!


Eren groaned and rolled over, slamming his hand against the offensive object that had interrupted his deep sleep. Whoever decided that opening a coffee shop at six-thirty in the morning was necessary deserved a thorough beating. A majority of his first customers didn’t even arrive until seven, anyway. Why he had to be there thirty minutes before opening, and an hour before any normal human was even out and about, was beyond him. 


He didn’t have much room to complain though. The pay was decent, and the tips were great, his bright eyes and straight smile helping to bring home a solid thirty to forty bucks a day. Not to mention the part where his managers were willing to work around his class schedule and give him time off when he needed it for exams. And, the best part, free coffee. All in all, it wasn’t a bad gig. If he could just manage to get even an extra hour of sleep, he’d feel so much better.


He remembered the tests he had next week and the three papers due the week after.


Yeah, doubt that’s going to happen anytime soon. 


As quickly, and ungraciously, as he could Eren stumbled his way to the shower allowing for the hot spray of water to help wake him up. He’d most likely have to start switching to showers at night once it began to get cold out, considering he didn’t own a car, but for now he’d enjoy his warm cocoon in the mornings while it lasted.


He’d gotten his mornings down to a science, taking exactly twenty minutes to shower, get dressed, brush his teeth, and run out the door. Today he donned his favorite pair of tight black skinny jeans that showed off his perky ass and a light blue shirt that went well with his skin tone. Armin’s grandfather had recently passed away and Eren wanted to buy his best friend a trip to go to NASA Space Center for his birthday to cheer him up. With college tuition, living expenses, and personal needs he’d need all the tips he could get.


Once he entered the quaint locally-owned coffee shop and got everything set up, some caffeine in his system, and some good tunes playing his day went by quickly. He honestly loved what he did, steaming the milk until it reached the perfect temperature and looked like wet paint. Pouring it over the espresso and creating latte art in the shape of hearts, ferns, tulips, and swans. Handing it over to his regular customers who beamed at him with tired smiles, thankful to be able to bring each person even one moment of happiness in their day.


It was only during his fifteen-minute break that anything eventful happened. Eren slumped in the chair in the backroom, a cup of cold brew in hand and kale salad placed beautifully in front of him, checking his phone and pausing in confusion when he noticed a text from an unknown number.


(6:15):   Eren Yeager, 

               This is Levi Ackerman. I am texting to let you know I have accepted your request. Meet me at Titan’s tonight at 19:00. Dress nice. 


Eren stared at the words for a solid five minutes before they finally sunk in. Should…should he message back? What would he even say? He didn’t think that he’d get a response and now that he had, Eren couldn’t push aside the feeling of anxiety that flowed through him. Titan’s was fancy, fancier than any restaurant he could afford. He didn’t even know if he had anything nice to wear to such a high-class establishment. He’d put in his bio that he worked as a barista and went to Sina University, just who did this guy think Eren was?


Eren tapped his thumbs against the phone screen rapidly, sitting the device down and sighing once he’d hit send. This had all been such a bad idea. Why didn’t he go out to clubs or use the Tinder app like a normal college student?


(11:45):   Mr. Ackerman, thank you for the response but I don’t think I can afford to eat at a place like Titan’s.


Not even a minute had gone by before his phone was vibrating and demanding his attention.


(11:45)   Eren, you found me on Do you honestly think you’ll be having to pay for anything? You’re a college student, you must at least have something nice to wear for presentations. 19:00. Don’t be late.


He could feel his face flush as his eyes scanned over the new message, biting his bottom lip in contemplation as he slid the phone in his pocket and away from view. If he kept it in his hand, he knew he’d most likely lose his nerve and freak out resulting in the cancellation of his first date in months. It was hard to believe Levi wanted anything to do with him, a thought that resonated deep in his mind as he finished up his shift, went to class, and eventually arrived home full of nerves at five in the afternoon.


Eren took a thorough shower, making sure to wash off any lingering smell of coffee and baked goods, before sliding on a pair of boxers and standing in front of his closet with a panicked look on his face. The nicest thing he owned was a pair of black slacks that were going on three years old, a black leather belt, a pair of average black dress shoes, and three different button-up dress shirts. He hastily pulled his pants on before laying out each shirt and staring daggers into the clothing as if it had somehow offended him.


He didn’t own an iron; therefore, each shirt was a tad wrinkled thus leaving him with a slight feeling of distaste in his mouth. He was going to dinner with the CEO of a company and the thought of looking sloppy in any way had his ears turning red with embarrassment. It couldn’t be helped, though. Eren never expected to get a reply, let alone to be asked out on a date. He’d thought these sort of daddy scenarios typically resulted in sex and nothing else, he hadn’t been prepared for this in the slightest.


Sighing in defeat, Eren decided on a forest green long-sleeved shirt. He buttoned it up, rolled the sleeves to his elbows, and did his best to smooth out the wrinkles. After deeming his outfit to be decent, he made his way to the bathroom where he pulled his shoulder-length hair back into his signature man-bun and brushed his teeth, hoping to get rid of any lingering coffee breath. He wasn’t sure how this date would go but he doubted someone would want to kiss him if his mouth smelled and tasted like he used espresso flavored mouth wash.


He glanced at the clock once he finished getting ready and nearly panicked. He had less than an hour until he had to be there and although Titan’s was only a twenty-minute ride away, seeing as how it was New York City and he had to rely on public transportation he needed to add, at least, another twenty minutes onto that.


He peaked out of his door, ensuring that Armin was nowhere in sight, before rushing through the flat and outside with a “be back later Armin! Stepping out for dinner!”


The rest was a blur. Running to the metro and barely managing to catch it on time, being crammed next to hundreds of other grumpy city dwellers, getting off at the wrong location and not realizing it until 10 minutes later resulting in having to run once more, and hoping that his pits weren’t stained with sweat. By the time Eren arrived at Titan’s, it was one minute until seven and he couldn’t help but slouch against the wall outside for a moment to catch his breath and gather himself.


He was about to meet Levi Ackerman in person. Something that could either go well and result in endless nights of, hopefully, pleasure. Or…something that could go wrong and leave Eren embarrassed for weeks to come. He hoped it was the former because he didn’t know if his mind could handle the stress of a failed date on top of everything else.


Well, here goes nothing. 


Eren opened the door and the first thing he was hit with was the sound of a piano being played to his right, the melody beautiful and flowing through the restaurant to create a relaxed atmosphere. The lights were dim, lighting the room enough so that everyone could see but not creating that headache-inducing luminescence that was often found in fast food joints.


The tables were round, covered in silky cream-colored tablecloths and fussed about by waiters and waitresses dressed in the finest suits New York had to offer. Eren swallowed, feeling completely out of place, especially when a tall and broad blond-haired man with a thin goatee approached him donning a wide smile full of pearly straight white teeth.


“Good evening, sir. Do you have a reservation with us tonight?”


Eren’s palms felt sweaty as he answered nervously, “I…uh. Yes? I’m here with Mr. Ackerman.”


The man’s eyes widened, and he immediately replied with a “right this way, sir” as he led Eren through the throngs of tables and employees until they reached a secluded corner in the back where Levi was already sitting with a glass of red wine in one hand and the menu in the other.


The waiter pulled the chair out for Eren, who thought it was a bit too extra, but obliged by sitting down and giving a soft “thank you”. He then placed a menu in front of the college student while asking what he’d like to drink.


“I would just like water with lemon, please.”


“Bring him a glass of what I’m having as well, Mike. I’d appreciate it,” Levi cut in right as the man was turning away, voice deep and smooth sending a flutter through Eren’s stomach.


“Of course, Mr. Ackerman. I’ll be right back.”


Eren laced his fingers together in his lap and looked up at Levi through his lashes nervously. The man was even more gorgeous in person, hair appearing soft and smooth in the dim lighting and eyes gleaming as he gazed at Eren from across the table. He was wearing a suit that looked as though it cost a month of Eren’s rent, jet black and tailored to fit his body perfectly with a wrinkle-free white undershirt.


To say that he was the most attractive person Eren had ever been on a date with would be an understatement. His mouth felt dry underneath that gaze, and his brain fumbled for a way to start a conversation with the man.


“I told you seven, Eren-” Levi paused, tapping his index finger against the wine glass in front of him- “You didn’t sit down until five minutes past seven. We’re going to have to work on your punctuality.”


Eren took a swig of his water, swallowing loudly as a bright blush spread across his cheeks. Something about the way Levi carried himself and spoke demanded the utmost respect and imagining him using that tone of voice in bed was doing things to Eren’s body that shouldn’t be happening while in a restaurant.

“I’m sorry, sir. I got off at the wrong stop and had to turn around. I don’t often come to this part of the city,” Eren replied meekly, giving Levi his best set of puppy dog eyes.

Levi tilted his head to the side and Eren could have sworn he saw the slightest twitch of his lips, an indication that the man was about to smile before his expression went back to being passive like it had when Eren first arrived at the table.

“You don’t have to call me sir or Mr. Ackerman. It’s just Levi.”

“Ah-okay. Levi, then.”

Eren turned his eyes to the menu when Levi’s gaze on him became too much, his stomach fluttering with millions of butterflies and his leg shaking under the table nervously. He couldn’t pronounce even half of the names that he saw before him but by the description, he could figure out what he wanted easily enough. When his eyes had first glanced at the prices of just the appetizers, he’d nearly had a heart attack making him decide that he would avoid looking in that direction from now on.

“And, Eren?”

Eren glanced up, Levi’s voice dragging him away from the menu and an eyebrow quirked to indicate he was listening.

“You look good.”

The college student’s ears immediately began to feel hot and he sputtered out a nearly unintelligible “thank you” before hiding behind his menu. He knew he was acting childish but something about the way Levi’s voice had dipped even lower on the word good had him feeling way too hot for comfort. He could have sworn he heard Levi chuckling from across the table, but he couldn’t be sure since he stayed hidden behind his velvet shield.

The rest of the dinner went by as well as he could have hoped for, and by that, it went horribly. Eren had initially tried pointing out the food item he wanted but was thwarted by Levi who insisted he ask for it out loud which resulted in Eren butchering the names of every dish he ordered. They exchanged some information back and forth throughout the meal, Eren often talking way more than Levi which left him full of anxiety that he was driving the older man insane. Levi even admitted that his being on the website wasn't something he ever wanted, rather, his coworker and friend had set an account up for him insisting that he needed more excitement in his life. The information left Eren feeling slightly insecure, wondering if Levi was genuinely interested or just trying to get his friend off his back.

To make matters worse, at one point during a rather intense story on Eren’s part, he’d been doing that thing where he excitedly talked with his hands resulting in water spilling down the front of his shirt. By the end of the meal he was so red he probably looked like an unattractive tomato and he knew he failed miserably at securing himself a potentially good relationship with the first person he’d been honestly excited about in months.

Levi thanked him for coming, paid for the meal, walked him out the door, and then they went their separate ways. He’d said nothing about whether he enjoyed their time together or if he'd be texting Eren again which left the college student scurrying home as fast as he could before flopping onto his bed with a loud groan.

He should have never gone on that damn fucking website.