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Jeongguk was a virgin.

Well, mostly.

He had spent the second half of his high school career trying to get to at least third base with a select few members of the girl's tennis team. His success rate varied from a few make out sessions, to one very rushed hand job in the back seat of his car; her grip to tight to get the job done. He ended up dropping her off at her home, after a very long and silent drive, before heading home himself. Jeongguk then spent the rest of the evening playing a game on his phone, ignoring his half hard dick.

Frustrating didn't even begin to cover it.

Shortly after the hand job incident, while cleaning out a neighbor’s garage, he found a heavy box that had the word adult written across the top. Curiosity got the better of him and Jeongguk got down on his knees to dig through the box. He dove in, ignoring the faint mildew smell so he could pick out the issues with the hottest women on the cover. Jeongguk was a man on a mission, he had hit the jackpot. Only he hadn’t. The first magazine he picked up was titled Men and had a shirtless man with too many muscles on the cover. Without thinking he picked it up and flipped to a random page.

Gay stuff was funny, right? At least he could get a laugh out of the situation even if he lost out on a summer’s worth of masturbation material.

It wasn’t funny.

Jeongguk’s eyes focused on the picture. There were two men, one was standing with his hand holding his cock to press it up against the mouth of the second man who was kneeling. The kneeling man had his hands behind his back and his erection was hard against his stomach. It looked neglected. Jeongguk licked his lips and felt his own body reacting. He could feel the heat in his cheeks as he rushed to push that magazine and three others into his backpack before he slid the box back into the far corner of the garage.

Later, Jeongguk flipped back to the same page in the magazine that his body had reacted to earlier. His hand gripped his cock with just the right amount of pressure and soon his slow pace turned frantic. He came on his sheets and realized as he pressed them into the washer that he should start thinking about guys more than girls.

Beyond getting rid of his title of mostly virgin Jeongguk wanted to shed the lonely feeling that crept over him most nights. He had never felt what it was like to have someone to text throughout the day, to make him smile about nothing, or to just be there for him. Jeongguk guessed the girls in school had tried, but then again, he didn't really want to make cute inside jokes with someone who thought squeezing his cock as hard as possible was a good hand job technique.

That lonely feeling had become more and more glaring as Jeongguk watched his two best friends fall in love over the past year. It was slow then sudden; he'd see them post about going to movies or trying new restaurants without him. Then they started sharing jokes and looks that he could never hope to understand. Soon after that they took him out to dinner to break the news that they were officially dating. Jeongguk couldn't help the jealousy that bubbled up in his chest when they interacted. That kind of intimacy just seemed so out of reach.

“Earth to Jeongguk!” Jimin yelled and snapped his fingers before pointing out the window, “look.”

Jeongguk's eyes obediently looked over. He watched as a brunette man put down a box in his next-door neighbor's yard. The house had been empty for nearly a year and now it looked like someone was finally moving in.

“New neighbors!” Taehyung sat up from where his head was laid across Jimin's lap.

“The moving guys are hot.” Jimin added and looked at Taehyung with a little smile.

That was it, that's what he was missing. He had no idea what words were behind that small smile. “I don't think those are the movers.” Jeongguk squinted.

“You should go introduce yourself and offer to help.” Taehyung punctuated the statement with a large fake yawn.

“Do you guys want to leave?”

“I have a late shift at work tonight.” Jimin shrugged.

“Plus, it’s nice to offer help.” Taehyung added with a smile.

“Yeah. I can introduce myself.” Jeongguk hated the idea. It wasn't that he didn't like strangers, it was the thinly veiled excuse to leave that got under his skin. All they had to do was say they wanted time alone. He could take it even if it did make his heart ache. It wasn’t like they knew how lonely he was anyway.

They all hugged goodbye at the door, and Jeongguk looked over at the blue house next to his. Brown boxes were dotted all over the yard with bigger pieces of furniture mixed in. He nodded to himself and started to walk across his lawn, it wasn’t like he had anything else to do.

“Hello.” Jeongguk waved his arm as he maneuvered around a few larger boxes.

The darker haired man he had seen before looked over at him, “come to offer help neighbor boy?”

“What?” He blinked and looked the man over. He was classically handsome, and if Jeongguk had seen him anywhere in the city he would have guessed that he was a model. “I um... I.”

“Jin don't intimidate the neighbor kid.”

Jeongguk wanted to argue that fact. He wasn't a kid he had been taking care of himself for the last two years and was going to university once the summer was over. “I'm not.” His face scrunched up, the second man was just as attractive as the first, and his newly found gay feelings were making his brain short circuit a little.

“Right.” The blonde smiled brightly, and his dimples were not missed. “I'm Kim Namjoon, that's Kim Seokjin. We're your new neighbors.”

They had to be cousins.

“Nice to meet you. I'm Jeon Jeongguk.” He bowed a little, suddenly embarrassed for no reason. He felt ridiculous.

“Did you come over here to help?” The one he now knew as Seokjin asked with a serious face.

“Yeah I guess I can help.” Jeongguk shrugged.

Taehyung would be so proud of him.

“Don't mind Jin, he's a bit of a bitch right now from the move.” Namjoon whispered with a devilish look that made Jeongguk smile.

“I can hear you Namjoon.” Seokjin pointed at him then huffed as he picked up a box that had books written across it.

“Oh,” Jeongguk took the few steps to meet him, and grabbed the bottom of the box. “You should have split up all your heavy stuff.”

“My hero.” Seokjin deadpanned and looked back to frown at Namjoon. Even though he was obviously angry it was an endearing gesture, and Jeongguk couldn't help but find it cute.

Soon Jeongguk found himself and Namjoon doing the bulk of the lifting. Seokjin had quickly given up but kept himself busy unpacking random boxes in the kitchen. It was only when they were lugging the mattress up the stairs that Jeongguk realized that they were only bringing items to one bedroom. He was starting to suspect that his first assumption of them being related wasn't right.

“It's done.” Namjoon said as he dropped a box in the living room.

Seokjin nodded from the kitchen, “dinner?”

Namjoon looked over at Jeongguk. “Are you hungry?”

“Yeah.” Jeongguk nodded, “if you don't mind.”

“Here.” Seokjin handed a bottle of beer to Namjoon and then looked at Jeongguk closely. “Are you old enough to drink?”

“Not legally.” He flushed. It was embarrassing. They were clearly older, and out in the world doing things like buying houses, and here he was just some kid.

“Good enough for me.” Seokjin flashed him a smile and held out the bottle.

Shocked settled in him, but he was happy to grab the beer. “Thanks.”

“Should we get to know each other?” Namjoon suggested looking back. “Have you ever been in the house before Jeongguk?”

“No,” he shook his head and took a sip. “The lady that lived here used to make me cry when my parents tried to have me visit. Her face was scary. I never made it through the door.”

He was surprised by the tight staccato laugh from Seokjin, “scary?”

“She looked like she was melting. Her face was all bones and skin.” He offered with a nonchalant movement of his hand.

“That seems kind of rude.” Namjoon said but his lips turned up into a slight dimpled smile while Seokjin continued to laugh.

Jeongguk shrugged, “I couldn't help it.” He looked at Seokjin carefully.

“So, Jeon Jeongguk. What do you do?” Seokjin’s smile dropped a little bit.

“What?” Jeongguk frowned.

“Other than cry at old ladies, or have you outgrown that?” Seokjin asked his smile getting larger again.

“Mostly.” Jeongguk smiled back at him, “I’m a student. I start university in the city soon. Right now I work at a gym.”

“Of course, you do.” Seokjin cracked a smile. “What are you going to study? Namjoon is going to start his graduate program.”

“I'm not sure yet.” Jeongguk sighed deeply. His heart tugged him towards the arts, but he wasn’t sure there was a career there. “I think I'll decide once I start going to classes.”

Namjoon moved to stand closer to him. “It's a big choice. What do your parents want you to do?”

“Make ridiculous amounts of money.” He laughed slightly and got a grin from both of the other men. “What do you do hyung?” Jeongguk asked Seokjin.

“I own the Knit Wit boutique in the city. It's clothing.”

Jeongguk’s face lit up, “I know that store! My two best friends drag me in there all the time.” He laughed lightly. “They live like three blocks away.” He took a sip of his drink to stop himself from saying anything else.

“Ask for me next time. I'll give them a discount. I'm always there.”

“I will.” Jeongguk nodded even though he knew he never saw Seokjin before even though he had been dragged into the store dozens of times.

It stayed casual after that. Namjoon served them drinks while they stood and ate delivery pizza as Jeongguk talked about the neighborhood. It was easy in a way he didn't know meeting new people could be.

That night it didn’t surprise him when his thoughts drifted to Namjoon's tan skin, and thick thighs. It shocked him even less when Seokjin came into the fantasy. In his mind Seokjin kissed down his body before he wrapped his plush lips around Jeongguk’s cock while Namjoon watched with lust filled eyes. Jeongguk came hard and stumbled into the shower to clean up.

His new neighbors were going to be a problem.


“Your neighbor is not the owner.” Jimin was all confidence as they walked down the street.

“He is! You'll see.” Jeongguk whined back at him.

Naturally, Jimin had immediately demanded a visit to Knit Wits when he found out about the discount. Jeongguk hadn’t seen much of his neighbors since their moving day and hoped the eldest would keep his word. He really didn’t want to listen to Jimin whine about it for the rest of his life if it didn’t happen.

“You said he lives with that other guy, right?” Taehyung's question was quiet.

“Yeah. I think they're related or roommates, they might be together. I didn't ask.”

Jimin laughed a little, “he works in fashion of course they're together.”

“That's a terrible stereotype, and he owns a business he’s not just in fashion.” Jeongguk frowned deeply. He hated when people were put into boxes. He would have easily been placed into the typical dumb jock box if it wasn't for his love of art, and even then, people still tried.

“Oh, you know what he meant. They bought a house together. Established couples buy houses together. It's a thing.” Taehyung saved Jimin.

They did that now; one was always there to cover for the other.

“Right.” Jeongguk mumbled as they walked up to the store. A large purple and white sign proudly displayed the name.

Jimin wasted no time pulling the door open. A little bell rung, and a very bored looking girl smiled from behind the register. His heart sped up. What was he doing? They had been here so many times and never seen Seokjin before. He would remember seeing someone that looked that good. All they had ever seen was a series of bored college aged girls who were clearly unhappy that this was the job they were stuck with. There was no reason to think he'd see his neighbor, and he was starting to feel like he didn't have the nerve to ask for him either.


“Seokjin.” He said it so weakly that he wasn't sure if anyone would actually hear it.

“Hi!” A solid hand came down on his shoulder, and he was greeted with a large smile when he finally made eye contact. “Long time no see.”

“How’s?” He stopped and breathed, “how's unpacking?”

“Joon's got it all done already. He's messy, but weirdly efficient.” Seokjin kept smiling at him, “so these are the friends?”

“Yeah.” He looked down and then over to them, “Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung. They love your store.”

“I got my belt here.” Jimin announced proudly, thrusting his hips out a little.

Jeongguk rolled his eyes while Seokjin spoke, “if you want anything, I'll give you half off. Full retail only not the sale stuff. I still have to make money.”

Jimin was gone the second the older man was done talking, but Taehyung hung back long enough to give a quick thank you.

“You didn't have to actually give them a discount.” Jeongguk commented out of politeness.

“I said I would.”

“You did.” Jeongguk didn't move away from Seokjin, and they silently watched the other two as they loudly went across the store picking up various items to show to each other.

“You're pretty quiet Jeongguk.”

“They're just really loud.” He countered with a small smile. “I don't mind just observing.”

“You like to watch.” Seokjin's eyebrows went up comically.

“Yes, that's exactly it.” He made a face as the older man laughed.

“Are your friends a couple?”

“A couple of idiots.” He countered as a reflex.

Obviously they were a couple. People who weren't romantically involved wouldn't be huddled up trying to figure out a fair way split custody of a shirt.

“Quiet but funny.”

“What?” He looked over and blushed slightly. Seokjin was standing close and smelled like something sweet that he couldn't name.

“You're funny in a quiet way. Namjoon is funny in a louder, trips over his own feet kind of a way.”

Jeongguk opened and closed his mouth a few times, “I don't think I can be compared to him.”

“You both have great thighs.” Seokjin offered with a straight face while Jeongguk's mouth dropped a little.

Was he being flirted with?

“Gukkie come look at this!”

“Gukkie?” He could tell Seokjin was holding back a laugh.

“Don't start.” Jeongguk pointed at him before walking off to where his friends were now fighting over a pair of shoes.

It took a while, but Seokjin finally disappeared back into his office, and Jimin grabbed onto Jeongguk's arm, “he's so hot.”

“He's hot?” It was bad acting, and he knew it.

“Is the other one that hot?”

Jeongguk thought of Namjoon's long legs, “I don't know. Guys are, I don't even know.” He hadn't been completely honest with them about his sexuality. It was still new, and he was trying to understand it. The last thing he needed was Jimin deciding to throw a party to celebrate him liking dicks.

“Seokjin should be modeling these cloths not selling them.” Jimin beamed, “you have two hot gay men living next door, and you didn't text me all the details after you helped them unpack?”

Taehyung frowned at Jimin and slapped at his arm.

“I don't know what they are. They never even stood next to each other. It's none of my business.” He did know, only one bed came off of the truck.

“I'm getting these.” Taehyung announced as he held up a jacked and collared shirt. It was an obvious attempt to change the topic.

“So, I can get this!” Jimin held up the shirt they had been fighting over previously, “you can still borrow it Tae.”

There was a soft look between them, and Jeongguk idly wondered what he was missing out on. Not just their obvious affection for each other but having someone to look at that way. He had never had someone to share little looks with. He was starting to realize that his two-year long quest to get his dick touched wasn't the right course of action. It had proven to be less than successful, and he didn't have any connections to show for it.

He shook his head a little and sighed.

“Nothing for you?” Seokjin was there again out of nowhere, smiling.

“Not in the budget.” Jeongguk shrugged the gym didn't really give him much disposable income.

“Here.” Seokjin pushed a bag at him. “It's for pain and suffering while helping us unpack.”

“No, hyung. I don't need, it's okay. You fed me.” He refused to take the bag and crossed his arms.

“Oh, come on. It's payment. You're lucky you didn't break anything, Namjoon is a hurricane. I was going to bring it over to you anyway and introduce myself to your parents.”

“Good luck with that.” Taehyung laughed, “they live across the country. We had the best parties the last two years.” He high fived Jimin then turned back around to pay for his cloths.

“We won't have anymore, I'm not loud. Plus, they have their own apartment for parties now.” Jeongguk panicked and grabbed the bag from Seokjin.

“Oh. That's a unique situation.” Seokjin's face softened.


The last thing he needed was one half of his new masturbation inspiration feeling bad for him, “my dad got a new job, they didn't want me to switch schools, so I have the house.” He hoped it sounded mature, he hoped he sounded dashingly independent, he hoped none of his insecurities leaked through. His parents had left him alone the first chance they got. It wasn't like he missed the silent dinners, but it was nice when he could still pretend that they all cared about each other.

“Gukkie we're going to miss the movie.” Jimin shifted from foot to foot as he pointed at his watch.

“Enjoy.” Seokjin waved them off. “Next time you pay full price!”

That night Jeongguk sat at his kitchen table looking at the bag. He hadn't opened it despite the constant pestering from his friends. They wanted to see what Seokjin had picked out for him, and he wanted to lock it away in a closet. It felt big, and that made him feel unbelievably silly. He wasn't used to gifts. It was simple, Seokjin owned a clothing store it made sense that the payment for helping would be something from that store. People loved it when neighborhood kids helped them with their projects. That's what he was, just some kid.

Jeongguk jumped when the doorbell rang.


“Jin sent me to invite you for dinner.”

The frown was instant. This was what he was worried about, pity. “That's okay I have some chicken here that I can cook. Tell him I said thank you though.”

“There's already cooked chicken over there.” He nodded to his house. “You can make yours tomorrow. Jin is an amazing cook.” Namjoon reached out and tugged on his sleeve a little.

It was so earnest that he instantly wanted to give in. He couldn't, it defeated the strong independent, I touch myself while thinking about you sucking my dick vibe he was trying to give off. “Maybe another time?”

“Listen. One time I skipped meeting him for lunch so I could study. He came to my apartment and literally dragged me out. He's crazy, and I'm sure he's not above doing that to you.” Namjoon flashed him the biggest smile.

There was no way that Seokjin didn't tell him that he had been living alone, but he appreciated that it wasn't being mentioned, “fine.”

“Is that the jacket?” Namjoon stepped into his house. “I helped pick it out. Try it on for me?” He picked up the bag, and the handle immediately broke dumping a leather jacking out onto the floor. “Ugh...”

“It's okay.” Jeongguk picked up the gift and hid his face. It was obviously too much, this was why he wanted to lock the bag away forever. “Here.” He slipped it on and held his arms out.

“It doesn't go with the sweatpants, but it looks good.”

Jeongguk shrugged the jacket off and could have sworn that Namjoon gave him a once over when he thought he wasn't looking.

“Come on.” Namjoon tugged at his arm again, and they left through his still open front door.

Moments after entering their house Jeongguk became painfully aware that his maybe they're not gay together theory was completely full of shit. Their house was decorated warmly, and pictures dotted most of the free surfaces, some were of family but there was a staggering amount of the two of them in increasingly intimate poses.

“That's when we went to Mexico!” Namjoon pointed to the picture he was looking at. “It was so cool We were drunk for most of it, but we hiked in the jungle a few times it was really pretty. There were these tiny little tree frogs that were so cute.” He popped a piece of carrot in his mouth and Jeongguk suppressed his urge to run as Namjoon started crunching in his ear.

It wasn't the noise; he was just too close.

“This one is my favorite.” Namjoon leaned over to grab a picture causing his chest to press against Jeongguk's back. “We were camping.”

“There is no way the two of you went camping.” He replied out of reflex and was instantly embarrassed for himself.

“We did!” Namjoon pointed enthusiastically. “See there's the tent behind us.”

“Joonie likes nature.” Seokjin offered as an explanation from the kitchen.

“I know you're cooking me dinner, and got me a cool jacket, but there is no way you slept on the ground.” Jeongguk finished with a tight laugh.

“There was some bargaining.” Seokjin's eyes lit up, and he exchanged a look with Namjoon who just smiled before stealing another carrot.

That was the kind of intimacy Jeongguk saw between Jimin and Taehyung, he didn't understand it. “It smells so good hyung when will it be done?”

“Now.” Seokjin said with a smile as he took a dish out of the oven.

“You really didn't need to feed me.” He said it but didn't mean it as they sat down. Whatever was in that dish smelled amazing.

“Do you cook for yourself?” Seokjin asked while serving them.

“Yeah, but it's a pain in the ass.” Jeongguk shrugged. “I should cook more.”

“Jin likes to cook.” Namjoon offered. “I'm sure he wouldn't mind cooking for you sometimes. I can't cook anything.”

“He tried to strain pasta with his fingers once. Just put them into boiling water like it wasn't going to hurt. So smart, but so dumb.” Jeongguk watched as Seokjin touched Namjoon's cheek with the back of his hand, and a fond smile on his face.

“Just because there's a compliment doesn't mean it's not also an insult.” Namjoon smiled back at Seokjin.

A dull ache settled in the top of Jeongguk’s chest at the base of his throat. Obviously, it was just heartburn from the spices in the food.