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First and Lasting Impressions

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“I know you’re mad, but just stay calm, buddy!” Red Riot patted Katsuki’s head with a firm hand. The chipper man reached behind him and tightened the leather straps hooked to the sides of the solid, metal muzzle covering his mouth. A few strands of his hair caught in the buckle and Katsuki snarled as they pulled too tight, threatening to rip off his head. Red Riot ruffled Katsuki’s hair with both hands with a burst of laughter. “So scary! I promise that if you get out of these, you can do whatever you want to me.”

Katsuki lurched forward against the restraints, shoving the chair forward an inch. The chains bolted to the floor and the heavy metal cuffs around his arms rattled beneath the screech of metal.

“I thought you’d like to hear that.” Red Riot tapped back a few steps and put his hands on his hips. He grinned bright through the spiked, metal jaws of the mask he wore. “But until then, I get you all to myself!”

The other man watched Katsuki with a too-bright, sunshine grin, proud of his handy work in restraining the captive Pro Hero. He’d made sure Katsuki had been awake when he’d applied the restraints, making good use of the numbing agent that kept Katsuki from struggling. Red Riot had chattered the entire time as he moved Katsuki around like a child’s doll.

He prattled on and on about his admiration for Katsuki’s “manliness” between self pats on the back for finally getting some one-on-one time with him.

Katsuki fought him more and more as the feeling returned to his limbs and his ears bled through the constant talking, but the cuffs had gone on first and Red Riot was stronger than he looked.

He jerked again in the chair to test the strength of the chains while Red Riot busied himself admiring his handiwork with sparkling red eyes. The chains hooked to the back of the chair grew taught and it leaned forward without tipping over. Katsuki strained his arms and body to bend the wood as far as it could go. There had to be a breaking point. Something had to give.

He should wait until Red Riot left him alone to break free, but why waste time?

“Look at all that fight left in you! You are so manly,” Red Riot said, repeating his favorite phrase. He rubbed under his nose and kept smiling. “I love it.”

The chair proved sturdy enough and Katsuki stopped moving, breathing heavy into the metal around his mouth as the chair leaned forward on the front two legs. If the chains snapped, Katsuki would tumble forward face first into the ground, but he didn’t feel like leaning back.

Hanging freely strained his muscles; the burn kept him focused.

“Tired? I’m not surprised since you’ve had such a long day,” Red Riot said. He put his foot on the chair seat between Katsuki’s legs and pushed. The chair thumped back into an upright position, jostling Katsuki’s head. Red Riot wrapped his arms around Katsuki’s shoulder in a loose hug before squeezing tight enough to dig the spikes from his costume into Katsuki’s skin. He sat sideways on Katsuki’s lap, still holding on tight. The rough fabric that covered his arms brushed against his skin and drew a shiver out of Katsuki. Red Riot patted his back. “You should get some rest. We have all the time in the world to—”

“Riot,” Dabi called from the top of the stairs. The burnt man slouched against the doorway leading to the basement suite. “Stop playing with your treat and get your ass up here. Boss has work for you.”

“I’ll be up in a minute!” Red Riot shouted back, leaning away from Bakugou so Dabi could see him around a support beam. “I still have to tuck Ground Zero in for the night!”

“Stop being so happy,” Dabi said. The deadpanned expression never changed and the man turned around. “Use that energy to get back to work.”

“You’ve got it!” Red Riot yelled as the other man’s back disappeared into the main floor of the hideout. Katsuki grunted as Red Riot hopped out of his lap. He brushed himself off and shot Katsuki a pitiful look. “I was hoping we’d have more time to play, but I guess it can wait until tomorrow.”

He grabbed the chair by the sides, his thumbs fitting under Katsuki’s thighs, and shoved the entire chair back to where it had been when he first put Katsuki in it. Red Riot knelt and crossed his arms over Katsuki’s lap. He put his head in his arms and looked up with that same stupid smile he never dropped.

“I’ll be back soon, okay?” Red Riot said. His smile turned warm as he tilted his head to the side and licked his teeth. A flicker of lust interrupted the joy in his eyes. Katsuki leaned further back into the chair. Red Riot didn’t notice, or at least, he didn’t comment on it. “I’ve killed a lot of people and waited a long time for this, so don’t you worry: You’re going to have all my attention soon enough.”

Katsuki breathed harder through the mask and he pulled his head away from searching fingers when Red Riot moved to touch his cheek.

The Villain stopped before his fingers made contact and pulled his hand back. He gripped it into a fist and sighed.

“We are going to have so much fun later,” Kirishima said, more to himself than Katsuki. The sober tone in his voice chilled Katsuki more than the metal holding him down. Red Riot backed off, stretching his arms high over his head as he turned around. The tail of the half-skirt tied around his waist fluttered as he jogged across the basement room. “Get some sleep, Katsuki! You’ll need the energy later!”

Red Riot ran up the stairs, two steps at a time, and slammed the door shut at the top.

Katsuki sat in the dark.

He had to get out.

Eijirou washed the blood off his hands in the janitor’s sink in the corner of Shigaraki’s latest hideout. He whistled as he worked and ducked his head under the stream of water to get the dirt and filth out of his hair as well.

The Nomu were too messy for his taste, but Eijirou wouldn’t argue results.

But it wouldn’t do to be covered in filth when he saw his favorite Hero.

Once he was clean, he straightened out his costume and checked the mask in the mirror he’d tacked up in the cleaning closet. Eijirou picked up his things and texted Shigaraki to let the man know that he’d be out for the rest of the evening.

Eijirou crossed the main floor of the building and opened the door to the basement stairs. He locked the door behind him as he tapped down the wooden steps. They creaked under each heavy footfall, alerting Katsuki to his presence.

“Oh, that looks like it hurt,” Eijirou said after flicking on the hanging light in the center of the room. His poor Hero had shattered the wooden chair and found himself on the floor, half tangled in his restraints. The shards of the chair had ripped his costume and a small cut had scabbed over across his leg where he’d cut himself on a sharp piece. Eijirou knelt near him and picked up one of the chair legs. “I should have gotten you a metal chair.”

The Hero grunted through the muzzle, his eyes still burning in anger.

The bags under his eyes gave away the Hero’s exhaustion, though, and Eijirou poked at the dark skin on the top of his cheek. “Let’s get you off the floor, shall we?”

Eijirou picked the Hero up by the back of his costume, using the large metal piece to hold him up. Eijirou shook him to knock off the loose pieces of wood and the Hero took a swing at him.

Activating his Quirk, he blocked the hit with a chuckle as it smashed into his hardened skin.

“I wonder what it would take to actually knock the fight out of you,” Eijirou pondered out loud. He set the Hero on his feet and looked around the room for something else to sit him on. The chains had enough slack for him to stand up, but not enough to move him. Another punch hit the side of his face; he didn’t feel it. Eijirou looked at the fold up cot he had stashed in the corner and figured that was good enough. “I was going to save this for when we got to know each other better, but you seem to be in a hurry so I guess I can move up the schedule for you!”

Eijirou left his prize and crossed the basement, leaving the man alone on his feet. Katsuki growled through the muzzle and tugged at the chains latched to the floor now that the had full movement. The veins in his arms rose as he pulled and dug his arms into the floor, but the bolt holding them to the ground was too strong.

“This will only take a moment.” Eijirou grabbed the cot and dragged it back over, making sure to keep the bed between him and Katsuki, before he kicked it open. The plain, thin mattress wasn’t comfortable, but it was better than a broken chair. “There we go!”

Katsuki kicked it into Eijirou’s knees.

It bounced off Eijirou’s Quirk, doing little damage.

His favorite Hero was manly, but not too bright—Eijirou admired his spirit all the same.

“Take a seat, Katsuki,” Eijirou said. He reached across and grabbed Bakugou by the upper arm, yanking back to drag the man onto the bed. “Let’s get to know each other.”

The cot bounced as Red Riot hopped onto it. He helped himself to a seat across Katsuki’s lap and pinned him down by the shoulders.

The man kept his Quirk active and the sharp lines of his jagged skin cut into Katsuki’s shoulders, leaving bleeding scratches behind with every touch and grip of his sharp fingers. Katsuki winced behind his muzzle and kept his breath steady.

“Oops,” Red Riot said. He dropped his Quirk and dug his thumb along the bleeding line. He lifted it to his mouth and sucked off the smudge of red. “Forgot my Quirk was active for a second. I guess you wouldn’t have a problem like that, huh? It’s hard to miss yours: Boom!”

The Villain threw his arms out to mimic an explosion, pushing himself back to sit more comfortably on Katsuki’s belly.

“But it’s not your Quirk that got my attention,” Red Riot said. His thighs were too hot straddling Katsuki’s waist. He felt every spot that they touched and sucked in a breath through the metal over his mouth. Red Riot’s hands pressed into Katsuki’s black tank top as he leaned forward. Red Riot whispered, his voice full of awe and admiration. “Did you know that you’re the first person who thought my Quirk was impressive?”

Katsuki narrowed his eyes and squirmed as the man’s face split into a wider grin, showing off his sharp teeth.

“I mean, you weren’t a Hero at the time, but it still counts,” Red Riot said. “Do you remember? It was when the League attacked U.A. in the training grounds. I said something cheesy like ‘I will not be moved’ and I saw your eyes light up! Your mouth twisted in a grin and before I knew it I had all your attention.”

He did remember.

Out of all the extras who’d attacked that day, aside from the leaders, Red Riot had been the only one worth focusing on.

“I hadn’t even gotten my look down yet,” Red Riot said, motioning at his costume and up at this spiked, red hair. “A plain little thing like me with dull black hair and matching plain clothes and you fought with everything you had to take me down.”

It was the first time Katsuki had met someone who could stand up to one of his explosions.

Red Riot had been the only threat out of the group—of course Katsuki had taken him down first.

He made an effort to go after Red Riot whenever he hit the field in battle. Year after year taught him that letting Red Riot loose on the others would be a disaster. The man had more stamina than he let on.

Katsuki had to take him down first and fast if he wanted any fight leftover for the other Villains.

“You’re one of the few Heroes I’ve never minded losing too,” Red Riot admitted. He rubbed his hand in a circle on Katsuki’s chest and hummed. “Is it any surprise we got to here?”

Katsuki could only grunt in reply, the muzzle binding his mouth shut.

Red Riot trailed his hands up until he leaned on his elbows, both hands on either side of Katsuki’s cheeks. He ran his thumbs along the straps of the muzzle and arranged his fingers so he could find the skin between the gaps of leather and metal.

“I wouldn’t be the man I am today if you hadn’t been there,” Red Riot said. He touched their foreheads together and exhaled, his breath sneaking past the muzzle. Red Riot kissed the metal frame. “You’re going to let me thank you, aren’t you?”

Katsuki shook his head and tried to scoot away but the other man was too heavy. He kept Katsuki pinned in place.

“So that’s a no,” Red Riot said. He patted Katsuki’s cheek and laughed. Red Riot dropped on his side, laying side by side with Katsuki on the cot. “I sort of figured.”

The man didn’t touch him and his breathing evened out.

Katsuki relaxed.

“I’m still keeping you, though.” Red Riot rolled over and threw an arm across Katsuki’s chest. He snuggled up to his side and dropped his head on Katsuki’s shoulder. “And I won’t take no for answer.”

The light burned above them as Red Riot drifted into sleep.

His breathing lulled Katsuki to sleep.

The escape plans in his dreams failed time after time.

Red Riot had always impressed him.

(He should have hidden it better.)