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The State of Change

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Being her first day, of course she was nervous.

They both were.

The pale brunette quirked an eyebrow as she looked towards her friend, glancing at the stony expression, knowing that she was panicking completely and irrevocably underneath the façade. Cat and Ela were both in awe and slight concern at the large warehouse in front of them.

They took in their surroundings. A dreary industrial park, seemingly abandoned and grey clouds overcast the entire lot.

“You sure this is the address?” Ela questioned, eyebrows furrowing at the setting before her whilst her passive expression did not show any sign of good impression.

“Yeah, I had so much time to Google the address before the note combusted, didn’t I?” Cat’s sarcasm dripped from her mouth, casing an eye roll from her friend. They had been recruited by a shady looking guy with sunglasses and a hooded sweatshirt that didn’t quite match his stature.


They sat at the small coffee shop where no one ever went but them; out of fear of the scary Italian lady (who loved them, and even gave them free pastries when she wasn’t shouting at her twenty something son who still lived at home and refused to marry the continuous blind-dates his mother had set up for him) across from the University, enjoying the tall hot chocolates with extra whipped cream and marshmallows and often discussed their non-existent social lives –or their dissertation on the cosmic radiation studies carried out by Dr. Eric Selvig.

They sat in their usual seat near the counter, the rusty chairs squeaking as they sat down and Cat nodded gratefully towards Martina who rambled off upstairs to once again, shout at her useless son.

“Did you finally get the appointment with Selvig yet?” Ela asked, more out of desperation than curiosity. The deadline for the draft was due in a couple of weeks, and even though they had finished most of it an age ago – the biggest gaps required further explanation from the eccentric physicist.

“No you moron, he was too busy running naked around Stonehenge.” Cat replied curtly, looking at the girl next to her with a glaring look.

Ela laughed drily, her eyes wandering across the quaint café to find the silhouette of a man in the corner of the furthest booth. Swinging her head round as if she had never seen the man, her heart rate increased as she realised this was an unusual occurrence. Resting her hand on the table, she leaned in closer.

Cat leaned back in retaliation.

Ela glanced towards the corner with the mysterious customer.

Cat’s eyes followed, not registering and replying quite loudly.

“Such a revelation; a person sitting. So what, there’s a person?”

Then the penny dropped.

The man stood up, towering over the small booth.

Ela shot a glare in the direction of her sometimes not so conclusive friend. He walked towards them slowly, his trainers slapping against the worn linoleum and Ela took her instinct to flee – but Cat shoved her back down again, her back slapping against the back of the wooden chair. She let out a cry of alarm as he was now less than a metre away from them.

No one ever came here, it was only open to the people Martina liked.

In the four years they had studied at the university, no-one had ever come here.

That’s why they were worried.

“You are so un-subtle!” Ela whispered harshly, trying her best to be as quiet as possible.

Cat sent her a look that told her to shut up, before retorting herself. “At least I can speak English!”

Ela muttered a, “racist,” as they both hunched over their respectively untouched drinks, slowly growing cold and the whipped cream floating limply on the chocolate goodness.

The man cleared his throat.

They turned to see his stern expression, sunglasses and intimidating stance.

“Ela and Caitlin, right?”

They nodded, throats drying in response.

“I’d like to talk to you about your research, and I could do with your help,”

Ela looked at Cat, noticing the expression of both piqued curiosity and terror on both of their faces. He looked behind him, grabbed a wooden chair and scraped it noisily across the floor so he could sit next to them.

Taking a quick glance out of the window, he decided he could no longer stay and pushed his chair back – but not without a short explanation – still standing. “Look, I can’t tell you anything right now-“

They looked at him expectantly for a reason for his sudden change in mind.

“-but I can give you this and trust you to follow the instructions.”

He took a folded brown envelope from his sweatshirt pocket, placing it on the table and walking off hurriedly towards the back door.

Martina’s footsteps clanked down the stairs as she shot a grin to the mysterious man, his hands pulling down the hood over his bald head and before reaching the door.

“It’s not got a bomb in it, has it?” Cat asked quickly.

He turned with a quirked eyebrow and looked at her with an expression that said, ‘really?’ and he swiftly opened the door and left, leaving not a shadow behind in the dusky April day.

Ela turned towards her with a look of disbelief and questioned her outburst. “A bomb? Really?”

Cat stuck up her defences. “Precautions! And that’s the only thing you got out of that whole encounter?”

Before the other could reply, Martina interrupted the conversation with a, “Nick! Such a lovely man!” and silenced them both.

Who was Nick?



They both wondered on what whim had they decided to even make it to this shady place that was a good 50 miles from any civilisation, and even the taxi driver seemed a bit worried as to why they were going to such a creepy place. The buildings loomed ahead of them, and they didn’t know what building the note had meant.

Walking past the spiked gates, a sudden mechanical whir rushed through their ears and within a few seconds, several scary looking guns were pointed at their heads.

A robotic voice spoke.

“You are on restricted property. Please state your name.”

Ela gulped and Cat managed to crack out a voice that seemed far higher pitched than it should have. “Caitlin DuRose.”

The robotic voice spoke again.

“Access granted. We have been expecting you Miss DuRose.”

She breathed a sigh of relief and stepped forwards. The guns still didn’t retract, and the pair seemed very uneasy. Maybe they should have just not come. It seemed more trouble (and possible death) than it was worth. As the shorter other stepped forward, nothing happened, but as Ela stepped forward, the guns retracted forwards again, this time beeping.

“Trespass detected. If authorised, state your name.”

The guns pointed at the awkward Indian seemed to get the better of her, and Cat had to say the name instead.

“Ela Kale.”

The faceless robot spoke once again, determining her fate.

“Permission granted. Please enter through Warehouse 5 for induction. Welcome, Miss Kale.”

She almost passed out in relief before they walked forwards and the giant warehouse doors opened, the metal gliding over the rough concrete; as they moved closer towards it, a well decorated reception was in sight.

Both of their faces scrunched up in confusion at the pleasant interiors, and a small, pixie like woman sat at the desk. Cheerily, she stood up and greeted them both warmly, her high pitched tone melodic in their ears.

“Welcome, Miss DuRose and Miss Kale. We’re grateful that you came. Agent Coulson will be delighted hear you could make it today. Sorry for the issues outside, security issues – you must understand?” They both smiled uneasily, unsure of what was to come and nodded, hearts still pounding from the close encounter.

Ela smiled with as much friendliness as she could muster. “It’s pronounced kah-ley.”

Sharon nodded. “I’m sorry about that, Miss Kale.”

Ela nodded in recognition of the woman’s apology.

She placed two clipboards onto the glass countertop and neatly put two pens on top of them. “Now, if you could please sign these release forms.”

Ela quirked an eyebrow at the small lady, and her presence made up for her lack in height. Noticing her expression, she replied, “Well, with the Avengers Initiative, you can never be too sure.” She let out a slightly nervous laugh. “You know the sorts.”

They slowly nodded and skimmed the contract, eyes furiously moving across the paper – waiting for something to convince her and change her mind – something out of the ordinary.

The agency will take no responsibility for any damage…

The following information will not be disclosed to any persons outside of the agency…

Once the consent is given, the signer is bound to the contract and cannot leave the premises…

The agency cannot be held liable for personnel damage or damage to any items…

Ela quickly signed the paper and placed her clipboard down and smiled falsely to show whatever impression she wanted to give; internally accepting that she probably should have read the clauses of the release form formally and with more caution.

The other then tugged at her jacket, whispering a confused, “What are you doing?”

Casually, Ela shrugged and whispered back, not much louder than Cat, “Do you not want to know what the hell they’re talking about?”

Cat glanced towards the paper without reading any of it – her faith in Ela causing her to reluctantly sign the paper alongside muttering angrily about her friend’s impulsive decisions.

The woman, whose name tag stated that she was called Sharon Carter clapped her hand together in delight and ushered them through a narrow corridor. The corridor seemed never ending, and a dreading silence impended upon them – their regret running through their heads as they eased closer to the lift entrance they were walking towards. With a swipe of the card, Sharon opens the elevator, the large metal structure seeming to close in on them as the door slides shut.


The same robot that threatened their lives just asked them which floor they wanted to go to, and quite frankly the both of them were close to having panic attacks. If this was some weird government scheme, they only hoped that the American government would grant them health insurance – seeing as their British homeland was not barbaric enough to do so.

As Ms Carter punched a 31, Cat felt as if they were moving to the heavens and their death alongside Ela feeling like maybe her impulsive decisions weren't the greatest choices. The only notable accomplishments she could personally do were to have quoted Star Trek and the original Star Wars word for word and give a riveting argument about comic books and which publishing house was better.

She was screwed.

On the other hand, Cat was definitely more curious than her partner-in-impulsivity, but had a gut instinct that if she went down then there was a definitely a point of no return. Her stomach plummeted as the lift moved down.

Then they both realised – there couldn't be 31 floors.

They were going down.

There literally was no escape.

Eyes closed for the remaining 16 floors, both of them were in a downwards spiral with their mental state and their curiosity was slowly crumbling and being replaced with terror. After what seemed like a million years, the doors opened and they were revealed to a large computer room with people sat at desks in a black uniform and a smiling man waiting to (presumably) greet them.

The man wore an ear piece and a fitted suit, his shoes polished and hairs greying slightly and the skin around his eyes crinkled with laugh lines but his eyes showed different.

There was something about them.

Not quite sure what to make of him, the pair nodded back as they stepped out of the elevator. The room seemed busy enough to ignore their presence, but not busy enough to be chaotic.

“Welcome Miss DuRose and Miss Kale! It’s great to have you.”

Even Cat was surprised that he had managed to not piss off Ela with his pronunciation of her surname.

They smiled back, unease slowly drifting – but not gone completely. They still didn’t know who they were speaking to and what he wanted to do with them.

Ela surprisingly spoke first, her nausea still fighting as her calm tone was present. “It’s lovely to meet you too-“she looked for his name badge but was unable to find one.

He replied curtly, “Phil Coulson.”

She restarted the sentence after she recognised the name with Sharon Carter. “Nice to meet you Phil,”

A tall and model-esque woman interrupted before Cat could continue with her own greeting. “That’s Agent Coulson to you, Kale.” Her sharp features graced her face, her eyes cold and calculating but her face in a small smile.

Agent Coulson laughed, and introduced the woman. “This is Agent Hill; she’ll be here for general queries.”

Frustrated with her inability to speak without being interrupted, Cat burst out in a greeting also – but far more rushed than the others. Slightly embarrassed by her outburst, she laughed nervously as the others stared on, startled.

“Well, I’ll sit you guys down and then we’ll get down to business?” he asked politely, but it seemed more like a command with his authoritative tone.

Agent Hill left, leaving them to follow the friendly Coulson through double doors hidden from first view at the side of the room. The corridor that followed was much smaller and he led them to a spacious office, complete with plants and large screens carrying holograms of technology they could have only dreamed of.

He sat behind the desk and told them to sit down, so they did.

They weren’t very good at the danger instinct, clearly.

At least they followed orders.


They waited in unison.

Phil Coulson realised they weren’t going to speak unless spoken to.

“Right – okay.”

Another pregnant pause followed, neither parties not knowing quite what to say to the other.

Agent Coulson broke the silence with the opening sentence taken right from their mouths; if they had actually gotten over their nerves to speak.

“I’ll get to the point. You met a pretty shady guy the other day at Martina’s, right?”

They nodded, glancing at each other out of the corners of their vision – both confused, but with the same thought lingering on their minds; how the hell did Martina know so many dodgy people?

All they thought she actually did was to scream at her unmarried son all day and make some damn good hot chocolate and chocolate twists.

“That was Nick Fury, ex-director of an organisation called S.H.I.E.L.D,”

He waited for the cogs to click into place, the bout of recognition coming from the only news the world had been talking about. S.H.I.E.L.D? Wasn’t that overrun by their opposition?

They thought it had collapsed with the uprising of that weird terrorist group, HYDRA – but clearly not. They had only seen the destruction caused by the unknown persons with a metal arm and the destruction of the building named the Triskelion in D.C.

Ela personally thought that the media had made it all up for attention, whereas Cat thought it was totally real and pondered over the mechanics of the situation far more than she should have.

“As you may know, as far as authorities and the public are concerned – S.H.I.E.L.D does not exist. However, when you signed that release upstairs – you, Ela Kale and Caitlin DuRose – are no longer normal members of the public.”

In disbelief, both of them simultaneously cried out in confusion, with “What?” ringing throughout the sterile office.

Cat spoke, her intonation crammed with confusion and terror and even a little bit of happiness.

“What the hell do you mean by that?”

In the meanwhile, Ela scanned the huge displays spread across the walls of the office, and her eyes widened at the plans. These weren’t plans for technology – these were profiles of people. Seeing a glimpse of red and gold, and the mention of Antony Stark, her head turned to give full attention to the screen before slumping back to face Agent Coulson, who continued to shoot her an odd expression following her wandering eyes.

“It means what I said, Miss DuRose. The contract did state you wouldn’t be able to leave after signing it.” He gave them a slightly disappointed look, as if to scold them for not reading it properly.

An idea burst into Cat’s conflicted mind and before she could think, her mouth opened and revealed what Coulson was hoping she wouldn’t.

He didn’t have an answer for her question.

“If S.H.I.E.L.D no longer exists, it can’t be a legally binding contract!” her explanation causes relief to surge through the other, knowing they had a way out at least.

“Technically yes, but seeing as there is no S.H.I.E.L.D – we don’t actually exist either.”

Ela opened her mouth to speak, but abruptly closed it.

“We signed the thing because we thought it would be in case the warehouse collapsed on us, or something along those lines.” Cat said, the stress reaching her vocal chords.

“Look, I know it seems daunting – but we need you. Your research has aided us a lot with our programme and we need some fresh perspective. We can’t force you to stay, but we hope that you will.”

“How do you know about our research?” Ela asked, her attention quickly changing to Phil.

He shrugged. “We’ve been monitoring you since Bruce saw your paper published alongside Dr. Kravatsky in the Scientific American.”

“That was like, two years ago.”


Cat narrowed her eyes. This made no sense to her.

“You’ve been stalking us for two years?”

“Not stalking. Monitoring. Seeing if you would be an a valuable addition to the Initiative.”

“What initiative?” Cat asked, desperate for answers.

Coulson smiled at them sympathetically, the look underneath questioning whether they had been living under a rock for the past year. “The Initiative was originally a failure. After some-“ he stopped for a moment thinking carefully about his explanation. “-problems regarding some of S.H.I.E.L.D’s intentions, we decided that it would be a bigger risk not to carry through the Initiative seeing as higher powers were hiding things from us.”

Ela was still scrutinising the information before her.

“Who is we?”

Coulson forced a smile, frustration clear. “We is a number of people that I do not have the authorisation to discuss.”

“I thought the authorisation didn’t technically exist. With you being under the radar, and not technically being a real thing.” The emphasised the last two words with an almost patronising tone, Cat smirking at her friend’s blatant scepticism.

It was Coulson that stumbled upon his words next. “You see- we – I understand-“

Ela raised an eyebrow, continuing to assess the profiles of information around her.

He cleared his throat. “I understand your doubt, Miss Kale. I can only offer the information that will keep us under the radar.”

Ela shrugged and Cat continued for her.

 “What would it consist of? I mean what would we do?”

As Coulson explained the research they did regarding the safekeeping of humanity and how they plan to take down HYDRA which after some explanation, made more sense to the girls as they realised it was the terrorist, Nazi-idealisation of opposition that overthrew them from the inside whilst destroying the entire organisation.

Ela had a brainstorm of her own, images and words flashing into her mind from what she had previously seen. There was something on her mind, running furiously, so fast that she couldn’t keep it still – she couldn’t keep it in her space…


New York.

The Avengers.

The Avengers Initiative.

It fit together like a puzzle.

Still staring at the profiles in front of her, imaginary red string crossed her mind, what was it? Red and gold? Tony Stark? Nuclear weapons?

“You want us to work with superheroes?”

Cat looked at her as if she had suddenly lost her mind, and Phil looked at her in wonderment and smiled.

“Exactly! But we don’t call them superheroes here, it inflates the ego – so we just call them skilled individuals instead.”

Cat, still confused repeats his previous statement. “Skilled individuals?”

Ela replied with “Tony Stark? The green monster thing? The guy claiming to be a myth?” knowing that she was right when it came to the egotistical tendencies. Agent Coulson nodded, complete with a half smile and she decided to fill in the gaps for her friend’s bafflement.

“Remember New York, last year when half the city was destroyed, y’know with the aliens and stuff?”

Cat nodded, slowly catching onto what the other was trying to explain.

“And then with the guy with the metal arm in Washington? Captain America?”

Cat nodded, suddenly realising what the hell she was talking about.

“That kind of thing,”


Phil looked between them, an amused expression on his face between their small exchanges, fascinated by how they relied on each other for information and to fill the gaps between their shared knowledge. It reminded him of Fitz and Simmons, brilliant British recruits that worked with him on his own team before SHIELD was destroyed and before Fitz was put into brain-dead state.

Phil was just glad he was alive.

Bringing him back from his thoughts; Ela spoke up as she drank in the information around her, her impulsive manner still shaking her nerves.

“I’m in.”

This earned her a punch in the arm from her precautious friend, and an alarmed expression to match the action. “Stop it!”

“That was uncalled for! Stop what?” the other asked, rubbing her arm and wincing slightly.

Making some circular hand motions towards her friend’s general direction, Cat struggles to form her sentence before coming with a simple, “That!”

Ela’s response was her furrowed eyebrows, and she sighed in frustration.

Coulson just watched on, hiding the smirk he wanted to hold on his face.

Before an interruption occurred, Cat finally found the words that left her tongue tied.

“Stop making so many impulsive decisions!” her concern masked her agreement, but Ela just shrugged in response.

“What’s the worst that could happen?”


Later that day, they were beaten bruised and had some serious regret.

“I have bruises in places I didn’t know could be bruised.”

They stared up at the plastered ceiling; the spacious dorm-like room was comfortable enough.

They weren’t.

“This is your fault,” Cat said as she turned towards her friend, her body lashing out in pain as she turned on her side. The other heard her shift, and fearing the same consequences of moving, she remained in her position.

“You shouldn’t be complaining. At least you get Rogers.” Was her half-hearted response, and clearly she meant it. She had picked the short straw with her own trainer/SO/weirdo sadist – and quite frankly did not even have the energy to complain.

“That is true. He does apologise quite often.”


Cat shifted over again, this time her other side. In a whisper that Ela just managed to catch, left the whisperer in a fit of painful giggles.

“Kinda cute, too.”

Ela just rolled her eyes.

Coulson led them to a glass walled conference room with lo-behold: the very ‘skilled individuals’ they had claimed to be working with. The room was smaller, a rectangular table stuck in the middle, worn but the room was comforting in the way of its normality – unlike the whole situation they had suddenly found themselves in. Several recognisable figures graced the chairs, talking amongst themselves.

Cat scanned the room, her eyes widening with shock as she saw her idol; the very same Bruce Banner standing a few feet away from her. Glancing at her friend, she nudged her rather violently, and Ela just glared at her friend before realising who she was referring to.

“Oh, fuck.”

“Was he the one that saw our paper?”

Ela’s eyes widened. “I don’t see another Bruce, Cat.”

Their breathing changed, increasing rapidly in the following seconds.

“Stay cool,”

“Is that really-“

Cat nodded as they stared shamelessly at the handsome middle-aged scientist.

“This is unrea-“

A hand slapped over Ela’s mouth, and she turned to see the culprit. Cat’s eyes were wide as she shushed her and looked around the room – all of whose inhabitants were staring at them, a myriad of expressions.

At least Dr. Banner had the courtesy to look humbled and slightly red.

Well, this wasn’t awkward at all.


They both internally grimaced and Mr. Stark himself had decided to break the tangible silence.

“Look girls, I know I’m here – but no need to-“he stopped for a moment, as if recollecting something. “-what’s the word?” his eyes downcast to his hands, which at that exact moment, his fingers snapped together in an echoing click and he finally completed his sentence. “-fangirl! No need to fangirl!”

Cat and Ela took a look at the weapons mogul with raised eyebrows – and turned to look at each other and just burst out laughing.

After catching their breaths after a few seconds, tears of mirth glistened in their eyes and the room was giving them an even stranger look, Coulson included.

It was Ela’s voice that rang out next, her voice more confident than she had expected.

“Yeah. Sure, Mr Stark.”

Mr. Stark looked confused, as he shrugged off his initial confusion and walked closer to them, hand outstretched to shake their hands.

“Call me Tony,” he winked and this time Cat rolled her eyes in response.

They weren’t the biggest fans – he was too extravagant and superficial for their tastes. At least that’s how he was portrayed by everyone ever.

They both nod towards him, shaking his calloused hands and taking the initiative to then collectively pass nods on to the remaining people in the room.

Agent Coulson cleared his throat, drawing attention to himself and then proceeded to introduce the people in the room, starting with Dr. Banner.

“This is Dr. Banner, although I’m sure you’re familiar with his work.” Dr Banner held up a modest hand and waved slightly, the bright colour left his cheeks as they moved on to the next ‘skilled individual’.

She looked like the seven deadly sins in human form- her beautiful face shrouded by straight red hair that had a natural sheen that women would kill for. Her eyes were sharp and observant and her tight fitted suit left nothing left to be imagined. “This is Agent Natasha Romanov,” Coulson concluded and Natasha slyly waving a few fingers at them with a smile on her face.

“Call me Natasha.” She replied, smile still gracing her lips.

Ela couldn’t decide if it was mocking or not.

“This is Clint Barton, who doesn’t really say much,”

A surge of quiet laughter filled the room, and Clint smiled knowingly at the pair. Cat couldn’t figure him out and it unnerved her. As their heads followed Coulson’s own line of vision, both of their eyes stumbled across the famous American patriot, Captain America. Both of them felt a bit embarrassed as they wondered where the suit was and almost forgot he was actually a normal person.

“Hey guys! Welcome,” he greeted them warmly and threw them a casual grin that nearly made Cat swoon. Knowing her friend’s choices far too well, Ela stifled a snort of laughter. “You’ve got Sam Wilson, who will be overseeing your training-“

Ela practically spluttered a “What?”

The rest of the room had similar looks of mild surprise as Coulson cleared up the issue.

Cat followed with a non-conclusive look that agreed with the other. Sam looked slightly offended and crossed his arms, raising an eyebrow but attempting to placate the situation with a joke.

“Don’t worry, I don’t bite.”

His tone did them no favours, and his stature certainly didn’t make them feel happy about what training may have consisted of.

They were sure that he was not going to be teaching them about electromagnetic radiation – definitely not with those arms.

 Agent Coulson looked at them, lost on something before asking in defence of his own memory; “Didn’t I tell you guys?”

Cat shook her head, waiting for an explanation as the other was momentarily distracted by some spread out plans on the large conference table. She saw what looked like an arm from her upside down angle, the basic outline for an exo-limb and a pair of wings that looked like a jet-pack.

This was candyland.

“Because we’re not technically meant to exist – we have to take measure to train all of our agents, for self- defence when the situation calls for it.”

Snapping out of her distraction of the good looking scientist, Cat piped up cheerily, as a reminder to the elder man – “But we’re not going anywhere!”

Out of nowhere, and so quiet that she had gone by unnoticed, Agent Hill piped up with a clearly unimpressed remark. “I thought these guys were supposed to be smart.”

Coulson looked at them her, he himself wondering why Agent Hill showed such dislike for the new recruits.

“Now Maria, play nice. They don’t know much yet.”

She sighed almost in boredom and crossed her slender legs, changing her attention elsewhere.

Suddenly within the awkward silence, a continuation of beeps sounded in the room, everyone suddenly scrambling for the source - small handheld devices that flashed red and looked expensive.

Coulson raised his voice, “Stark! How fast can you get to New York?”

Tony looked thoughtful for a moment before replying, “An hour, depending on how much-“

Phil gave him a look that just told him to leave, to which Tony put his hands up in his own defence. “Wilson? Romanov?”

The muscular man looked up, and so did the leggy redhead in succession. “Go with, there’s been a tip off about the base takeover.”

They both nod and hurry out of the room. The pair of new recruits assessed the situation; Hill was on the phone, barking orders, Dr. Banner looked blatantly unaffected by it all, Captain America looked mildly concerned and kept asking if there any ways in which he could help, Clint followed swiftly after Romanov, and they noticed the sleek barrel on his shoulder containing some friendly looking arrows.

Agent Hill followed after them, her flat shoes tapping gently against the hard floors, leaving Ela and Cat in a daze as they turned to face the remaining people in the room.

Agent Coulson finished reading off his small device and looked up, changing his vision between the Avengers and the two girls standing awkwardly in confusion. “Look, Banner – stay here and explain to them what’s going to happen.” Banner looked up slowly and gave the man a thumbs up, looking towards the girls and scratching the nape of his neck.

The super soldier looked expectantly towards Agent Coulson for his own orders. Looking like he was facing a dilemma of running out of time, Phil started walk towards the door and informed the room of the plan.

“Sorry Steve, Wilson’s gonna be gone a while – so it’s up to you and Barnes to train them for now. Look, I can’t give you anything to do right now, what with you practically being number one on the HYDRA hit list an’all, so you’re gonna have to stay here for the next few days. I’ll get Romanov to update – I have to go visit Dr Selvig in New Mexico. Seems like Thor’s coming back.”

Steve looked slightly disheartened but despite this, smiled at the pair anyway. At the name of Dr. Selvig, their ears perk up and Cat asks, “Do you think you could get him to email us back? It’s been a while and-“

Agent Coulson just smiled.

“That won’t be necessary, seeing as you’ve already graduated.”

They just looked at him blankly.

“Sorry you miss out on graduation, but we had to do it for you to join.”

Ela and Cat looked at each other thinking the exact same thing.

Who the hell were these people?