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Daddy's Baby Boy

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It wasn’t just another day for Jacob, the house husband to his domineering lover. No, today Jacob would be making a big mistake that would change his life forever. He moved with with his lover, Matt, 2 years ago and had left his former life behind. It wasn’t much but Jacob still made some sacrifices. One being him abandoning his AB/DL side. He never told Matt about it, he didn’t want Matt to know. Jacob was very embarrassed of this little fetish and never wanted to think about it again. But soon enough he was plagued with babyish thoughts like he was before. This past week Jacob finally broke down and ordered some supplies online. After seeing Matt off to work Jacob was a mess of guilt and excitement waiting for his package to arrive. He nervously wondered what would happen if Matt found out about this, maybe he wouldn’t do anything, or maybe he would freak out. Matt took Jacob in after a few weeks of online chat. The two got along well together and soon enough they were getting personal and sexual. Jacob had a rough childhood and had a lot of issues with trust and intimacy, but Matt saw right through that wanted to take care of him. Likewise, Jacob soon realized that Matt was the real deal, someone who actually cares about him. So, no matter how sadistic Matt’s sexual exploits ended up, Jacob always knew that he was safe and learned to love being submissive. It was easy with Matt, he had six inches and 50 pounds on Jacob. Matt wasn’t even that big of a guy, it was Jacob who held the size difference. He was always small and it was a huge embarrassment in school, but he learned to accept it as an adult. It didn’t mean he was immature or childish, though it did mean that AB/DL carers lusted after him, especially now with all the new medical and social embrancement of AB/DLs.

*knock knock*

Jacob looked up to see the mailman walking away from a package at the doorstep. His heart started to beat like a drum. He lept up and toward the door to claim his prize. A flash of cardboard and bubble wrap and suddenly he was staring at a pack of diapers, baby powder, a pacifier, and a blue onsie all neatly laid out on the bed.

“I can indulge myself sometimes” Jacob said defiantly with a grin

He undressed himself and tossed his clothing aside. Matt likes him hairless so Jacob got permanently lazered from the eyebrows down long ago, which has its perks, like not needed to shave before getting diapered. He unfolded a diaper allowing that special scent of plastic and cotton to spill into the air. He lifted his bottom and slid it underneath him. Jacob savored the feeling of that cool softness embracing his bottom. Cracking open a fresh bottle of powder a small puff escaped creating an intoxicating cloud of the ever familiar smell. Jacob was generous in the application, he loved the feeling of a thick coating of powder. He rubbed it in and wiped off his hands before finally enveloping himself in the diaper, taping it snugly to his waist. Laying there enjoying the feeling, rubbing his diaper, Jacob felt a slight chill. He reached over to the onsie and sat up. Slipping it over his head then struggling to get the snaps in place. Now, now he was in heaven. Jacob popped the pacifier in his mouth and curled up in the bed enjoying this childish ecstasy. After a while he pulled a note pad and a pen from the nightstand drawer and began doodling, with feet playfully kicking in the air. Jacob’s afternoon was spent lazing around in his diaper, drawing, watching cartoons, and eventually pulling out some of his “collectibles” to play with. When the time came to use the restroom, he just let go letting the diaper do its job. 2 O’clock rolled around and Jacob wondered if he had time for a nap before Matt got home at 5. In his babyish haze he chose to lay down on the living room couch with his pacifier and a blanket. Jacob drifted off thinking happy thoughts.

“mmm, the familiar feeling of Matt stroking my back” Jacob thought as he quietly moaned. So many mornings are started with that wonderful feeling

“Jacob, did you have a good nap?” Matt said while gazing down at his diapered lover

“nap? NAP! Oh no I’m on the couch! I’m in a diaper!” Jacob’s body went rigid and he refused to open his eyes

*chuckling* “I think we need need to talk, don’t we Jake? I know you’re awake now” Matt gripped Jacob’s chin and turned his head toward his own.

Jacob opened his eyes but looked away from Matt, his face glowing red with embarrassment.

“When you first moved here I saw some things on your computer that made me think you were like this, and I thought you would tell me when you were ready. When you never did, I assumed it was just a phase you went through” now smiling “But, I guess this proves I was wrong” Matt reached over and cupped Jacob’s diapered crotch. “Oh wow, wet already are we?”

Jacob began to tear up “Mm-a-t uh juss” a muffled cry reminded Jacob of the pacifier still in his mouth.

“Shhh, just suck on that like you’re meant to. You don’t need to apologize for anything. I’m glad this happened”

Jacob looked at him confused

“In fact, I’ve thought of initiating this myself. I was just concerned that you wouldn’t want it. But after watching you sleep in a diaper happily sucking on that pacifier, it’s clear now that you do want this” a devious smirk grew on Matt’s face

Jacob popped the paci out of his mouth “Matt I-I don’t want this, it’s just that… that…” tears start streaming down his face “I feel so stupid!” he said through muffled cries

Matt wrapped him in a hug and Jacob berried his face in Matt’s chest. “Hey now, it’s okay, everything is okay. I’m going to help you accept this, and we’re both going to learn to love and accept it.

After Matt calmed Jacob down he picked the boy up and carried him to the bedroom. Matt didn’t know much about changing diapers but he did his best. Jacob said nothing, just accepted it in a confused haze. He couldn’t believe what was happening. One mistake and now he was here not knowing how to to feel. He loved being diapered, and he loved Matt, but did he love Matt diapering him? Did he love Matt like a carer?

Matt noticed this blank expression on Jacob’s face. “I know exactly who can help” he thought.

“i’m going to step out and make a call, you just lay here and rest, okay?” Jacob obediently nodded to the request

Tapping on his phone Matt found the number of a close co-worker. Her name was Elizabeth, or Ellie as people affectionately called her. Ellie was an AB/DL carer and was quite open about it. She didn’t have a little of her own because she works so much, but often helps out with other people’s little’s.

“Hi Matt! I didn’t expect to get a call from you this evening” Ellie’s voice beaming with friendly personality

“Haha, well I didn’t expect to be making it. You see, Jacob sorta… well”

“...came out of the baby closet?” Ellie said finishing his sentence

“um, I guess you could say that…”

”OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I KNEW IT! I always thought he seemed like a little! How did he come out? Tell me everything!”

“Okay, okay… I came home and he was passed out, diapered, wet, and sucking on a pacifier. I don’t think he wanted me to find him. He seems modified right now”

”Oh no that’s too cute! But poor Jacob, did you calm him?”

”I tried my best but he’s still petrified, not crying anymore. I think he really struggles with this side of himself”

“I’m sorry to hear he had such a bad experience. A lot of littles feel like that. Acceptance is very hard for them. But there is good news. There are plenty of resources to help him… you do want to help him right?”

”Yes of course I do! To be honest I’ve been secretly wanting this for a long time”

“Well in that case I think you’re going to make a great daddy, Matt. As for those resources, I’ll text you the link to some hypnosis sessions that will help him accept himself and accept you as his carer. There is also some other things you might consider”

“like what?”

”well, you can help him a lot just by visiting a regression clinic, maybe even sending him to a regression therapy hospital. They’ll regress him how much or how little you and Jacob want”

“wow, I don’t know what to say, Ellie.”

“Have him listen to those hypnosis sessions tonight and tomorrow he should be ready to open up more”

“Okay will do, Ellie. Thanks for the information.”

”I’m glad to help… and to babysit when things get more settled for you two”

Matt returned to Jacob, still lying in bed, with his laptop and some headphones.

“Jacob, I have something you need to listen to, alright? It will help you feel better”

Jacob nodded but he knew what it probably was. It was probably some kind of regression hypnosis. Before he met Matt people would offer to regress him with hypnosis and be his carer, but he never wanted that. But for some reason he was about to listen to this without a fight. His suspicions were confirmed when he heard dreamy music and a woman’s voice telling him to close his eyes. Matt stood over him and watched as he obeyed the headphones and started to drift into trance.