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Tribute of District...!

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Stiles blinked himself out of a daze as he sat inside a room from the justice building. He finally seemed to notice where he was as he looked at his surrounding. The chair he sat on was very comfortable and the room was elegant, forest green walls with wooden carvings that resemble branches and leaves.

The doors burst open, making Stiles jump in his seat as the doors slammed into the walls. The first ones to visit him was Derek, sporting a red cheek, who was obviously angry. Derek grabbed stiles shirt in a fist, lifted him up and was ready to strike the younger but instead pulled Stiles into a tight hug. Stiles returned it and felt Derek trembling in his arms.

“I knew that you would try and take my place for me. I knew I couldn’t let that happen.”

“I know,” Cutting Derek off stiles tighten his hold, “but…still.”

When Stiles' name was called, he knew who was going to step up and take his place. Before he knew what happened, Derek was on his back on the ground with a dazed look. Stiles must have punched Derek because his knuckles were red and throbbing.

When they finally pulled away, Derek’s eyes were red from crying on his shoulder. Cradling Derek’s face, Stiles’ thumps brushing over his cheeks wiping the small tears that managed to fall. Stiles then admired Derek, his strong features, his stubble that started to show. When he dies, he knew Derek wouldn’t struggle to find a wife to have kids with. He always wanted kids of his own but that’s not something Stiles is able to give him.

“If i-" started stiles

“Don’t say it.” Derek's expression changed to anger and he scowled at stiles, “Don’t say you're going to die. Don’t talk like that already.” Demanded Derek.

Stiles gave a small sad smile as his eyes started to water. He shut his eyes tightly and wiped any tears that managed to slip through. He and Derek held each other until the peacekeepers opened the doors and told Derek his time was up.

“Better come back.” Said Derek before kissing him as long as he could before breaking it. Then he was escorted out by the two men in white.

The doors were flung open banging against the walls as his dad and brother. His dad was helping his sick brother, Jordan, walk into the door and when they saw him, they basically ran and pulled him to a tight hug between them. They said nothing between themselves and the two older Stilinski just held Stiles. After the reaping, his dad must have ran to their to tell Jordan on what happened, since Jordan is extremely sick with fever and had to stay at home for the reaping. They told the peacekeepers ahead of time but earlier in the morning, they came to check if Jordan was actually sick or just lying.

After letting each other go, Stiles looked at his brother who was shivering and sweating. His eyes were red and some tears were falling and his dad also had tears.

His dad then grabbed his shoulders and squeezed them, “Stiles, I know that you can win this. You’re smart and I know you can think of a way to win and come back.”

Stiles then started to Slightly shake at the thought of being in the arena. As long as he could remember he always watched the Hunger Games, Children killing each other, starving to death or being killed by a Mutt or Gamemakers. He always thought that being selected for the games would never happen to him but not its actually happening. Stiles knows if the arena has trees or an area of trees, he could last a bit longer but the arena is always different each year.

The doors opened again and the peacekeepers told the two older Stilinski that their time was up. They weren’t given time to respond, they were grabbed by their arms and dragged out and the doors slammed shut.

He guessed that his District Partner for the Games had to be next door or down the hall since he then heard a woman trying out. He can hear the boots of the peacekeepers stomping down and scuffling. Then a girl’s voice called out sobbing.

He can recall her name but all he remembers is that she’s an odd one. He one tried to kiss him and tried to scratch his back to “stake my claim" on him as she said. She really creeps him out as she never seems to have any expressions or emotions to her face or in her voice.

The doors opening and slamming made him jump in his seat. A pair of tall peacekeepers stood and told him it was time to leave. Being escorted out to the front of the Justice building, most of the people already left but a small portion still stayed.

He was shoved into a car and the girl also joined him soon after. It was clear that she was crying, she shaking shoulders and she tried to hide her face with her hair.
Looking out the window he found his dad, brother and Derek with hus own family. He smiled as best as he could, trying to reassure them and comfort them but he almost broke when his dad let his tears flow. The younger members of Derek’s family were openly crying and Derek and Jordan tried to keep straight faces but were failing.

People lined the streets as they drove down to the train station. Bobby, their Capitol Escort, was very enthusiastic like every year since he started a few years back. He waved back and pointed at people as if he known them his entire life.

Compared to the few Capitol people that they have seen, by far Bobby is the strangest of them all. His Wild hair that stood up no matter what, along with their colored pink tips. His large grin, his teeth seem to blind them since their extremely white and large eyes. It’s like he never blinks at all and his loud booming voice.

Arriving at the Train Station, a large crowd had formed. District Citizens, peacekeepers, cameras and Capitol people that are talking to the cameras.

Once they got out, peacekeepers surrendered them, keeping the others out and keeping them in. Just in case if they decide to try and run for it. Cameras still were able to stretch high above the wall of muscle around them, since Stiles saw himself on a screen.

Once making it inside, Bobby got then both by the shoulders and turned around so they faced the crowd.

“Take a good look people! I can guarantee you that one of these two youngsters WILL be your next Victor! If not and both lose, there’s always next year.” Bobby them ended with a ‘what can you do’ gesture.

Stiles took a deep breath when the doors started to close, trying to get one last breath in before being shipped of to his certain death. In a few seconds after being caged in, the train jerked and his home was soon out of view.