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Student of the Year

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10 Years after the Graduation of Principal Nedzu's Last Class of Students

Iida was in his bed, his glasses on the nightstand and a book on his chest. He felt his eyes drifting off as he rested them after a long night of reading. Ochako was out of town to visit her mother, who was recovering from a liver resection and she took Tensei with her, since he was off on winter break from school. Iida couldn't get the time off from his law firm, so it was just him at the house. He valued the solitude at times, but it sometimes left him to his thoughts which could vary depending on his day. 

The sound of his phone ringing roused his drowsiness. He assumed it must be Ochako with a good night video chat for Tensei. He hit the answer button immediately. 

"Hello." He said with his usual discipline. 

"Iida. Aizawa here." He heard the man's bored tone on the other line. 

"Oh! Aizawa-Sensei. How are you?" Iida says, sitting up in surprise.

"I'm good, how about you?" Aizawa says with a little tenseness in his expression. 

"Fine, sir, of course. What can I do for you?" Iida asks the man. 

"You remember Principal Nedzu, I hope?"

"Yes." Iida bristles before growing a little colder. 

"He's gotten older and has developed cancer. His final wish is to see all of Class 3-A, especially those that were in the Student of the Year competition." Aizawa says. 

"I see. How bad has he gotten?" Iida asks. 

"Almost at the end of the road." Aizawa lowers his voice. "I called you because you still seem to be the best informant. Can I trust you to tell everyone? I would do it myself, but I'm already here and Nedzu is keeping me and Hizashi on our toes."  

"Yes, I'll tell everyone. You can count on me, sir." Iida says with a tone of finality.  

"Iida, you're a grown man, you don't have to call me sir anymore. Do you need their numbers?" 

"No, sir. And I don't think I will grow out of the habit. I'll get into contact with everyone tomorrow through social media." Iida says. 

"Thanks. I'll see you." Aizawa says.

"Yes. See you." Iida says and hangs up. 

Iida sits there before he moves to sit up in his blue pajamas. Gathering his thoughts. 

Some days in a person's life are unforgettable. The last day of the Student of the Year competition was one such day. There was always going to be one winner from the whole entire school. But, everyone lost something on that day.

The biggest lost was Principal Nedzu who started this competition twenty years ago. It ended up becoming his last year at U.A. After that day, he made himself far from everyone. Except for our homeroom teacher Mr. Aizawa, Mr. Yamada, Enji Todoroki, Mrs. Kayama, and Toshinori Yagi. All of whom were former students. No one else had access to his world. 

Iida could never forget the man, who always used to look like the most intimidating rat there could be. He always wondered where he was. How he was doing. But, the one question that always kept him awake at night from his years at U.A. was: Did all of this happen because of me?

And after ten years, he might be ready to find out the answer to that question. They all kept with each other on social media, and some bonds were strong enough to be mended so some relationships were still there. Heck, some were even cemented after graduation at Izuku's party. Iida personally, hadn't spoken to most of the class in ten years, but he has access to their numbers still as their class representative. He'll call all of them, but so much has happened he doesn't know if they'll all come. If he can get to a few they might be able to pass on the message to those who won't pick up. Well, he should probably get the easiest one out of the way. He picked up his phone to call Ochako, hopefully her mother was doing much better. This might put a damper on her mood, so he'll need that.