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move in, mess my place

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Eddie woke up and rolled over. He felt sore, like, everywhere. His head was pounding, indicating he drank last night (a rare occurrence). But that wasn't the weirdest thing. Next to him was some lanky ass boy with a mop of curls on his head. Eddie didn't do one night stands. Too risky. He didn't want to catch feelings for some deadbeat guy who couldn't communicate his feelings in words. He slowly glanced around the room, getting his bearings. 

The walls of the dorm room were covered with posters - mostly bands he hadn't heard of or movies that he hadn't seen. The room was an absolute mess, with clothes scattered across the floor. Eddie grimaced and fought the urge to start cleaning. The bed sitting across the room was made, clearly not slept in last night. That side of the room was neater, but not by much. It was still clearly the room of two college guys.

Eddie closed his eyes back as he planned how to get up and leave without waking his mysterious bedfellow. He swung his legs over the side of the bed as gently as possible and crept across the floor, gathering his shirt and shoes as he went. He was just opening the door when the other man suddenly roused and opened his mouth.

"Good morning, princess. Surprised you can walk after last night."

Eddie turned around, only to be met with a smirking man covered in hickies. He was beautiful, really. There's no other way to describe it. His pale skin was smattered with freckles, particularly across his nose. His lips were still kind of red from the night before. And, Eddie admitted, he was fucking hot. Instead of saying any of these things, Eddie went with,  "Don't call me princess." 

"How about you give me your number so I can just call you?"

Eddie scoffed. For a line, that was relatively weak. And yet, he was compelled. He fought the urge to comply with the dark haired man's request, simply quipping, "I don't think that's going to happen."

Eddie pulled his shirt over his head and turned around, closing the door behind him. He still didn't know the guy's name, but he figured it didn't matter. This was a one night thing. He made his way out of the dorm building, realizing he wasn't too far from his dorm. Thank God, because, honestly, the other guy was right: Eddie was having a hard time walking. He must have truly been tipsy to reveal to a stranger that he likes it rough. 

Eddie slowly padded his way back to his dorm, hoping Stan and Bill weren't up. They were great roommates, really, but he just did not want to answer their inevitable questions. It seemed he was not that lucky, because just as he turned his key in the doorknob, he was met with Stan and Ben's chatter. They were talking about next year's living arrangements. The three of them were going to try to get a house near campus, but they needed one or two more guys. They didn't have that many other friends, and the three of them were too picky to just go random. It had to be people they knew.

"Well, well, well. Welcome home." Stan uttered without looking up from his laptop. Ben glanced up, smiling at Eddie. Ben was always so comforting.

"Good morning." Eddie mumbled as he searched through his desk drawers for some advil.

Luckily the two guys didn't prod further into Eddie's sexcapades - they went right back to bickering about what house to put a down payment on. Ben wanted to put a down payment down now so they didn't lose the house they wanted, but Stan insisted that was improbable and they needed to find their other roommates first. Eddie was barely paying attention. For some reason, he was still thinking about that guy. The guy with the raven colored hair and porcelain skin. The guy that he honestly wished he had given his number. 

"What do you think, Eddie? We need a third opinion to decide." He was removed from his thoughts by Ben's question. He honestly didn't care all that much, especially because both of them had good points. He didn't really know what to say.

"Why don't we just try to find someone today? And then if we can't, we'll just pay the down payment and keep looking for people, but at least we tried beforehand?" 

"See, that would be a good idea, except we don't have anyone to ask." Stan replied, a little annoyed that he wasn't really winning this argument.

"I know this guy in my Writing Comp class. He told me that he and his roommate were thinking of moving off campus next semester. I could ask them? They could, like, come over tonight to chat."

"I guess." Stan muttered before going back to his laptop. He clearly wasn't pleased, but he seemed like he would at least go along with meeting these guys.

"What are their names?" Eddie questioned, wondering if he knew them.

"Uh, the guy in my class is named Bill. I don't know his roommate's name, though. I haven't met him, but Bill's a sensible guy so I can only imagine his roommate is, too."

Eddie nodded. He thought for a moment, deciding what to do. He should go study at the library, since he has a midterm this week. But all he wants to do is curl up in bed. Before he can do any of that, though, he's got to go shower. He's kind of proud of himself for going a night without showering, but he feels sticky all over and smells faintly of alcohol. He grabs his shower caddy and towel and heads down the hallway to the bathrooms, ready to wash the rest of last night off of him and hopefully stop thinking about the boy with the curls.


Eddie rubbed at his temples. He'd been studying for hours. Well, with occasional instagram breaks. He was trying to find his one night stand on instagram, but it was hard, seeing as he didn't know his name. He had been going through the tagged photos of his friends, hoping to see something that could lead him to the boy's profile. But alas, he had no luck. None at all. He sighed, and his phone buzzed. A text in his group chat with Ben and Stan.

Ben: bill is coming over at 5 to meet u guys. hes bringing his roommate too

Stan: Ever find out his name?

Ben: yea it's richie

Eddie: got it. i'll be there

Eddie switched his phone to do not disturb and tucked it away. It was already 3:30, so he had to buckle down and finish his work so he could head back to the dorm. He pushed his hair out of his eyes (it had gotten kind of long because haircuts in college are hard to come by) and returned to his notes. He struggled to keep his focus on the health practices of ancient Mesopotamia. His mind kept wandering back to the boy. But he used all of his self control and shoved the thoughts out of his head, instead focusing on this weird ancient tablet about gynecological health. He wished whatever he was studying was more captivating, but kept reading nonetheless. 

After about an hour, he decided he had done enough studying for today. He had until Thursday to keep studying, and it was Sunday, so he didn't need to totally burn himself out. Not yet. He glanced at his phone, seeing it was 4:45. Shit. He had wanted to get back to his dorm early enough to change and freshen up a bit, wanting to make a good impression, but at this rate, he would barely get there by 5:00. It was roughly a 15 minute walk back, and that's if he walks quickly. But he doesn't want to break a sweat, so he resigns to his fate of being late. Being a few minutes late isn't the end of the world. Well, at least he tries to convince himself that on his walk back. 

He finally reaches his building at 5:02, and heads for the elevator. He'd take the steps, but he's not really in the mood to climb all the way to their dorm on the eighth floor. He boards the elevator, smashing the "8" button and waiting as the elevator slowly climbs upwards. When he finally reaches the door, the can hear laughter inside. He takes a moment to collect himself and unlocks the door.

He's greeted by the five guys sitting around. "Hey, Eddie! This is Bill, and this is Richie!"

Stan motions to the two new guys in the room. Eddie doesn't even have time to focus on Bill, because he's too distracted by the lanky boy sprawled out across his bed. With his dark curls and pale skin, it's undeniable. It's the guy from last night.

"Well, hello there, princess." Richie says with a smirk, and Eddie can feel the flush in his cheeks.