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Swallowing Teeth

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If fear had a smell, Yoongi was sure he smelled of it now. It was hot and muggy like a summer day, but also cold and callous as it nipped at his fingers, every inch of his body quivering and breathing just as unstable. He couldn't see anything, a bag tightly wrapped around his head that smelled like all the ones before him, their perspiration and tears drenching the fabric. Yoongi tried not to let himself hyperventilate, he tried not to shake too badly, literally every piece of him petrified as his skin leaked into a cold sweat—fear. His entire body was definition of fear. 

Two stout arms pulled Yoongi along, leading him down a course forest path. He only knew that because of the occasional rocks that nicked into his feet or the broken branches that made him lose balance, the soil sinking between his toes. His whole body was bare, blindly walking naked towards some obscured event. Humans weren't allowed to see, no one knew what transpired beyond the invisible territorial line that divided humans and wolf. Only the selected chosen knew what transpired and well…

They never came back.

Yoongi’s small village tried to fluff the description of what it actually was, calling it a ceremony or even a blessing to be chosen, but Yoongi wasn’t stupid. He knew that was all bullshit, some lie to try and put their hearts at ease as if they were being whisked away to Nirvana. Humans and wolves had a mutual agreement through a treaty signed long ago by their forefathers. It stated the wolves wouldn’t over run their small population as long as they offered a human to them once a year.

The treaty was old, long since dated and kept in the archives of their town hall, so no one knew exactly why or how it happened, Yoongi finding it strange that they would only want one human instead of many, but the wolves kept their word, living in the foggy forest at the edge of the mountains. But every year was the same.

Every blood moon they asked for a sacrifice.

While Yoongi knew that he was being hauled to his death, cock out and not even his dignity left to keep to himself, he didn't know how he would die...and that's where the fear clocked in, his entire body screaming that he needed to run. That this wasn’t safe. That this was no blessing.

Trying his best not to let his sobbing grow louder, Yoongi sniffled, but he was sure they heard. Werewolves had flawless hearing, hell, they probably smelled his tears and the gross snot bubbling in his nose, the salt potent in the humid air.

Why was it him? Why was he picked and not anyone else? Did he upset someone and create a personal vendetta against himself? What did he do to be pointed at so aggressively by the council, thrown into the middle of the town square, and stared at by everyone with varied looks of pity and relief? He felt selfish wishing for one of the other villagers to be in his place and not him. Would he be just as relieved if he saw them taken away?

Why him? Why? 

"He's kinda calm compared to the rest, ain't he?" One of the wolves asked, tugged on Yoongi's arm. 

"Yeah, but he's still shaking like a bitch in heat." The other said, laughing. "I wouldn't be surprised if he pisses himself later."

Yoongi swallowed his sob as the wolves snickered, luring him further into the depths of the forest. 

It was dark and Yoongi knew it was evening as the crickets chirped and the droning of frogs echoed in the distance. He had been tied up since morning, as soon as the announcement was made, to prevent him from running. He didn’t know what time it was or how long it had been since then, his mind too blank to consider it. He couldn’t stop restating the words in his head that he had been chosen. He was given up like it was nothing…and no one even cared. No one.

Continuing to walk, he began to hear more signs of life, but not the kind he wanted to hear, low murmurs and chatter among other things. The inside of the bag brightened as they approached a light, the once dark space turning warm, but he still couldn't see, the fabric too thick to even give way to a silhouette. He didn't know if he wanted to see as the murmurs grew louder and the rustling of feet made way for them down the path that never ended.

Was this how he was going to die? With a bag wrapped around his neck, eyes veiled, and not even able to gaze at the trees or the sky one more time? Maybe he really would piss himself. If he was going to die, he at least wanted to see what was coming, maybe brace himself for the pain, but this was blind. Everything was blind and as the thought set into him, his breathing grew ragged. 

He could feel the stares on him, burning into his naked skin and sizing him up. Some laughed, some noisily licked their lips, and others even whined like he was something they wanted, but couldn’t have. If they were in human form, wolf, or a mixture of both, Yoongi couldn’t tell, but he was afraid. He wished that this was a bad dream and the bag over his head was just his eyelids holding him in some fever dream—but they weren't. 

They weren't holding him anywhere and that was wholly evident as one of the wolves crept closer and barked into his ear, making him jump and try to wrangle himself free. He shrieked, releasing the entirety of his fear that he’d been holding the entire walk as he yanked against the grip of the wolves. It was high pitched and not at all manly, and the other wolves got a kick out of it. 

"Did you hear that?" one of the wolves asked, wheezing. "Is that how all humans sound?"

"This one really is a bitch, huh?" The other said. 

"Maybe he's a long lost Omega. Hey, sniff his ass why don't you? Maybe we can fuck him and get some pups outta him before we get rid of him."

As if the chatter wasn't enough, the entire pack—Yoongi assumed, howled with delight, some going as far as to mock his scream.  Yoongi was crying harder now than ever. He didn't care that the wet streaks were dripping onto the bag, undoubtedly showing through, or that they could hear the sobs he no longer fought. He just wanted to go home—or be put out of his misery. Humiliation was not what he asked for, but he supposed he didn't know what he was asking for. He didn’t ask for any of this.

The area was warmer now, much better than the cold of the forest. Light flickered behind his bag and Yoongi swallowed hard when they stopped, the surface beneath his feet soft like moss. There was laughter and then an abrupt silence as the sounding of feet gave way for another pair. The hands on his arms released, Yoongi’s temporary guards stepping back, but not before one untied the taut knot around his neck and slipped the bag off his head. 

Yoongi winced at the unexpected change, covering his eyes with his hands as they adjusted to the lukewarm surroundings. Everything was fuzzy, but he could see dozens of figures standing around him, some on rocks, others on the ground, a few even laying in the tree like this was some boring brunch their parents forced them to come to. There were massive pits of flames that surrounded what looked like an alter, stone stairs ascending towards pillars with two wolf statues at the top—and in the center of them was a man. 

He was possibly the most striking man Yoongi had ever seen, the light of the fire dancing across his skin. The others bowed, stooping to one knee and holding a fist over their chest in salute. This must be the Alpha, Yoongi thought. He sure looked like it, just the color of his eyes enough to make Yoongi shake in his spot even more—although he was sure he had stopped shaking long ago, too petrified to move.

The wolves spoke in a language Yoongi didn't recognize, sounding like a prayer before raising their heads toward the high blood red moon and shouting, "To our Alpha, Seokjin!"

Seokjin returned the prayer with a low bow of his own, waving his hand for his people to stand up. In his other hand he held a dagger, one that looked sharper the longer Yoongi gawked at it.

Seokjin’s deadly eyes stared him down and his soft, plush lips parted into a small grin. "Hm, you may want to relax, Min Yoongi. If you keep sweating like that, it will only be easier to find you."

Find me? Yoongi wanted to ask, but his mouth fell open into a stupid look of awestruck instead. 

Seokjin laughed, stepping down the stairs. He was dressed a lot more casually than the rest, black jeans and a white tucked in t-shirt that had two buttons undone. He continued to play with the blade in his hand, the tip gently twisting against his finger. "I may not even need this if your scent is going to be this strong, but that takes some of the fun out of things, doesn't it?"

The rest of the pack agreed with hoots and hollers, Yoongi standing there awkwardly. The wolves didn't seem to even be paying his naked body any attention—not the attention that Yoongi thought of as he tried to self-consciously cover his hanging cock. He looked around the group, the pack consisting of so many different kinds of people, but his eyes landed on one in particular, one who stood by a tree just at the edges of the darkness. 

Their eyes shined through it like miniature moons and pupils like slits, resembling a cat more than a dog. Their hair was dark, a little messy, but they were tall and lean, wearing leather pants with chains looped around the pockets and a black shirt. They didn't seem as apart of the group as the rest, silent and sitting to the side, but their attention was entirely on Yoongi, never once breaking.

Yoongi’s legs shifted gawkily in the dirt, trying to look away, but couldn’t, completely transfixed on the wolf that sized him up in a way he couldn’t describe.

He only looked away as he heeded Seokjin approach him.

With each step Seokjin took, Yoongi's heartbeat grew louder, banging against his ear like a drum. It was the only thing he heard as he watched the Alpha stride towards him, still twirling that pretty little dagger between his fingers and his eyes shining the closer he became. 

He stopped just before him, but close enough that Yoongi could feel all the warmth flow off his body with the wind. Seokjin stood just a hair taller, but felt infinitely bigger as he tilted Yoongi's head up and stared deep into his eyes.

"Hm, how sad they picked someone as attractive as you are..." Seokjin clucked, his hand trailing down Yoongi's neck and to his shoulders where he gently rubbed it. 

Yoongi felt another cry bubble in his throat, one that didn't go unnoticed by Seokjin. It made him smile wider, his sharp canines peeking through his lips. "There, there Yoongi. This is the fun part."

Seokjin's hand crept further down Yoongi's shoulder, his fingertips feathering his skin and leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. He reached for Yoongi's wrists, pulling it up to chest height between them. Dipping his head down, his tongue snaked from his lips, licking across the veins there and wetting the skin. Yoongi wiggled, trying to pull himself away, but Seokjin held him firm, his fingers digging a little too deeply into his skin. 

"Oh, how nice." Seokjin whispered. "You're definitely one of the better tasting ones they've sent to us." 

Yoongi reached into himself to try and find the courage to speak, but before he could, there was a flash and then red splashing from his skin. The pain didn't register until Yoongi heeded what happened. Across his wrists was a narrow cut, one not deep enough to make him bleed to death, but one to hurt like hell, the pain blazing on his skin as he finally cried out, and tears close to falling again. 

Seokjin snickered, lifting the dagger up to his plump lips and grazing the blood stained metal across them. He sighed as he licked up the dripping residue, not so much trying to drink it, but spread across his lips, inside of his mouth, anywhere where he could leave just a taste of Yoongi for later—something to savor throughout the night. 

Seokjin let him go and as the blood dripped from Yoongi's wrist, he noticed how the air of the group had drastically changed. It was no longer dainty or humiliating, it was so tense Yoongi felt his bones might break from the sheer weight of the gazes on him. He tried not to look around, knowing that he would collapse as soon as he made any kind of contact, but he did. He had to see what was staring at him so intently. 

Surrounding him was an endless sea of yellow eyes, each one absorbed in the blood leaking from him. Yoongi spun around watching as the sea crashed into him, drowning what little there was remaining of his stability and—he really did piss his pants, a small trickle slopping onto the dirt at Seokjin’s feet. No one laughed, no one even seemed to care as they stared at him for what they were—werewolves, hungry werewolves with empty stomachs waiting to sink their teeth into any part of them that they were allowed. 

Something rustled beside him, Yoongi snapping his attention toward his left. He saw a younger boy, not much younger than himself, push through the pack and rush forward, completely animalistic with drool dripping from his mouth. With how he sprinted towards him, he didn’t even look human, body swaying awkwardly and bones cracking in strange directions. He was trying to shift.

Yoongi squeaked, too terrified to do anything except stand there as the boy was within meters of him. He closed his eyes, waiting for it all to be over, but a shadow darted in front of him, slamming the boy into the ground before Yoongi could even properly prepare himself. The boy growled, fighting against the larger figure by flailing his hands around, digging his fingers into their skin and popping his bones back into place, but the person was so strong it didn't seem to phase them.

Yoongi thought it was Seokjin, but from the side of him he heard a familiar laugh, Seokjin having never moved. 

Yoongi blinked, seeing that the one who had brought the mad boy down was none other than the man who had been standing by the trees. Upon closer inspection, Yoongi saw the bulk of his muscles, how they flexed against the boys straining movements and how calm he looked, the fire highlighting his flawless copper skin. Yoongi was glad he saved him, but knew it wasn't for him.

It was for his own purposes. 

"You know the rules." The man said, pressing the boys face deeper into the dirt, not letting him breathe until his mouth was filled with it. "Or has the sight of blood driven you mad?"

The boy coughed as Namjoon let him go, spitting up clumps of the soil along with a few broken pieces of twigs. He mumbled something in that foreign tongue from earlier, staring daggers at Namjoon and drawing himself off the ground, inching back into the circle.

Seokjin crossed his arms, staring the kid down, but then admiring the man as he stood up. "Thank you, Namjoon. I didn't even have to lift a finger."

Namjoon turned, glaring at Seokjin. If Seokjin seemed bigger than Yoongi, then Namjoon felt like a mountain, his height even rivaling the trees. If not for the original affirmation and ceremonial procedure, Yoongi would have thought Namjoon was the Alpha. 

Namjoon bowed low towards his leader. "Of course, wouldn't want you to do more than you already are."

His words held a slight bite of malice that Yoongi couldn't figure out and the smile Seokjin displayed was coy, more a fox than a wolf, as he maintained appearance for his pack. Yoongi was no werewolf, but he could feel tension between the two, one that had been simmering for a while.

"Much appreciated." Seokjin practically hissed. 

Namjoon stole a glance at Yoongi, his eyes returning to that same look he had before. Yoongi couldn't place it, but as all the other wolves stared at him, Yoongi could tell Namjoon was staring the hardest—the hungriest, the weight from his gaze alone making Yoongi's mouth go dry like he was gasping for air.

He raised a brow at him, before turning to walk away, returning to his position on the outskirts of the circle. Seokjin was silent as he did, calculating something in his mind, but he quickly continued his speech, opening his arms wide as if nothing had happened. 

"Tonight is the night of the blood moon!" He hailed, pacing around the area. “Tonight we get the ultimate feast—“ He gestured towards Yoongi, his eyes flashing red, “You, Min Yoongi.”

Yoongi knew it, but until he heard it he didn't want to believe it. He didn’t want to think he was nothing more than a late dinner to have, that his death was going to be for almost more than filling the stomach of these wolves. He had plans, a future, not this. Not this. 

Seokjin continued, tapping the dagger to his lips. “Human flesh is a delicacy now, as you know, but during the blood moon we…crave it. Far worse than any other night, but we are predators, we like to hunt our prey, not have it served to us like you humans do…” 

Yoongi thought the statement was funny, considering he was being served to them now. 

"My pack knows the rules, I’m sure, but you will be given ten minutes, Min Yoongi." Seokjin said. "After those ten minutes are up is when we go hunting. There is some positive for you though. If you can make it across the river due north of here before any of my pack catches you, you win your life and freedom. Sounds fair doesn't it? You even have a head start." 

Yoongi's eyes widened, holding his bleeding wrist. He said it as if ten minutes was a lot. That was nothing. Especially in a forest he didn't know how to navigate, and that these wolves roamed as their personal backyard. They'd find him before he could figure out one tree from the last, ripping him to shreds in less than a minute. 

Another tear fell from his eye, knowing that he'd never see daylight again, that this was his last night. He didn't bother to stop the tears falling from his eyes, but even if the hope was grim, there was still hope. He didn't know how much, he didn't even know where the damn river was and he was positive they weren't going to give him directions to it.

He could only pray and hope that, maybe, he would find it.

Nibbling his lip, Yoongi spoke for the first time, his voice hollow and quiet. "How many have survived this?" He asked. 

Seokjin tilted his head at him, surprised at his voice, but the smile on his face was far more haunting than anything that forest had to offer. 

"None." He said.  


Every eye felt like it was closing in on him, their breathing practically down his throat. His senses became hypersensitive, or maybe he had finally fallen to insanity, making up sounds in his head. He gulped, staring at the ground and trying to realize he was still alive, that he still had a chance, but when he looked up for a split moment his eyes once again landed onto the tall and lean sub-alpha leaning against the tree. Namjoon.

Seoking paused, gazing up at the moon. He checked his wrist, looking at the watch wrapped around it with a frown, counting down the seconds until he spoke again.

"And your ten minutes are" 

Yoongi didn't need to be told twice.

He bolted. 

Back stepping his way out of the circle pit, he darted through the opening of the pack and into the pitch-black forest, careful of the trees and fallen branches. He wasn't a fast runner, and he got winded easily, this all seemed hopeless from the start as the hazy orange light became darkness, nothing but the crunching of his feet on the rough earth and occasional hoot of an owl to give him comfort. His breathing was already sporadic, frantically trying to find which way to go, gazing at the trees as if they would point in the direction he needed to go with a sign. 

He had no idea. None. 

He had no idea where to go, he had no idea what to do, he had no idea when the wolves would start hunting him—as if he'd keep track of the time while trying not to collapse from cardiac arrest. Every sound was a threat, every shape from the corner of his eye was his possible end, everything was out to get him as Yoongi's mind slipped into insanity and it took everything he had not to curl up into a ball and rock himself into security. 

He had to keep running.

He didn't know how far he had gotten, but twisting around a tree too fast, he failed to notice the log fallen just on the other side, his ankle catching on it as he fell. Wincing, he rolled over, gripping onto his lightly bleeding wrist as dirt sprinkled into it. He quickly wiped it away, a pointless thing to do, but then he started at it, the wound red and swollen from irritation, but then it hit him. 

They were tracking him this way. 

How did he not think of this sooner? 

Scrambling to his feet, Yoongi snatched one of the sharper twigs from the ground, drawing it across his wound to make it bleed again. He ran to one of the closest trees, rubbing his blood across the bark, and then the next, and the next, and the next. As he ran, he made sure to rub his scent on varying trees, even taking a moment to run in one direction only to turn around and go another. The rough texture hurt each time, some small pieces sticking inside of the gash, but he knew a few seconds of discomfort would be better than the fangs waiting to dig even deeper into his skin. 

When he thought he had laid enough of a distraction, he sprinted, looking up at the stars to see if he could find some sense of direction. He knew little about the stars and which way they directed, but he knew that Venus was the brightest. He also knew that Venus was always the direction of home, no matter where he was. Seokjin had mentioned that the river was due north of here. His village was south. 

"Ok, Ok..." Yoongi mumbled, trying to find a break in the branches and leaves. There was little, it being difficult to make anything out. Cursing to himself, he about gave up on the idea when he caught sign of a blazing white star in the pale blackened night. There it was. Oh Gods, there it was.

He tried not to smile, not getting his hopes up too much, but his heart wasn't panicking wildly, a wave of happiness flourishing in him. Maybe he would escape. Maybe he would be able to make it back home as the one who lived. Maybe —

A loud howl broke his thoughts. For as much running as Yoongi did, it sounded closer than he thought it would. Like the tide, his happiness only lasted a moment, quickly draining into the depths of the icy depths of the ocean. 

"Gods, please..." Yoongi plead to the night, backing up into a run again. 

He tried to control his thoughts, but this forest liked to play tricks on him, his panic spiking. He could hear the stampeding of feet, lagging tongues and panting breaths as the wolves chased him, their teeth sharp and senses sharper. He could still hear Seokjin's ringing laugh and he could still feel the fixation of Namjoon's eyes on him, following him into the darkness. 

Would one of them get to him first? What would they do with him? Would they toy with him? Watch him bleed out as they licked up the spilling blood? Yoongi couldn't let that happen. He couldn't let them rule his thoughts when he was already so far ahead and so close to being free. He knew he was. He just knew it. 

While Yoongi wasn't too sure how strong a werewolf was, there were no rules against him trying to fight back—as pitiful as the attempt may be. He tried to find something as he ran, maybe a sharp enough branch or something left behind from travelers long ago, but he was sure that the wolves would have picked clean anything left behind.

A weapon gave their prey too much of a fighting chance. 

He heard another howl, then another, all of them in different directions. Truly pack hunters, separating to find their future kill, but from what Yoongi could tell they came from the direction of his decoyed blood, not too close, but not too far. At least the plan halted them for a moment longer, allowing Yoongi more time to fly through the trees.

He felt himself losing breath faster by the second, unable to take the strain on his body for much longer. He took a moment to grab his knees, sucking in deep breaths and trying not to puke, but the spit was thick enough to tell him he was close. Insides throbbing and his skin burning, everything hurt and screamed at him like he was crazy for pushing himself this hard, but even over the roaring pain of his body he heard something sweet. It was something refreshing and something he had wanted to hear since he started running.


"Haaa..." Yoongi huffed, not believing his ears. Was that the river? Was that it? Did he actually make it?

He almost didn't believe it, thought the forest was playing tricks on him again, but the harder he stressed to listen, the more he realized it wasn't a dream. It was real. It was real...

Yoongi couldn't contain himself as he broke into another sprint, ignoring the throbbing his body was going through. He was about to be free. He was going to live with only a cut on his wrist to serve as a bad memory. He — 

He saw it too late. 

He was so preoccupied by the rushing water, the opportunity of freedom, that he failed to notice the russet wolf running up besides him, leaping into the air and knocking into him. It pinned him to the ground and Yoongi screamed, a stupid thing to do, but he couldn't help it as the wolf latched its fangs on his legs, sinking deep into the flesh as it dragged him back into the forest. 

Yoongi used his free leg to kick hard into the dogs face, trying to get it to let go of him, but it didn't budge, only growling as if it had claimed its prize and no one else was to have it. But Yoongi didn't stop. He kept trying, over and over, digging his heel into the wolf's eye, which seemed to work better as it whined, releasing some of its grip. It all hurt so bad, but Yoongi’s mind faded to white as he only focused on surviving.

Yoongi gave it another hard kick, the wolf releasing its teeth on Yoongi's now bloody leg with a yelp. He was totally defenseless, not a single thing to aid him as he struggled to stand. He tried to run, but his wounded leg screeched to his step, making him fall over and grab onto the trunk of a tree. Desperately digging his fingers into it, Yoongi hoped that somehow he'd magically climb it and be safe, but even his fingers felt far too weak, slipping off the bark, body too over exerted from the prior strain. 

He twisted around, hearing the wolf snarl behind him, Yoongi's blood staining the tips of it's teeth as it greedily licked at it. He felt like everything stopped, his life about to end thanks to the jagged rows of fangs racing towards him. Nothing felt real as the slow movements of the world allowed him to stay alive for just a few seconds longer, maybe enjoy the scenery and the sky once more like Yoongi had hoped he could. 

Yoongi wanted to look at the sky, but when did the sky come to earth?

Why were there two miniature moons in the forest?

Everything moved slow, but the burning yellow moons moved faster, growing in the forest until Yoongi's mouth fell from the beast that leapt from the depths. Reflecting in the slim light were the outlines of a massive jet-black wolf, the sheen of its fur reflecting against it. The padding of its feet bellowed its mass, everything trembling beneath it like the stomping of a horse. Yoongi was stunned; mouth agape as it only grew in size the closer it came, its lips pulled back to show its white fangs.

Apparently, the russet wolf noticed Yoongi’s shock as well, stopping its pursuit to twist its head around, but it noticed too late what was behind it, stuck in a half turn as the other opened its massive mouth and tore into the others shoulder.  

The black one was at least twice the russets size, them but a mere shadow. It growled as it was dragged across the ground, using its paw to scrape at the others face, but it wasn't at a good enough angle, barely grazing it with the tips of its claws. 

It was thrown away from Yoongi and towards a tree, the black wolf snarling as it stood in front of him, tail flicking wildly and the hair on its neck bristled. Even the growl from the wolf’s throat was thunderous, the vibration hitting Yoongi and fizzing across his skin. He wanted to get up, use this moment to pull himself away, but it felt hopeless, his pathetic body traumatized and frightened to stone. 

The other barely yelped, not staying down for long. It roared back to life charging at the much larger and snapping at its face as it stood on its hind legs trying to bat as it with its paws. It managed to land a blow across the others face, the black wolf then standing and snarling as it tried to tear into the other, their bodies fiercely colliding.  

Yoongi had never seen such a thing. The fight was purely carnivorous, no longer the once seemingly sane tribe who had morals and some kind of law. This was purely animalistic, the fight nothing but a mess of fur and snapping teeth. This fight was nothing more than one for food both of them wanted… 

From sheer size alone, the black one seemed to have the upper hand, but the smaller one was giving it a good effort, as good as it could give, but Yoongi's mouth dropped when he saw the smaller's head turn just the wrong direction, and the black one taking that chance into its clutches. 

It's teeth locked around the russets gullet, it squirming in its hold as its legs kicked at its face, but the black wolf threw the wolf down and into the dirt, the situation resembling something Yoongi had seen earlier. 


The black wolf forced the other steady, it squirming under it's paws and trying to bite, but as the paws held the wolf in place, the teeth did the rest, crushing into its throat with a loud crack as it twisted it hard inside its maw, snapping its neck. The wolf gave a final yelp before falling silent, body completely still on the ground. 

Yoongi only stared, the black wolf drawing its mouth off the dead one, and thick blood stringing from its lips, them pulled back into a crazed smile. It was smiling at its victory.

Everything moved in slow motion again. Yoongi watched the wolf turn, its paws alone the size of his face, sounding like tremors on the forest floor. He watched the raging red tongue dangling for its mouth, the skin clinging to the tips of its teeth, and the gaze it held at it stared Yoongi down—and he could only stare back, realization sinking in.

That same stare. Those some eyes. Yoongi knew this wolf. 

It was Namjoon

Yoongi’s entire body shook. 

He was shaking so bad his teeth chattered like it was winter, unable to get warm no matter how much friction they created. Namjoon’s tongue dangled from his mouth as it leaked blood all over the forest floor, his breaths similar to drafts of wind. He didn't care about the rules; he didn't care what his punishment would be for killing one of their pack members. He just wanted Yoongi dead.

He wanted Yoongi's flesh all for himself. 

Namjoon guzzled the fear on Yoongi's face as he panted, his heart visibly racing inside his ribcage. 

As he spun around, tail sweeping behind him, Yoongi noticed something off about Namjoon's appearance. He had never seen wolves, but he'd been around enough dogs to know that they, probably, had similar anatomy—and between Namjoon's leg was the growing redness of a hard knot.

Namjoon brought himself to eye level with Yoongi as he gazed deep into Yoongi's soul. He expected him to jump and attack him, but he didn't. Unlike the other who had been zealous about spilling his blood, Namjoon seemed more interested in observing, slowly creeping towards him. Besides the small crackling of leaves beneath his feet, the world was silent, even the river sounding like a far off dream as Yoongi was apprehended by Namjoon’s aura.

Yoongi whimpered, horrified, tears threatening to fall and create his own river—and that excited the wolf more. His eyes strayed away, seeing the wolf’s twitching cock and hearing the low grumble in its throat, virtually moaning at Yoongi's fear. 

Namjoon maintained his unhurried pace, as if watching Yoongi shivering against the bare tree was some sick form of foreplay for him, his cock only growing in size the closer he came, but as his shadow grew, Yoongi shrank, slipping further into the dirt until Namjoon hovered over him.

Yoongi pulled his legs towards himself, but Namjoon brushed his muzzle against Yoongi’s knees, forcing his legs apart—and Yoongi was too weak to fight it, allowing them Namjoon to push them away. His legs spread out with another shiver; Namjoon whining at the pathetic display Yoongi gave him. Legs wobbling, arms shaking, chest heaving, and eyes as wide as the moon, Yoongi could only imagine how he looked in the gaze of the half hard wolf.

He positioned himself on top of  Yoongi, stepping between his legs and carefully lowering his hips until his bare cock rubbed against Yoongi’s. He gasped, feeling the warmth and wetness of the other, wiggling between the wolf’s study legs. Namjoon rocked into him, sliding himself against Yoongi and creating friction for himself as another low growl rumbled from his throat. Yoongi huffed, feeling the wetness cover him, but he also couldn't ignore the feeling in his gut as he flirted with death. 

Namjoon looked down his snout at him, licking his chops as a flick of blood splattered Yoongi’s face. He wanted to wipe it away, but couldn't look away from the golden eyes and blood oozing from his maw like paste. Letting his mouth hang open, Namjoon discharged the thick strands of blood, pouring them down Yoongi's rounded cheeks as he continued to rub himself against him.

Yoongi blinked, trying not to think about it, but he did. That would be his blood soon, sullying the fur around his nose as his long pink tongue licked it away.

Lowering his head, Namjoon lapped up the blood on his face with a whine, sinking his hips even more into Yoongi to apply more pressure to himself. Yoongi squirmed, panting as his cock was teased, placing his hands on the wolf’s front paws and trying to pull himself up, but he was locked in place with his legs spread and a beast grinding against him.

He felt a small dribble leak onto him, spreading out as Namjoon worked himself. He rumbled, his mouth opening just slightly as his tongue wiggled from his lips and his pace quickened. He tasted Yoongi's fear on his buds, Yoongi stiffening as his fingers wrapped tighter around the wolf’s ankles. He whined when Namjoon shifted his hips just a little, rolling his thrusts to stimulate Yoongi. He was toying with him, watching how he could not only make his prey fear him, but worship him as well. Make him cry out with pleasure, maybe moan his name. Yoongi had been afraid, pissed himself in front of an entire pack of hounds, but he wouldn’t stoop so low. 

It took him by surprise when Namjoon drove into him even faster, rocking him against the tree with heavy thrusts. Yoongi wiggled more, gasping and whimpering as he tried to kick himself away, but Namjoon didn’t allow that. Sinking his teeth into Yoongi's shoulder, he held him still as he jerked himself off on him, grunting with each push.

Yoongi shrieked, tears on the brim of his eyes as the teeth tore through his skin and clanged against the bone, latching onto him. He felt Namjoon's tongue wiggle against the spilling blood, a muffled moan in his throat as he adjusted his front paws to better fuck into Yoongi.

Yoongi finally let go, sobbing as he could only shove against the Alpha rocking into him, sipping his blood like juice, and cum growing thicker by the second. He hated even more that the wetness felt warm against his cold body, his cock bathing in the heat that drenched it. It felt good, but not in the way Yoongi wanted it to. It was more a desperate need for some kind of comfort accompanied by forced stimuli.

Letting his head fall back into the tree, he moaned cock sensitive and tingling at being pooled in Namjoon's sopping cum. Namjoon panted, his tail brushing along the ground behind him as he pushed against him even harder, Yoongi's body feeling light and empty.

With a final groan, Namjoon’s cock twitched against Yoongi's skin as thick cum splashed all over him. Yoongi closed his eyes, expecting it to hit his face, but it only fell between his chest and slipped down his bare nipples, covering him with a blistering warmth.

The wolf seemed to sigh with relief as it pulled its maw off Yoongi's shoulder, but not before digging his tongue into the pink flesh of the would, slurping up the blood that dripped from it. Yoongi turned his head to the side, wincing at how badly it stung. He might as well have been using his fingers to dig into it, his tongue coarse and not at all gentle as it swirled inside each one.

Namjoon rubbed the side of his face against Yoongi's and he could almost imagine Namjoon’s human hand caressing his face, telling him what a good boy he was. For being absolutely terrifying, his fur was soft like a cloud, and Yoongi wanted to run his fingers through it. He wished this was just some over-sized dog, being a bit too ravenous with its affections, but the pull on its lips that turned into a wicked smile told differently.

Namjoon crawled off Yoongi, taking a few steps back. He sat down, tail wrapped around him, watching as Yoongi hurriedly tried to catch his breath. Wasn't he going to eat him? Rip him to shreds? Why was he just staring at him? 

Yoongi turned his lips into a line, words stuck in his chest. "...What...what do you want?" He finally asked.

The question sounded stupid in Yoongi's head, but he didn't know what else to say, dumbfounded as to why the silence between them was the only thing happening.

Namjoon's ears flicked forward, his snout tipping towards where the sound of the water was coming from. Was he guiding him? Telling him to go towards the river? Yoongi...felt like this was too easy, but Namjoon didn't stop him as he stood, using the tree behind him for balance. He felt disgusting, sticky residue all over his thighs and crotch, but he supposed it was better than not having a lower half at all. If all Namjoon wanted was to use him as a fuck toy, Yoongi could live with that.

His shoulder pulsed with pain, Yoongi covering the massive bite mark. He watched the wolf who only watched him back, waiting for him to speak or make a move, but he didn’t, only nodding his nose again as if saying “go ahead."

Yoongi swallowed hard, limply walked around one of the trees.

Still silent.

Still only observing as Yoongi walked, not even ran, away.

Yoongi felt uneasy, unable to take his eyes off from behind him. When he was far enough that the wolf was out of sight, he found enough energy in his body to run once again.

The wolf didn't follow him.

He blinked, turning his head around to check again.

This was definitely too easy. 

He kept up a steady pace; following the sounds of the river until it sounded so close he could taste the water floating in the air. It peaked through the trees, the rushing water looking better than he ever expected it to be,and the rocks glossy under its powerful flow. He never knew he'd be so happy to see a fucking river, something so common back home, but water never looked so good. 

Home. That was a nice thought. Although, he was unsure if he could ever go back home with how easily the village had thrown him out. How could he look the people in the eye who voted to have him stuck on a plate and served to wolves? He would only be angry, but perhaps this gave him a moment to start something new. Find a new home, start a new life, make new friends. Yoongi always did like new beginnings.

Walking between a set of trunks, his mouth dropped in awe as he watched the river course down the trench, the greenery brighter than anywhere else in the forest. He breathed in the air, his lungs filling with not only moisture, but relief. 

He made it.

He fucking made it.

As he hurriedly dashed down the small bank, a few sharp edges clipping and cutting his toes, he didn't even care as he dashed across the grass and towards the river—but as he dashed, he heard another pair of feet running with him, those same thunderous paws that made the earth shake.

His very blue world faded and became very red, Yoongi's heart falling into his gut.

He tried jumping, not looking back at the monstrous fangs that he knew were opening up behind him, the heat from its breath hitting his back. Yoongi stretched his hand forward, hoping that somehow he could grab onto one of the branches across the stream, but he only grabbed empty air as massive teeth grasped his already wounded leg.

He hit the ground hard with a gasp, a rock slashing his forehead. He wailed as the river was just in reach, being dragged away from it and up the small rift, sobbing as it left his reach. He was so close. Why him? Why? 

He tried doing the same as he did with the other wolf, kicking and twisting his heel into Namjoon's eye, but Namjoon grew tired of that very quickly, his lips pulling back as he growled. Faster than Yoongi could squirm free, Namjoon seized Yoongi's other leg with his mouth, not hesitating to bite down hard enough to snap it. Yoongi screamed, clawing at the ground as he tried to get away, but only flopped around uselessly, tears falling down his eyes. With Yoongi immobilized, Namjoon wrapped his mouth around his other leg, snapping it as well and Yoongi screamed, rendered completely useless and unable to stand.

He sucked in a breath, trying to conceal the pain searing through his legs and up to his head. His body yelled at him that he was hurt, he was in pain, that he needed help.

Anything, him.

The wolf moved off him, having his prey exactly where he wanted it. Yoongi wasn't going anywhere and he knew that. All he had to do was watch Yoongi whine in pain and agony, pathetically clutching his fractured legs.

Bones cracked, and Yoongi flinched thinking it was more of his own, but instead he saw the wolf decompress itself, his bones realigning to make the form of a human, hair receding into nothing. Standing in the red moonlight was the figure of Namjoon, his toned body living up to his strength.

Yoongi wept, sobbing pitiful pleas for help as Namjoon walked around and laughed at him. "Pretty impressive stunt you tried to pull with your blood." He said, clapping his hands. "No one has ever tried to do that before. The rest of the pack may have been stupid enough to fall for it, but...well, I’m sure you can see it doesn't fool everyone."

Yoongi was in so much pain he shook, barely able to configure what Namjoon was saying to him. "You're a monster..." Yoongi whispered.

The words delighted Namjoon.

"Hardly. I just like having fun." He said stooping down, "Which is exactly what I’m doing with you."

"...And killing your pack mate wasn't monstrous? Aren't you all family oriented?"

Namjoon chucked, dimples showing on his face. "He was in my way and had been causing problems for a while. Seokjin is too compassionate to take care of issues when he sees them. I'm just doing him one more favor."

The smile on his face was conniving, snide, and Yoongi could see that not only did he mean the fellow wolf, he also meant himself, a problem not properly taken care of. The only reason he was still with the pack was thanks to Seokjin's sympathy. Yoongi didn't think what he was doing was very considerate, the whole tribe fucked, but Yoongi almost wished it were Seokjin instead of Namjoon hovering over him now. Seokjin might have had the decency to end his life quickly instead of playing with him like a cat with a rat.

Maybe he should have offered himself to the head Alpha instead.

Namjoon stood, walking over to Yoongi's broken legs as he stepped on them, twisting the bone against his heel. Yoongi cried out, Namjoon's golden eyes fiercer than ever.

"You want to live, don't you? Crawl. Crawl you fucking maggot."

Yoongi screeched as Namjoon twisted his foot harder, shifting the bones into awkward angles. Yoongi wasn’t to get away…anything. So he did as he was told.

Digging his fingers into the dirt, Yoongi hauled himself towards the coursing river at turtle speed, his legs feeling like bricks. He couldn't go any faster, his shoulder still flaring and entire body weak with exhaustion, but still he tried. Anything to make Namjoon stop stepping on him so mercilessly.

He crawled, Namjoon only watching as he always did. His sight started getting blurry, the river looking so far away as his vision turned into a tunnel. He forced himself to focus on something small, like the blades of grass in front of his face, and with each pull of himself he started thinking of little things that made him happy. The sunrise, the smell after the rain, writing in his old journal back home. He wondered if anyone would find it. He wished he could detail his thoughts now, although maybe running a bloody hand along the page would be enough.

He thought about how much he loved to look at the moon, especially when it was full.

It felt like he was crawling for hours, hand over hand, the river eventually going quiet. Everything was so quiet he didn't hear Namjoon shift back into his wolf form and tower over him, Yoongi reaching his wobbling hand forward, trying to make it, to survive, wanting the river to take him instead of this wolf.

Namjoon used his massive paw to kick Yoongi over onto his back, pinning him down into the grass as he opened his spit lathered jaw wide enough for Yoongi to see into its depths and see just how hungry his stomach was.

There were no thoughts as the maw came down, sinking into Yoongi’s chest and ripping away a massive chunk of flesh, the blood flying into the air like raindrops. Yoongi knew he cried out, but he didn't hear it, he knew that Namjoon was snarling as he greedily bit into him again, humming as his teeth ripped away more of the flesh on his bones.

Everything was so red, the sky, the grass, his skin, the flowing river—Namjoon's fierce maw, pieces of Yoongi sticking to it. He couldn't hear much, but he heard Namjoon sloppily swallowing and devouring him, his lips smacking like it was the finest piece of meat he had in his life. least Yoongi was good for that.

He stopped fighting, his hands and body going completely numb as Namjoon ate his fill, never planning to let him go and Yoongi only played along. He knew. He knew all along, but what else could he do? It would be the same end result if he waited or not, some other wolf running to get him, and maybe Namjoon would let them have him.

At least he got to look at the sky one final time, watching as his organs slid down Namjoon’s bobbing throat.

At least he got to see the moon stained with his blood. 


Seokjin dashed through the forest, his white fur radiant even in the night. He smelled blood, but not only Min Yoongi's, there was also the scent of one of their own. He followed it, seeing some of his pack wandering around, their tails between their legs as they stared at him. They were scared, but scared of what?

Following the scent further, he saw two of his more faithful wolves standing over a body. As Seokjin trotted closer it was the boy from earlier, the massive bite on his neck clogged with blood and eyes wide open. The others backed away, allowing Seokjin to come closer and inspect it, sniffing at the mark. He sneezed, knowing that scent far too well.

So that's why the others had looked at him so fearfully. It belonged to Namjoon, the biggest wolf in their pack. No one ever challenged him except for Seokjin who had put him in his place many times, but now...he was becoming a threat.

Running away from the two, he left them with the responsibility of cleaning up the body while he followed the heavy scent of blood down towards the river. As he approached it he saw the tanned back of who he was looking for, wolf form shed, and his human shape sitting in a pool of guts and innards.

He held something in his hand, taking a messy bite between his teeth and swallowing it, pausing once he heard someone else behind him. His yellow eyes were bright and face tarnished in blood that he licked at, cleaning the small pieces stuck in the corners of his mouth. His entire body was covered in filth, from his hands holding the unidentifiable organ, down to his feet that straddled what Seokjin could only assume used to be hips.

Not many wolves ate while like this, but Namjoon sucked some of the gunk off his fingers, smiling and taking another bite.

"Oh, Seokjin." He said between chews, "How nice of you to join me."

Seokjin's eyes narrowed as he stepped forward, shifting into his other form. He didn't want to step into the gore filled scene, keeping somewhat of a distance between himself and Namjoon. "You killed one your own." Seokjin said sternly, getting straight to the point.

Namjoon slowed his chews, looking up at Seokjin with childlike eyes. "Did I? I thought he was more like an animal than apart of the tribe."

"That is not your decision to make." Seokjin scolded, his anger flaring.

Namjoon stopped chewing completely, tossing the organ to the side as he stood up. Seokjin kept his stance steady as he looked at the other Alpha, a fire burning between them. Seokjin didn't know what had happened to the small pup he had taken in so long ago, growing into the creature standing before him now, blood dripping down every inch of his body. Did Seokjin not see it in time? Or was he the cause of why he was like this?

Seokjin stood proud, his hands balled into tight fists and his expression furious.

Namjoon smirked, walking forward and patting Seokjin's shoulder.

"Soon it will be my decision to make." He whispered, leaving Seokjin behind. 

Seokjin let him leave, staring at the boy from the village whose body was beyond recognition. 

Seokjin knew that just like him, his days were numbered...and he couldn't do anything about it, his pack gone from his hold before he had even lost it.