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You're adopted! And YOU'RE adopted! YOU'RE ALL ADOPTED!

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                Izuku smiled through his nervousness as he looked at the group of children in front of, he and his classmates. The adult was laughing and called on a little girl who was trying to jump out of her seat with effort.

                “Yes Cindy? What question do you have?”

                The little girl shot out of her seat and shouted, in one single breath, her question.

                “Yes, hi so uh Mr. Deku, are you All Might’s son?”

                It took everything Izuku had to not shut down in utter defeat as Shouto stifled laughter from the other side of the room. His classmates were trying their best to hide their smiles… save Kacchan, who started openly laughing, doubled over from how much he was doing so.

                “Ah… no, I am not. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a father, however. He’s a good man and a wonderful teacher.”

                The girl did not look convinced as she sat back down. Izuku was grateful she had been the last question of their little “interview”, because as soon as he was able to, Izuku bolted for the door to go hide his beet-red face and avoid his boyfriend’s teasing. As Izuku vanished, the class of 2-A looked at each other in amusement. Kaminari spoke first, a big stupid grin on his face.

                “So, we’re pranking him, right?”

                “Dang right we are.”

                “Bakugou… did you just say ‘dang’?”

                “Shut up Round Cheeks! Sensei said he’d start cutting my grade again if I swore around the little brats…”

                The class laughed as Aizawa herded them back to the U.A bus, hiding his small smile within his capture weapon as his kids chatted loudly. This was going to end horribly; he just knew it… maybe he could get the adoption papers ready again…


                “Oi! Deku, your old fart’s on the phone!”

                Izuku briskly ran into the common area and grabbed the phone from the blonde, happily speaking into the phone.

                “Hey dad!”

                There was a sound of panic and coughing before a familiar voice spoke.

                “Y-Young Midoriya!”

                Izuku froze for a solid minute before his brain re-booted.

                “All Might oh my god I’m so sorry, Kacchan said my dad was on the phone so I just assumed, ohmygodi’msosorryAllMight!”

                Izuku was beyond embarrassed as All Might composed himself and gave a small chuckle.

                “I will speak with Young Bakugou about this my boy… it is, however, nice to see him jesting with you in such a manner! There will come a day you can look back and laugh with him on this moment… now as for what I was calling about….”

                In the other room, the rest of the class was attempting to not laugh as Bakugou triumphantly entered the room. Deep within the school, Principal Nezu was also laughing as he pulled up certain legal forms and printed them. He paused for a moment before printing several more copies, stacking them neatly into several piles. He was grinning wildly as he did so, calmly getting up to walk to the teacher’s lounge. Once he was there, he quietly set the stacks on his employees’ desks. He walked calmly out of the room and made a mental note to delete the security footage within that timeframe. This was going to be an interesting experiment to say the least.



                Izuku sighed heavily as he followed Shouto down the hall, holding his hand loosely. His stomach had dropped when his boyfriend said his father wanted to invite him over for dinner, which struck Izuku as odd seeing as Shouto never addressed Assdeavor as “Dad”. Still, Izuku couldn’t say no to the dual-quirked boy…especially the with the gleam in his eyes as he’d spoken. Izuku should have known better when the door to an apartment opened and Shouto dragged him inside, loudly announcing their arrival and some distinctly non-trash fire voices replied.

                “I’m home with ‘Zuku Dad!”

                “All Right then little listeners! C’mon in!”

               “Make sure Problem Child closes the door so Taco doesn’t escape.”

                Izuku looked on in shock as his classmates lounged around the apartment comfortably, as well as someone he recognized as Shouto’s brother. The group turned and said words of greeting, much to Izuku’s confusion.

                “Bout damn time you got here half n’ half! Pops wanted to make Katsudon for your fucking Deku.”

                To the side, Uraraka laughed gleefully.

                “Aww! Kacchan called him ‘your’ Deku! That’s adorable!”

                From deeper within the apartment, Izuku recognized Midnight’s voice as it rang out.

                “Ochaco, be nice to your cousins.”

                Uraraka pouted, but her eyes were full of silent laughter.

                “He started it Mom!”

                Midnight poked her head out from the hallway, sighing as she shook her head.

                “Doesn’t mean you have to finish it. Go find your brother, I think he’s still tormenting Kaminari and Sero.”

                Izuku watched in growing confusion as Uraraka walked over to where Iida, Sero and Kaminari were seated together, the latter two clearly getting a kick out of the other’s passionate speech.

                “Uh… what’s going on?”

                Izuku.exe had stopped working and his mouth was hanging open. Asui walked over to the poor boy and closed it for him, speaking softly.

                “Aizawa-sensei and the other teachers adopted all of us. You really shouldn’t have your mouth open like that Midoriya-kun; you’ll catch flies, and that’s my job, ribbit.

                With a smirk Bakugou walked over and lightly knocked the smaller boy over the head. His eyes sparkled with calmness despite his harsh tone.

                “We were fuckin waiting on you two. Go set the table with Pops Half n’ Half. Deku is on babysitting duty with Kouda.”

                Izuku was pushed towards the corner, where the quiet boy was sitting and playing with both Eri and Mirio, who was laughing loudly as his boyfriend, Amaijki, was standing directly in the corner.

                “It’s about time you made it Midoriya-kun! Dad was getting worried about you two!”

                Izuku’s face fell momentarily as he spoke.

                “Aizawa-sensei adopted you too??”

                Mirio smiled proudly.

                “Not this year no! I’ve been his legal son since last year… it was right around the time Fatgum adopted Amajiki I think!”

                The boy in question groaned quietly as he turned slightly, speaking quietly.

                “I thought Dadgum was going to fight Aizawa for Riot… they settled on joint custody… why does this keep happening….?”

                Izuku… couldn’t really argue with that as he sat down obediently and smiled at Eri, who was now a beaming seven-year-old girl with a decent handle on her quirk. Izuku remained in that group for fifteen minutes before there was loud knocking at the door. The room fell silent and Bakugou stood up slowly and calmly opening the door, blocking the view into the apartment as a woman’s voice carried throughout the room.

                “Provisional Hero Nitro, correct? Sorry to bother you but are you available for an interview??”




                “Just give us one good statement and we’ll let you be!”

                “No. Pops said if you people continue to pester my classmates and I, given we are minors, it’s harassment. Harassment is a crime and we can legally kick your ass.”

                It was silent for a solid minute before Mic’s voice sounded out.

                “Hell yeah I did! Now please leave my son alone!”

                With that, the ashen blond closed the door and returned to Kirishima’s side and the chatter resumed once more. Soon enough Aizawa called everyone to the dinner table, only for the door to open and three figures stepped in.

                “Sorry we’re late dad! We ran into a stray runaway on the way over.”

                In the entry way was what Izuku recognized as Shouto’s siblings, Natsuo and Fuyumi, and... the villain Dabi? Aizawa didn’t seem fazed as he grabbed extra plates.

                “It’s okay honey, you’re just in time for dinner… oh and Touya?”

                Dabi lowered his head slightly as he rasped.

                “Yeah old man?”

                “You’re grounded. Get on the fridge.”

                The man grumbled as he climbed up.

                “This family is a fucking nightmare…”

                After about ten minutes Aizawa allowed Dab… Touya off of the fridge to eat his dinner. Izuku was still confused as fuck, but he decided to let it happen in silence. Once dinner was finished, there was a knock on the door and it opened to reveal Snipe.

                “Ready to go buckaroo?”

                Hakagure squealed as she bounced over, hand-in-hand with Shoji, who was blushing profusely.

                “You bet dad! See you at school guys!”

                 The small family (?) was quickly replaced by Fatgum, who accepted the rocket-hug that was Kirishima happily, Amajiki trailing over carefully.

                “Thanks for inviting the boys to dinner Aizawa!!”

                The teacher nodded quietly, gathering dishes as he did so.

                “Be sure to work on Kirishima’s endurance. He can hold Unbreakable for almost three minutes now. I want that to improve.”

                The hero laughed and nodded.

                “Of course, of course!”

                Midnight stood up and stretched, gently guiding Uraraka, Iida and Tokoyami towards the door.

                “I’m calling it a night for us too. Tell your friends good night kiddos.”

                The group obliged and left with their mother (?). Izuku spoke as what was happening finally caught up with him.

                “Okay I expected this from everyone else… but why Tenya of all people??”

                Mic laughed as he leaned on, his eyes glimmering.

                “He agreed because it’d give his brother a heart attack.”

                Off to the side, Kaminari sighed loudly.

                “How come everyone else got adopted??”

                Aizawa glared at him over the dishes.

                “Because they aren’t dating my son.”

                From Kaminari’s lap, Shinsou rolled his eyes.

                “Not my fault dad!”

                The sink cut off as Aizawa came around to face his son head on.

                “Hitoshi, what was my one rule?”

                “Don’t fall in love with a dumb loud blond…”

                “And what did you do?”

                “…I fell in love with a dumb loud blond…”

                Mic stood up, grabbing a cat and placing it in his husband’s hands effortlessly.

                “Aw but look where that got you! Over twenty children, a hard-working husband and three cats!”

                “… Fair enough…”

                The sweet silence was broken by Mina’s excited squeal and Bakugou’s deadpan voice.

                “That’s disgusting pops. Don’t do that mushy stuff in front of the fucking kid!”

                Without breaking eye contact with his husband, Aizawa barked an order at the boy.


                Bakugou grumbled but complied. After a few minutes, Aizawa checked his phone and sighed.

                “Problem child, your mother will be here soon. She’s picking you up with your father.”

                Izuku nodded and dedicated his remaining attention to Shouto, who was tracing patters on Izuku’s arm absentmindedly frosting him slightly as he did so. Izuku didn’t mind. He was happily against his boyfriend when the door opened maybe twenty minutes later and his mother entered.

                With All Might.

                The confusion and resentment must have been visible, as Inko laughed lightly before sitting across from her son.

                “All Might and I agreed to have shared custody of you Izuku. He was very bashful about it, but I think it’s high time you had a good father figure in your life!”

                All Might was still very red in the face as he rubbed his neck as he tried to find words to say. Still on the fridge, Bakugou snickered and spoke.

                “Don’t worry about it, Deku. We all know Auntie would kick All Might to kingdom come if he hurt ya.”

                All Might got even redder (somehow???) and nodded sheepishly while Inko laughed. Aizawa was watching, trying to hide his amusement.

                “Okay, get the hellion out of my house. I need them rested up for training, got it?”

                Inko found herself laughing all the way home at the sight of her boys scrambling to exit the man’s home. She’d have to send cookies and a thank-you note to Nezu later… the children’s eyes were brighter than they’d been in a long while, she could tell.