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Bonded Souls

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“Bonding will commence in”

               Jungkook took a deep breath and faced the large round steel door adorned with symbols humans have come to learn and study. The symbols were meant to draw forth a demon from the underworlds. Jungkook was in the Demonic Military Service, and he was summoning a demon, using his aura and presence to bond with said demon. For eternity. It all felt unreal.

               He took another deep breath. The doors began to open, emitting a fiery orange essence into the darkened room. Jungkook stood in the middle of a circle outlined in symbols. The windows surrounding him were blackened, but he knew that his commanders were standing just beyond them. Watching and waiting.

              Heat began sweeping throughout the room, and beads of sweat pooled onto Jungkook’s forehead. The dark grey jumpsuit he was required to wear at the academy began to feel too heavy and too tight. Jungkook was praying to the higher gods that an earth demon would become enraptured with his aura and drawn out of the underworld. Earth demons were the lowest level, he could easily take control and power over an earth demon.

              The doors fully slid open, revealing nothing but smoky swirls of oranges and reds and yellows. Jungkook stood mesmerized by the swirls of color, occasionally he would see shadows begin to approach but then quickly be pulled out of the colors as if they were being dragged out. Jungkook did not know how long it took but soon a black silhouette walked through the smoke and stepped out into the lab. The doors quickly slid shut as the demon emerged from the underworlds. The demon stared back at him. Jungkook gripped the knife tightly, his knuckles turning white. He lifted the knife to the palm of his hand and slowly sliced open a clean thin line. Blood dripped down his wrist and into the circle.

              Jungkook held his hand out to the demon.

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Name the four main classes of demons:

                             Earth, water, air, and fire.

              Name the rarest class of demon, and explain why it is rare:

                             Demon of Death, no soldier within the Demonic Military Service has ever bonded with a Demon of Death. The Demonic Military Branch has never been capable of capturing a Demon of Death. It is expected that no human will be capable of bonding with a Demon of Death due to their power and stature.

              Which is the highest-class demon? Why is it the highest-ranking?:

                             Demon of Death, which not only is the rarest class of demon but it is also the highest-ranking. Demons of Death are the most powerful of demons, their powers have never been fully recorded but many theorists hypothesize that Demons of Death can possibly control more than one element. The last encounter humans had with Demons of Death was in the Demon War of 2034, nearly a hundred years ago. Demons of Death are capable of wiping out entire cities and civilizations. One Demon of Death is able to kill over 200,000 civilians within seconds.

              Name the three rankings of demons:

                             Warrior, Magician, and Incubus.

              What is the most powerful combination of demon?:

              A Demon of Death Warrior is currently known as the most powerful demon.

              What was the Demon War of 2034?:

                             The Demon War of 2034 was caused when a fissure in the earth’s crust allowed a portal from the underworlds to open. This occurred due to immense damage demons had caused in the underworlds. It is believed that the Demon War had already been ongoing in the underworlds before it breached the human world. Demons of all classes and rankings escaped through the portal, and they continued fighting against each other; but their immense powers had caused millions of human casualties and dismantled cities. Due to the Demon War of 2034, the United Global Military were able to capture and successfully study these creatures.

              How did the Demonic Military Service begin?:

                             Three years after the United Global Military were able to subdue the Demon War of 2034, the United Global Council unanimously agreed that the world needed a branch of military that specialized in the understanding and fighting of demons. The Demonic Military Service quickly grew into an organization under the United Global Council, and it took another decade for scientists to be able to create technology to allow a safe and secure passageway for demons to enter into our world.

              How many students in the Pre-Demonic Military Academy are accepted into each Demonic Military Academy?:

              On average there are 300 students entered in the Pre-Demonic Military Academy, they go through three years of training where they are educated on everything demonic. After a final exam the Demonic Military Academy takes the first 100 highest scoring students and then take into consideration their physical training. By the end of the process only 12 students will be accepted into the Demonic Military Academy, 6 trainees per team.

              Jungkook put his pencil down and stretched out his arms, cracking his knuckles. The sound of pencils scratching against paper filled the silent room. The lecture hall was filled with students, the whole campus body focused on this one final. This final would determine whether they’ll be accepted into the Demonic Military Academy. Only ten minutes had passed, yet he was a quarter way through the exam. Every question was easy, too easy.  Jungkook had been studying and preparing for this moment since he was young. As a kid, he would peer over his older brother’s shoulder as he prepared for the entrance exam into the Pre-Demonic Military Academy. He would sneak the lengthy textbooks away from his brother’s sleeping form and read them under his covers with a small dingy flashlight.

              Jungkook was prepared. He was ready. This was all he wanted in life.

              It took him another hour to finish. He stood, the chair scraping against the floor. He walked to the front of the lecture hall, the heels of his boots clicking loudly in the silent room. He was the first to finish. He passed Namjoon and Taehyung, their faces buried in the exam and their fingers blistering from how tightly they held the pencils in their hands. He dropped the exam on the front desk, bowed to the professor who paid him no mind, and left the hall.

              In two days’ time, the results will be in. In those two days the students will be required to continue their physical regime as well as packing either for transfer to the Academy or the departure back home.

              Jungkook was running laps around the run-down track field with his two friends when the trainer blew his whistle and loudly shouted that results were in, and that he was allowing them to stop early to see their results. The fifty students in his regiment scurried to the main building where the results were posted upon the bulletin board outside the Dean’s office. Taehyung grabbed his arm, looking at him with wide and terrified eyes. Namjoon nodded one stern nod and lead them to the building. Dozens of students were waiting for their turn at finding their name.

              There were already a herd of students with silent tears streaming down their faces. They weren’t accepted, and are given a half hour to say goodbye and collect their belongings. Many of them have hours to travel back home to face their disappointed or relieved families. Jungkook pushed his way through the mass of students, his heartbeat echoing in his ears. He hears a small group of students congratulate someone on getting accepted, the name Jung Hoseok ringing slightly familiar to Jungkook, although he doesn’t remember their paths having ever been crossed.

              Jungkook pushes his way through to the front. He can see the bulletin board and the Dean of the Pre-Demonic Military Academy sitting through the small window of his office. He was watching the students with a blank stoic look on his face. Jungkook reached the list with the names of students who passed. He took a brief moment to pause, close his eyes, and pray to the gods above him. He opened them and scanned the small list of 12 students.

              Team 1:

                             Jeon Jungkook

                             Kim Namjoon

                             Kim Taehyung

                             Kim Seokjin

                             Jung Hoseok

                             Park Jimin

              Jungkook sputtered out a wet laugh, tears welling up in his eyes. Years of studying, years of training, years of staying up until the late hours of the night, years of pushing and pushing and pushing himself to the edge. Everything has paid off. He made it. He made it.

              Namjoon pulled him and Taehyung into a crushing hug, Jungkook pressed tightly against his friend’s side. Taehyung was clutching onto Namjoon, his tears staining the elder’s jumpsuit. His friends had not only made it into the Demonic Military Academy, but they were placed into a team together. The Academy had deemed their skills and intelligence to be compatible. It was too good to be true, he felt like he was dreaming.

              “We did it,” Namjoon said, a wide smile adorning his face, “we made it.”

              Jungkook nodded, a wide smile to match his friend’s, “We did, we made it.”

              Jungkook glanced back into the window, the Dean was watching him. The two made eye contact, the Dean nodded his head. Just once, a small brief nod. He looked away, back to the pile of papers on his desk. Jungkook had made it.

              Professors and commanders ushered the masses of students, telling them to hurry and collect their belongings. A voice spoke through the loudspeakers that were placed throughout the campus, “All students reported for deportation, buses will be provided at the west side gate. Buses A, B, C, and D will take you to Seoul International Airport, and Buses E, F, and G will take you into Seoul Train and Bus Station. All students reported for transfers, a bus will pick you up at the east side gate. All buses will be leaving in approximately 15 minutes.”

              The three rushed to their barracks. They carefully placed their belongings into their state-issued duffle bags. Each trainee was allowed three civilian outfits and two personal belongings. Jungkook had a picture of his family, depicting his mother holding a young Jungkook in her lap and his father standing behind his older brother. His brother was in his own Pre-Demonic Military Academy Jumpsuit. He also had his older brother’s journal, each page filled with detailed entrees, some were about his experiences in the Academy, and others about his own bonded demon. Half of the journal his brother had not been able to fill, where Jungkook began writing his own notes. He often sat at his desk flipping back and forth between one page, seeing the drastic changes of penmanship. His brother’s script was soft with the worlds curling into each other exactly like their mother’s own writing. His sharp and rushed like he cannot get the information written down fast enough.

               They quickly changed out of their Pre-Demonic Military Academy jumpsuits and placed it on their beds, alongside the other two jumpsuits, and put on their civilian clothing. It was mandatory to leave behind their jumpsuits and boots, for they would be washed and given out to the new set of trainees currently on their way here. They would be issued new jumpsuits and boots when they reach the Academy. Jungkook would no longer be Trainee 3850. He will finally be known as Jeon Jungkook, he won’t be just another number. He is no longer a trainee, but a cadet. And now, he had a purpose.

              Jungkook slung the light duffle bag over his shoulder and waited for his friends to finish. They were the only three out of their barrack of fifty trainees to have been accepted. The barrack was cleared out, the rest of the trainees rushing to get off base. The long rows of beds, for once, looked abandoned. The crack in the ceiling was still leaking drops of water into the metal bucket, dust filling the stuffy air. But the beds were no longer occupied, the laughter that filled the nights as trainees told stories from their childhood long since faded. The faces from his barrack were already slipping from Jungkook’s mind. Two years he had lived here, 730 days, 17,520 hours he had spent here.

              “Let’s go,” Jungkook said. He walked past the never-ending row of beds, each one adorned with three identical jumpsuits and a pair of boots at the end of the bed. Jungkook lead with Taehyung and Namjoon following behind. There was one bus waiting for them. Only twelve trainees were there, and two commanders will be accompanying them to the main base. One stood by the door of the bus, checking off names and asking for identification. The other sat in the front seat, a gun slung over his back.

              Jungkook flashed the commander his Pre-Demonic Military Academy ID, a picture of him from two years ago when he was first accepted into the program alongside his trainee number, date of birth, and blood type. The trainees will continue using these ID cards until they bond with their demons. Their Demonic Military Academy ID will contain the same identification, but alongside the class and ranking of their demon.

              The bus was buzzing with excitement and anxiety. Jungkook, Namjoon, and Taehyung sat in the back of the bus. A moment later three other trainees boarded the bus and headed towards them. Jungkook surveyed them, his eyes scanning for potential strengths and weaknesses. A short man was first to reach them, slender but muscular; he was most likely agile and quick, but lacked brute strength. He introduced himself as Park Jimin. Jungkook bowed.

              The next one had a cunning look in his eyes, and a Cheshire cat smile. He was taller in stature than the previous man, but still seemed slender; Jungkook thought he looked like one who did best with stealth attacks, a Magician ranking demon probably being the perfect match for him. He introduced himself as Jung Hoseok. Jungkook bowed to him as well.

              The last man seemed older than all of them, despite his youthful face, for the intelligence and wisdom shone in his eyes. He was tall with broad shoulders, and without a doubt was strong both physically and mentally. Jungkook knew this one was analyzing them just as Jungkook was doing to his group, even as he introduced himself as Kim Seokjin. Jungkook bowed hesitantly, still caught in his gaze.

              Jungkook heard his friends greet back and state their names. Jungkook licked his lips and bowed when it was his turn, “Jeon Jungkook.”

              Hoseok and Jimin sat in front of Namjoon and Taehyung in one seat, Seokjin sat in front of Jungkook. Seokjin twisted his body around and slung an arm over the seat-back, “So you’re the infamous Jeon Jungkook, I’ve heard a lot about you. The youngest trainee of our year, but the smartest.”

              Jungkook smirked, “I wouldn’t say the smartest, that must go to Namjoon.”

              “Don’t be so modest, Jeon,” Seokjin winked at him and turned around, no longer interested in engaging with his future team members. Jungkook couldn’t deny the older man was intimidating, his looks comparing to no other. If he dared, Jungkook would compare him to an Incubus demon.

              “Man, I can’t wait to be bonded,” Hoseok sat leaning against the window. He had his arms slung over the backs of the seats on either side of him, the Cheshire cat grin having never left his face. He was a man who knew how to control his presence, Jungkook presuming he could make his aura seem smaller or larger than he actually is. Combined with the other potential specialties he’s speculated with Jimin and Seokjin, Jungkook knew that no others could compete with Namjoon’s intelligence and strong stamina as well as Taehyung’s quick-witted tricks and fast-paced hand to hand combat.

              With Jungkook’s far-stretched intellect and his uncanny strength, he knew they were going to be a powerful team. They will easily out-rank the second team that sat in the middle of the bus, quiet and reserved amongst each other.

              “What type do you want?” Taehyung asked, “I would be fine with any class, but I don’t want an Incubus ranking.”

              Seokjin turned around to face Taehyung, smirking, “Why not? I think they’ll be fun.”

              “Don’t be stupid, hyung,” Jimin leaned over and smacked the elder’s knee, but Jungkook knew there was no menace behind the action if Jimin’s small soft smile had anything to say by it. Seokjin just winked. He was an interesting character, and Jungkook was looking forward to working with him. Jungkook knew these three must have grown close during their time at the academy, though they were an interesting trio.

              “Demons are attracted to our aura. They speculate that our auras, which is just an extension of our personalities and mentalities, are what draws out certain class and rankings,” Jungkook spoke, the words easily rolling off his tongue.

              Jimin nodded and smiled encouragingly at Jungkook, “I agree, I believe I fit with a water class but I’m not too sure what type of ranking.”

              Jungkook can see himself potentially growing close with Jimin, for despite the hardness within his eyes, he can see a childish innocence that the Academy was never able to break. Jungkook respects that. He had lost his innocence a long time ago. “I think I would work best with a fire warrior, but an earth class would be better.”

              “Why an earth class?” Seokjin asked.

              Jungkook shrugged and leaned back against the leathery seat, “They’re powerful, but also reported to be the easiest to take control of.”

              “So, you want an easy fight, huh?” Hoseok said, a small laugh escaped from him.

              “This isn’t about a fight with your demon, it’s about gaining control over a demon so you can easily use its power in battle. This isn’t about proving ourselves, it’s about protecting our world,” Jungkook replied. From the corner of his eye Namjoon grinned and ducked his head into his chest. Hoseok’s never wavering smile faltered just a bit.

              “I like you Jeon,” Seokjin laughed loudly, an obnoxious sound like squeaky window wipers. Hoseok quickly recovered and rolled his eyes, Jimin smiled fondly at Seokjin as he continued to laugh. Taehyung quietly watched the three but there was a new gleam to him, Namjoon looked over Taehyung’s head and nodded at Jungkook. He nodded back. They knew they had a good team. Jungkook knew that when the time comes, he could trust them with his life. Just as he hopes they will trust him with theirs.

              The sun was beginning to set when they reached the Demonic Military Academy base, far off into the countryside of South Korea where there was no occupied town within a hundred miles. It gave the base acres of land and ragged mountains and steep rolling hills, providing enough environmental factors for cadets to train in any terrain with their demons to give the cadets an ability to scope out their strengths and weaknesses due to their surroundings, as well as with their demons. But as well for research buildings to be far enough away from the main central point of base, those buildings cadets will never be able to enter without strict and rare permission. The closest cadets usually get to a research lab is the one designed for the bonding.

              The new cadets will go through two weeks of lectures on what to expect from the bonding; they will be taught how to correctly bond, the physical changes they will experience once they bond, as well as more deep and intense knowledge on the class and rankings of demons. Towards the end of the second week the cadets will go through a form of role-play, to put their knowledge to use. Then, they will finally be cleared to begin the bonding ceremony.

              The bus pulls through the opened gates, the base waiting and expecting their new cadets. The bus pulls up to the main building, which Jungkook could only assume the secretaries for the higher ups and those who handle the paperwork of the base are kept. A man stood at the edge of the steps leading to the building, two men stood behind him. The bus stopped right beside the man and the doors clattered open. The two soldiers who accompanied them ushered them off the bus with a wave of the hand. They filed into a line in the aisle of the bus and as each one stepped off, they bowed deeply to their new commander.

              Jungkook stepped off the bus and bowed deeply, his hands clasped respectively in front of him, then stepped to the side and fell into line. Once every cadet was off the bus and in line, the man stepped forward and spoke, “I am Lieutenant General Song, I will be overseeing your training for the next four years. Behind me is Sergeant Dae and Sergeant Pyo. Sergeant Dae will be working with Team 1, Sergeant Pyo will be working with Team 2. They will guide you to your housing. I expect to see you all in the morning for your daily run.”

              He stepped back and dismissed the teams, they all bowed in sync and followed their assigned sergeants. Team 1 was led to the right, Team 2 was led to the left. The six huddled around Sergeant Dae as he began explaining rules and regulations, “You are all given your own room, a bed, desk, dresser, as well as a small bathroom, with only a toilet and sink. There are communal showers in the hall. When you first walk in there is a communal lounge you all share, the basic couches and television set provided. These will be your living quarters for the next four years. Every morning you are required to run a two-mile course with your teammates, you must be at the track to meet me at exactly 5 in the morning. Breakfast is from 6 a.m until 7:30 a.m. First lecture occurs at 7:45 a.m. The next two weeks you will be required to attend the daily lectures, the lectures will end roughly around 4 in the afternoon. During the hours between the end of class and dinner, which is served at six p.m., you are expected to either attend the gym or the library for studying. Dinner finishes promptly at 7:30 p.m., and you are given free time after.”

              “If I may ask, where’s your demon?” Namjoon asked, peeking the others’ interests.

              “I had placed it in confinement,” the sergeant replied, “once you’re bonded, you’ll be expected to place your demon in confinement every night, but during free time and meals you are allowed to have your demon with you, but most place it in confinement. Though I recommend for the first two or so days during meals and down time you have the demon with you, it helps build the strength of the bond.”

              They reached a small building; three identical buildings sat every hundred feet or so of each other. Their building was labeled building X. The sergeant pulled his ID from his pocket and pressed it against a small scanner next to the front door, “For now your pre-academy IDs will work, you will need them to access every accessible building on campus. But only your IDs work for this living area. Some buildings are off limits to cadets, steer clear of those, they are mainly located on the edge of the perimeter just south of here.”

              They all nodded, exchanging silent look with one another behind the sergeant’s back. Namjoon spoke up, “Then how does your ID have access to our living quarter?”

              The metal door slid open and revealed a warm yellow light, “I am your assigned sergeant. Your training commander also has access to your living quarters. There is a button located on the wall in the common area, if pressed it indicated danger and it then alerts security and every high-ranking officer and every id will then be allowed to access the building.”

              They followed the sergeant into the building. There was a shoe rack to the right of the entrance. They all slipped off their boots and placed them into the compartments, though Jungkook usually liked to keep his boots and shoes in his own room. The entrance opened into a medium sized lounge. The room showed the bare minimum of any life, a dingy greying couch was placed in the middle and a TV was pinned to the wall. There were two love seats on either side of the couch and a coffee table in the middle. A bookshelf was pressed to the corner of the room, and Jungkook could easily spot every demonology text and journal adorning the dusty shelves. There was a corridor leading to the left and a corridor leading to the right.

              “Three rooms per hall, the left hall contains the showers as well,” the sergeant explained, “get settled in, you can choose your own rooms, but they’re all the same, so there’s no worth fighting over them. I will see you on the field.”

              With that he left, and the six were alone. They stood dumbfounded, none wanting to make the first move. Occasionally they would make eye contact as they took in their new living arrangements. Taehyung, Namjoon, and Jungkook huddled close to the left hall, and Seokjin, Jimin, and Hoseok huddled close to the right hall. That takes care of the bedroom arrangements. Hoseok was the first to speak, “He never told us where the tracks were.”

              It broke the tension and they all laughed and smiled. For the first time since meeting him, Jungkook saw a genuine smile on Hoseok’s face. They all agreed they were tired and quietly said awkward goodnights and went their separate ways. Taehyung wanted the first bedroom, Namjoon took the second, and Jungkook took the last. He opened the door and stepped into his new privacy. He sat on the bed, it was stiff and hard underneath him. There was dust collected on the desk and dresser. The door to the small bathroom was opened. There was a window looking out into the small cluster of trees behind their building.

              He laid down and stared up at the ceiling, his arms underneath supporting his head. He made it.

              Two weeks quickly passed in a blur, each day the cadets grew more anxious and excited as their bonding ceremony approached them. Jungkook spent his time back and forth between the library and gym, his desk soon becoming cluttered with his collections of notes. A stack of borrowed books from the library stood in piles on his desk, atop his dresser, and there was a small stack forming on the window ledge. He has read all of them, often cross-referencing new terms and information with similar concepts in different books.

              Taehyung had peeked his head into Jungkook’s room one late night and saw the younger hunched over his desk, a small lamp illuminating the book propped open against the wall. Taehyung could tell the boy was asleep, soft deep breaths coming from his body. He knew Jungkook didn’t like to be moved when sleeping, he learned that the hard way when he had woken him one night back in the Pre-Demonic Military Academy and had to spend the next two days in the infirmary for a possible concussion and fractured wrist. So, he draped Jungkook’s blanket over his shoulders and switched off the light.

              The next morning Jungkook thanked the boy by sliding him his orange. The large appreciative grin Taehyung had as he ate the fruit set Jungkook’s heart at ease.

              But as the eve of the bonding ceremony arrived, the six cadets found it difficult to get the sleep they needed and desired. For the first time in the two weeks they had been here, they all were sharing the same space in the lounge. Namjoon and Taehyung sat on one loveseat, with Jungkook sitting on the ground pressed against their legs. Hoseok took up the other loveseat, and Jimin and Seokjin sat at opposite ends of the couch. They sat in silence, the room being filled with the heavy beating heartbeats and the occasional anxious foot-tap. As the hours slowly ticked on, they all began to drift off. Jungkook was the last awake.

              When the digital hands of his watch positioned themselves at nearly five in the morning he stood and walked to the showers. They were given the day off from training. He stripped off his clothing at the edge of the shower stall and stepped in, a new fresh towel already hanging on the hook. He turned the shower on and turned the handle as far as he could to the right, hot steaming water washing over him. He stood under the harsh pressure of the water, his head ducked and his arms hanging by his side. He watched as the endless stream of water rushed to the ground and was quick to be sucked into the drain.

              He rubbed his hands over his face and pushed his hair out of his eyes and forehead. He lazily rubbed the cheap bar of soap over his skin, soapy lines trailing over his arms and stomach down to his legs. He skipped washing his hair when he began to hear his team members begin to stir and wake. His own alarm on his watch began blaring in the pocket in his jumpsuit. An hour had passed already but to Jungkook, only a few short moments had passed.

              He twisted the shower knob off just as he heard Seokjin’s high pitched whistle enter the showers. He wrapped the towel around his waist, grabbed his pile of clothing, and stepped out. Seokjin looked at him and winked as he unzipped his jumpsuit. Jungkook nodded, “Morning to you too.”

              He passed Taehyung and Jimin in the halls as they made their ways to the showers as well. Jimin smiled to him in greeting, “You’re up early.”

              “Couldn’t sleep,” Jungkook replied walking to his door. The two nodded and offered him looks of sympathy. Jungkook never appreciated it when someone took pity on him, but he knew they did it out of relatability. Taehyung and Jimin had matching dark circles underneath their eyes.

              As Jungkook began dressing in a fresh jumpsuit (the Academy had been gracious enough to have given them five pairs and two sets of boots, Jungkook had gotten tired of constantly doing laundry) a message had pinged on his watch. He tapped the small black screen and his agenda was projected into the air, his bonding ceremony had been scheduled for 12:10pm. Jungkook placed his palm on his watch and the projection receded.

              Jungkook closed his eyes and counted to ten, he took deep and drawn out breathes. He could do this. He has worked endlessly for this. He will make it.

              “Kook, we’re going for breakfast,” Namjoon spoke through the door, his voice slightly altered.

              “Coming,” Jungkook replied, to his own ears his voice felt soft, and he wasn’t sure if Namjoon had heard him, but a moment later he heard his friend’s heavy steps retreat down the hall. He met the others in the lounge, each adorning a false image of courage. Jungkook knew they were all scared. It was one thing learning about demons and hearing stories about the bond, it was another thing to actually be bonded with one. After today their souls will no longer be connected to one vessel, but two. After today they will have a larger and more powerful entity forever attached to them. “Let’s go.”

              Sergeant Dae was waiting for them outside their housing, his demon stood behind him. Over the last two weeks he had begun to bring his demon during their runs and their lectures to get them used to its presence. But no matter how many times Jungkook saw it, the blue and green scales patching over its arms and necks never sunk into his mind. Jungkook could not deny it was an exquisite creature, it was tall and lean with feminine features, their purple eyes made the light hues of blue and green on their body illuminate. The demon was a water incubus.

              Breakfast was quiet. And that is when Jungkook is reminded that they are all still young and afraid. Jungkook himself only being twenty years old, he will soon have lived more years than his brother. Everything here seemed to become a grim reminder of their youth but also of their mortality. It is rare, but there have been occurrences of cadets dying during the bonding ceremony.

              Seokjin was the first to leave to have his bonding ceremony at 9:30am. The team was still sitting in the cafeteria, their lectures ended yesterday and they were given the weekend to cement the bond before training and new lectures pick up again. Sergeant Dae suggested they all go back to their housing or to the library, they nodded in agreement but no one made the move to go.

              Jungkook was sitting across from Sergeant Dae, his demon stood compliant behind him. Never moving. It was like a watchful guard. Jungkook titled his head towards the demon, “Do you train them to do that?”

              The sergeant glanced over his shoulder and shrugged, “No, they all seem to do that with no demand. We always just thought that from the bond they knew what we wanted them to do. Some do act up or misbehave but it’s usually done at random and we don’t know what caused them agitation.”

              “My father’s demon was a water incubus,” Namjoon spoke, his eyes locked on the demon. The demon never looked at the cadets, its eyes stayed focused forward except for the occasional glimpse at its master, “He brought it home once, when I was real young, maybe 5 or 6. I don’t remember much, I didn’t have the full grasp of what it was. I used to try and talk to it, but my mother used to scold me, she never wanted me near it. She fought with my father for a week straight after he brought it back to confinement. The demon never talked back anyway.”

              “Yeah, well don’t get your hopes up that your demon will talk to you,” Sergeant Dae said, “they don’t talk. We have recordings of them making grunts or growls or hisses, but nothing more intelligent than that.”

              “But they understand spoken commands, that means they understand our language,” Jungkook said, looking at the demon, “if they understand it, shouldn’t they be able to speak it?”

              The sergeant shrugged again, “Researchers think they aren’t capable of speaking, that they don’t have the vocal cords or whatever it is we need to speak.”

              Hoseok leaned forward, “Besides, what would happen if demons were capable of intellectual speech?”

              No one spoke after that, they continued to sit in silence until they left one by one. Taehyung was next, he stood on two shaking legs but he managed a smile as he walked off. Then went Hoseok. Jungkook was next. Jimin and then Namjoon would follow suit. There was still no sign of the others by the time 12:00 had come. Jungkook left the three and the demon in the abandoned cafeteria.

              The bonding ceremony takes place in Building 5R, a medium two-story building. It’s where most of the researchers and scientists commence low scale experiments. Most of the rooms were large white labs. Two guard were stationed out front, Jungkook flashed them his ID and one guard escorted him into the building. Sergeant Dae told the team that cadets were only allowed in the building during certain occasions; the bonding ceremony and monthly check-ups.

              The guard led Jungkook to an elevator, and once in they pressed a button with an arrow pointing down. Jungkook glanced up at the guard and then quickly looked away. He was never told the building had a basement. The metal doors slid open into a large dank room. Four scientists were sitting behind a panel, the panel lit up with blimps of colors and decorated buttons and levers. Lieutenant Song was standing in the middle of the room, his hands placed behind his back. He was waiting for Jungkook. Just beyond General Song, there was a single door and a large one-way window.

              “Jeon Jungkook,” General Song announced to the room. Jungkook stepped out of the elevator and slowly walked to the general, observing the room around him, “do as taught and there will be no issue.”

              A scientist came over, holding two chokers. One was a darkened grey, the other a solid black. Each one was engraved with the same symbol stamped in the middle, “the grey choker represents the master, you will wear this at all times. The black represents the demon, they will wear it at all times. If ever removed, by force or voluntarily, it will permanently break the bond resulting in the death of the demon and the possible death of the master. But don’t worry, it takes a lot of power to remove a bonded choker. Once the demon enters through the vortex and submits to becoming your property, place this choker around its neck. Here is a knife, you must draw blood and smear it over the symbol on the demon’s choker. They must do the same to yours.”

              Jungkook kept nodding along, his head swimming. He could hear his blood rushing through his body, his heart felt like it was in his throat. He could do this. He could do this. The scientist unclicked the grey choker and placed it around Jungkook’s neck. He handed Jungkook the black choker, unlocked and a simple pocket knife, “Ready.”

              He was not talking to Jungkook, he was talking to the other scientists. Jungkook had to be ready, whether he truly was or not. One of them pressed a button and the door surrounded by the large windows opened. He was motioned to go inside. Every hair on his body stood. Lieutenant Song was watching his every move. He had to be brave, even if he feigned it.

              The door locked behind him, a series of three heavy-armed locks in total. Jungkook was alone if this were to go wrong. The windows on the inside were blackened out. He no longer could see Lieutenant Song or the scientists monitoring him. It was just him, and the metal door engraved in every demonic symbol he has ever encountered.

              “Bonding will commence in”

               Jungkook took a deep breath and faced the large round steel door adorned with symbols humans have come to learn and study. The symbols were meant to draw forth a demon from the underworlds. Jungkook was in the Demonic Military Service, and he was summoning a demon, using his aura and presence to bond with said demon. For eternity. It all felt unreal.

               He took another deep breath. The doors began to open, emitting a fiery orange essence into the darkened room. Jungkook stood in the middle of a circle outlined in symbols. The windows surrounding him were blackened, but he knew that his commanders were standing just beyond them. Watching and waiting.

              Heat began sweeping throughout the room, and beads of sweat pooled onto Jungkook’s forehead. The dark grey jumpsuit he was required to wear at the academy began to feel too heavy and too tight. Jungkook was praying to the higher gods that an earth demon would become enraptured with his aura and drawn out of the underworld. Earth demons were the lowest level, he could easily take control and power over an earth demon.

              The doors fully slid open, revealing nothing but smoky swirls of oranges and reds and yellows. Jungkook stood mesmerized by the swirls of color, occasionally he would see shadows begin to approach but then quickly be pulled out of the colors as if they were being dragged out. Jungkook did not know how long it took but soon a black silhouette walked through the smoke and stepped out into the lab. The doors quickly slid shut as the demon emerged from the underworlds. The demon stared back at him. Jungkook gripped the knife tightly, his knuckles turning white. He lifted the knife to the palm of his hand and slowly sliced open a clean thin line. Blood dripped down his wrist and into the circle.

              Jungkook held his hand out to the demon.

              The demon cocked its head as if it were studying Jungkook. A brief moment later it stepped forward, into the circle. It looked at the black choker in Jungkook’s hand, and bowed its neck in submission. Jungkook let out a deep shaky breath and stepped forward, closer to the demon. He placed the choker onto its neck and clicked its lock, as he was sealing the lock he wiped his hand over the symbol.

              A wave of unexplained emotions swept over him. His body and mind were stunned. It was something he had never felt before. It was as if he was feeling every emotion at once; anger, happiness, sadness, jealousy, rage, lust, love. Jungkook choked, his throat closing in and tears welling in his eyes. And then it was over, completely gone from his body and nothing around him had changed, but the demon staring at him with, dare Jungkook say, curiosity in its eyes.

              He felt a small touch, a ghost of a touch, ruffle his jumpsuit. He looked down and saw the demon had raised its own hand and was offering it to Jungkook. Jungkook hesitantly grabbed hold of the hand. A cold shiver went down his spine and his heart stopped for a moment. Jungkook slid the knife across its palm, a thick black liquid began to slowly stream out of the wound. Jungkook knew demons healed fast, he had heard stories from cadets about how they had to rush the process so the wound wouldn’t heal. Some said they had to cut several times before managing to coat the symbol in blood.

              Yet the cut on his demon never healed. Jungkook was taking his time. The demon was withholding it’s healing for Jungkook.

              He guided the hand to his own throat and the hand pressed right on the symbol. The demon looked up at him, locking eyes, and held the gaze until Jungkook took the hand away. The doors were unlocking just as another wave of unexplained emotions swept over him, this time more intense. Jungkook felt like he could not breath. The room began to swim, dots clouded his vision and choked on the smell of sulfur. He thought he heard his name being called out before his vision gave and he blacked out.

              When he woke with a loud gasp of air, it had felt as if he were drowning. His chest heaved, his throat burned and his lungs felt weak. He was lying on the ground, Lieutenant Song and the scientists were surrounding him, two were checking his vitals, the other two discussing with Lieutenant Song in frightened and hushed voices.

              The demon was standing at his feet, if Jungkook focused he could feel the demon’s own toes press against the bottom of his boot. And that was when Jungkook realized he never fully captured the image of his demon. It was a good height, but shorter than Jungkook, with a slim build. It took on masculine features. The skin was a deathly pale and Jungkook could see black veins coursing through its body. It had white hair and dark blood red eyes. But that was it. It showed no other inhumanly features. It was dressed in black cloth that wrapped around its waist and thighs to mimic trousers, but its chest was bare.

              The demon stared him down, no emotions letting way. Jungkook stared back.

              “Jeon,” Lieutenant Song touched his shoulder gently. This will probably be the only time the old man shows any form of kindness towards him, “let’s sit you up.”

              The Lieutenant and the scientist who gave him the chokers each grabbed on to an arm and helped him into a sitting position. Never once did his eyes leave his demon’s, nor did the demon’s eyes leave his new master’s. One of the scientists who was checking his vitals spoke to him, “We believe we should break the bond. The bond has just formed, it hasn’t been given the time to concrete itself, now would be the best time.”

              Jungkook looked at her, “Why would we do that? I just fainted, I’m sure it was nothing serious.”

              “That isn’t it,” she continued, “we ran a quick scan of your demon while we were waiting for you to regain consciousness.”

              No one seemed to want to explain further. They continued to give each other skeptical looks, a few mouthed words ushered. They didn’t want to tell him. Something’s wrong. “Your demon, it’s, well, it is a warrior ranking.”

              Jungkook looked back towards the demon. It had never taken its eyes off Jungkook, “That’s a good thing, warriors are powerful, good for battle.”

              “The ranking is not the problem,” Lieutenant Song said, “It’s the class. Jeon, your demon is a Demon of Death. But under my orders I will not have your bond broken. This has never happened before, Jeon, but think of the research and knowledge we could learn from it.”

              Jungkook felt like he might faint again. He stared in shock and disbelief at the demon. He swore he thought he saw a smirk, just a quick flash of it. Like he wanted to show Jungkook, but none of the others. His demon is a Demon of Death. No one had ever been bonded to a Demon of Death. Most feared Demons of Death, they were what caused the most damage and destruction of this world during the war.

              No one had ever bonded with a Demon of Death. Until now. Until Jungkook.

              “There must be a mistake,” Jungkook whispered.

              “The scan we ran is outdated, but it has never been wrong before,” a scientist said, “if you are capable, we wish to move onto the scans to measure your bond and the demon’s strength and abilities.”

              Jungkook nodded. With the help of a scientist he stood up, his knees felt weak like he would not be able to hold his own weight. The demon never moved away, when Jungkook stood he was only a few inches away from the demon. It was shorter than him. But Jungkook knew his physical appearance must be a coy to try and hide his true form and ability. Jungkook didn’t know when they called in for a technician, but when he left the small room there was one waiting for him. There were also three armed guards standing behind the technician, “She will bring you over to our medical facility.”

              She smiled warmly at Jungkook but it quickly dropped and a look of fear washed over her when she spotted the demon over Jungkook’s shoulder. They must have told her. She gestured for Jungkook to follow him. He took a few steps and stopped and turned around. The demon had been following him without any commands. The guards closed in behind the demon, their fingers ready on the trigger.

              The medical exam took a half hour at total. It confirmed everything they already knew. His demon was in fact a Demon of Death with a warrior ranking. Right now, its power range is at a 67, the highest power range a cadet had ever been bonded with. But their bonding compatibility was at another record, it was at 84%.  

              “I’ll write the report, you can go back to your housing,” she spoke to Jungkook, “they’ve decided to keep your bond intact. During the next three days, spend as much time with the demon as possible to let it solidify. This bond is something we have never seen before, something no one has seen before. We will be watching your progress more closely, Jeon. The demon has posed no threat, and we do not detect any possible incoming threats. But you must be careful,” Jungkook bowed and thanked her.

              While she spoke with Jungkook his demon dressed itself in a black jumpsuit that the technician had provided for him. Out of the corner of Jungkook’s eye he could see his demon struggling with putting on the ankle high lace up military boots, there was a small pout on his demon’s face. It looked so human. The technician explained that the demon would have two extra jumpsuits and an extra pair of boots that would be held in his cell in confinement.

              On the way back to the housing he often would turn around and see if the demon was still there. It always was. He wasn’t sure how to explain this to his teammates. By the end of the day the whole base will most likely know. They must warn the other cadets and faculty that a Demon of Death has been bonded and is on premises. And that was what it was, a warning.

              Everyone, including Jimin, Namjoon, and Sergeant Dae were waiting for Jungkook in the lounge. They all stood when he entered, “I thought you had your bonding ceremonies?”

              “We did, nearly two hours ago,” Namjoon said, “they took us to an older building to commence the ceremony. The guards said something had gone wrong. We thought you had died or something. We’ve been sitting here worried sick.”

              Jungkook toed off his boots, “What? What time is it?”

              “Almost six,” Jimin replied. He wasn’t looking at Jungkook. He was looking at the demon behind him. They all had their demons with them, but they stood with their backs against the walls, right behind their masters. None looked like his own demon. They all showed more demonic traits. But as Jungkook was scanning the new additions to his team, he could not help but think how beautifully rare his demon was.

              “What happened? They wouldn’t tell me anything,” Sergeant Dae asked. He, too, was watching his demon. Jungkook looked over his shoulder. His demon was standing just two feet away, still in the archway of the lounge. His eyes were trained on Jungkook. He looked at no one else. Jungkook had noticed the other demons taking quick sneaky glances at the cadets and the other demons. Jungkook’s demon did no such thing.

              Jungkook licked his dry lips, “There was a bit of an issue during my bonding. I fainted after it was completed, they never told me why. Though I have a few suspicions of my own.”

              They all sat back relaxed. Hoseok spoke, “That’s it? Thank the gods above, fainting isn’t that serious during a ceremony. My sister fainted when she first saw her demon, gods it’s the ugliest thing.”

              Jungkook measly laughed along with the others, “Yeah, I didn’t faint because of his appearance.”

              “A bonding ceremony is tough, there’s a lot of changing going on,” Seokjin winked at him, “don’t be so embarrassed.”

              Jungkook walked around the love seat and sat down next to Taehyung. His heard his demon walk forward, his steps were light and feathery, not making a sound, but Jungkook knew exactly where he was in the room. His demon stopped right behind Jungkook. Everyone was watching his demon, they all expected it to find a position against the wall just as theirs did. Jungkook was expecting that too, “I-I believe I fainted because of its class.”

              “What’s its class?” Taehyung asked. He was taking turns glancing up at the demon and back at Jungkook, like he was trying to somehow form a connection in his brain towards the two.

              Jungkook glanced at everyone in the room and all the demons. He could immediately tell what some of them were based off the demonic traits they had. But he knew that no one could decipher what type his demon was. “My demon, it’s, well, it’s a Demon of Death.”

              Hoseok scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest, “Funny joke, what is he? Water? Fire? With that pale skin it could possibly even be air.”

              Jungkook glanced up over his shoulder at his demon. He found bold red eyes, his demon hadn’t taken its eyes off him since they were bonded. A quick rise of the corner of its mouth, a small smirk. Jungkook himself had barely caught the movement. It fuddled with Jungkook’s piece of mind, but it seemed as if these smirks were directed towards Jungkook, and Jungkook only. “I’m being serious. We went for testing. He’s a Demon of Death Warrior with a power ranking of 67. Our bonding percentage is at 84%.”

              The room fell silent for a brief few seconds before Seokjin let out a low whistle, “Well fuck me.”

              Sergeant Dae stood and walked towards Jungkook, never once looking at Jungkook’s demon. It seemed as if they all refused to look at the demon anymore, “That cannot be possible.”

              Jungkook jumped slightly, flinching at the sudden touch of a hand being placed on his shoulder. His demon. The touch was frozen, Jungkook could feel his bones and muscle begin to freeze over with an icy chill. Jungkook stared down at the hand, up close he could see that the black veins that were visible from beneath the pale skin moved, they pushed and pulled against the demon’s skin like waves.

              The demon stared ahead at Sergeant Dae. The whole positioning seemed as if the demon was daring the Sergeant to take another step forward, another step into its and Jungkook’s space. His demon was challenging Sergeant Dae, the demon thought he was a threat to Jungkook. The demon was protecting Jungkook. Jungkook felt his breath hitch and dizziness wash over him, for the third time that day he felt as if he might faint.

              But it seemed as if the cold that was burying itself deep in Jungkook’s body was soon beginning to melt as a sudden warmth of heat pulsed through him from his demon’s hand. Jungkook breathed in deep, clearing his head. He felt the demon slowly shift its thumb up and down the back of Jungkook’s shoulder blade. It was mesmerizing, up and down up and down up and down. It seemed as if the demon was comforting him, he knew that the cold that was seeping from its touch was affecting Jungkook and in a second it had turned to warmth. It seemed as if the demon could sense Jungkook felt on edge and uncomfortable and began trying to provide Jungkook with a form of human comfort.

              What scared Jungkook was that it was the same movement his brother had done to him when he was younger. Whenever Jungkook felt anxious or scared his brother was there, with a hand on his shoulder and his thumb messaging his tense muscles.

              His teammates were struck dumb at the hand on Jungkook’s shoulder, they could all clearly see the thumb moving. Demons very rarely touch their capturer, only during times of sexual intercourse that possibly could occur between a demon and their master. But demons very rarely become attached to their capturer.

              But here their teammate was, not even a full day into being bonded and his bond and his demon have already broken several records. And Jungkook, nor his teammates, could figure out why. Why was he so special? How was he able to bond with a Demon of Death Warrior, the most feared demon in history? While his teammates continued with these thoughts, Jungkook’s began to shift to thinking what else his demon was capable of.

              With this touch came a newfound experience. Jungkook felt a deep-rooted connection pass between them. He could almost feel what his demon was feeling; its hatred for Sergeant Dae, its complete lack of emotions towards the other demons and teammates, but he could also feel the demon thriving off the tension and fear in the room.

              Sergeant Dae took a cautious step back, “It has been a long day for everyone, I think we should call it for the night. I will speak with the kitchen staff and arrange for dinner to be delivered. I suggest you all allow your demons to spend the night, to allow the bond to cement itself. But after tonight you are expected to place your demon in confinement before you retire.”

              Slowly the room began to disperse. With one last glance at Jungkook and his demon, they motioned for their own demons to follow them into their private bunkers. He heard small conversations being exchanged, Namjoon told Taehyung he was going to shower, Seokjin told Jimin he needed a nap with Jimin agreeing, Hoseok was complaining about spending time with his demon with the whole team instantly agreeing. They were told countless of times that their demons physically and mentally could not harm or kill their capturers, but he knew some of his teammates did not believe it.

              Jungkook knew the group would not have dispersed after being dismissed. They would have sat collectively together sharing stories about how their own bonding experience went and what ranking and class their demons were. He could even hear Namjoon began to plot possible advantages due to the types of demons. But no one stayed. They didn’t want to be in the same room as his demon.

              Once the common area was cleared Jungkook stood, slightly shrugging off the demon’s hand. Jungkook walked to his room knowing his demon would follow without instructions. He opened the door and ushered the demon in, closing it behind them. The emotional and physical strain of the day quickly caught up to him, the adrenalin of the bonding ceremony finally fading from his body making it drop to his bed in exhaustion. He lazily toed off his boots. He stared at his demon who stood against the wall across from Jungkook. His eyes were fighting to stay open, but he wanted to watch his demon out of curiosity of what it would do.

              The demon cocked its head to the side as it watched Jungkook fight for consciousness, as if the act was foreign to him. But soon Jungkook quickly gave in. But just as he slipped into a deep slumber, he heard a soft whisper of words reach his ears.

              He dreamt of his brother, as he often does. They often were memories replaying themselves over and over again throughout the night. Jungkook often woke never remembering what he dreamt of, but with cheeks coated in tears and an ache in his heart. He dreamt this time, of when the two soldiers came to his door one late afternoon as he waited for his brother to come home for a family visit. The loud booming knocks of the soldiers’ rapping at the door woke Jungkook up. For a moment he was disorientated and thought he was back in the small one room apartment. He bolted into a sitting position and looked about his room. He was in his bunker at the military academy. With his Demon of Death Warrior staring at him, where he sat at the end of Jungkook’s bed. And he decided he was too tired and worn out to fret over that.  

              The smell of food caught his attention and he forgot about the dream. He rubbed at his face, wiping the sweat from his forehead. His room was dark but through the window the brightness of the almost full moon and the stars provided a shimmer of silver light. He swung his legs over his bed and stretched, his body cracking and stiff muscles aching. He hit the light switch beside his bed and groaned as the room lit brightly.  He glanced back over at his demon, who watched him with what seemed like amusement in its eyes. It nodded towards Jungkook’s desk, Jungkook followed and saw a plate of food sitting there and waiting for Jungkook. Sergeant Dae or Namjoon must have made him the plate.

              “I made the plate, don’t worry, I gathered it when no one else was in the common area,” the voice was deep and raspy, as if it had not been used in quite a while. Jungkook was about to thank the voice when he realized his demon was the only other being in his room.

              Jungkook snapped his head towards the demon and stared wide eyed at it, “What the actual fuck.”

              The demon shook its head and tsked at him. His demon is talking and serving him attitude. Jungkook still must be sleeping, “Don’t be so shocked, Jungkook.”

              His name rolled easily off the demon’s tongue, its voice changed to an airy and light tone when it said Jungkook’s name. Jungkook slapped himself in the face, “This isn’t real. Demons can’t talk.”

              The demon smirked at him. Again. Jungkook felt a sudden urge to slap the demon next, “Lesser demons cannot speak,” his demon tilted its head, as if curious to see Jungkook’s response. But when he received just a blank stare he continued speaking, “greater demons are able to properly communicate. Though it often takes centuries to perfect the human language.”

              “Greater demons, centuries,” Jungkook repeated dumbly, “right.”

              The demon sat there for a few moments, just looking at Jungkook, “So it is true, the human world has never been able to contain a greater demon before. Interesting.”

              And within that moment Jungkook felt small. He had felt a safe and secure place beside his demon believing himself to be higher and in control. But that all came crashing down around Jungkook. He literally felt as if he was shrinking as he sensed the presence of the demon grow larger. It felt as if the earth beneath his feet was slowly slipping away from him. Jungkook caught the sight of the clock, the hands had stopped moving. But after what should have been a few seconds, the hands began moving again.

              Jungkook looked back over at his demon. And he noticed a difference in its eyes. There were now swirls of black mixing with the pools of red. And it dawned on Jungkook that his demon had released a portion of its power. They had studied how demons were able to contain their powers, and when they are bonded, they go through more intense training on how to properly manage them. Most newly bonded demons have yet to even unlock their full potential of powers. But Jungkook’s demon, it just stopped time. His demon has already unlocked its powers and has complete control over them.

              And Jungkook could tell that what the demon had just shown was just a fraction of what its true powers are. And that was when Jungkook also realized why Lieutenant Song did not allow for the immediate unbonding between them.

              “You are troubled, anxious, but” the demon leaned forward, “you are not scared.”

              Jungkook turned to completely face his demon, there were only a mere few inches between them. His demon looked small with its arms wrapped tightly around its torso and its knees drawn up to its chest. He did not feel threatened by the demon, not once throughout the day since the bonding ceremony had he felt threatened by the demon. Dare Jungkook say, he felt a sense of protection and possession wash over him. Jungkook now knew the endless possibilities his demon could present. His demon is a Demon of Death, he could bring the death and destruction to all of South Korea if so, and it was foolish of Jungkook to not realize it at first. But something within him has awakened, and he knew that no matter how powerful his demon was, his demon would never bring harm to him.

              “Should I be scared?” Jungkook asked.

              His demon leaned closer, “You are not the one who needs to be afraid of me.”

              “Why did you allow yourself to be bonded with me?” Jungkook asked, his voice low and breathy, his words hitched in his throat. He could still see the black swirls in the demon’s eyes. They matched the ones in his skin. And it made Jungkook wonder if it is a source of power.

              The demon quickly snapped back, “You must be tired. You should sleep some more. You can eat when you wake again.”

              Jungkook was about to respond that he felt fine when a sudden and unexpected feeling of extreme drowsiness overcome him. He struggled to stay awake again. He felt a pair of hands gently push down onto his shoulders and he lightly bounced as his body hit the mattress.

              He woke to his alarm blaring.

              There was no plate on his desk and the demon was not sitting on his bed, but leaning against the wall across from him. Jungkook couldn’t figure out if what had happened truly was a dream. As Jungkook got up and readied for the day, his demon did not speak to him, just eyed him as he moved around.

              Today his team is scheduled for more testing, they are to be run through the tests again to see if their demon’s power ranking and their compatibility is accurate. Starting tomorrow his teammates will go back to their usual routine, starting with their physical training in the morning followed by a lectured class in the afternoon. Their demons will train separately, guided by a coach and their bonded demon, as well as for researchers to conduct more experiments to gather more data. By next month their demons will join them for their physical training in the mornings, but it isn’t until their second year at the academy that they allowed to begin power training. First years used to power train, but too many incidents have happened where the students weren’t properly ready and tried to harvest more power than they could handle. Though Jungkook is unaware whether his special circumstance will follow the normal procedure.

              Namjoon knocked on his door, Jungkook knowing it was his by how his foot falls and the sharp quick rap of the knuckles. Jungkook zipped up his grey jumpsuit, “Almost ready.”

              “I’ll meet you in the common area,” Namjoon said, and a few seconds later Jungkook heard the same rap of the knuckles on Taehyung’s door. Jungkook soothed down his wrinkled jumpsuit and sat back on his bed to pull the heavy sweat socks over his feet. The whole time his demon was watching him.

              His teammates and their demons were waiting in the common area. They had not sensed his presence yet, but their demons stood watching Jungkook’s own demon. Jungkook eyed the room, noting how close his teammates have become over the past few weeks living and training together. But also, how their demons were adapting. They were a wide range of class and rankings, Jungkook could easily spot the weaker ones and the ones who came through with a decent power range already.

              Unconsciously, he felt the journal he kept in his jumpsuit pocket. The pages his brother had left empty were quickly filling, most of them Jungkook had used throughout his Pre-Academy Years but he had left the last twenty pages empty for in case he was accepted in the Demonic Military Academy. And now that he is here, they were quickly being filled. Most of the notes detailed his own teammates, listing their strengths and weaknesses, stating who Jungkook believed worked better together. Things to keep in mind for when they graduate and are given their tasks and missions.

              And the few pages left were not enough to properly write accurate detailed accounts to come of his demon. He knew he was going to need a new journal soon, but he had already begun feeling a sense of abandonment and guilt. He knew he will always keep the journal, but soon he will replace it with a new journal to carry around to take notes.

               It was all his brother had left behind for him. Jungkook feels as if he learned more through this journal than he has through his lectures. While his lectures state the facts, his brother’s journal states the emotional and personal experiences of bonding with a demon and fighting beside it.

              “Jungkook? Kook?” Seokjin called out, pulling Jungkook from his daze, “You gonna stand there all day? It’s almost 8, we have an hour for breakfast before we are expected at building 5R.”

              “Yeah, yeah, I’m coming,” Jungkook mumbled, walking from the hall to the doorway. He slipped his feet into his boots and pulled the laces tight to tie them. As the team walked to the cafeteria, he noticed how the demon’s stuck to their owner, but still kept a good few feet of distances between them. His teammates every so often checked over their shoulder to keep track of their demon.

              But for Jungkook, he feels as if he constantly knows where his demon is without searching him out. If he closed his eyes and concentrated, he could feel just a slight pull to his demon where he stood at least one foot away from Jungkook. His demon stood closer to its owner than the others.

              His team has talked about bonding with a demon since they arrived, always discussing what they thought it would feel like. What would happen when they bonded, what their demons would look like, how would act. Most of his teammates enthusiastically talked about how they couldn’t wait to bond, but now that Jungkook looks at them he can easily see the facade they were pulling. His team felt uncomfortable and awkward, some even feared their demons just a bit.

              Especially Taehyung. Jungkook knew his friend is tough, he has been training with him since they were put in the same unit in the Pre-Academy. He knows how smart and tactful he is, but Jungkook also knows how he personally feels about demons. His mother worked for the Demonic Military Program, he wanted to follow in her footsteps. But since his mother lost her sight due to a fire demon when a mission went wrong, he knows his friend has harbored a fear of the creatures.

              Taehyung’s demon is an air warrior demon with a very low power range. Last night he overheard Taehyung tell Namjoon how thankful he was that his demon was of air class. Air demons can be powerful when need be, but most are used to fight on the sidelines to protect the main players.

              Jungkook slowed down to fall into step with Taehyung. Taehyung immediately clutched onto Jungkook’s arm, “Hey, Tae, how’s it been?”

              Taehyung shrugged sheepishly, “I’ll get used to it, it’s just weird, you know?”

              Jungkook offered him a small smile, “You’ll be fine, you’re strong.”

              Taehyung ducked his head and mumbled a thank you. They reached the cafeteria and Jungkook opened the door and held it open as his teammates walked in. His demon had stepped to the side to wait for him. His team loaded up on the bland food being served, bowing respectively to the workers as they dished out bowls of rice and plates of meat. At the end of the line they each grabbed the mandatory energy drink laced with vitamins and energy boosters.

              Hoseok was the first to speak when all the team members were seated, “so what are the odds that your demon isn’t really a Demon of Death?”

              “The tests being conducted today isn’t for that, idiot,” Seokjin spoke through a mouthful of rice, “he’s a Demon of Death.”

              Hoseok rolled his eyes, “but what if there was a glitch?”

              “There wasn’t a glitch, there’s no way for it,” Namjoon rolled his eyes back at Hoseok receiving a look of disgust in return, “the only tests that could provide a glitch is when calculating compatibility and power range.”

              Seokjin nodded in agreement, “maybe if you spent more time studying than trying to build up your muscle mass, you would actually remember that from last Thursday’s lecture.”

              Hoseok threw an orange peel at Seokjin, “Whatever.”

              “Can we talk about how Jungkook bonded with an actual Demon of Death, instead?” Jimin asked, “No one has ever done that before. What does this mean for our team?”

              “It means we’ll be undefeated, of course,” Seokjin replied, looping an arm over Jungkook’s arm.

              “Be serious, Jin,” Jimin said.

              Jungkook looked down at his plate and emotionlessly picked at his food. He blocked out his teammates bickering, because in truth Jungkook doesn’t know how this will change the course of his team. They have allowed him to stay bonded, no doubt they will still be required to go through all the training. But Jungkook has also felt like he hasn’t had the proper time to process everything. He has thought endlessly about the demon, its ranking, its class, its power, but he hasn’t thought about how he is the first person in history to bond with a Demon of Death.

              And a part of it frightens Jungkook. There’s nothing in his brother’s journal about Demons of Death, other than what is already basic knowledge collected through the years. But a part of Jungkook is also ready for the challenge.

              While they finished eating breakfast Jungkook collected the rest of the information about his teammates’ demons. Taehyung has an air warrior demon. Namjoon bonded with an earth warrior demon. Seokjin with a fire incubus demon. Hoseok got an earth magician warrior. And Jimin bonded with a fire water demon.

              “It’s ten to nine, we should go,” Namjoon clapped Jungkook on the back as he walked past to dump his breakfast tray. Jungkook was quick to follow him, his demon as always following closely behind. Not much was said as they made their way to the south side of the base towards building 5R. Testing yesterday was done privately, right after the bonding ceremony commenced. Today they would be tested one after the other, with permission from the member, they were allowed to stay within the room to see their results for themselves.

              As they were walking towards Building 5R they crossed paths with Team 2. They haven’t had contact with them since the bus ride here. They were trained on separate track fields, they were given different professors, and even their meal times were slightly different. Jungkook just faintly remembered the faces, remembering a few from studying with them at the Pre-Academy. The teams respectfully bowed their heads and mumbled greetings. But as soon as formalities were given, their eyes snapped immediately to Jungkook’s demon.

              It seems the warning has been stated. Jungkook was unsure as to whether the Lieutenant added that the Demon of Death belonged to Jungkook, but it seemed as if everyone knew by now.

              The testing went by fairly quickly. Most of his teammates’ compatibility and their demon’s power range were fairly accurate, as expected there was a bit of a decrease in the power ranges due to them no longer in their realm. Experts have theorized that demons often derive their powers from their homes, it could explain why their power seems to diminish a bit when in the human realm. It was why they go through training for the next four years along with cadets, to gain back the power they lost and to build it up.

              Jungkook was last to go. His team had an unspoken agreement to stay in the lab with each other. Jungkook felt a spike in his nerves rise, the conversation from breakfast had been weighing on his mind. Was it possible that his demon was not actually a Demon of Death Warrior?

              Jungkook stepped forward when his name was called and bowed in greeting to the technician who had tested him the day prior. She smiled softly and grabbed his file from the table, “For you, we are going to recheck your demon’s class and ranking. If you could please have him step into the scanner?”

              Before Jungkook could even look at his demon, it was stepping out from behind Jungkook and into the glass container. It was a small clear box, only about five feet wide and seven feet tall. The walls appeared clear, but when a technician placed their fingerprint onto the lock it lit up with a screen for the workers to begin scanning. It made no sound, but a small green laser traced his demon’s body. It was over in a few minutes.

              The door slid open and his demon stepped out. It took a few more minutes for the technicians to conclude the results, “If you two could please enter the compatibility chamber.”

              The compatibility chamber was large enough to fit both of them. They were forced to stand with their arms pressed together. It was another clear box that worked the same as the demon analyzer. But as the green laser began to trace their bodies, the symbol on their chokers lit a dim green as well. It was over just as quickly. When they stepped out, the results from the first testing was back. They were waiting until Jungkook was done to announce it to the group. His teammates and Sergeant Dae were all watching him.

              “So, the results from the first round were true,” the technician said, reading from the file, “your demon is of the Demon of Death class, with a ranking of Warrior. But there is something else, that is a bit strange.”

              “What is it?” Jungkook asked.

              “It appears as if your demon also has traces of Magician and Incubus ranking,” she replied.

              “I’ve heard of a demon having traces of one other ranking, but is it possible to have two?” Sergeant Dae asked.

              “There have been theories done that demons are able to change their rankings, though it is thought to be extremely difficult and only powerful demons have the power to do so,” the technician answered, “it’s why most demons don’t alter their rankings, or if they do they are only able to do so once in their lifetime. Based off the results though, it seems as if Jeon’s demon was originally created as an Incubus ranking, then altered to a Magician ranking, and then altered again to the Warrior ranking. But the demon still does have traces of the other two prior rankings, meaning it is most likely to still use some of those specialties.”

              Seokjin let out a low whistle, “Well fuck me twice.”

              Jimin lightly smacked Seokjin’s arm, “Please take this seriously.”

              Jungkook ignored them, “What does this mean?”

              She looked at their team and then back at Jungkook, “To be honest, we aren’t sure. We have a meeting scheduled with Lieutenant Song after this to show him the results from your team and Team 2. But he seems adamant on keeping you two bonded. All that I could guess, is that you two continue on with regular training. But I am sure Lieutenant Song will require an audience with you soon.”

              Jungkook nodded, “Thank you.”

              “Before you go there is one more thing, that is a bit unusual” she said, Hoseok groaning in response in the background, “Your demon’s power range did not decrease, unlike other demons. In fact, it increased by four percentages, your demon is now at a 71-power range.”

              Seokjin let out another low whistle, “Well fuck me three times.”

              “Seriously,” Jimin hissed.

              “And for your compatibility,” she continued, “it has jumped as well. You and your bonded demon are now at max compatibility of 100 percent.”


Chapter Text

              “These confinement chambers were built with the knowledge of what we have on demons and research we have conducted.  Due to the lack of information in regards to Demons of Death, we are currently unsure as to whether this particular chamber will be able to securely hold your demon,” a guard instructed Jungkook as he led him and the demon to a secluded wing in the building. Each team is given a wing with six chambers built in a circle. The chambers have been modified over years of intense research until scientists have concluded that these chambers will perfectly hold any demon of any ranking and class. Except for a Demon of Death. “A team is currently in the process of an early blueprint design for a chamber that can hold the aura of your demon. But for now, your demon will be placed in what we call solitary confinement. These chambers were built to hold unsteady demons, usually placed here after they unexpectedly lashed out. These chambers are able to hold auras stronger than regular confinements, but like I said we are unsure as to whether it will be able to hold your demon.”

              They stopped at a wing on the farthest right side of the building. The wing was labeled 7B. In solitary confinement wings there are only one chamber per wing, the idea was made up with the want of keeping demons apart when unsteady, “and what if it doesn’t hold it?”

              The guard tapped on the screen implanted in the wall next to the chamber and began entering his access code, “once the door is closed it is sealed shut and only those who finger prints and face recognition is entered in the system is allowed to open it. These doors cannot be open from the inside. The door is equipped with sensors, we will immediately be alerted if the demon even touches it. There are also cameras with no blind spots, we will have eyes on the demon at all times while it is placed in confinement.”

              Jungkook processed every bit of information the guard told him. He knew this technology is incredibly well designed and advance, he has never heard of a demon being able to escape confinement. But yet Jungkook could not help but feel uneasy, he has witnessed and felt just a mere percentage of his demon’s power and there is no logical way to believe this will hold it. Yet, Jungkook could not bring himself to tell this to the guard, or to anyone else.

              “Place your thumb here,” the guard instructed. Jungkook followed procedure and listened carefully as the guard explained on how to open the chamber door with the thumb print and face recognition. If done incorrectly more than two times guards are alerted and sent to the chamber to investigate, he has been advised numerous times to never allow this happen as it is a serious offense for someone to try and steal or make contact with another’s demon, “try it yourself.”

              Jungkook entered his ID number and placed his thumb on the scanner and stood perfectly still has his face was scanned as well. The computer immediately confirmed his identity and opened the chamber door. Jungkook peeked inside and noticed it was slightly larger than the usual confinements, but decorated just the same. A single bed and a single chair occupied the room and nothing else. Demons do not have the need to use the bathroom or to shower. Demons do not technically need rest or sleep but researchers have witnessed that demons do seem to enjoy sleep even if it not required of them to survive. They have yet to understand as to why demons seem to enjoy it.

              Jungkook stepped into the confinement chamber. He did not hear his demon follow him in but instead he felt his presence grow closer, “this is where you will be placed every night or when not needed.”

              His demon didn’t move. Jungkook turned around and his breath caught in his throat, his demon was standing right behind him. Their noses were close to touching. Jungkook stared into its eyes, mesmerized with the way the red in his eyes seemed to swim. Jungkook could not help but compare the demon to the ocean, from the veins pushing and pulling against his skin to the red laps of water in his eyes. There were too many similarities and it confused Jungkook. It brought back too many memories of hearing the waves crash and waking to the smell of the sea of his early childhood.

              The demon blinked up at him and Jungkook stepped back, “tomorrow morning you will be collected to begin training with the other demons bonded to my teammates. After my lessons and training I will come collect you during my free time.”

              Jungkook ducked his head under the gaze of his demon and left the chamber. He pressed the close button on the monitor and the doors slid and locked shut. The monitor switched frames and displayed the inners of the chamber. His demon stood looking at the door not moving.

              “You don’t have to explain things to them,” the guard laughed, “it doesn’t matter what we do to them, don’t waste your energy on meaningless manners.”

              “Sorry, I have forgotten myself,” Jungkook heard himself respond.

              “It must be harder for you, your demon is the most human looking demon I have ever seen,” the guard led Jungkook back through the maze of units to where Jungkook would meet up with his teammates at their assigned wing, “but that just what it is, a demon.”

              “Right,” Jungkook felt blood rush to his cheeks. He felt ashamed. Jungkook has already clearly noticed differences in his relationship with his demon compared to others. Demons are not human. They don’t show any indication of emotions. They don’t show any indications of coherent thought. They are meant to be treated as a weapon or as a guard dog. But the memory from last night kept reoccurring in his mind. The words uttered from his demon’s mouth echoing in his ears. The more he thought of it, the more Jungkook doubted he dreamt it all.

              “Alright, Jeon?” Hoseok asked when he spotted Jungkook turning around the corner into their assigned wing. The team were gathered waiting for Jungkook to arrive.

              Jungkook nodded, “All good.”

              The guard dismissed them. The team saluted him and waited for him to leave before relaxing and heading their own way. Seokjin walked up beside Jungkook and clapped him on his back. The team laughed and joked amongst each other. According to Taehyung one of the guards helping them didn’t have a clue what he was doing and accidently set off the alarm on Taehyung’s assigned chamber. The words blurred in Jungkook’s ear, they felt distant.

              He let his legs and the Seokjin’s warm guiding hand on his shoulder lead him back to their dormitory. Black spots clouded his vision. He felt a bead of sweat slid down from his hairline. He tasted the creeping acidic bile in his throat. His body collapsed on the nearest sofa in the common area. He had not even realized he toed off his boots at the doorway. His teammates flung themselves down across the common area. Jimin sat next to him and flung his legs over Jungkook’s lap. But Jungkook couldn’t concentrate. He couldn’t concentrate.

              “-kook? Jeon Jungkook?” Namjoon’s voice pulled Jungkook back from the depths of his thoughts.

              He snapped his head up and gasped for air. He hadn’t realized he could not even focus on breathing on his own. His mates sat facing him, smiles and jokes falling off their face, “what?”

              “Your forehead is warm,” Jimin whispered softly, his small hand pressed to Jungkook’s temple, “are you feeling okay?”

              Jungkook nodded too quickly and a sharp pain shot through his head, “y-yeah.”

              “No, you aren’t, come on I’m taking you to the infirmary,” Hoseok said sternly and stood up, Taehyung following his lead.

              “It just must have been something I ate for dinner; I just need to sleep. I’ll be fine in the morning,” Jungkook slurred his speech. With every word he gasped for air.

              “I think you should listen to Hoseok, Kook,” Taehyung peeked from behind Hoseok, worry frowned on his face. He was gnawing on his lip, Jungkook could smell the tinge of cooper as Taehyung bit too hard. Jungkook felt like he was losing his mind.

              “I’ll be fine,” Jungkook stood and wobbled on his feet. Jimin stood with him and wrapped his arm around his waist, “just let me rest please.”

              Jimin helped guide him to his room. Jungkook ignored Jimin’s concerned gazes and his worrying glances back at their teammates. Jimin opened his bedroom door for him and laid him down on his bed, “I’m going to get a cold towel.”

              The yellow light from his bathroom bled into his dark room. Jungkook hastily stripped out of his jumpsuit, stripping down to his undershirt and his underwear. He threw the jumpsuit to the ground and flopped back down onto the bed. He could hear his teammates hushed whispers and the water dripping in the faucet. He could hear his own heart pump and the rush of the blood in his veins. The darkened room was too bright and the blankets itched at his burning skin.

              He shook when Jimin laid the cold and wet towel over his forehead and hair, “I left some water on the desk. We’re going to be checking on you every so often. If it gets worse Hoseok’s taking you to the infirmary.”

              Jungkook doesn’t remember if he answered back but soon, he was bathed in complete darkness as Jimin turned off the bathroom light and closed the bedroom door behind him. Jungkook pulled his knees to his chest and lay fetal-positioned, shaking from the shivers his fever sent through his body. There was no explanation as to how he became so ill. He felt fine until the moment he stepped out of the confinement building. He naively continued to believe that something he had eaten during dinner had upset his stomach. In his moment of weakness, he sobbed and cried for his brother, for his protector and his solace.

              Throughout the rest of the evening and into the night he slipped in and out of delirious consciousness. Every so often he woke believing he was back home in his childhood bedroom only to hear his teammates’ voices surrounding him. He couldn’t make out what they were saying it felt as if they were speaking a foreign language. When he was awake everything felt so foreign and uncomfortable.

              In a brief moment of awareness, he felt his blanket pull over his frame and covered his cold frame. His fever seemed to have sweated itself out. The cold towel was removed from his forehead and a warm steady hand felt around his forehead and temple. Jungkook first thought it must have been Jimin come to care for him as the older boy had seemed to taken the role of the motherly caring figure. Jimin- or whomever it was- sat next to him and soothed his sweat-soaked hair. The movements seemed to ease every ache and pain in his muscles and bones.

              They began singing softly, the voice just barely above a whisper. Jungkook still was too delirious to be able to make sense of the words. But the words were beautiful, they came from low and deep in the throat and seemed to fill the room with warmth. They lulled Jungkook and set him at peace. Jungkook moved slightly, pressing his stomach closer to the hip and leg on the edge of his bed curling into them. He sighed and sunk into the comfort of his bed. As the song continued the better Jungkook began feeling. And the more aware he was. The voice was too rough to belong to Jimin nor was it from any other teammate.

              Jungkook blinked heavily into the darkness of the room. He caught the attention of two blood red eyes shining brightly. Jungkook blinked one more time and then closed his eyes. The hand petting his hair slid down and cupped his cheek, “sleep.”

              Jungkook woke startled by his alarm blaring. He stretched out his arms and legs feeling the heaviness in them. He rubbed his face and lightly picked at his sleepy eyes dreading the two-mile run he has to do in a matter of an hour. He looked about his room and immediately noticed his demon sitting at the end of his bed staring back at him. Neither moved for a few long seconds. Jungkook blew out a hot breath of air, “shit.”

              His demon tilted his head and smirked. Jungkook blinked and the demon was sitting as it was with no movement or facial expressions. He stood and his knees buckled underneath him, he reached out and clung to the desk but he also felt a pair of hands grab his side. Jungkook allowed the assistance and stood straight, slightly clinging to his demon, “we have to get you back into confinement before anyone notices.”

              Once Jungkook seemed to be stable on his own his demon stepped back and watched as its master sluggishly moved about the room shedding his clothes and exchanging them for a jumpsuit. He was usually the first one awake, his teammates preferring to sleep in as late as possible before hastily getting dressed and rushing down to the track field. He quietly opened his door and peered down the dimly lit hallway. He could not hear anyone in the showers nor did it seem like any of the bedroom doors have been opened.

              With a quick wave of his hand he indicated for his demon to follow. Jungkook slipped past the bedrooms and common area with his demon trailing behind. The sun had not yet risen over the horizon, the stars and crescent shaped moon lit up their path. The confinement building was about a five-minute walk from their dormitory building. He walked with a careful foot afraid of snapping any twigs and alert the guards patrolling the base. He heard muffled voices from behind him and the thick thud of boots hitting the ground.

              Jungkook wrapped his hand around his demon’s thin wrist and dragged him through the field when he heard footsteps appear closer. He raced towards the entrance of the confinement building. He pulled open the door to step into the reception area but instead stepped into a wing of the building. Jungkook’s head spun slightly. The symbol 7B coated the wall. Jungkook was still holding his demon’s wrist. He was breathing heavily. It has only been a short weekend yet Jungkook felt as if he has lived a thousand lives and every moment with the demon began a new life.

              He couldn’t face the demon. He entered his access code and allowed his thumbprint and face to be scanned. The doors clicked unlocked and slid to open. He felt his demon walk past him and into the chamber. Jungkook kept his head ducked, “I cannot worry about how you were able to escape confinement, to be quite honest I had a feeling it would not be able to contain you. But you cannot be caught walking around without me. It could put both of us into immense trouble and danger.”

              Jungkook clasped his hands behind his back, staring at his boots. He hadn’t laced them up, “please wait here for the trainer to come collect you. I will come for you when I am done with my own training.”

              Jungkook licked his lips. He has to hurry back to his dorm before his teammates wake. Jungkook looked up and stared at his demon staring back at him. Jungkook placed his hand on the monitor ready to close and lock the chamber door. Jungkook licked his lips again. They were dry. “Hey, thank you. For last night, I mean.”

              His demon stepped forward and cupped his cheek, “walk freely back, no guard will notice you.”

              Jungkook stared at the mouth as it spoke. Jungkook could no longer pass it off as just a dream, “thank you.”

              The demon stepped back into the chamber. Jungkook pressed the button and the door began sliding closed. The demon tilted its head and said, “Yoongi. Call me Yoongi.”

              And the door locked shut.

              Jungkook made it back to his dormitory and collapsed on the nearest couch just as he heard his teammate’s alarms began ringing. Hoseok was the first to be dressed and out his bedroom. He stopped in the entrance of the common area and leaned against the wall with his arms crossed, “hey Kookie, how are you feeling?”

              Jungkook closed his eyes and leaned his head against the back of the couch, “I’m fine.”

              “That’s a load of demon shit,” Seokjin sat down next to him and practically dragged Jungkook into sitting into his lap, “your fever is gone.”

              “Hey Jungkook,” Taehyung and Namjoon entered next, Jimin soon after. Their bombardment of questions both bothered him and filled Jungkook with warmth. Since he was young, he has been treated as a weakling, his sudden and near-death illness permanently planting a small and fragile image of him into everyone’s mind. It grew worse when the report of his brother’s death came in. He secluded even more into himself, avoiding the pitiful eyes and whispers of what a poor and unlucky child he was.

              His teammates did not know the story of his sick childhood or even of his brother. He knew they weren’t being hypocritical his townspeople. He knew they actually meant well for him. But the negative memories and thoughts were hard to overcome, “I’m fine.”

              “Are you sure? You’re still a bit pale,” Jimin spoke softly.

              The name Yoongi flashed in his mind and he choked out a weak ‘yes’. They gave each a glance and collectively decide to leave him alone. They knew if something was truly wrong, he would let them know. Or at least they hoped so. They hoped Jungkook trusted them enough to share personal details and life-encounters with them. And Jungkook wished that as well. He really truly wished that. But yet he did not understand as to why he has never even told Taehyung and Namjoon his closest friends since the beginning of the Pre-Academy and now his teammate for life, that he had a brother. He knew they believe he is an only child.

              He could not understand why he never leant on his friends they lean on him during even minimal hardships. Why he never slept on Taehyung’s shoulder during long-nights of studying like Tae does with him. Or why he never confided in Namjoon’s wisdom and advice like he does with Jungkook. Or why he doesn’t allow Jimin to mother and care for him. Or why he refuses to allow Seokjin to message his tense and sore muscles after a long and difficult day of training. He doesn’t understand why he doesn’t go to Hoseok’s bed in the middle of the night to be held and comforted like the rest of the team does.

              He doesn’t know why he has yet to tell them of his demon. That his demon has shown him incredible and immense powers. His demon has been able to stop time, something that has never been recorded of a demonic ability before. That he can feel exactly where his demon is just by closing his eyes and concentrating. He physically feels like he cannot tell them of how close and personal he has grown to his demon in just a matter of a few days, something that is highly frowned upon.

              He doesn’t know why he cannot tell them that his demon has spoken to him. That his demon is coherent and understanding of the Korean language they speak and is even able to speak it as well.

              He wants to be able to tell his teammates information like this but for some unknown reason he never is able to tell utter the words.

              But he realized he was going to have to tell them eventually. Possibly sooner than he is comfortable with because as he was nearing the end of the 2-mile run his fever and aches began again. Jungkook was scared for once in his life he was scared. He was started to believe that the illness of his childhood that had unexpectedly become dormant after his brother’s death has awoken again. He was scared, terrified even. If it is his illness Jungkook is immediately off the team and out of the academy. He will be forced to go through the un-bonding ceremony even if it meant the demon and his own death. And all Jungkook could think of was he needed his demon, he needed Yoongi near him. Then he blacked out onto the track field.

              He woke in the infirmary. His teammates surrounded by his bedside. Off to the side was General Song and Sergeant Dae conversing with the nurse. Jungkook was beginning to become tired of fainting. Jungkook hasn’t fainted this much since he was young and severely ill.

              “What’s wrong?” Jungkook asked, his voice rough and hoarse.

              “What’s wrong?” Seokjin laughed, “this is like what the fifth time you’ve fainted since the bonding ceremony on Saturday?”

              “You seemed better this morning,” Taehyung mumbled, “last night around 3 a.m. I checked in on you and your fever had broken and you actually seemed to be sleeping well. But then on the way to practice you began looking ill again.”

              “Jeon, did you take anything that may have caused these symptoms?” the nurse came to his side and began writing down his current statistics off the monitor.

              “I’m not sure, I originally thought it was something I had to eat,” Jungkook responded. He gratefully accepted the cup of water the nurse poured for him.

              “Your symptoms aren’t consistent with food poisoning, we’ve ruled that possibility out,” the nurse began reading off a list of symptoms and had Jungkook answer which ones he has had within the past 24 hours. Jungkook experienced nearly all of them, “we aren’t entirely sure as to what it is. Your symptoms do not match one single disease.”

              Jungkook closed his eyes. He could hear the doctor from his village’s voice tell him the same sentence when he was young.

              “Did you take any medicine around the time of 3 a.m., your teammate says he noticed some symptoms has disappeared?” the nurse asked.

              Jungkook shook his head, “no, but-” he caught himself. But it was evident he was hiding something.

              “Jeon, whatever it is you must tell the nurse. If you had taken a drug that is prohibited or illegal on military grounds, I am willing to exempt you and give you a warning. But the medical staff must know in order to better treat you,” General Song said, his voice as always firm and never wavering nor showing emotion.

              Jungkook sat up straighter and nervously picked at the lose threads on the thin blanket covering him, “I didn’t take anything.”

              “There are some diseases where the symptoms seem to be more prominent at specific moments such as under intense stress or change in diet, but I have not heard of an illness like this,” the nurse continued scribbling notes. And that’s when it occurred to Jungkook. His childhood illness was different than this. It was similar symptoms but it never stopped and started just like it is now. It began with a few symptoms until it grew worse due to not being treated until one day it disappeared and never returned,

              “I’m afraid if we cannot diagnose and treat the illness your position on the team and in the academy may have to be terminated,” Sergeant Dae said and was met with loud shouts of disagreements from the team.

              General Song held his hand up and the room immediately became quiet, “Sergeant Dae is correct, they are the rules of this academy. I will allow Jeon to be monitored for one more day but if the medical staff cannot diagnose the illness he will have to go through the process of military academic removal. We also have to consider the thought that this may be due to his bond. If it is due to his bond it will be best for him and for us to terminate it.”

              Jungkook’s heart could break his rib-cage and burst out of his chest with how hard it was beating. His eyes were wide with fear he felt tears prickling at the corners. Just as General Song and Sergeant Dae turned to leave Jungkook shouted out, “wait! I- I think I might know what it is.”

              The General and Sergeant stopped and looked at him, as well as everyone else. Jungkook knew he was going to have to tell them, he had to let aspects of the secret go. Even if it wasn’t the whole story they were going to know. Jungkook took a quick sip of water and cleared his throat, “I’m, I’m not sure if it just a coincidence or not but, but I might know why I am sick some moments and not others.”

              The group waited for him to continue. Jungkook was stalling as much as he could. He cleared his throat again, “last night, if I remember correctly, I woke for a moment and saw the time on my clock which said it was just a little before 3 a.m. so Taehyung had not checked on me yet, but I was already feeling better.”

              “Do you know why?” the nurse asked. He had to add more sheets of paper to his clipboard as he ran out of space for notes.

              “Yes,” Jungkook breathed heavily, “my demon. He- it had escaped confinement and came to my room. I don’t think my demon healed me, but I think being physically close to it stopped whatever was happening. I felt fine the entire time my demon was with me. This morning I snuck my demon back to confinement, but the symptoms slowly began again just aches and pains the farther I got from him. The longer and farther I was away from it the worse my symptoms became.”

              The room was silent. He looked at every shocked and confused look on every persons’ face. The only one who showed no reaction was General Song who just stared at him.

              Seokjin was the first to speak, “if I keep saying fuck me, I’m going to end up raw.”

              “Will you please take this seriously,” Jimin hissed and pinched the elder’s side.

              “Are you sure this is what happened?” the nurse asked, trying his best to maintain professionalism.

              “I’m not sure if the demon’s presence is what helped but I just was able to connect the two,” Jungkook spoke, his voice becoming quiet.

              “But how would it explain right now? You seem to be better; your fever is down and you aren’t shaking from the chills,” Namjoon asked.

              “Joon,” Hoseok whispered, “the field where the demons train are right next to the infirmary. If you look out the window all our demons are out there.”

              Sergeant Dae went to the window and peered out of it. He grabbed his walkie talkie and spoke in code to an officer on the receiving line. General Song walked over and they began speaking in low voices while they looked out the window. Jungkook heard some commotion out the window and a moment later a sharp pain shot across his head and black spots reappeared in his vision.

              “Jeon, I am going to lie you down now okay?” the nurse spoke out loud everything he was doing, “you suddenly clutched at your head, are you having head pains right now?”

              Jungkook was barely able to shake his head in agreement.

              “General, I think Jeon might be right,” Sergeant Dae said. He spoke into his walkie talkie again and then received a confirmation for his order. Jungkook closed his eyes and shielded them from the bright piercing white light of the infirmary. He curled into a fetal position, it seemed to be the most soothing and comforting position for him when he felt like this.

              The pain in his head slowly began to decrease but Jungkook stayed in his position, afraid it might come back suddenly. But then he heard the door of his infirmary room open and footsteps enter. A second later there was a soft hand soothing down his hair and brushing softly over his forehead and temple. And Jungkook knew who they called in.

              He opened his eyes and was met face to face with his demon. His demon was squatting beside his bed, leaning lightly against the bed. His left hand petting his hair and his right hand slid between the pillow and Jungkook’s cheek. Jungkook let out a deep breath and tentatively reached out and clutched at his demon’s jumpsuit. His demon smiled at him. It wasn’t a quick and sharp smirk that disappeared as soon as it came. It was a soft and shy smile. Jungkook could not help but twitch his lips up. His body was filled with warmth. It was the first time Jungkook reached for his demon with purpose, not out of an accident or unconsciously. Jungkook was unsure what it meant, but he could feel it meant a great deal to his demon. To Jungkook it felt like acceptance and the confirmation of something unsaid.

              Whatever it is, it is so much more different than any other bond. It is so much stronger. It is so much more intimate.

              “We need to run tests now,” General Song said.

              “Sir, we do not even know what to look for,” Sergeant Dae spoke softly, “we have never seen anything like this before.”

              “Do not talk back to me, Sergeant,” General song said, “I will speak with my top team of researchers. I will inform you once a plan has been legitimized.”

              “Excuse me, General Song, may I have permission to speak?” Namjoon stood up.

              General Song looked at Namjoon, “make it quick.”

              “I respect your superiority as well as your decision to run tests on the bond, I would agree with that,” Namjoon stood straight at command with his hands collapsed respectively in front of himself, “but if I may suggest, I believe research and tests should not be run so hastily. We have just figured out this unique bond, but we also saw the damage and severity of them just being too far apart from one another.”

              General Song gazed upon Namjoon, with dare Jungkook say admiration, “what do you suggest?”

              Namjoon turned and looked at Jungkook still clutching at his demon. For once, Jungkook could not read his facial expression. But Jungkook knew once the team was back at their dorm away from all personal, they were going to have a serious team discussion. And the thought did not settle well with Jungkook, “I suggest we wait until Jungkook rests and heals, the past few days as been incredibly harsh on his body and mental state. Since bonding with his demon, he has become physically ill multiple times, and I cannot vouch for what his mental state must be. But he must heal, if tests are run immediately after this something serious or fatal may happen. Allow Jungkook and his demon to concrete their bond and relationship more, it may allow them both to better cooperate with the research. Please consider my offer, Sir. And I hope you do not take any disrespect from my opinion.”

              General Song nodded, one quick affirmative nod, “Kim Namjoon is it?”

              “Yes, sir,” Namjoon responded.

              “I’m afraid you have been more reasonable in this aspect than I have,” his teammates shifted uncomfortably on their feet, never hearing the General become so open like this, “I will consider your advice. I become to emotional in the information we could gain from this, I admire your strength to stand up to your superior. After a meeting with my people, Sergeant Dae will inform your team on what plan we have come to.”

              With that General Song left the room with the nurse trailing behind him to provide him copies of his medical notes. Jungkook let out a shaky breath and loosened his hold on his demon. His demon paid no attention to his team nor the conversation that just took place. Jungkook knew he understood everything, knew he felt every emotion Jungkook felt during the past few minutes. But his eyes never left Jungkook and his hand never stopped petting Jungkook’s hair.

              “Are you okay?” his demon spoke. The rasp and croaks of the voice never became familiar to Jungkook but it never startled him. But then Jungkook realized he spoke in front of his teammates and Sergeant Dae. Jungkook shot up in his bed and turned to his team to explain only to notice that everyone has frozen. He looked at the clock on his wall, the hour and minute hands were frozen as well, “I have already revealed too much to them too soon into the bond. They cannot know any more. Not right now.”

              “What does that mean?” Jungkook said. He was watching the visible black veins on his demon’s neck and hands and face grow darker and move quicker. Jungkook wanted to know more.

              “I will explain everything soon, but not right now,” his demon cupped Jungkook’s face. And Jungkook didn’t know how a demon so powerful and intimidating like his own can be so soft and comforting towards him. Jungkook needed answers, Jungkook was waiting to speak with his demon but that time has been sped up, “I promise, I will explain everything but not now.”

              “Why not?” Jungkook asked.

              “Like I have said, I cannot explain everything right now. Soon everything will come to surface. I can tell you certain things, but not the whole story,” his demon sat back with one last pat to his cheeks and then stood.

              “My teammates they are going to want to know, they’re going to ask questions,” Jungkook felt himself hyperventilating.

              “Shh, it is okay,” his demon said, “I feel that there are some things you do not wish to tell anyone. And you cannot understand why you cannot tell others. But like I said, you will come to understand everything.”

              “What? I don’t know what that means?” Jungkook shook his head. He never liked not knowing, he never like not understanding something. He used to stay up all night stressing and worrying over notes and articles whenever a professor or trainer told him something that he immediately did not know. It was an obsession of his. And he has met his match.

              “Be patient with me, Jungkook.” Jungkook noticed it was the first time he heard the demon utter his name. Every word the demon has spoken felt unfamiliar like it did not belong here on earth. But when he spoke his name, when he said ‘Jungkook’ it felt like everything. Like in that moment that was the only sound meant to be heard. And Jungkook could not help but believe that he has heard it before.

              “What can you tell me? What should I tell my teammates?” Jungkook muttered. So many questions already rolling through his mind.

              “We will speak later,” his demon said, “it is better you only know what you know when you speak with your teammates. But when you do speak with your teammates, do not speak with your General or any other superior in the room. Promise me.”

              Jungkook eyes flickered from his demon to General Song, “I promise. I promise you.”

              “I am going to continue time,” his demon said, “be prepared you may become disoriented for a few moments.”

              Jungkook reached out, “wait. Can I ask you one thing?”

              His demon thought for a moment and nodded. Jungkook licked his lips, “Yoongi, is that your name?”

              His demon snapped his eyes up to Jungkook’s, for a moment they shone darker for a moment it appeared as if his eyes were made of blood, “yes.”

              “I didn’t know demons have names. I-”

              “Not now, be patient,” his demon- Yoongi said, “I am going to continue time now.”

              Jungkook blinked and he heard the commotion and movement of his teammates. He met eyes with Namjoon. Seokjin spoke first, of course, “so who is gonna fuck me? I keep saying fuck me but no one is fucking me.”

              Jimin punched him in the shoulder and hissed, “seriously, Jin.”

              “No wonder your demon is an incubus,” Hoseok laughed at his joke.

              “Can we please be professional in this matter,” General Song coughed and caught their attention.

              Seokjin winked at him, “sorry, sir, I like to use humor to hide my emotions.”

              “Jungkook?” Namjoon stepped forward and then took a step back, looking at his demon, “are you okay?”

              “I’m fine, truly this time,” Jungkook responded, “and thank you, for before.”

              “You’re my mate,” Namjoon said like that was supposed to explain everything. But Jungkook knew when it came to them, it did.

              “Dinner time has passed, your teammates had eaten while they waited for you to come through,” General Song stood at command, “are you hungry?”

              “No, I don’t think I can stomach anything right now,” Jungkook knew he should eat, but even drinking the water upset his stomach.

              “Then let’s get you back to your dormitory. Namjoon was right, it has been a rough and interesting few days. I am not going to question you; I am in charge of your team but this is something that my superiors must deal with and then they are the ones who decide what I know or not. You may voluntarily tell me what you wish but I cannot ask you. And I know you Jeon, you won’t tell me. I am not blind I see the why your demon looks at me, I’m going to be honest it frightens me. But I trust you that you have it under control,” Sergeant Dae said, he went and opened the infirmary room door, “I know you all will be having a meeting amongst yourselves. But I advise that you do not tell anyone else. No one must know about this connection until General Song allows it to become public knowledge. Do you understand?

              “Don’t worry, I won’t allow a anyone to touch a pretty little hair on your pretty little head,” Seokjin winked again and left the room. Jungkook stood shakily and slipped his feet into his boots. He followed his teammates out the room, his demon following behind him.

              “Your team missed an entire day of training and classes. Tomorrow I advise to make up for it during rest time. Your professors and trainers have been made aware there was an issue but of course they do not know the details of it. They have also agreed to work overtime with you tomorrow evening to catch you up,” Sergeant Dae wished them a goodnight and watched them exit the infirmary and head in the direction of their dormitory.

              Taehyung fell into step with Jungkook and held onto the sleeve of his jumpsuit, “is it okay if I tough you?”

              Jungkook felt his heart drop, “you’ve never asked before.”

              Taehyung looked at his demon, “yeah, I know.”

              “Don’t mind him, don’t act any differently,” Jungkook said.

              “Him?” Taehyung cocked his head, “never mind. From what I’ve seen and from what I know, your relationship with your demon isn’t going to be welcomed. Especially with how you seem to be treating him like an equal. But just know we won’t ever judge you, our team I mean. We know you Jungkook, we trust you and if that means we trust your demon too then so be it. But just don’t expect me to treat my demon the same.”

              Jungkook smiled and laughed in what it seemed like years, “I didn’t expect you to, but thank you.”

              Taehyung nudged his shoulder, “you don’t think every demon can do what he does, right?”

              Jungkook shook his head, “no, don’t worry you don’t have to worry about your demon becoming like this either.”

              “Okay, good.” Taehyung smiled his boxy smile and set Jungkook’s heart at ease, “I never believed in treating demons like trash, you know how some abuse them and a lot of people think it is okay to use them for sex and stuff, and like you shouldn’t do that, but being friends with one is a bit too much for me.”

              “Tae?” Jungkook laughed, “you’re rambling.”

              “Sorry,” Taehyung sheepishly laughed and Jungkook knocked their heads together lightly.

              “Thank you,” Jungkook said.

              The team entered their dormitory and filed into the common area. Taehyung spoke, “but can I ask, why didn’t you tell us?”

              His teammates settled themselves on the couches and floors, waiting for Jungkook to answer. They had no where else to be, they were all excused from classes and training to be with Jungkook in the infirmary. And due to that as well the demon trainer assigned to their team graciously offered to secure their demons back into their confinement chambers. Of course, except for Jungkook’s own demon.

              Jungkook sat down next to Taehyung. He glanced over his shoulder at his demon who came and stood behind him. He was always there, standing behind Jungkook. Even when they were apart, Jungkook often felt his presence. Physically they could be separated but never mentally or spiritually, “I don’t know. I really don’t, it’s still all new to me. Half the time I do not even realize anything is different.”

              “Why is that?” Namjoon asked. Namjoon had settled down next to Seokjin, and it pleased Jungkook to see his friend slowly become so comfortable with the others. Namjoon was his first friend at the Pre-Academy. In fact, Jungkook even considered him his first true and real friend. But he knows how hard opening up to others it is for the elder, which possibly explained why they were able to become so connected so quickly. They’re similar in those regards. Namjoon knows Jungkook does not like to be pried open. But Jungkook also knows that unknowingly his friend has taken the role as team leader, and he needs to know about information that could be in anyways beneficial or detrimental to their team.

              “I don’t know how to explain it,” Jungkook felt Taehyung’s fingers grip at his wrist. But he also felt his demon place his hand on his shoulder. Jungkook knew it was both for comfort but to also keep him in place. Jungkook had to be careful about what they had spoken about earlier, “it just feels like second nature, I suppose. I have questioned it; every second I question it. Part of me wonders why this is happening, why it is happening to me, but another part of me just feels like this is how it should be. There is no actual why to describe this feeling.”

              “Since you bonded has your demon been like this?” Hoseok asked.

              “The physical touches? Over the past few days it has progressed, started off small but then grew into something bigger,” Jungkook explained, trying to answer as vaguely possible without his members catching onto it.

              “Is your demon going to have to live with us?” Jimin whispered, as if he were trying for the demon to not hear.

              Seokjin barked a laugh, “unless you want dear Kookie to descend into the depths of fiery sickness, I believe so. But Jungkook could always just move into the confinement chamber.”

              “It’s not funny,” Jimin leaned over Hoseok and tried swatting at Seokjin, his fingers just barely grazing the other’s arm.

              “For now, I think it is best that we stay together,” Jungkook said, “tomorrow we should know more.”

              Seokjin raised his hand, “I have a question.” He waited until Jungkook sighed and gave him permission to speak, “are you going to fuck your demon?”

              “Jin!” Jimin screeched. Seokjin had a twinkle in his eye. Jungkook ignored him and judgingily looked at Taehyung who gagged and began to cough loudly.

              “Be serious, guys,” Namjoon spoke, authority rolling from his words. He turned to Jungkook, “is there anything else we should know about?”

              Jungkook felt as if the last few days has passed in a blur. He could barely recall the minor details of what had occurred. He felt like he was losing track of time and losing track of himself. Something was changing and stirring within himself. Instead of two souls joining together, it felt as if their soul was becoming one of itself.

              Jungkook felt the weight of Yoongi’s hand on his shoulder, “no, this is the only thing that’s happened.”

Chapter Text

The master and the demon sat quietly in the bedroom. Jungkook leaned against the wall. The demon stood against the opposite wall. There was everything and nothing going through Jungkook’s mind. He had so many questions burning on the tip of his tongue for days but as Jungkook led Yoongi to his bedroom as his teammates quietly said their goodnights, they all seemed to disappear with each step. And as Jungkook leaned against the wall his mouth refused to open.

              Since the end of the Demon War came to an end decades ago no researcher or scientist has ever had this given opportunity. For years the Demonic Military Service has long desired to capture and study a Demon of Death, no matter of its class. And yet here Jungkook was bonded with a Demon of Death Warrior, the highest ranking and most powerful demon. Not only did Jungkook have questions for his demon but he had questions for the Academy. As Jungkook sat in the living room prior with his teammates he was both grateful for General Song for letting him rest but he was also confused. Confused as to why they did not run tests and questions as soon as they classified his demon.

              The Demonic Military Academy should have jumped at this opportunity. And that was the first question out of Jungkook’s mouth, “why hasn’t the government stepped in? why haven’t they done anything?”

              His demon looked up at him, his eyes flashing, “you are finally questioning them?

              The response shocked Jungkook, “what?”

              “You’re smart, Jungkook,” his demon said, “I’m surprised it has taken you this long to question it.”

              Jungkook ran a hand through his hair, ruffling his usually clean-cut style. And Jungkook knew the demon was right. He prided himself on his intelligence, he always was the one to notice the oblivious the hidden messages. Jungkook has not been thinking properly these past few days, his attention has been rendered to his demon and nothing else. It was as if nothing else had room to occupy his thoughts. Jungkook knew he has not been himself, knew that his body and mind were changing since the bonding ceremony. Jungkook knew it was affects of the demon. Jungkook could feel pieces and bits of the demon entering into himself.

              “Most masters acquire slight changes of the psyche when bonding with a demon, it is just a side effect,” his demon answered as if he read his mind, “our bond, it is not like other bonds. It is stronger. More powerful. It is only natural that you would have a heavier effect.”

              “Does it not affect you?” Jungkook asked.

              “No, demons can control it,” Yoongi answered.

              “How?” Jungkook bounced lightly on his feet.

              “Naturally, we do not need to think to do so. Most demons are not intelligent nor powerful enough to hold a personality or specific characteristic traits,” his demon coped his movements and bounced on his feet, “as for me it is all natural. My body rejects what it does not identify as my own. Humans are more susceptible towards influence.”

              “I don’t want to be influenced,” Jungkook’s lip quivered and his voice shook, “these feelings, these changes. What are they doing to me? I am not acting how I usually am.”

              His demon stepped forward, “you will get used to it. Any trait you acquire from me, it is meant to better you. A human soul searches and scourges the bonded demon for any potential trait that will be beneficial towards the human.”

              “How come we never learned about this in classes?” Jungkook asked. What he asked himself was how come his brother never wrote about it? His brother had written information and possible facts about bonding that his classes has never taught him. This was something it appeared even his brother had not known.

              “Like I said, most are not noticeable. Most are not bonded to a Demon of Death,” his demon answered. Jungkook bounced lightly back against the wall and then moved to sit on the bed. He was beginning to feel anxious. He had to move around, “eventually they will begin to simmer down and you will return to as you were.”

              “How do you know all this?” Jungkook asked. He looked up and stared into his demon’s eyes. He knew what his demon was going to say.

              “I cannot tell you that right now.” It was what Jungkook knew he was going to say.

              “Can you answer my original question? Why have the government not stepped in?” Jungkook played with his fingers, cracking them and pulling at them. His demon stepped forward and then stepped back, backing into the wall.

              “I can’t,” his demon said. For a moment, Jungkook believed he was going to answer him. But Jungkook knew most of the questions he has for his demon, the demon will not answer. Jungkook just nodded his head and looked at his hands playing in his lap.

              “Do you not know? Or can you not tell me?” Jungkook continued pester. His demon stepped forward again and walked closer. His legs hit Jungkook’s knees, “I can’t say.”

              Jungkook choked on some laughter, “of course.”

              His demon reached out, small and hesitant touches trailed down Jungkook’s temple to his jaw, “remember what I said, Jungkook. You have to be patient. All will come to light.”

              Jungkook nodded his head again and licked his lips, “I don’t know what questions to ask where you won’t just tell me that you cannot say.”

              The delicate fingers stopped moving briefly and then began trailing his features again, “there is not much I can say. This is a difficult and delicate situation.”

              “It’s beginning to frustrate me; I feel like I’m trapped and I don’t know how to get out. I don’t like not knowing. I don’t like being left in the dark, especially when it pertains to myself. It has not even been a week. But it seems as if it has been centuries, I can feel every single second pass by. I don’t know what is going on. Why is it we cannot be separated? Why do I feel death’s oncoming when I am not near you? But why does it not affect you?” Jungkook voice began rising. He harshly knocked away his demon’s hand and stood pushing the demon back, “why can you not tell me anything? I am your master and you are my demon; we are supposed to work in union together. You cannot bond with me and then not tell me anything. Why are you able to speak but no other demon can?  Why are you the only Demon of Death to bond with a human? Just exactly how powerful are you? Why did you bond with me? Huh? Why did you bond with me?”

              The demon cupped his jaw and pressed his forward onto Jungkook’s. Jungkook was breathing heavily, his chest heaving up and down. He felt tears pool into the corner of his eyes and the blood rush to his cheeks. The demon’s eyes were the brightest red Jungkook has ever seen, every black vein was coursing violently through the demon’s body. He held tightly onto Jungkook, refusing to let go as Jungkook thrashed in his grasp choking out sobs and tears, “why did you bond with me? Yoongi?”

              “Shh, it is okay,” Yoongi whispered, “you have to trust me. Please, I beg of you, trust me. The government, the Demonic Military Service, there are things they have not told you things they have kept secret for years. I am here to unveil them. But you cannot know the specifics now, I am sorry Jungkook. I am sorry, my dear Jungkook.”

              Jungkook stopped moving, he stood still. His eyes searching his demon’s. He reached up and clutched at the demon’s elbows. He felt a rush of calmness surge through him and he knew it was the demon’s doing, “why do I trust you so easily? Why do I feel safe with you?”

              Yoongi lightly rubbed their foreheads together, their nose brushed against each other, “we are more than just bonded, Jungkook.”

              “Let me guess you cannot tell me,” Jungkook whispered. His demon smiled softly and sweetly. And dare Jungkook say, his demon was beautiful. He was ethereal and unique. Like nothing Jungkook has ever seen before.

              “At least I can say you catch on quickly,” his demon replied, his voice lathered with kindness. It was a new side Jungkook was seeing of him. Every situation Jungkook saw a new side to him. And Jungkook continued to want to see every side.

              “I’m sorry I yelled, I do not know what overcame me,” Jungkook gripped tighter at Yoongi’s arms.

              Yoongi shook his head, “there are new emotions and feeling swirling inside of you, you have some of my own emotions. Your body and psyche are confused, you have had these bottling up inside you. It was bound to come out. Please, Jungkook never apologize to me, never keep anything from me. I know it is hypocritical for me to say, but what I am keeping from you is for your own protection.”

              “This was not how I imagined tonight going, I pictured a calm and serious conversation between a demon and a human,” Jungkook voice felt hoarse. The early night began closing to an end. Jungkook was irrational and irresponsible. He let his façade fall in his moment of weakness. He was having too many moments of weakness. It left him feeling fragile and vulnerable. No one has ever witness him become like this. Like a scared young boy. Only his brother has. But his brother has long since been gone and Jungkook never allowed himself to show how he truly felt inside again. But his demon brought it out in him whether he wanted it or not. And he was going to continuingly slip up in front of his teammates, he had a deep feeling in the pit of his stomach that it was going to continue to happen. And it was the second time since the bonding ceremony that Jungkook began considering telling his teammates of his backstory. The whole of it.

              “You must be afraid; you must be terrified. But I see how strongly you try to hide it,” Yoongi said. Jungkook fluttered his eyes closed, “I know that you want to, but you have been hurt so many times Jungkook. I can feel the lingering pain and trauma. It is okay, I will always be by your side.”

              “How do you know everything?” Jungkook opened his eyes. The black veins had begun to simmer down and the brightness of his eyes dimmed.

              “I can feel everything you feel Jungkook, feel every thought you have,” his demon replied, “it has been a long night, we have eternity to talk.”

              Days upon days have passed. His team quickly and swiftly fell back into their normal regime. Wake up, run, breakfast, lectures, lunch, fitness training, library or gym free time, dinner, relax, sleep, wake up. The only difference this time was Jungkook’s demon constantly at his side. The Academy had to alter arrangements due to the issue at hand. Demons in training had their own training grounds separated from their masters training grounds until they were prepared to begin training together. Now, his teams demons practice on the same grounds as the team. They were still separated, with their trainers focusing on different techniques. But Jungkook was always close enough to Yoongi to constantly feel his presence. The Academy made a makeshift training ground outside his teams classrooms. Jungkook and Yoongi were only separated by windows and walls, there were times were Jungkook felt a pit in his stomach tugging and searching for Yoongi. It only lasted a few moments before his demon finished an exercise and moved closer to the building for Jungkook.

              Yoongi now lived with his team in their dormitory. His teammates have yet to grow accustomed to it, more than once Jungkook has seen a teammate glance over at his demon in shock that he was there only to remember the circumstances they were in. His teammates often try their best to ignore the demon in the room, try their best to continue laughing and joking with one another after a long day of training and lessons.

              Every night when Jungkook said goodnight to his teammates his demon faithful as always follows him into their now shared bedroom. They don’t speak much. It was something Jungkook has noticed, his demon only talks when he feels it is necessary. The first few nights Jungkook tried to make polite conversation, the words often coming out awkward and jumbled. His demon never responded. Jungkook has since stopped trying. He has since stopped trying to ask questions. But he has noticed pieces of paper slipped into his brother’s journal. During the night when Jungkook was asleep and resting, the demon would read Jungkook’s brother journal scribbling down notes and facts to fill in the gaps of information, nothing life altering nothing that Jungkook could not have learned on his own. Jungkook never asked the demon about it and the demon never brought it up.

              Jungkook had pushed his desk to the corner of the room, removing any books or papers that littered the right side of the desk. He had also discovered that his demon most liked to sit on the desk cornered into the wall. Though on occasion he will wake in the middle of the night and see the demon sitting on the ledge of the window staring out into the night sky. It was another thing Jungkook never mentioned to the demon.

              Days upon days passed like this. The Academy has grown quiet. News of the Demon of Death has long since lost its initial affect, though it does not make any cadet less terrified of being in Yoongi’s presence. Jungkook and his team have often made a habit of taking their dinner back to their dormitory, dinner was the only time the entire campus shared a time period together. It was against policy, but no one made a move to prevent them from continuing it. The comfort of the usual routine put Jungkook at ease. Except for one thing.

              There has been no move on researching his demon nor their bond. Jungkook knew General Song agreed to allow Jungkook to rest after the last incident. But weeks have passed since that day. And he has not heard a word from the General. Nor has any cadet seen him. There have been rumors that he was off base, attending to matters elsewhere. When Namjoon asked Sergeant Dae about it the man was quick to change the topic of discussion. His team had shared a look and never spoke of it again to their Sergeant.

              No scientists at the base nor any academic researcher has come forward to question or test the pair. Nothing has happened. And it often made the hairs on Jungkook’s arm stand up in warning. Something was going to happen. Jungkook could feel it. His team could feel it. His demon could feel it. Though Jungkook suspects his demon may be anticipating what is to come.

              His team is currently making their way back to their dormitory, dinner’s in hand. Taehyung and Jimin were walking a few paces ahead of the rest of the team, talking in hushed whispers. Jungkook looked over at Namjoon catching the man’s eye. They both were questioning what had gotten into the two. He could hear Seokjin and Hoseok mention it to each other as well. Taehyung and Jimin have been kept to themselves, only talking to each other when they know no one can hear what they are saying, since they returned from their free study period at the library. They were the only ones from their team to attend the library instead of the gym on this particular day. They had rushed the team into gathering their dinner and have since rushed back to their dormitory.

              It was not until after they finished eating their dinner around their makeshift table in the common area they spoke up. Jimin spoke for them, “guys, we accidentally overheard another team in the library having a discussion.”

              “You mean eavesdropping?” Seokjin asked.

              “Not important right not,” Jimin said, “but something’s going on.”

              Taehyung nodded, “we aren’t sure of the exact details, but the group we were listening to they’re our seniors. They are in their third year of cadet training. And they were discussing it amongst their team no one else, so I think its plausible to believe them.”

              “Okay, but what is it?” Hoseok asked. Jungkook looked over his shoulder at his demon. For once, his demon did not keep his eyes trained on Jungkook. For the first time, Jungkook saw Yoongi looking at his teammates. His eyes never wavering from where Taehyung and Jimin sat at the end of the table together.

              “So, we were sitting in a corner of the library studying our lessons from today together, it was isolated not a lot of people there except for the other team. We got there just in time to hear them begin the conversation,” Taehyung started, his hands flaring about, “so we chose the closest table to study at where we could hear them but not to make it too obvious. To be quite honest we did not feel like studying.”

              “Understandable,” Seokjin nodded.

              Jimin picked up the story, “so we sat there pretending we were studying and that’s when we heard the whole thing.”

              “Can you please get on with it,” Namjoon said, blowing out a hot breath of air.

              “Okay, okay,” Taehyung fiddled around, “so one of the teammates was explain to his team that she wrote a letter to her older brother a few weeks ago, her brother is currently a Sergeant working at the Demonic Military branch in Hong Kong. She wrote to her brother when it was released to the base that Jungkook had bonded with a Demon of Death. She told her brother about the phenomenon, looking to discuss it with him and learn of the governments and the United Global Military were planning on doing about it.”

              Taehyung paused and Jimin started again, “she sent out the letter to him. A few weeks have passed and she was wondering what was taking so long for him to reply. She said she checked her assigned p.o multiple times and never received anything. She began writing another letter, to follow up with her brother. She said while she was writing it she figured she should check with the post office on base first to see if there was a possible mix-up or a delay in mail. So, she stops writing and goes to the post office before it closed for the day-”

               “She gets there and they ask for her I.D to check their system,” Taehyung continued. Jungkook saw Seokjin begin to fake snore and Hoseok lean onto Namjoon as he grew tired, “they put her I.D into the system to check and immediately red flags beginning flashing on the screen alerting security. She nor the workers at the post office knew what was happening. But due to protocol she was required to remain at location until security came. They wait a few moments before the entire place is raided by security. But it was not just security, General Song’s closest ranking personnel showed up as well.”

              “When you mail anything you first have to plug in the senders I.D into the computer and then go from there to select what they are doing whether receiving mail or sending mail or making any other inquire. Before the post officers were even able to click what she was there for, just the I.D alone caused this,” Jimin said, moving to sit on his hands, “she did not say who the high ranking personnel were, but one of them pulled her aside as the others talked with the post office workers. He told her that she was currently under their surveillance and on prohibition. She was not allowed to send or receive mail or any outside information until they see fit.”

              “She asked about the last letter she sent, and they told her the letter was confiscated and never sent out. They did not say anything else. Her demon is able to change shape and size, a rare ability truly, but she commanded the demon to change shape to appear smaller and she placed a listening device on the demon and hid behind the building listening to the conversations that took place afterwards. She learned that since Jungkook bonded with his demon no letter or information as left the base without being read and searched. Any mail that even remotely mentioned a Demon of Death being bonded with a human and on earth was taken away, and the people who sent the letters were being watched.”

              Taehyung and Jimin finished their story and sat back to watch their teammates reactions. There was a long pause, no one knew what to say or do. Jungkook looked at his demon, the demon stared back. Jungkook was shocked, but he could tell the demon was not.

              “They’re hiding information regarding Jungkook and his demon,” Namjoon stated bluntly, “they have not made the information public. Only this base knows about it.”

              “Are you sure about that?” Hoseok asked, “what if they did not want cadets spreading rumors.”

              Namjoon shook his head, “The United Global Council has a decree saying that the general public should be informed of information, such as this, in order to protect themselves. Someone has made this information regarding Jungkook confidential. They had to inform everyone on base, but they do not need to inform the public. Something is going to happen, something they want kept hidden from the public and possibly from other branches.”

              “It makes since, especially with how serious they are taking the situation. Rumors are just rumors, people will gossip and create stories to fit their fantasies,” Seokjin agreed, “nothing has ever come from rumors.”

              “But why wouldn’t they tell the Demonic Military Service?” Hoseok asked, his voice growing softer. Hoseok once told the team that he thought that General Song had bugged every cadets’ dormitory. He often spoke softer thinking it would prevent any listener from hearing him, “is that not against the rules and guidelines? I mean, the entirety of not only the Demonic Military Service but the Untied Global Council has been waiting for this opportunity. Studying a Demon of Death will finally complete what we don’t know, it could provide us with all the information we need to properly control them and to prevent another possible demonic war.”

              Jungkook sat there listening to his teammate discuss what could possibly be happening. He looked at Yoongi. His demon shook his head. Jungkook turned back to his members, “what do you think it means?”

              They all shrugged, no one had an answer. No one could even think of an answer. Jungkook could see Namjoon was trying to come up with theories, he could see the faint lines creasing at his forehead and his fingers scratch the back of his neck. They were habits Jungkook has come to identify as Namjoon’s thoughts projecting into a physical embodiment. He has come to identify numerous and various ticks and movements his teammates do. It has been only a few months with the other three teammates but he has already become so accustomed For Taehyung and Namjoon he has become so familiar to them that they often seem like his own, he has noticed a few of their traits picked up by himself. He was taking some comfort in them, although he has distanced himself from them emotionally and mentally, his physical movements mimicking them made up for it.

              But now since his demon’s presence has entered into his thoughts and emotions Jungkook was feeling even more unlike himself. It seemed as if nothing he did now was of how own originality, everything he felt and did was due to another external force. Jungkook told himself it was because he did not want to be anyone but himself, that he took comfort in his own body. His body and thoughts are something he is familiar and comfortable with; he knew how they both worked. And he never liked not knowing something. But as he spent more nights rereading his brother’s journal, studying his brother’s thoughts he realized that his brother’s journal was not the only thing he had to remind himself of his brother’s existence.

              But Jungkook himself was a reminder. His brother raised and nurtured him. Every piece of moral and faith he had was embedded in him by his brother. He grew up knowing nothing, nothing of only his brother. There has been times where Jungkook has gazed upon himself in the mirror and feel his heartbeat skip thinking he was staring at his brother instead. The way he was so dedicated to his work and his future career, how he spends nights studying until his body caved into sleep (now Yoongi often will nudge his shoulder and Jungkook knows he should go to sleep), the way he has physically exerted his body until he woke with pains and ache, how he loves so painfully and deeply, how he wishes he could put everyone above himself. Everything. Every single thing Jungkook does because he grew up watching his brother do the very same thing.

              It was not Jungkook scared of just losing himself but losing his brother as well.

              “What are you thinking about Kook?” Namjoon asked. Jungkook had caught off his teammates’ discussion, he did not hear anything they spoke of within the past ten minutes.

              “What?” Jungkook said dumbly. He felt dumb when his mind wondered so far into itself that it focused on nothing else.

              “Do you have any ideas as to why General Song has not told any other base?” Namjoon rephrased the question.

              Jungkook shrugged and licked his lips, “for once, I do not know. I do not understand why he would hide this information, considering how critical and important this is. I mean, to be quite frank I am the only person in history to bond with a Demon of Death. Even until now researchers have never been given the chance to experiment or run tests on such a demon nor its bond. This has been the exact thing the Demonic Military Service has been waiting for. General Song must have an alternative motive. I just do not know if it good or bad.”

              “You don’t think General Song is actually like a bad guy, do you?” Taehyung asked.

              “I do not know, the more I think about the entire situation the more unclear it is,” Jungkook answered, Namjoon nodding in agreement, “just a few mere weeks ago he was so ready to run tests right then and there on Y- my demon and I. He agrees to allow me to heal, but since then there has been no word from him nor any other scientists on base. Now there are rumors that he has not even been on base since then, and even if he has been on base no one has seen him.”

              “Jungkook’s right,” Hoseok mumbled, “I completely forgot about the experiments and such General Song wish to run. But something is clearly off, especially if we take into account what Jimin and Taehyung have just told us. He has the whole of security and his closest ranking personnel watching out for any leaked information regarding Jungkook and his demon. I can understand not making the fact public nor allowing any civilian to know for now, but the girl was writing to her brother who is a Sergeant in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s demonic military base is one of the largest in the world. Almost every important and ground-breaking experiments done within the eastern hemisphere are conducted in Hong Kong. Why would they not allow them to know? When they above everyone else would be the most helpful and guiding in this situation.”

              Seokjin looked at him, “damn where has this been hiding this entire time? Over three years I have known you and I didn’t know you were smart.”

              “Are you only good for witty and inappropriate comments?” Hoseok bickered, immaturely sticking his tongue out at the elder.

              “I’m the comic relief of this tragedy,” Seokjin smirked and winked. Hoseok, as well as everyone else, just simply rolled their eyes, “but what Hoseok said is correct. But also, let’s remember, she was writing to a Sergeant. Yes, technically they are officials but they are not generals nor commanders. We do not know if the higher-ups have been informed or not. The entire Council may have been made aware.”

              “He hasn’t notified anyone besides this base.” For a brief moment Jungkook panicked believing Yoongi to utter those words to his teammates. He did not know how to respond, how his teammates would respond. But his teammates did not react, they just simply stared at Jungkook. He had heard Yoongi’s voice and thought in his head but he was the one to say the words aloud.

              “How do you know?” Jimin asked.

              “The council, whether it be the United Global Military or the United Global Council, neither would have allowed General Song to sit idly by while he has a Demon of Death so easily accessible within his reach. They would have declared and forced the base to run experiments and tests, they probably would have even flown and stationed experts from around the world to come and study this phenomenon to get as much information as they can. I and my demon would not be allowed to continue attending lectures and training. Technically, General Song allowing me and my demon to maintain normal routine since the beginning of the bond should have been incredibly unlikely. The only people informed of this information are those on base, no one else. And everyone and everything is being monitored closely,” Jungkook spoke the words but everything was from his demon. Jungkook could not even stop himself from speaking if he wished. Another trait and power that his demon has unclassified for Jungkook. Manipulation of the bodily actions.

              “Jungkook, I think you’re right,” Namjoon said, his eyes slightly widened in shock, “I believe none of us wanted to admit that you should have been temporarily removed from the group and all group activities for the government to focus on the bond and your demon. But you are right that is how it should have happened. General Song is hiding something.”

              For the first time since Jungkook has known Seokjin, he saw the man serious. His face was devoid of emotion, not a crease or hint of his usual slyness presence. Jungkook has never seen the elder like this before. He could feel the common area filling with his presence. And that was when Jungkook knew never to mess with Seokjin, the man radiated unpredictable rage. His teammates all noticed it. Seokjin spoke, menace and rage filling his voice, “whatever General Song is hiding we will uncover it. Whatever General Song is planning whether malicious or not we will put an end to it. General Song is up to something, he is planning something, and it is clearly will not pass ruled and regulation if he is trying this hard to put a hush to it. General Song will not lay a dirty little finger on Jungkook’s pretty little head. He is not only our teammate but our brother. He is our family. And we protect our family. I do not care that going against one’s superior is punishable by federal imprisonment. I have not trusted General Song with Jungkook since I met the man. I will not hesitate to cut a bitch.”

              Tears were beginning to brim in Jungkook’s eyes. The last statement by Seokjin allowed him to smile and laugh softly. He was sure that if he looked himself right now, he would see nothing but love and admiration in his eyes towards Seokjin. He knew the elder cared for him, cared for them all, intensely but hearing it spoke out loud was something else. Something special.

              “What do you mean you have not trusted General Song with Jungkook?” Jimin asked. Jungkook was so immersed with a feeling of love and acceptance that he has put that statement to the back of his thought process. But Jimin was right in asking that question. How has he known since the beginning?

              Seokjin looked away from Jungkook. It was one of the traits Jungkook has picked up on from Seokjin, whenever he offered negative feedback or talked about something that was not entirely pleasant in regards to someone Seokjin was never able to look at said person when saying his mind. One thing Jungkook admired about him, he was snarky and sly but he was conscious of other’s feelings. Seokjin instead spoke to Jimin, “when we stepped off the bus, when we first arrived here, I was behind Jungkook getting off the bus. When Jungkook stepped down and bowed, I saw the way General Song looked at him. It was brief, but it was there. I knew I was not seeing things. He looked scared as if he had seen a ghost but then there was like this lusty greed filled grin on his face. It made me feel uncomfortable just seeing it. I did not say anything because I was unsure as to what it meant. I mean I do not blame the man for finding Jungkook attractive, but it was just simply put weird.”

              Jungkook felt shivers run down his spine. Every hair on his body stood up, there were goosebumps lining his arms. Yoongi placed a hand on his shoulder and dug his fingers slightly into the skin. Jungkook knew the prints were going to bruise but he did not shake the demon off. He felt the overflowing sense of the need and want to protect Jungkook oozed from the demon. Seokjin laughed, “same demon, same, I want to protect Jungkook too.”

              Every teammate snapped their head up to look at Seokjin, including Jungkook and Yoongi. He was the first member to talk to his demon. He was the first to even acknowledge the demon’s existence. Even now, after weeks of being bonded, his teammates still have a sense of wariness when with their own demons. Trying their best to pretend they were not there and go about their own business. Seokjin simply rolled his eyes, “punish me for talking to a demon. I just said what we were all thinking.”

              His demon did nothing, said nothing, but stared at Seokjin for a few brief seconds and then looked away. His hand never loosening its grip on Jungkook.

              Taehyung was visibly paled, “are you sure?”

              Seokjin nodded, “I can never forget it.”

              “Okay, ignore him being a creepy pervert for a moment,” Namjoon said. Hoseok snickered and muttered ‘creepy pervert’ under his breath, “why would he look scared upon seeing Jungkook for the first time unless they have met before?”

              “We haven’t,” Jungkook clarified.

              “Exactly, so why did he appear scared?” Namjoon asked.

              “The more we discuss General Song and everything that has happened and it happening, he truly seems like a frightening man,” Jimin spoke softly, his eyes wide, “and to think I respected him.”

              “You only respected him because he is a senior,” Seokjin said, pushing away Jimin’s outreached hand before it could pinch him.

              “Unless he can tell the future,” Taehyung spoke, blinking.

              “Sure, maybe. We’ll take it into consideration,” Namjoon said, patting Taehyung on the head as the boy’s lips spread into a boxy smile.

              “I do not believe there has been any incident where we crossed paths, but I know for certain we have never met face to face before that day,” Jungkook said. His mind was coming up blank. Everything was so new and so strange. He could not understand anything. Nor could he come to any possible explanation to anything.

              “At this point can we just question his status as well?” Jimin said, “I mean, when Jungkook was in the infirmary and he discovered how strong their bond was he became overly ecstatic and wanted to run tests right then and there without any preparations or thought to it. For a general he was extremely uncalculated and explosive. Namjoon, a cadet, was the one to bring and show reason and explanation to him. It was the only moment I have seen him behave so, but it is worth noting.”

              “How are we all just noticing these traits now?” Taehyung asked, “when so much time has passed for us to think and process it.”

              Hoseok shrugged, “we have been working from dawn until evening, by the time we retire to our dormitory at night I am too tired to be able to think clearly.”

              “Same,” Jimin replied. Namjoon and Seokjin nodding as well. Jungkook was tired as well, but he still expected better from himself. He should have noticed something. He should have at least questioned something, questioned anything. But he did none of it until of late. But Jungkook knew he was not going to allow this to happen again, he knew amongst his studies at night he was going to be kept awake thinking and rethinking everything that has been confessed and questioned in tonight’s discussion. Everything, every flaw and concern they had in regards to General Song it all came back to Jungkook. Jungkook was the root of it all. And apparently so long before he had bonded with his demon.

              “We have to keep our guard up from now on,” Jungkook spoke, “listen out for any rumors or gossip other cadets are saying. Even the most ridiculous of them, we should be prepared for anything. I am assigned to this team, you are my teammates, you may be caught in the cross-fire and I do not want that happening. But you should be cautious of anything.”

              “Shut up, Jeon,” Namjoon sighed, “we’re going to be caught in the cross-fire but because we choose to be. We aren’t leaving you to deal with this on your own so please do not even fight about it.”

              Jungkook nodded, “but if you hear anything, if anyone tells you anything, act surprised. Do not show that you know, do not show that you have thought about it. Play dumb, it does not matter right now. Until this gets resolved we should stick together, we already do but more closely now. Pay attention to surroundings, pay attention to anything. From everything that has been discussed we cannot predict what General Song will even remotely plan on doing.”

              His teammates all cheered in agreement, Hoseok imitating a battle cry common. Jungkook felt his cheeks blush and heat. Everything he said he agrees with, but he knew it was once again Yoongi speaking through Jungkook. Yoongi was warning his teammates to be careful, he was showing an interest in their well-being. Until now his demon did not care for them, ignoring them just as they ignored him. He paid them nor their demons any heed, Jungkook often could tell that Yoongi felt superior towards them. But over the course of the discussion Jungkook could feel his thoughts and opinion of his teammates slowly alter from indifferent to a slight heave of protectiveness and caring. Jungkook knew his demon was never going to out-rightly admit to it nor will his feelings probably progress more than so. But it made Jungkook’s heart flutter in appreciation.

              He often wondered what would happen if his teammate came across Yoongi’s path, came across his powers. Jungkook knew he would be able to protect him teammates and put a stop to Yoongi. But it was a worry he often thought about. Since his brother’s passing his teammates have become the closest thing to a family. And it was Seokjin’s speech tonight that finally made that thought jump over the barrier and labeled the team as his true family in Jungkook’s mind. And Jungkook knew that his own demon was close to joining his teammates in that category.

              “It has been a long day and an even longer evening,” Namjoon said while standing up, “we should call it a night and get some rest. It is nearing ten o’clock and I know some of us will be tired if not received a decent amount of sleep.”

              Seokjin stood and walked to his room, he called over his shoulder, “just call me out next time.”

              Jungkook bid his teammates goodnight and watched as the tiredness finally dawned upon them and stumbled their way to their respective beds to rest before they begin their day again. Jungkook waited before all the bedroom doors were closed before Jungkook himself stood and wondered down the hall to his own bedroom. He opened the door and allowed his demon to enter first, closing it firmly behind him.

              He quietly went about his usual night routine of quickly washing in the sink in his bathroom, brushing his teeth, and dressing in his sleepwear which just consisted of boxers and an old over-sized shirt. His demon has taken his usually spot on the desk with his back pressed against the cool wall. He watched Jungkook quickly clear any mess in his room. Jungkook is never able to sleep in a messy room, the thought of mess piled up keeping him awake until he got up and cleared it. Jungkook sat on his bed and stared at his desk chair. He was physically and mentally tired, a slight headache was beginning to form behind his eyes.

              “Don’t, not tonight,” his demon whispered, “you need rest.”

              “I should write down what we spoke about down, I want it penned down while fresh in my mind,” Jungkook replied. He wanted to study and prepare but he was finding it difficult to remove his body from the comfort of his bed.

              “I can do it for you, I remember every word,” Yoongi said, his red eyes shining, “sleep Jungkook.”

              Jungkook felt his body lie down, he was not sure whether it was of his own doing or the works of his demon. But he knew his body would not allow him to move from his spot. He felt so warm and comfortable. But Jungkook was stubborn and he refused to give into sleep for now.

              “How did you know those things? Like how General Song did not tell anyone off this base?” Jungkook asked, his questions coming out simple and unlike his usual professional tone.

              “I can tell you another day.” It was another way for the demon to say he cannot tell Jungkook right now.

              “Thank you for thinking of my teammates,” Jungkook mumbled, his eyelids feeling heavy and he struggled to blink them open.

              “They care for you; they want to protect you. Especially Kim Seokjin, he is a character, but I respect him,” Yoongi said. Jungkook felt him move noted and books away from his desk. Jungkook could feel him moving closer to him. Jungkook smiled softly.

              “Go to sleep, Jungkook,” Yoongi said. The demon reached out and began petting at Jungkook’s hair. Long and soft strokes. The repetitive movements lulling Jungkook further into sleep.

              “I’m not tired, I really should study,” Jungkook moved around a bit and scooted under the covers, pulling the blankets up to his chin and his feet seeking the cool spot at the end of his bed. Yoongi paused as he allowed Jungkook to rearrange himself. With a flick of his hand the lights in Jungkook’s bedroom went out, “maybe I can sleep a bit.”

              The sound of Yoongi chuckling quietly. Jungkook began sleeping into slumber.

              “You remind me so much of him.”