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Squirrel King

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Date: 23/10/19
Time: 7:45am -9:40 am

Dark had been a little concerned when RJ and CJ told him about the naked man who had appeared in their backyard. He hadn't been pleased when the Twin's told him they had thrown a shoe at him. Not long after, Dark had spotted the giant fluffy red, white and brown squirrel sitting in the extremely large oak tree. 

Dark had no idea where it had come from but guessed they were meant to get a new ego in the near future. King had no idea why he kept turning into a human. It happened almost every time he went to the human-nest to gather food. The few times it hadn't happened he had been in the big oak tree.  

King had no idea why he kept turning into a human. It happened almost every time he went near the huge human-nest. The few times it hadn’t happened he had been sitting in the big oak tree. He would often watch the four human inside and wonder who they were. They looked almost identical. He only ever stayed long enough to collect the nuts and flowers the big oak tree produced.

He would often watch the four humans inside and who they were. They looked almost identical. He only ever stayed long enough to collect the nuts and flowers the big oak tree produced. Hoping he wouldn't turn into a human or be seen by one of the four humans inside the Human-Nest, particularly the ones with the camera. 

When he had first come across the huge strange smelling Human-Nest they had tried to interview him. Then had thrown a shoe at him the next he went to the Human-Nest. He had been shocked at how many nuts, flowers and fruits the big oak tree produced. He knew it wasn't a normal tree. 

There was plenty of food for him and his subjects. The trees in his forest weren't producing as much food as they had in the past. He had come across the cabin in the woods, he knew a human lived there. He was unlike other humans King had seen and observed over the many years he had been alive. He respected the environment even though he used a lot of parchment.

He never left rubbish in the woods on the few rare occasions he did leave his cabin. There was something the human that drew King to him. he hadn't ben able to get close enough to tell if he was good or not. He got the chance one day when the man came out of his cabin with a rectangle of bound paper. 

The human ended up sitting under King's tree, he waited until the Human was engrossed in his reading before jumping to a nearby tree and quietly making his way over to the human. The first thing he noticed when he got close enough was he looked like a younger version of the humans he had seen in the Human-Nest.

He smelled like parchment and ink and coffee and nuts and... something else comforting. King quickly scampered up a nearby tree when he finally noticed him. he had gold/brown eyes, his hair looked like toasted almonds or the acorns some human ate during winter. King had no idea why he followed the human back to his cabin, but he did.

He was different from the other humans and could be trusted. King was surprised when a wooden box filled with nuts, fruits, flowers, veggies, berries, cereal, bits of cheese, mushroom, birdseed and some leaves. It was a large box and was close enough to King’s tree (which happened to be close to the cabin) that he no longer had to go to the manor in order to get nuts and flowers.

The nuts, fruits, veggies and cereal in the box would change every few days and figured the human was trying to figure out what he liked and didn’t like. Maybe this winter wouldn’t be so hard.

It was a large box and was close enough to King’s tree which happened to be close to the cabin. The wooden box was big enough even he could have a share of the food the human left out for him and his subjects. He subjected were nervous about eating from the feeder worrying the planning on catching them, but King reassured them the human wasn’t going to hurt them.

The humans had come out to refill the feeder while King was eating some of the nuts and mushrooms. King had been so startled he nearly fell off the branch, but the human had stopped him from falling. King knew he should run but he didn’t. There was nothing to be scared of. This human wouldn’t hurt him like the other human’s head. He leaned into the hands petting him, chittering a bit when the human stopped.

After that, the human would leave the window near the wooden box open. King would often hear him talking to himself and couldn’t help but listen in. He was a really good storyteller. There were times where he would get frustrated and throw things, it had frightened King the first time it had happened and had fallen of the feeder and hurt himself.

The human soon appeared, he still smelled like frustration but that soon faded into worrying when he saw King curled up on the ground. He had carefully picked King up and check him over apologizing all the while for frightening him. King stared at the human wondering why he was apologizing. It was perfectly normal to get upset and frustrated. He would heal soon enough.

King was shocked when the human pulled out a pen and wrote something on wrist and King felt better. It made him feel warm and safe. The human smiled and gently pet King, he frowned when King pawed at the writing on his arm and stared up at him. King sighed when the human didn’t seem to understand, he picked up the pen then nudged the Human’s hand wishing he could communicate with him.

He seemed to understand what King was asking and seemed a little amused but not annoyed.

“I have the ability to make whatever I write possible. I’m sorry for scaring you. A scene in a book I’m writing isn’t working at the moment,” The human replied sighing and running a hand through his hair. King stared up at him, smiled and stole his pen. The human got up and chased him, trying to get the pen back. King couldn’t help but laugh as the human chased him around.

He let himself be caught when the frustrated scent faded.

“You little rascal. Give me back. I can’t write without it,” The human scowled when he finally caught King who looked very smug. It took Arthur a few seconds to realise he no longer felt so frustrated. He stared at the giant fluffy red and brown squirrel wondering if he had done that on purpose. There was something usual about this squirrel.

For one he was far bigger than the other squirrel and seemed to understand what Arthur was saying. Arthur had no idea why he felt the need to put out food for the squirrels. There was something special about the giant red fluffy squirrel. Arthur had taken to write outside finding he was able to focus more when he was outside with Prince, as he had come to call the giant red squirrel.

He didn’t seem to mind the name. Whenever he was frustrated Prince would steal his pen and Arthur would chase him around until he caught him and got his pen back. Prince would sometimes sit on his shoulder, seeming to read what he was writing. Arthur had taken to reading out loud and pointing to the words, repeating the sentences until he was certain Prince understood what he was saying.

Soon enough the red squirrel began taking his pen and would scratch out a world and point to another word. Arthur both amused and frustrated. One day Arthur had to get more paper from inside and Prince had followed him into the cabin. There was a ‘POOF’ sound followed by the thud, when Arthur turned around he saw a naked brown-haired man wearing a cap and some sort of crown made out of leaves.

He had a fluffy red and brown tail. He started to panic seemly not noticing Arthur was staring at him. Once Arthur had gotten over his momentary shock, he wrote some clothes into existence for the squirrel turned human. This wasn’t the strangest thing he had seen.

“Oh god not again,”